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The Best Piece of Fitness Advice P90X Trainer Tony Horton Gave Me  

I recently spoke with one of my ultimate fitness icons, Tony Horton, Beachbody Super Trainer and creator of the famous P90X workouts. Back during my college years, I was doing the original P90X videos in my dorm room - and they helped me lose 20 pounds. Since then, I've been following Tony and listening to everything he has to say about fitness and diet. When I asked Tony for some advice on how to finally nail my pull-ups, he told me to sit back and take notes, because he's the maste

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2018-01-23 12:47:16

The Fitness Marshall Has Finally Blessed Us With a Cardi B Dance Video  

Get ready for a freakin' FIERCE hip-hop dance workout - to Cardi B! We've been praying that The Fitness Marshall would choreograph a dance to Cardi B's "Bartier Cardi," and our prayers have finally been answered in the most amazing way. The only thing that's more fun than watching this video is dancing to it. RelatedThe Fitness Marshall's New Dance Video Is Called "Yas, Queen," Because of Course It Is

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2018-01-23 05:36:55

It Wouldn't Be Leg Day Without These 20 Epically Effective Exercises  

Leg day has to be one of our favorite days of the week! When you focus on your lower body, not only do you feel an intense burn during the workout that lets you know you're strengthening and toning your muscles, but you also know when you walk funny for the next 48 hours that you worked your legs good! RelatedA Workout to Help You Build Strong and Shapely Legs These 20 leg moves are basic but effective. Some utilize weights and some just your own bodyweight. They'll effectively target

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2018-01-23 03:54:02

Here's Exactly How Long Your Meal Prep Can Survive in the Freezer  

A healthy eating journey relies a lot on preparation. Whether that means having smoothie packs ready to blend for breakfast or preportioning your snacks out for the week, meal prep doesn't just save you time, it also circumvents the urges you can get to either skip a meal or grab something not so healthy. RelatedI Make These 4 Recipes Every Sunday to Help With Weight Loss If your quest to eat healthier involves mastering the meal prep essentials, you'd better learn how long you can

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2018-01-23 01:45:28

Your Next Starbucks Trip Doesn't Have to Be a Calorie Bomb - Here's What to Order  

There's nothing better than a midday Starbucks pick-me-up, am I right? And there is no reason that pick-me-up should have to be a calorie fest. While a cream-covered Frappuccino is always a sweet indulgence, with an average of 45 grams of sugar and 330 calories in a tall, it shouldn't be a go-to. Fortunately, Starbucks offers a plethora of healthier iced drink options to add to your repertoire. And don't worry, they are as delicious as a Frapp (all in a size tall). RelatedYes, Y

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2018-01-22 12:06:59

A Celebrity Trainer Spills His Secrets on How to Get a Victoria's Secret Angel's Butt  

It's hard not to be in awe of the figures you see on the runway during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. The models are radiant and superfit, and we'd be lying if we said we never wondered what they do to maintain their health. Of course, we're sure it doesn't hurt that they were lucky enough to be born into a certain supermodel gene pool. POPSUGAR spoke to celebrity trainer Michael Blauner, who has worked with Victoria's Secret model Rachel Hilbert when she was

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2018-01-22 10:25:04

Jennifer Lopez Looks Eternally Hot Because of These Workout and Diet Habits  

It's hard not to look at Jennifer Lopez without your jaw dropping on the floor. The singer, fashion mogul, and successful businesswoman always looks timeless, gorgeous, and fit AF. She may be 48 years old, but she doesn't look a day over 30, and when you hear what her wellness routine is like, you'll understand why she looks the way she does. She prioritizes her health above everything else. Here's some insight into her very dedicated fitness and diet routine. RelatedThis

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2018-01-22 10:08:18

What's In That Can? 5 Things to Know Before You Buy  

We've all been told to shop the perimeter of the grocery store before venturing into the middle aisles, home to all the processed foods, only for limited products. Our busy lifestyles, though, sometimes make canned foods with their long life spans, inexpensive price tags, and convenient cooking enticing. Can you maintain a healthy diet and still eat canned food? The short answer is maybe. Canned food isn't necessarily unhealthy just because it comes in a can. Before you buy canned foo

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2018-01-22 08:42:26

4 Ways You're Ruining Your Posture at Work and How to Fix It  

While your body may go through minimal physical exertion over the eight or so hours you clock in at the office, the act of sitting at your desk has more physical implications than you think. Sure, most of the gears that grind are mental, but over time, a hunched back, strained neck, and tense shoulders often unnoticed culminate in unhealthy postural muscles and headaches that don't do our bodies any favors. "Tightness is a big sign, because tightness is always more often than not a precur

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2018-01-22 07:35:02

The Countdown Is On: What We Know About the 2020 Summer Olympics  

As soon as the closing ceremony ended for the 2016 Summer Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, all I could think about is how am I going to get through four years until the next one happens in Tokyo in 2020. The Winter Olympics certainly help my Olympics fix and serve as a reminder that there are only two more years left until I'm propped up in front of my TV, cheering on gymnasts, track and field runners, and those synchronized swimmers. Even though we still have some time to go un

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2018-01-22 06:47:09

This UFC Fighter Will Make You Damn Proud to Be a Woman  

Every once in a while, we come across an athlete who hasn't hit it big in the mainstream quite yet, but we just know they're one to watch out for. That's exactly how we feel about Paige VanZant, the 23-year-old UFC fighter who has several wins on her mixed martial arts record. She's known for her aggressive strikes and agile movements, and just one look at her Instagram shows that she's a dedicated fighter who puts in the hard work it takes to be a winner. To stay in t

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2018-01-22 05:35:01

A Human Behavioral Specialist Reveals Why "Trusting Your Intuition" Is Important  

"Go with your gut" and "trust your intuition" are probably two of the most commonly doled out pieces of advice. It's what our friends, family, and coworkers - bless them - tell us when faced with any form of difficult decision or situation. And as a chronic overthinker (seriously, chro-nic), this is what I fall back on every single time I just don't know what to do (which is a lot of the time). But obviously, being an overthinker, I am also prone to overanalyzing my own thinking. Is t

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2018-01-22 04:49:39

Why You Should Unfollow Certain People on Social Media as an Act of Self-Care  

Ever scrolled through Instagram and found yourself rolling your eyes or even getting upset over someone's photo or caption? Delete them. Social media is a great way to stay connected to friends and family and keep up with current events, but it can also be more toxic than you realize, especially if you're dwelling on what you see long after you've seen it. We've said before that being selective about the people you keep around is an important form of self-care. Well, who you

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2018-01-22 04:38:38

These Are the Workouts That Help Pink Maintain Her Rock Star Body  

Pink has been in the entertainment industry for years, and she's just as famous for her strong vocals as she is for her fit, toned physique. It's no secret that Pink is a very physically active woman - all it takes is one look at her live aerial performances to see that she's comfortable doing things most of us could never even dream of (like spin upside down while singing at the top of her lungs). She obviously needs to be in tip-top shape to be able to do that. Aside from her ae

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2018-01-22 02:45:34

Reap the Benefits of Turmeric With These Easy Recipes  

Turmeric is bold, is flavorful, and has recently enjoyed a surge in popularity thanks to a myriad of health benefits - notably, it's a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and can aid in weight loss. But unless you grew up cooking Indian food, turmeric may be a bit unfamiliar in your cooking routine. Kick things up a notch and incorporate this herbaceous powerhouse into your everyday menu with these simple recipes.

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2018-01-22 02:22:26

Meet the Brother-Sister Olympic Skiing Duo Going For Gold in South Korea  

A post shared by Erik Bjornsen (@ebjornsen1991) on Dec 12, 2017 at 7:00am PST Say hello to the cross country Olympians who just happen to be siblings, Sadie and Erik Bjornsen. Training 700-1,000 hours each year, this dynamic duo is ready to take on the Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. Here are seven things you need to know about Sadie and Erik Bjornsen before they hit the world stage at the end of this month. They Train Together Sadie and Erik Bjornsen are siblings and ha

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2018-01-22 02:12:44

Set Your Obliques on Fire With This Muffin-Top Workout  

It's time to show your love handles a little love. And by love, we mean "work your waist." Barre instructor Jake DuPree will lead you through a fast-paced 20-minute workout designed to strengthen your core and chisel your obliques. All you need for the workout is a towel to wipe your sweaty brow. Press play and get ready to feel the burn. Credits: On Anna Lorna Jane top and Reebok tights; On Kaycee Lorna Jane top and Puma tights, and Water bottles: Corkcicle RelatedYour Abs Will Burn Afte

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2018-01-22 01:44:12

Wanna Know How Jessica Biel Shaped Her Flawless Body? Her Trainer Tells Us a Few Secrets  

Jessica Biel has been a Hollywood A-list star for as long as we can remember, and along with being a tremendous actress, she's also known for her sculpted, flawless physique (those buff arms, though!). If you've been wondering for the last decade or so how exactly Jessica keeps such a gorgeous figure, you're in for a treat. POPSUGAR spoke with a trainer she has worked with for a very long time, Jason Walsh, who's known for helping other women like Emma Stone, Alison Brie, an

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2018-01-21 15:45:44

Alison Brie's Trainer Shares the Exercises She Does to Keep That Chiseled Figure  

We love nothing more than seeing Hollywood actresses who are as fit as they are talented - and Alison Brie definitely checks off both boxes. She's the star of the Netflix series GLOW, and her performance was so stellar that she was nominated for a Golden Globe and a Critics' Choice Award. She has also been nominated for a SAG Award, and we'll find out on Jan. 21 whether she'll take home the gold. When she's not acting, you can usually find Alison putting in the grind a

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2018-01-21 08:40:14

How Learning I Have Fibroids Made Me See My Painful Periods Differently  

Since I was 13 years old, I have suffered from heavy and painful periods. In my 30s, things seem to have gotten worse. Much like my teenage years, for the past few years, I've missed at least a day of work a month and spent my weekends balled up with pain so debilitating that moving isn't an option. In December 2016, I decided I wasn't going to suffer through my cycle anymore. I was taking charge of my health. I signed up for Obamacare, paid my premium, and scheduled an appoint

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2018-01-21 06:40:08

Iskra Lawrence's Raw Side-by-Side Photos Will Make You Appreciate the Skin You're In  

Both of these images are of me. The left is about 10years ago. And the right just under a month ago. I remember being proud of how skinny I looked during this shoot. And how now people call me fat when I'm just happy to be alive and grateful for this body I call my home. I used to seek approval from the fashion industry and tried to be "perfect". I thought if I looked like "her" (an unrealistic beauty ideal), I'd be happy, successful and loved. All I found was failure (because yo

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2018-01-21 05:45:11

These 30 Vegan Meal-Prep Ideas Make Healthy Eating Look So Frickin' Good  

You made a promise to yourself to eat healthier, and here are two things you can do to make that happen: prep your meals in advance and eat more veggies. You're in luck, because here's some inspiration for delicious, satisfying, plant-based meal-prep ideas. From soup to curry to protein balls, these dishes will make eating healthy a (delicious) cinch. RelatedChallenge Yourself to Go Vegan For a Week With This Simple Meal Plan

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2018-01-21 04:54:22

Even If She Skips Breakfast, This Is How Anna Faris Gets Her Protein Early in the Day  

Anna Faris is guilty. She's guilty of occasionally skipping breakfast, struggling with healthy food choices, and - the wildest offense - being incredibly relatable. We recently spoke with the 41-year-old actress about her partnership with KIND Snacks and the release of the new KIND Protein bars, which boast being "the first protein bar that tastes nothing like a protein bar." While the health-conscious bar is a stark contrast to Anna's typical breakfast choices, it's so surprisin

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2018-01-21 02:17:08

An Open Letter to My Friends About My Anxiety  

When anxiety wraps its ugly fingers around my wrists and tries to pull me down with it, I've found ways to tug right back. Reading has helped me find a quiet space in my mind to escape the grasp of anxious thoughts, and no one was more shocked than I to discover that even cleaning can help keep those feelings at bay. But friends of those who are dealing with anxiety daily don't realize just how crucial they are in helping us to cope with these issues as well. My friends know when to

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2018-01-20 17:10:25

A Dietitian Says to Do These 5 Things When Counting Calories to Lose Weight  

One tip people often hear when trying to lose weight is to count your calories. But how do you figure out the specific number of calories you're supposed to eat in a day, and how do you translate all your meals and snacks into that number? It can feel a little daunting, but Stephanie Ferrari, a registered dietitian with Fresh Communications, tells POPSUGAR, "There are a few tricks of the trade that you can use to make calorie counting less tedious." "The first step is to calculate your ind

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2018-01-20 10:54:14

Olympic Figure Skater Tara Lipinski Tells Us What She REALLY Thought About I, Tonya  

It may have been a while since American figure skater Tara Lipinski competed in the Winter Olympics, but her accomplishments (she won a gold medal at the 1998 Nagano Olympics!) on and off the ice will always be remembered. Today, Tara is one of NBC's prime-time figure skating TV Analyst, and she'll be commentating at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. Before the Olympics kick off, POPSUGAR had the chance to speak with Tara about her experiences as a gold medalist and what we should expec

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2018-01-20 09:06:27

10 Tricks For Holding a Handstand  

If mastering a handstand is on your bucket list for 2018, here are some unique tips and tricks to help you feel stronger and more stable upside down. RelatedWant to Stand on Your Head? A Yoga Sequence to Get You There

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2018-01-20 04:59:41

Meet the Powerhouse Leafy Green That Puts Kale and Spinach to Shame  

When we saw Jamie Oliver say that "the sorrel leaf is making a comeback," our first reaction was, "wait, what?" Sorrel, also known as spinach dock, is quite similar to spinach in appearance, and similarly chock-full of nutrients. Just one cup of this dark, leafy green (30 calories) contains about 3 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, 106 percent of your daily vitamins A and C, 17 percent iron (so much energy!), over 500 milligrams of potassium (more than a banana), 10 percent of your vitamin B6

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2018-01-20 03:38:39

These 5 Techniques Are Exactly What You Need to Do Your First Push-Up  

The elusive push-up. Seems just within your reach, but the minute you lift your knees off the ground, your entire body seems to give up on you. Spoiler alert: doing push-ups on your knees is not an effective way to learn this challenging bodyweight move. Instead of doing yet another modified push-up on your knees, give one of these five techniques a go. With the right commitment, you should be doing a traditional push-up in less than four weeks!

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2018-01-20 02:46:55

Try to Keep Your Cool: 15 Hot and Shirtless Olympic Snowboarders  

You might be excited about the amazing snowboarding tricks at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, but we think it's time to start thinking about the hot athletes who will be performing those impressive jumps to win the gold. These attractive Olympic snowboarders from around the world have it all: they're athletic, fun, and, best of all, shirtless! In between training hard and snowboarding their way to victory, they have given us a behind-the-scenes look into their che

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2018-01-20 02:10:29

Selena Gomez Is Pretty in Pink Modeling Puma's New Ballet-Inspired Collection  

In an unexpected twist, Puma is taking cues not from soccer stars or track athletes but from the strong and talented women of the New York City Ballet. The brand's new En Pointe collection consists of satin sneakers, light sports bras, and athleisure - all designed with input from the world-renowned dance company. For the stunning and softly lit campaign, Puma enlisted Selena Gomez, who previously helped launch the Phenom sneakers shortly after being tapped as a brand ambassador. The photo

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2018-01-20 01:47:39

Meet Canada's Olympic Flag Bearers: Ice Dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir  

A post shared by Tessa Virtue (@tessavirtue17) on Dec 18, 2017 at 12:56pm PST After 20 years of skating together, Canadian ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir will lead their country into Olympic Stadium in Pyeongchang, South Korea, for the 2018 Winter Olympics. The athletes will be the first man and woman, and the first pair ever, to carry Canada's flag into the games. The eight-time national champions said that among all their accomplishments in their long history together, be

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2018-01-20 01:34:45

If You Prefer Nighttime Sweat Sessions, You'll Probably Love These Workouts  

You know that coworker who bounces into the office in the morning having already run a 5K? Yeah, we can't all be her, but that's OK. Exercising in the a.m. has considerable benefits, like the freedom to say yes to last-minute plans after work, but there's no need to abandon your fitness goals just because you aren't a morning person. We've rounded up the best workouts to maximize your evening energy peak and prepare you for bedtime. Hit that snooze button and fit these i

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2018-01-19 20:44:57

This Year's Flu Is Exceptionally Bad - Here's What to Watch Out For  

Flu season is in full, miserable swing, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a warning that this year's strain is especially dangerous. Due to the nature of this year's strain, the flu shot is less effective than usual - but the vaccine is still beneficial because it can potentially make your symptoms less severe if you do come down with the flu. The reason 2018 flu season is worse than usual is because the virus's dominant strain, H3N2, has been d

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2018-01-19 19:02:27

The 2 Exercises That Helped Brie Larson Get a Toned Figure, According to Her Trainer  

When she won the Academy Award for best actress in 2016 for her lead role in Room, Brie Larson was propelled into stardom. Since then, her career has taken off - and so has her fitness. She's been working with celebrity trainer and founder of LA fitness studio Rise Nation Jason Walsh, and her hard work is on display for everyone to see. We chatted with Jason to hear about Brie's training program and what exactly helped her achieve her small waist and trim legs and arms. As with all o

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2018-01-19 14:16:27

5 Ways Depression Made Me My Best Self  

I've accepted that I'll never be the person I was before depression. This experience was like going on an unplanned expedition - climbing up treacherous mountains, hanging from a ledge grasping for dear life, and hiding from all of the dangerous monsters that prey at night. I was just trying to survive. There were times when I doubted my ability to keep moving forward and there were times where I was just too exhausted to try. I made it through the journey, though, and it's irrev

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2018-01-19 12:51:49

These Pastel Mermaid Smoothies Are Straight Out of Our REM Cycles  

Mermaid Smoothies

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2018-01-19 12:49:32

19 Delicious Fruit Smoothies Jam-Packed With Fiber  

Smoothies are an excellent solution when it comes to choosing a healthy breakfast to jump-start your day. But not all smoothies are the same or will help you achieve your specific fitness goals at the same rate. For instance, high-protein smoothies are perfect for when you're looking to build muscle, but if you're looking to simply provide sustainable energy through your morning, then turn to a fiber-filled fruit smoothie. Fruit smoothies ensure you get your daily serving of fruit and

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2018-01-19 11:27:01

PSA: Trader Joe's Is Now Selling Vegan Mochi - For Only $4!  

A post shared by Brittany P (@hashtagmaybe) on Jan 14, 2018 at 6:49pm PST Picture yourself taking a bite from a cold, gooey, dumpling-like ice cream treat that not only tastes amazing but also comes in different flavors and has an extra added bonus. Enter Trader Joe's. The grocery store chain is killing the game when it comes to its vegan options. It released its own coconut whipped cream late last year, it has lots of vegan foods, and now it's getting into vegan ice cream desse

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2018-01-19 10:48:55

These Are the Keto Breakfast Recipes You've Been Waiting For  

You've probably heard about this whole keto diet trend that's been going around. Brave souls have been giving up carbs and substituting them with creative dishes that are just as delicious! The whole idea behind the keto (short for ketogenic) diet is that if there aren't carbs to use for energy, the body will use ketones instead. If you decided to give the diet a go, you'll need to start off each day on the right foot, and that means a nutritional, filling breakfast. Keep rea

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2018-01-19 07:54:14

Forget a "Halo," This Figure Skater Deserves a Crown For Her Iconic Beyoncé Routine  

There's something unique about figure skating routines that whether they're set to DJ Snake and Lil Jon's "Turn Down For What" or more serious music like "The Room Where It Happens" from Hamilton, the impact is equally as impressive. During the European Figure Skating Championships on Jan. 18, French figure skater Mae-Berenice Meite learned that all it takes is a little Beyonce to get the crowd on their feet. Meite opened at the competition in Moscow with a cover of "...

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2018-01-19 06:26:04

Harley Pasternak's "Oatmeal" Hack Is the Weight Loss Breakfast We've Been Waiting For  

My favorite new breakfast...... instead of oatmeal, try this: Jicama hot cereal. It's higher in fiber than oatmeal and more vit C than an orange. (Shredded jicama, cinnamon, apple, walnuts, whey, and a lil water). Yummmmmm #breakfast #heathyfood #jicama #revengebody #harleypasternak #bodyreset #bodyresetdiet A post shared by Harley Pasternak MSc (@harleypasternak) on Jan 12, 2018 at 8:34am PST Nutritionist and celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, MSc, is the king of simple weight lo

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2018-01-19 06:21:31

Watch the Video of the Nigerian Bobsled Team That Even Gave Serena Williams "Chills"  

In a historic first, three Nigerian athletes will compete in bobsledding at the 2018 Winter Olympics. The American-born women - Seun Adigun, Ngozi Onwumere, and Akuoma Omeoga - will be the first Nigerian athletes to compete in the Winter Olympics. This will also mark the first time any African country has qualified for the Olympic sport. The history-making team is quickly attracting fans ahead of the games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. As a result, they've drawn in a new partnership with B

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2018-01-19 05:07:29

Find Out Exactly How Many Grams of Protein You Need to Lose Weight  

We know that protein helps with weight loss and that you need more of it to shed pounds . . . but how much exactly? We asked Alexandra Miller, RDN, LDN, and corporate dietitian at Medifast, if there was a magic number. As it turns out, while everyone's body and diet is different, there IS a bit of a "magic formula" when it comes to adjusting your protein intake for weight loss. Related7 Lunches That Follow the Perfect Formula For Weight Loss How Much Protein Do You Need to Lose Weight? Mi

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2018-01-19 05:01:34

7 Reasons It's Not Too Late to Start Your Fitness Resolution  

Many of us had grand plans to sprint into 2018 by immediately tackling those ambitious New Year resolutions, but somewhere along the way we decided to binge-watch The Crown with a pint of Ben & Jerry's instead. If you've spent the past three weeks procrastinating, you're in good company - but you can still crush your January fitness goals! Read on to discover why digging into that resolution a few weeks late isn't the end of the world. 1. The Weather Is Finally on Your

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2018-01-19 04:48:12

Gina Rodriguez Trains Hard and Eats Clean - but Balance Is the Key to Her Success  

Gina Rodriguez is gorgeous and strong both inside and out. The Jane the Virgin starlet has been kicking serious ass to prepare for her role in Annihilation . . . and making it look easy. Related6 Reasons Gina Rodriguez Is Our Healthy-Living Inspiration A post shared by Gina Rodriguez (@hereisgina) on Dec 22, 2016 at 9:10am PST It's no secret that Gina loves boxing and Muay Thai. Her father was a boxing referee and taught her how to box at an early age. Her high-intensity training

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2018-01-19 04:40:59

3-Move Circuit From BBG's Kayla Itsines For Tight and Toned Abs  

We're big fans of Aussie trainer and founder of the Sweat With Kayla app Kayla Itsines, and we're delighted to share this abs workout she created for POPSUGAR. See the exercises in the video, then read below for additional instruction and tips. Directions For Abs Circuit Workout Start a timer for seven minutes and aim to complete the exercises in the following circuit as many times as you can before your timer goes off. While you're aiming to complete each exercise as quickly as p

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2018-01-19 02:52:28

10-Minute Fast and Furious Flat-Belly Workout  

Leave it to Beachbody Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese to make your abs burn in just 10 minutes! This short but powerful workout will strengthen your abs and tone your core. All these moves are featured in Autumn's new program, 80-Day Obsession, available Jan. 15, 2018, on Beachbody on Demand. RelatedNo Gym Needed With This At-Home Fitness Plan - All the Workouts Are Videos! Credits: On Anna: Cotton On Body shirt, Gottex Studio tights, and Reebok shoes; On Autumn: Lorna Jane top, Adidas tigh...

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2018-01-19 02:22:52

18 Cute and Affordable Workout Clothes You Can Snag at Kohl's  

Your gym membership is already pretty expensive. Your workout wardrobe doesn't have to be! Get in shape while looking amazing with affordable workout options from Kohl's. From fun sports bras to comfortable leggings, these outfits will get you excited for your next sweat sesh. When you manage to look great during a visit to the gym without breaking the bank, you can focus on your goals and amping up your fitness game. Check out these stylish and affordable workout outfits you can snag

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2018-01-19 01:36:52

This Video Will Definitely Make You Wish Michelle Kwan Were Competing at Pyeongchang  

It's Friday fun time! #spiral #skating

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2018-01-19 01:07:26

The Secrets Behind Halle Berry's Bangin' Mom Bod (Spoiler: 1 Is the Keto Diet)  

Image Source: Getty / Matt Winkelmeyer We can only dream of looking as freakin' phenomenal as Halle Berry does. She stunned us on the red carpet of the NAACP Image Awards and looked more like she was 21 than 51. So what's her secret? It all really comes down to hard work and dedication to health. And, of course, her diet. Let's take a peek at her diet and exercise regimen. RelatedHalle Berry Is "Coming For 2018" in the Sexiest Way Possible A post shared by Halle Berry (@hal

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2018-01-18 19:49:33

The Workout That Keeps Olympic Figure Skater Michelle Kwan Fit and Happy  

Michelle Kwan is an iconic American figure skater who won over everyone's hearts in the late 1990s and early 2000s. She took home the silver medal in the 1998 Nagano Olympics, and she won five World Championships throughout the span of her career. Her performances were as moving and graceful as they were technically clean. Even though she's retired from the sport, Michelle has still been busy. She graduated from law school, and she's recently been active in the political sphere b

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2018-01-18 16:54:22

Emma Stone's Trainer Gives Us Details on How She Stays Fit  

When Battle of the Sexes came out last year, we were all blown away by Emma Stone's riveting portrayal of tennis legend Billie Jean King. Not only was her performance a memorable one that showcased her acting talents, but Emma also displayed her toned, strong physique, one that she built with celebrity trainer Jason Walsh. Before and after Battle of the Sexes, though, Emma has always managed to maintain a slim, toned figure. POPSUGAR spoke with Jason about what routine Emma follows, and -

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2018-01-18 15:08:34

Grow Your Peach With This Intense Butt Workout - It's Just 15 Minutes  

No need to grab dumbbells for this workout - all you need is YOU! These intense bodyweight exercises are all about your butt. Get ready to firm up that peach of yours (and not be able to sit tomorrow!) with this five-move, 15-minute workout. Related25 Amazing Butt Exercises - No Equipment Required! The Workout Directions: Complete each exercises below for 40 seconds, then take a 20-second rest. Move through this five-minute circuit three times for a total of 15 minutes. Squat Jack Pulsing Sumo ...

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2018-01-18 10:08:33

6 Killer Squat Variations That Guarantee a Better Butt  

Squats are one of the most functional exercises for toning your lower body, and there's no shortage of variations to make them more challenging. Using weights is one way to mix it up, adding additional resistance to your glutes, hamstrings, and thighs. With all the equipment options available to you, we broke down some of the most advantageous ways to use weights while performing a basic squat. RelatedAfter This 30-Day Challenge, You'll Have the Best Butt Ever Resting dumbbell

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2018-01-18 09:04:25

Is Lube Safe? Experts Weigh In on What to Use (and Not Use) For Sex  

Using lubricant during sex can make it that much more enjoyable. It allows extra ease for both vaginal and anal penetration, but the question often arises: is lube actually safe? The short answer is yes - but there's more to it than that. There are different types of lubes made up of different ingredients, so in order to make sure you are staying safe, you need to know which one is right for you - and right for the moment. With so many varieties of lube out there, how do we know the ones t

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2018-01-18 06:41:39

Sorry, but Here Are 5 Important Reasons You Should Stop Drinking Diet Soda  

Different people have different vices. Some can't live without coffee, while others just can't resist that afternoon chocolate pick-me-up. Diet soda is yet another vice that many folks feel like they can't live without. As painful as it may be to hear, though, diet soda is one of those things that we would be better off without. Don't believe us? Here are five reasons you should give up this common beverage once and for all. It Causes Bloating Fizzy drinks may feel cool and

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2018-01-18 05:25:19

5 Reasons Experts Say Granola Isn't So Healthy After All  

There's nothing wrong with munching on granola or tossing some in your bowl of yogurt. However, it's good to know that it can be pretty high in calories, sugar, and fat, especially if store-bought. All things considered, you can still maintain a healthy diet that includes the breakfast staple. With a few tweaks, you can have a better-looking granola to keep at home and to take with you on the go. Related52 Healthy and Satisfying Breakfast Ideas Adding In Too Many Sweet Items First t

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2018-01-18 05:06:50

These 9 Recovery Must Haves Are Your Post-Workout Saviors  

I know I'm a fitness editor and all, but I still get REALLY sore after workouts. Sometimes (OK, most of the time) I go a little too hard, or stack too many workouts back to back, and my body totally hates me for it. Are you nodding your head and saying, "Yeah, that's me"? Then I've got a little checklist for ya! These are my post-workout recovery essentials. I seriously swear by them - and combined, they are a force to be reckoned with! I promise, if you use these together, you�

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2018-01-18 05:03:26

Why Every Woman Should Incorporate Strength Training Into Her Routine  

Everyone has a different attitude about how they approach the gym. While some ladies love to log a 45-minute run on the treadmill while watching the latest Real Housewives, others are more class-prone, crushing HIIT routines on the regular. Regardless, there's one place a lot of women breeze by: the weight rack. While we can't hate on you for wanting to avoid grunting men and an occasional whiff of poor body odor, fact is that you could be missing out on some serious total-body benefi

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2018-01-18 04:21:54

According to an Instructor, This 1 Yoga Pose Is the Most Intense Butt-Burner  

From Warrior 2 to Goddess to Twisting Fierce, there is no shortage of yoga poses that target your lower body. But this not-so-popular pose, known affectionately as Burning Low Lunge, is probably the most intense way to work your butt and thighs. RelatedYoga Sequence For Slimmer, Stronger Thighs As a yoga instructor, this is the one pose I like to throw into my classes for runners and skiers that makes students really feel it the next day. Begin in Downward Facing Dog. Step your right foot fo

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2018-01-18 03:39:46

These Protein Powders Taste Just Like Your Favorite Cereals (Including Fruity Pebbles!)  

Ladies and gentlemen, the pre-workout gods are truly shining down upon us. We just discovered that freakin' cereal-flavored protein powders exist, and we're officially never going back to our plain ol' vanilla powders again. Workout supplement brand CTD Sports has gotten a bit of social media buzz lately for Isolicious, a 100 percent whey isolate protein powder that comes in three nostalgic flavors: Cinnamon Cereal (similar to Cinnamon Toast Crunch), Coco Cereal (like Cocoa Puffs)

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2018-01-18 02:50:28

7 Things You Probably Never Knew About Olympic Snowboarder Shaun White  

A post shared by Shaun White (@shaunwhite) on Dec 30, 2017 at 7:08pm PST You've either seen him on a snowboard or a skateboard, but either way you've seen Shaun White doing some awesome tricks. Despite recent setbacks, which include a bad crash from which he had to get 62 stitches on his face, the two-time gold medalist is back and ready to compete in the Pyeongchang, South Korea, Winter Games. Here are seven things you may not know about Shaun that will make you continue to ro

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2018-01-18 02:50:09

Build Muscle and Burn Calories With This CrossFit Star's 3 Go-To Moves  

CrossFit competitor Christmas Abbott, author of The Baddass Body Diet and ambassador for Second Skin Gear, has a new six-week fitness program known as BBX Boost. It's a full-body workout challenge that focuses on toning your booty, flattening your stomach, and leaning out your legs. RelatedThis Is the No. 1 Reason You're Not Losing Weight Since Christmas knows a thing or two about how to get lean and toned, we asked her to share her three favorite, effective go-to exercises for buildi

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2018-01-18 01:49:03

The Workout That Helped Tracee Ellis Ross Look Flawless For the NAACP Image Awards  

Tracee Ellis Ross may be Hollywood royalty, being Diana Ross's daughter and all, but there's no doubt that she's carved out a legendary name for herself over the past several years. At the 2018 NAACP Image Awards on Jan. 15, Tracee won Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series for her lead role in Black-ish. This wasn't surprising, because anyone who has seen the show knows that she plays the matriarch of the family with as much heartfelt emotion as laugh-out-loud humor. Along

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2018-01-17 16:23:48

A 30-Minute Walk-Run Treadmill Workout That Anybody Can Do, Especially Beginners  

If getting better at running is one of your goals but you're still new to the game, incorporating more walk-run workouts into your routine will help you build up the endurance and strength needed to run a whole mile without stopping. Luckily, Michael Olzinski, Purplepatch endurance coach and Equinox run coach, has created an exclusive 30-minute walk-run treadmill workout for POPSUGAR, so you've got every reason to lace up your shoes and get to the gym. "This is a great workout that c

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2018-01-17 12:21:11

If You're Trying to Give Up Diet Soda, Here Are 4 Tips That Will Get You There  

By now, you've probably heard about all the reasons you should pass on diet soda. It causes bloating, weight gain, and mood swings, and it can even increase your risk for heart attack and Type 2 diabetes. The sooner you can nix this beverage from your diet, the better. But it's easier said than done, so instead of leaving you out in the cold to fend for yourself, here are some useful tips for kicking diet soda out of your life. Have a Game Plan to Wean Yourself Off If you give it up

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2018-01-17 11:23:29

What's the Difference Between CBD and THC? Some Doctors Break It Down  

There's been a huge surge of interest in the natural healing powers of CBD lately - and for good reason! Doctors are saying it's one of the safest ways to treat illness, disease, and disorders like anxiety. With no known side effects, it seems like a no-brainer to begin your CBD wellness regimen, but there's still some confusion, as much of this is still very new. RelatedWorld Health Org Announces CBD Has No Health Risks Is CBD Pot? Short answer: no. Marijuana (or pot) is a pla

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2018-01-17 07:08:10

10 Healthy Chili Recipes to Cozy Up With This Winter  

Winter cuisine can be a struggle for those of us who are trying to get a head start on our New Year's resolutions-to-be. And while we love the comfort and spice from a bowl of great chili, it doesn't exactly scream diet-friendly. But just because chili is hearty doesn't mean it has to be unhealthy; there are plenty of ways to cut the calories without cutting the flavor profile. In fact, many of the main components, including meat, beans, and chilis, are not inherently fattening a

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2018-01-17 06:45:02

A Simple Way to Stop Stress Dead in Its Tracks  

Between social media, email, and texting, it's easy to go without actually talking to your closest friends. If you find yourself stressed out during your day, whether it be work-, family-, or life-related, there's no reason you have to deal with it on your own. Picking up the phone and reaching out to someone you trust is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make you feel better. RelatedFriends - Not Family - Help Us Lead Healthier, Longer Lives The next time you're st

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2018-01-17 04:48:51

7 Worst Breakfasts For Weight Loss - Find Out Why Avocado Toast Is on the List  

Obviously frosted doughnuts are not the best option, but here are seven seemingly good-for-you breakfasts that are terrible if your goal is to lose weight. A healthy breakfast that will help you drop pounds needs to offer protein, fiber, and healthy fats, so find out which ones certified dietitian Leslie Langevin, MS, RD, CD, of Whole Health Nutrition says you should avoid. Related18 Breakfasts That Follow the Perfect Weight-Loss Formula3 Ways Breakfast Can Help You Lose WeightI Made These 3 Cha

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2018-01-17 04:25:54

These Blue Majik Recipes Are, Well, Pure Magic  

A very Instagrammable ingredient called Blue Majik (a proprietary extract of the blue-green algae Arthrospira platensis, which you might know as spirulina) has never been more popular. Transforming even the most basic of meals into a work of art, the ingredient is basically mermaid-approved, but most importantly, it's healthy and rich in electrolytes and antioxidants. Read on for all the Instagram inspiration you need to incorporate the colorful spirulina extract into your daily life. From

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2018-01-17 03:32:08

38 Healthy Party Appetizers to Celebrate the Super Bowl  

Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect excuse for socializing with snacks. Chips and dip are often the high-calorie usual, but these 38 recipes are low in calories and full of flavor. From vegan bites to protein-packed dips, these appetizers make it easy to create a satisfying menu minus the guilt. With a few simple swaps - like opting to bake (not fry) - you're sure to be the most appreciated party host! RelatedFrom Ranch to Hummus: 26 Healthy Dip Recipes15 Elegant and Healthy Party Apps That A

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2018-01-17 02:42:56

This Goth SoulCycle Water Bottle Is as Dark as the Inside of That Candlelit Studio  

A post shared by Chelsea (@chelseajfoss) on Nov 21, 2017 at 11:03am PST SoulCycle finds a way to get you hooked. If it's not the demanding workout that draws you in, then maybe it's that moment of clarity you get at the end of a ride, or the grapefruit scent that wafts through the entire studio, or the trendy merch - yes, the kind you can no longer escape while out on the street. Well, apologies to your bank account, but we're about to add to your (potentially) growing wis

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2018-01-16 19:53:47

Whoa! This Is How Much a Month of Workouts Can Cost in NYC  

As my favorite SoulCycle instructor once said, you can't throw a penny in New York without hitting a gym or fitness studio. Allow me to confirm that she is, in fact, correct. From chain gyms to buzz-worthy boutique studios, nearly every street you walk down is home to several options. Like careers and good food, working out is one thing New Yorkers take very seriously. But with New York City locations come New York City price tags. A standard boutique class (i.e., Barry's Bootcamp o

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2018-01-16 14:05:23

Dry Sparkling Soda Lets You Pop Bottles, Minus the Alcohol  

A post shared by DRY Sparkling (@dry_sparkling) on Dec 22, 2017 at 8:11am PST For anyone embarking on their own dry January, February, or any month of the year, we've found the perfect product to aid you in your sober goals. Dry sparkling soda not only tastes delicious, but it also contains far less sugar than traditional sodas (11 to 16 grams of sugar per 12-oz. can vs. 39 grams per can). The best part about this nonalcoholic beverage, however, is that it comes in Champagne-like c

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2018-01-16 12:53:45

CBD Bulletproof Coffee Is Probably My Most Genius Invention Yet  

I was adding drops of my Infinite CBD coconut oil to a small cup of black coffee one morning when it clicked: "This is just like my XCT oil . . . This is my new Bulletproof." RelatedWhat Science Has to Say About the Link Between Caffeine and Anxiety I've been loving my Bulletproof coffee at home, but I still am pretty caffeine-sensitive. In fact, a cup of cold brew can send me into a full-body, hour-long panic attack (it's not a chill scenario), so typically I do try to add a fat sou

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2018-01-16 12:48:22

Sculpt Your Body and Boost Your Booty With This Tone It Up Workout  

Get ready to work your beautiful body, right from the comfort of your living room, bedroom, or even your gym! Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up shared this bootylicious, five-move workout from the Love Your Body Challenge. With some strengthening, toning, and a little bit of cardio, you'll elevate your heart rate, boost your metabolism, burn tons of calories, and feel so strong. Let's go! RelatedHere's Why the TIU 5-Day Detox Was My Most Successful Diet Ever

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2018-01-16 11:14:39

The Fitness Marshall Has a Special Musical Guest in His Latest Dance Video  

For the first time ever, the Fitness Marshall has the artist of a song dancing in the video with him!! Erin Bowman jams out and breaks a sweat alongside Caleb and the Backup Booties to her new single "Good Time Good Life" in this ultrafun, upbeat pop dance. RelatedThe Fitness Marshall's New Dance Video Is Called "Yas, Queen," Because of Course It Is You can get even more behind-the-scenes insight on this peppy workout video if you watch the Fitness Marshall's new show on go90, Li

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2018-01-16 08:46:44

This Millennial Pink Yoga Mat Keeps It Real For 2018 - and It's Only $29!  

Every January, I (along with most people) make a list of resolutions to keep in the new year. One of mine this year is to work out more, but staying motivated is half the struggle. To make sure I don't lose interest, I treated myself to this I Did My Best Yoga Mat ($29, originally $39). Its pretty pink design and cute slogan caught my eye, and I couldn't wait to test it out. After receiving it in the mail, I quickly booked my next session. Its PVC material was not only soft to

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2018-01-16 04:42:03

Why Feeling Depressed and Alone Leads Us to Emotional Eating  

Loneliness and depression can impact each person differently. Sometimes, emotional eating accompanies depressive states or times when you're feeling alone. JoLynn Braley at YourTango explains why this can happen and how to manage those habits. How to manage unhealthy eating habits when loneliness strikes. When you're feeling depressed, it really can feel so much worse when you're sitting there all alone, without anyone else to talk to, and especially at night. (Have you ever noti

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2018-01-16 03:18:08

10 Simple Things to Do Every Day to Lose Weight (and Keep It Off!)  

You've made the decision to lose weight, and you are so pumped right now! Great, so how do you begin? What should you eat? How should you work out? Here are the 10 healthiest, most effective things you can do to lose weight . . . and keep it off. RelatedStart Losing Weight Now With These 100 Tips

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2018-01-16 02:51:04

Keto Ice Cream Has Arrived to Make Your New Diet a Little More Enjoyable  

The keto diet - as many of you know - is a high-fat, low-carb diet that switches your body's fuel source from glucose to ketones (essentially, from carbs to fat) and has the ability to help certain medical conditions and aid in weight-loss breakthroughs. RelatedKeto and CBD Helped This Disabled Vet Lose Over 150 Pounds Trying keto yourself? You may find that while you love the results, you miss certain treats - particularly sweets! Because the diet is low-carb, sugar is essentially out th

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2018-01-15 14:32:51

The 3 Changes Ricki Made to Deal With Grief and Transform Her Mind and Body  

Ricki Friedman was hesitant to share her transformation photos. "I didn't want to make this just about a physical transformation," she told POPSUGAR. "Sharing this is scary!" But she decided to tell her story in the hopes that it may help someone else dealing with the loss of a loved one or with body acceptance issues. Ricki's own journey with her body began when she was just 13 years old and she lost her mother to cancer. She felt deeply depressed, empty, and isolated. "It profoundly

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2018-01-15 05:55:59

30-Minute Selena Gomez Workout For Flat Abs and Toned Legs  

Get ready to work your abs, legs, and butt with this toning and sculpting workout from Selena Gomez's trainer Amy Rosoff Davis. The workout mixes Pilates, dance, and yoga to create long, lean muscles. If you're new to working out, you can still do this 30-minute sculpting session as Amy provides helpful modifications, one being that you can use a chair for balance while pulsing your leg in arabesque. Yep, Amy has a strong dance background, so there will be a few ballet positions in the

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2018-01-15 05:50:32

Before Making a New Year's Resolution to Lose Weight, You Need to See This Before and After  

Julia is no stranger to getting wrapped up in society's beauty standards and feeling like "skinny was better than everything." This time of year is an especially sensitive time for girls and women, with it being New Year's, so Julia posted this before and after to her Instagram account as a heartfelt warning to other girls. She says, "before you make another New Years resolution to lose weight, take a moment to consider your happiness and mental health." She notes that in the photo on

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2018-01-15 04:03:04

Regan Lost Almost 80 Pounds by Consistently Doing These 2 Things  

Regan Patterson began her weight-loss journey in December 2015, but it wasn't a moment of epiphany like many others experience. "There was no defining or embarrassing moment that made me immediately want to lose weight," she told POPSUGAR. "It was a gradual feeling for me. I got fed up with feeling so insecure about my body and missing out on life events because of it." At the start of her journey, Regan, 25, weighed 222 pounds. Adopting a sustainable approach, she lost 77 pounds over the

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2018-01-15 02:46:59

This Is What It Looks Like to Lose 30 Pounds in 4 Months  

While the terms "TIU" and "accountability partner" might not be a part of your vocabulary just yet, they were some of Kara Hamill's crucial secrets to success; the Canadian mom of two lost 30 pounds in just four months, and she's feeling healthier than ever. Kara: Before RelatedFrom a Size 22 to a Size 12: This Woman Changed Her Habits and Her Life The Tone It Up program (TIU) introduced Kara to a world of weight loss, health, and fun that she didn't know before. Beginning her j

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2018-01-15 02:41:38

I Took Apple Cider Vinegar Every Day For 1 Week, and These Were the Results  

I'm not a superadventurous person by any means. Skydiving will never be on my bucket list and I never use hot sauce on my food - ever! But in the name of my physical and mental health, I'm into trying just about anything. I tried CrossFit for a year (and I'm still at it!), and I also committed to drinking a gallon of water a day for three weeks (spoiler alert: there were LOTS of trips to the bathroom). One simple thing I've never tried is taking apple cider vinegar (ACV). I&

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2018-01-15 02:31:21

Hitting the Gym but Not Losing Weight? Here's Why  

Have you been working out, eating right, losing weight - then suddenly you hit a wall? Perhaps you've been doing all the right things and still not seeing any results. This plateau might feel like a dead end in your weight-loss journey, but there's hope in the form of new research. Related1 Way to Hit Your Weight-Loss Resolution Every Month Last week, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) published a 13-week study with new research about subjects they call "non-responders." The conc

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2018-01-15 02:01:21

If You're Always Bloated, Check If You're Eating Any of These Foods  

If frequent bloating makes you feel like a transformer (but not in like the cool way from the movies), then it's time to take a peek at your diet. What are you eating? While there are several causes of bloating (and some have nothing to do with food!), the most common culprits are, in fact, different foods - and sometimes it feels like ALL foods. Everyone's body is different, so don't look at this list and think, "All of these things make me bloat?!" and then systematically eradi

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2018-01-15 01:30:16

This Is What Happens When You Take Ibuprofen Too Often, According to a Doctor  

You might be thinking, If I don't need a prescription to buy it, it must be safe to casually take it. For the most part, taking ibuprofen to ease pain is totally harmless and effective. However, a drug's a drug, and if you're taking ibuprofen on the daily, you might start to notice some unfortunate side effects. First off, what is ibuprofen, exactly? "Ibuprofen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID). NSAIDs are frequently used for the treatment of inflammatory and painful con

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2018-01-14 14:05:29

The Gym Is Germy! Here's How to Keep Yourself Healthy While Working Out  

It's no joke that gym equipment is teeming with bacteria, and many of these germs can lead to all kinds of infections. And it's not just treadmill and exercise bikes, but dumbbells and barbells, too. Along with all the pesky bacteria, cold and flu viruses can live on hard surfaces (like stainless steel or hard plastic) for up to 24 hours. We definitely don't want you to stop working out - after all, regular exercise is great for the immune system - but there are some very, very e

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2018-01-14 11:54:06

10 Ways to Burn Hundreds of Extra Calories This Week  

In order to lose weight, you need to burn calories. Getting in exercise is essential, but if you follow these tips, your body will burn even more calories. 1. Move in the Morning Here's a little motivation for you: research has shown that morning exercisers tend to work out harder and longer than afternoon or evening exercisers, which translates to more calories burned. Getting in a morning workout also ensures that you get it done and don't make excuses to skip out. 2. Lift This Whi

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2018-01-14 10:11:42

Committing to Anti-Resolutions This Year Is Already Making Me Happier and Healthier  

I start every year off with daunting resolutions that quickly get derailed, leaving me worse off than I started. It's not unnatural to pause and take stock at the end of the year, hoping to see some improvement from the time gone by. And I'm not alone here because 41 percent of Americans also make resolutions each year but only 9 percent ever see real success. But this year, I wanted to do something different; I didn't want to start the 2018 with an overambitious list of things t

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2018-01-14 08:49:22

These Time-Labeled Water Bottles Make It So Easy to Stay Hydrated All Day Long  

Drinking enough water is easier said than done for some people, and these water bottles are here to help you out. Having a water bottle at your desk or in your gym bag is one thing, but remembering to fill it up constantly is another. One helpful tactic comes in the form of these time-labeled water bottles, which make it easy to see how much water you're really drinking as the time passes and when it's time to get a refill ASAP. If you're a particularly visual person, you can also

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2018-01-14 07:28:22

Get Your Protein Game in Check With These 25 Healthy Breakfast Recipes  

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and there's no denying the truth in that. Not only is eating a quality breakfast key for priming your energy levels for the day, but it's also a golden opportunity to get your protein in. And fortunately for you, there are plenty of possibilities out there, whether you prefer sweet or savory and whether you're vegetarian or not. Here are 25 varied options for protein-packed breakfasts to keep in rotation. Related22 Tasty B

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2018-01-14 03:25:36

Trying to Give Up Caffeine? A Step-by-Step Guide to Quit Coffee Once and For All  

No matter how addicted to coffee you think you are, there's always a way you can wean yourself off of it. Although your morning cup of joe might be a delightful beverage, consuming a lot of caffeine regularly has its downsides. You might experience the jitters or muscle tremors, headaches, insomnia, digestive issues, and dehydration. Additionally, because your body is reliant on an outside source to wake up, it's not used to producing its own energy, so you have a hard time being prod

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2018-01-13 12:37:25

This Comedian Uses Her Belly Fat to Make You Laugh Until You Cry  

Comedian Luisa Omielan is back! If you've never heard her name before, she's the woman who did this hilarious routine about thigh gaps. It makes us so happy when women smash the ludicrous body standards we're pressured to live up to. Like Luisa, not everyone wants to be superskinny and get rid of their belly fat! RelatedHow I'm Learning to Love My Body For What It Can Do, Not How It Looks In this routine, Luisa not only squeezes her tummy, screaming about how much she loves

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2018-01-13 11:18:09

A Beginner Lower-Body Workout to Get Your Best Legs in 2018  

Getting back into the swing of things after the holidays isn't exactly easy, but if you're ready to get back in the gym (or your living room) with a set of dumbbells, we've got a great workout for you. This session will tone your legs, glutes, and hamstrings while also revving up your heart rate and helping you to get a sweat on. The Workout All you need for this workout is a pair of medium dumbbells, so you can either do this at your local gym or in the comfort of your own home.

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2018-01-13 03:14:28

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