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Group-edited weblog about technology start-ups, particularly the Web 2.0 sector.

Circle wants more women to invest in cryptocurrency  

The earliest adopters of Bitcoin — the libertarian anarchist “cypherpunk” crowd — were mostly men. Today, roughly a decade after Satoshi Nakamoto’s famed white paper was released, the majority of cryptocurrency holders are still men. This poses a problem for the companies betting on the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. At this point, they’ve already tapped into […]

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2018-09-20 13:22:55

Amazon's announcing new Echo and Fire TV hardware today  

Surprise! Amazon's holding a big hardware event at its Seattle headquarters, and we're here on site, to bring you the news as it breaks. Unlike Apple, Google and the like, the company isn't one for announcing these sorts of events in advance, though given that it's done something similar in recent years, it seemed likely […]

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2018-09-20 13:21:52

Hear about the keys to local investing at Startup Battlefield Africa with Omobola Johnson and Lexi Novitske  

TechCrunch Startup Battlefield is returning to Africa in December, this time in Lagos, Nigeria. We will have a day-long program full of our flagship Battlefield competition highlighting the best startups that Africa has to offer. Not only that, we'll have panel discussions designed to explore the continent’s rapidly developing technological infrastructure on the continent. To […]

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2018-09-20 12:57:10

Bird hits 10 million scooter rides  

Bird just announced 10 million scooter rides since launching about one year ago. If this story sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because Bird competitor Lime earlier today announced it surpassed 11.5 million rides across its shared bikes and scooters. Bird, which launched last September in Santa Monica, Calif., currently operates in 100 cities and […]

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2018-09-20 12:09:09

GoPro kills the Session camera cube  

Three years after its introduction, GoPro is killing its Session camera line. The cute little cube was dropped today after GoPro revealed its latest lineup of Hero7 cameras. GoPro shakes up its entire camera line When the Hero4 Session was first revealed in 2015, it was the action camera company’s first major redesign and signaled […]

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2018-09-20 11:03:52

Inside Facebook Dating, launching today first in Colombia  

Does deeper data produce perfect matches? Facebook is finally ready to find out, starting today with a country-wide test in Colombia of its new Dating feature. It’s centered around an algorithm-powered homescreen of Suggested romantic matches based on everything Facebook knows about you that other apps don’t. There’s no swiping and it’s not trying to […]

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2018-09-20 08:55:01

GoPro shakes up its entire camera line  

GoPro delivered a big refresh of its cameras today with a lot of new product names but not quite as many hardware updates as we’ve seen in past updates. The new lineup from GoPro is definitely less confusing from a branding perspective. The Hero7 White, Silver and Black will cost $199, $299 and $399 respectively. […]

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2018-09-20 08:27:28

Lunewave is pitching a new sensor offering better vision for autonomous vehicles  

The investment arms of BMW and the Chinese search technology giant, Baidu, along with a large original equipment manufacturer for the auto industry and a slew of technology investors have all come together to back Lunewave, a startup developing new sensor technologies for autonomous vehicles. The $5 million seed round which the company just closed […]

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2018-09-20 08:15:36

Instagram may divide hashtags from captions to end overhashing  

Geofenced sharing, Quiz stickers, Stories Highlight stickers, and a separate interface for adding hashtags to posts are amongst a slew of new features Instagram has prototyped or is now testing. The last one could finally #cure #the #hashtag #madness that’s infected many of Instagram’s 1 billion users, causing them desperately fill up their captions with […]

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2018-09-20 07:51:49

Lime hits 11.5 million bike and scooter rides  

Bike and scooter company Lime recently hit 11.5 million rides, a couple of months after it surpassed six million rides. This milestone comes just 14 months after Lime deployed its first bikes. Today, Lime is in more than 100 markets throughout the U.S. and Europe. Last December, Lime brought its bikes to a number of European […]

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2018-09-20 05:44:57

Social Capital will no longer raise outside capital  

Former Facebook executive turned venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya announced this morning that his firm, Social Capital, would no longer raise outside capital. The firm will transition into a technology holding company by the end of 2018 and will invest $50 million to $250 million off a “multi-billion dollar balance sheet of internal capital only.” “[We] will focus […]

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2018-09-20 05:42:31

VW reimagines the microbus as an all-electric cargo hauler  

The slow roll towards electrified vehicles isn’t isolated to passenger cars and SUVs. Manufacturers are investing in commercial vehicles as well — everything from school buses and delivery vans to big commercial trucks. VW Group’s vision for an electrified commercial vehicle future also includes a microbus. The automaker’s commercial vehicles unit unveiled five zero-emission vehicles […]

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2018-09-20 05:20:51

Curve, the all-your-cards-in-one app, adds 'zero fees' when spending abroad  

Curve, the London fintech that lets you consolidate all of your bank cards into a single Curve card and app to make it easier to manage your spending, has always faced a slight awareness problem. Even though nobody else does what Curve does — the product is innovative on a multiple fronts, such as its […]

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2018-09-20 05:11:15

WalkMe raises $40M at a $1B+ valuation for its on-screen guidance technology  

Designing for digital interfaces has come a long way since the first days of the web, but there remains a place for tech that can help navigate us through what are sometimes still bloated or complicated services (notwithstanding those that are deliberately so). Today, one of the more successful startups working in this area has raised a […]

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2018-09-20 05:10:44

Exhibit for free in Startup Alley at Disrupt Berlin 2018  

Disrupt Berlin 2018 takes place on 29-30 November, and we simply can't wait to see you all there. We always get super stoked about Startup Alley, the Disrupt exhibition hall, where hundreds of innovative early-stage startups display the very latest tech products, platforms and services. Now, the only thing better than exhibiting in Startup Alley […]

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2018-09-20 05:03:37

Meituan-Dianping's IPO off to a good start as shares climb 7% on debut  

Meituan-Dianping (3690.HK) enjoyed a strong debut today in Hong Kong, a sign that investors are confident in the Tencent-backed company's prospects despite its cash-burning growth strategy, heavy competition and a sluggish Hong Kong stock market. During morning trading, Meituan's shares reached a high of HKD$73.85 (about $9.41), a 7% increase over its initial public offering […]

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2018-09-20 04:51:06

Jamie Burke to explain why you should still bet on the blockchain at Disrupt Berlin  

Now that your cousin doesn't ask you questions about bitcoin anymore, is it the end of all things blockchain? Maybe it just means that it's time to think about innovating at the protocol level and come up with new use cases. That's why I'm excited to announce that Outlier Ventures CEO and founder Jamie Burke […]

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2018-09-20 04:44:25

Review: With the Hero7 Black, GoPro looks towards stability  

Any story about GoPro’s product line is also a story about the health of the public company and this year that story seems to be a more conservative one with the company’s new flagship device the Hero7 Black moving mostly lateral on hardware specs while throwing its focus to software tech like digital video stabilization. […]

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2018-09-20 04:39:31

SparkLabs is launching a cybersecurity and blockchain accelerator program in the US  

Investment firm SparkLabs has run accelerator programs across APAC, now it has announced its first that’ll be based on U.S. soil and it’s a cybersecurity and blockchain program that’ll be located in Washington, D.C. from next year. The program will be led by former Startup Grind COO Brian Park and Mike Bott, who is ex-managing […]

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2018-09-20 04:39:14

Apple Watch fire face was made with actual fire  

With the Apple Watch Series 4, Apple introduced a new, larger display. It now has rounded edges and thinner bezels. And the company took advantage of that display to introduce new fire, water, liquid metal and vapor faces. Apple didn't use CGI to create those faces — they shot those faces in a studio. Many […]

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2018-09-20 04:34:58

Equifax slapped with UK's maximum penalty over 2017 data breach  

Credit rating giant Equifax has been issued with the maximum possible penalty by the UK’s data protection agency for last year’s massive data breach. Albeit, the fine is only £500,000 because the loss of customer data occurred when the UK’s prior privacy regime was in force — rather than the tough new data protection law, […]

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2018-09-20 04:18:43

Walmart is putting 17,000 Oculus Go headsets in its stores to help train employees in VR  

Workplace training has long been considered one of the key early areas where virtual reality can make a dent in the enterprise. Walmart already made some noise when it announced it would be bringing VR hardware into its training centers, now the company is planning to send Oculus Go headsets to each of its 5,000 […]

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2018-09-20 04:05:27

Liquid Telecom goes long on Africa's startups as future clients  

Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa. More posts by this contributor African experiments with drone technologies could leapfrog decades of infrastructure neglect Harley-Davidson is opening a Silicon Valley R&D center to power EV production Digital infrastructure company Liquid Telecom is betting big […]

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2018-09-20 03:51:40

Facebook warned to amend ToS to fix EU consumer rights issues by year's end  

Facebook has been singled out for censure by the European Commission’s head of consumer affairs who has warned she’s running out of patience and said the company needs to make additional changes to its terms of service before the end of the year to bring them into line with the bloc’s consumer rules. The Commission […]

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2018-09-20 03:49:28

MariaDB acquires Clustrix  

MariaDB, the company behind the eponymous MySQL drop-in replacement database, today announced that it has acquired Clustrix, which itself is a MySQL drop-in replacement database, but with a focus on scalability. MariaDB will integrate Clustrix’s technology into its own database, which will allow it to offer its users a more scalable database service in the long […]

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2018-09-20 03:43:05

AI could help push Neo4j graph database growth  

Graph databases have always been useful to help find connections across a vast data set, and it turns out that capability is quite handy in artificial intelligence and machine learning too. Today, Neo4j, the makers of the open source and commercial graph database platform, announced the release of Neo4j 3.5, which has a number of […]

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2018-09-20 03:09:04

India's Livspace raises $70M for its one-stop-shop for interior design  

Livspace, an India-based startup that helps consumers manage home renovations and interior design, has pulled in a $70 million Series C deal that’s led by Goldman Sachs and TPG Growth. Existing investors Jungle Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Helion Ventures also took part in the round, which takes Livspace total funding to date to over $100 million. […]

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2018-09-20 02:58:55

Spotify will now let indie artists upload their own music  

Spotify today is taking another step that may make record labels uncomfortable. Fresh off reports that the streaming service is cutting its own licensing deals with independent artists, the company this morning announced it will now allow indie artists to directly upload their music to its service, too. The upload feature is today launching into beta […]

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2018-09-20 01:53:18

Vonage acquires cloud-based contact center startup NewVoiceMedia for $350M in cash  

More consolidation is afoot in the world of cloud-based voice services. Today, Vonage — once a VoIP pioneer that today offers cloud-based unified communications and other IP services in the business market — announced that it would acquire NewVoiceMedia, a UK startup that builds cloud-based contact center solutions, for $350 million in cash. Vonage says […]

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2018-09-20 01:51:08

Fabricio Bloisi's Movile is leading tech's charge in Brazil and beyond and he's coming to Startup Battlefield Latin America  

In the 20 years since Movile launched its first technology services in 1998, the technology industry in Latin America has exploded. Technology startups have gone from being an afterthought to being at the forefront of the economic changes sweeping through the region. And Movile’s digital marketplaces, delivery services and investment capital (powered by Naspers) have, in […]

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2018-09-19 21:32:40

18 new details about Elon Musk's redesigned, moon-bound 'Big F*ing Rocket'  

Although the spotlight at this week’s SpaceX event was squarely on Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa — the first paying passenger for the company’s nascent space tourism business — Elon Musk also revealed a wealth of new details about the BFR and just how this enormous rocket and spacecraft will get to the moon and back. […]

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2018-09-19 17:25:45

Fitbit targets employers and health plans with Care  

When it launched the Versa back in March, Fitbit also announced plans to pivot. While the company will continue to operate in consumer hardware, it’s also shifting much of its focus toward healthcare. A month earlier, the company had acquired Twine, a platform that serves as part of the foundation of its new health coaching service, […]

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2018-09-19 17:12:37

Password bypass flaw in Western Digital My Cloud drives puts data at risk  

A security researcher has published details of a vulnerability in a popular cloud storage drive after the company failed to issue security patches for over a year. Remco Vermeulen found a privilege escalation bug in Western Digital’s My Cloud devices, which he said allows an attacker to bypass the admin password on the drive, gaining […]

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2018-09-19 16:37:55

Entrepreneurs: It's time to put corporate VCs back on your short list  

The startup media is awash with stories of corporate venture capital prioritizing their own interests over those of their portfolio. While some of these stories may have a basis in truth, it's critical to recognize that this is only one side of the story. It's time the whole story is told.

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2018-09-19 16:37:51

Google brings vulnerability scanning to its Cloud Build CI/CD platform  

Google today announced an important update to its Cloud Build CI/CD platform that brings vulnerability scanning to all container images built using the service. Container Registry vulnerability scanning, which is now in beta, is meant to ensure that as businesses adopt modern DevOps practices, the container they eventually deploy are free of known vulnerabilities. As […]

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2018-09-19 15:13:57

Product Hunt Radio: Online communities and the dark side of the web  

In the second episode of the new Product Hunt Radio, I'm joined by two amazing community-builders based in New York, Anil Dash and Allison Esposito. Anil is the CEO of Glitch, a friendly community where developers build the app of their dreams. You'll find everything from AI-powered musical spinners to a multiplayer drawing game created on the platform. He's also an advisor to Medium, DonorsChoose, Project Include and Stack Overflow.

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2018-09-19 13:55:43

Hackers have planted credit card stealing malware on local government payment sites  

Security firm FireEye has confirmed that a widely used web payment portal used to pay for local government services, like utilities and permits, has been targeted by hackers. Hackers have broken into self-hosted Click2Gov servers operated by local governments across the US, likely using a vulnerability in the portal’s web server that allowed the attacker to […]

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2018-09-19 13:39:16

Magic Leap One's first big game is another Angry Birds; here's what it's like  

Magic Leap promised us a world of dreams, we’re getting Angry Birds. After about a month in the public spotlight, the Magic Leap One is starting to get its first titles. Rovio and Resolution Games announced publicly today that they will be releasing Angry Birds FPS: First Person Slingshot this fall for the Magic Leap One. […]

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2018-09-19 13:11:05

Marvel superheroes like Loki and Scarlet Witch may get their own streaming shows  

It looks like we’re getting more details about the superhero side of Disney’s planned (and apparently still-unnamed) streaming service, thanks to a story in Variety. We already knew that the Disney service would include original Marvel and Star Wars shows. On the Star Wars side, there’s a revival of “The Clone Wars” and a live […]

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2018-09-19 12:33:09

Fresh out of Y Combinator, Leena AI scores $2M seed round  

Leena AI, a recent Y Combinator graduate focusing on HR chatbots to help employees answer questions like how much vacation time they have left, announced a $2 million seed round today from a variety of investors including Elad Gil and Snapdeal co-founders Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal. Company co-founder and CEO Adit Jain says the seed […]

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2018-09-19 12:27:34

Lyft now integrates public transit info in app  

Lyft has officially entered the public transit space with the launch of Nearby Transit, a feature currently available just in Santa Monica, Calif. This comes just a couple of days after Lyft deployed electric scooters in the city. Today, Lyft customers in Santa Monica will see the Nearby Transit option, which includes route information and […]

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2018-09-19 12:24:24

'Jackrabbot 2' takes to the sidewalks to learn how humans navigate politely  

Autonomous vehicles and robots have to know how to get from A to B without hitting obstacles or pedestrians — but how can they do so politely and without disturbing nearby humans? That's what Stanford's Jackrabbot project aims to learn, and now a redesigned robot will be cruising campus learning the subtleties of humans negotiating one another's personal space.

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2018-09-19 12:24:19

Hackers stole customer credit cards in Newegg data breach  

Newegg is clearing up its website after a month-long data breach. Hackers injected 15 lines of card skimming code on the online retailer’s payments page which remained for more than a month between August 14 and September 18, Yonathan Klijnsma, a threat researcher at RiskIQ, told TechCrunch. The code siphoned off credit card data from […]

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2018-09-19 12:12:19

Amazon launches Scout, a machine learning-powered visual shopping tool  

Amazon is experimenting with a new tool called Scout designed to help shoppers better figure out what they want to buy in a more visual fashion, according to a report from CNBC, which first spotted Scout live on Amazon’s site. Using a combination of imagery, a thumbs up and down voting mechanism, and machine learning […]

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2018-09-19 11:55:09

Wove raises $9M to help companies form strategic marketing partnerships  

After rebranding earlier this year and scrapping pretty much their whole mobile ads business, Wove, formerly known as TapFwd, has a fresh plan to disrupt the marketing industry. Co-founders Eddie Siegel and Alex Wasserman have built what they call a brand collaboration network, a new way for companies to form marketing partnerships with similar brands. They […]

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2018-09-19 10:58:47

Twilio is working toward a 50% female workforce by 2023  

Diversity fatigue is a real thing, but that’s not news to Twilio Global Head of Culture & Inclusion LaFawn Davis. What that does mean for her, however, is less talk and more action. Since coming on board as Twilio’s diversity and inclusion leader about one and half years ago, Davis has been focused on creating […]

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2018-09-19 10:31:17

Facebook plans voter drive, partners with Democratic/Republican Institutes  

Facebook will push users to register to vote through a partnership with TurboVote, has partnered with the International Republican Institute and National Democratic Institute nonprofits to monitor foreign election interference and will publish a weekly report of trends and issues emerging from its new political ads archive. Facebook has also confirmed that its election integrity […]

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2018-09-19 10:30:05

Telegram to replace iOS messaging app with Telegram X Swift rebuild  

Telegram has announced it will be migrating iOS users of its messaging app to a rebuilt-from-scratch Swift version. It’s been running two versions of its app in parallel on iOS and Android during 2018 — officially announcing Telegram X in January, when it billed it as an experiment and said the alternative app “may or may […]

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2018-09-19 10:17:10

iOS 12.1 beta hints at new iPad Pro  

iOS 12 is still brand new, but Apple is already testing iOS 12.1 with a developer beta version. Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo found references to a brand new iPad that would support Face ID. First, there are changes to Face ID. You can find references to landscape orientation in the iOS 12.1 beta. Face […]

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2018-09-19 10:04:02

Lime is pissed at San Francisco for denying it an e-scooter permit, claims 'unlawful bias'  

Lime is waging a war against the San Francisco Municipal Transporation Agency (SFMTA), claiming that the organization acted with “unlawful bias” and “sought to punish Lime” when it chose not to award the e-scooter and dockless bike startup a permit to operate in San Francisco last month. Lime has sent an appeal to the SFMTA, requesting an “unbiased […]

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2018-09-19 09:59:48

IBM launches cloud tool to detect AI bias and explain automated decisions  

IBM has launched a software service that scans AI systems as they work in order to detect bias and provide explanations for the automated decisions being made — a degree of transparency that may be necessary for compliance purposes not just a company’s own due diligence. The new trust and transparency system runs on the […]

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2018-09-19 08:28:34

Coinbase hires Fannie Mae exec Brian Brooks as chief legal officer  

Coinbase has made yet another addition to its C-suite. The cryptocurrency trading platform has hired Brian Brooks, the former executive vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary of Fannie Mae, as its chief legal officer. The hiring is part of the company’s effort to expand its legal, compliance and government affairs teams. Mike Lempres, who […]

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2018-09-19 08:20:29

Cloudflare wants internet route leaks to be a thing of the past  

Internet outages happen all the time. If it’s not someone cutting through a cable in the street, it’s a massive denial-of-service attack pummeling a pillar of the internet with junk data. There is another, more common cause: routing issues. Internet routing isn’t sexy. But it’s a fundamental part of how the internet works. Routing relies […]

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2018-09-19 08:13:24

Adblock Plus maker has a new taskforce to fight publisher efforts to reinject ads  

In the arms race of ad blocking there’s clearly never a dull moment as efforts to block ads are combated by publisher and platform countermeasures trying to fox the blocks. This is why Adblock Plus maker, eyeo, says it’s getting more serious in how it tackles what it dubs “circumvention technologies” — by setting up […]

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2018-09-19 07:38:47

Vezeeta, the leading MENA healthcare startup, secures $12M Series C led by STV  

One of the major structural issues in the Middle East is the lack of consistent healthcare across the region. So this market was clearly waiting to be disrupted by technology. In 2011 Vezeeta came along to change that. Launched initially in Cairo as a sort of "Uber for Ambulances", it has since expanded to cover […]

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2018-09-19 06:07:11

Google Home Mini was the best-selling smart speaker in Q2  

Amazon’s Echo Dot may have been a bestseller on Prime Day, but Google’s Home Mini device is now the top-selling smart speaker worldwide, according to a new report out this morning from Strategy Analytics. The analyst firm says Google’s small speaker accounted for 1 in 5 smart speaker shipments in Q2 2018, edging out the […]

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2018-09-19 05:53:29

Twitter's former Head of People EMEA joins VC firm Atomico as Partner  

Atomico, the European venture capital firm founded by Skype's Niklas Zennström, is announcing a number of new hires to its investment team, including new Partner Caroline Chayot, who previously led the EMEA HR team at Twitter. I’m told she’ll be working alongside existing Atomico Partner Dan Hynes, who was formerly the Director of Global Staffing […]

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2018-09-19 05:38:20

Announcing the agenda for TechCrunch Startup Battlefield MENA 2018 in Beirut  

We're excited to head to Beirut, Lebanon, on October 3rd for TechCrunch Startup Battlefield MENA 2018. Yes, we're bringing our premier startup pitch competition to the Middle East / North Africa, and as well as launching 15 of the hottest startups in MENA on stage for the first time, we'll also be joined by some […]

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2018-09-19 05:28:22

Tandem CEO will tell you why building a bank is hard at Disrupt Berlin  

Challenger banks, neobanks or digital-only banks… Whatever we choose to call them, Europe — and the U.K. in particular — has more than its fair share of bank upstarts battling it out for a slice of the growing fintech pie. One of those is Tandem, co-founded by financial technology veteran Ricky Knox, who we’re excited […]

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2018-09-19 04:48:44

Sony announces the PlayStation Classic, its own mini retro console  

If you’re the kind of person who has two beers and regularly launches into the same 20 minute-long ode to the original PlayStation for playing a seminal role in the maturation of gaming as an art form, well, do we have some news for you. Sony just announced its intentions to give the PlayStation the […]

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2018-09-19 04:45:34

GitLab raises $100M  

GitLab, the developer service that aims to offer a full lifecycle DevOps platform, today announced that it has raised a $100 million Series D funding round at a valuation of $1.1 billion. The round was led by Iconiq. As GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij told me, this round, which brings the company’s total funding to $145.5 million, will […]

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2018-09-19 04:37:13

Einstein Voice gives Salesforce users gift of gab  

Salespeople usually spend their days talking. They are on the phone and in meetings, but when it comes to updating Salesforce, they are back at the keyboard again typing notes and milestones, or searching for metrics about their performance. Today, Salesforce decided to change that by introducing Einstein Voice, a bit of AI magic that […]

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2018-09-19 04:34:06

Google's Cloud Memorystore for Redis is now generally available  

After five months in public beta, Google today announced that its Cloud Memorystore for Redis, its fully managed in-memory data store, is now generally available. The service, which is fully compatible with the Redis protocol, promises to offer sub-millisecond responses for applications that need to use in-memory caching. And because of its compatibility with Redis, developers […]

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2018-09-19 03:41:08

Google will match up to $1M in donations for Hurricane Florence relief  

As cities in Hurricane Florence's path deal with its aftermath, Google will match up to $1 million in donations to help with relief efforts. The disaster's death toll is currently 35 people and about 343,000 people in North Carolina are without electricity. The hurricane caused widespread flooding and property damage throughout North Carolina, South Carolina […]

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2018-09-19 03:01:28

EU antitrust regulator eyeing Amazon's use of merchant data  

The European Union’s competition commission is looking into how Amazon uses data from retailers selling via its ecommerce marketplace, Reuters reports. Competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager revealed the action today during a press conference. “We are gathering information on the issue and we have sent quite a number of questionnaires to market participants in order to […]

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2018-09-19 02:57:31

Solving the mystery of sleep  

Alice Lloyd George Contributor Alice Lloyd George is an investor at RRE Ventures and the host of Flux, a series of podcast conversations with leaders in frontier technology. More posts by this contributor A conversation with Dean Kamen on the myth of “Eureka!” Using drones to build the ambulance fleet of the future Below are […]

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2018-09-19 02:55:50

Vegan meal delivery startup Allplants is served £7.5M Series A funding  

Allplants, a London-based startup that delivers ready-made “plant-based” meals (that’s vegan, to you and me), has raised £7.5 million in Series A funding. The round is led by VC firm Octopus Ventures, which was an early backer in healthy snack delivery company Graze. Additional investors in the round include existing backer Felix Capital (which I’m […]

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2018-09-19 02:23:58

Google's GitHub competitor gets better search tools  

Google today announced an update to Cloud Source Repositories, its recently relaunched Git-based source code repository, that brings a significantly better search experience to the service. This new search feature is based on the same tool that Google’s own engineers use day in and day out and it’s now available in the beta release of […]

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2018-09-19 02:17:07

'Brotopia' inspired OODA Health to raise its $40.5M round only from firm's with female partners  

OODA Health, a startup developing technology to make the U.S. healthcare payment system more efficient, has raised $40.5 million in a round led by Oak HC/FT and DFJ.

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2018-09-19 02:06:43

Facing sexual assault charges, 3D-printed gun advocate Cody Wilson evades US authorities  

The gun rights activist who waged a very public legal war over the right to freely distribute 3D-printed gun schematics over the internet is facing serious charges that have nothing to do with firearms. According to a law enforcement press conference today, Cody Wilson, 30, is believed to have traveled to Taipei after learning that […]

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2018-09-19 01:47:50

Ghostery revamps its privacy-focused mobile browsers  

Ghostery is launching new versions of its browsers for iOS and Android. In fact, Director of Product Jeremy Tillman said this is the first big update to Ghostery’s mobile browsers in several years. It’s not that mobile wasn’t a priority for the team before this, but Tillman said, “In our previous company, we didn’t have […]

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2018-09-19 01:44:35

TaskRabbit kicks off Canadian expansion  

TaskRabbit is kicking off its Canadian expansion in the greater Toronto area before rolling out in Vancouver in October and Montreal sometime in 2019.

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2018-09-18 21:07:41

Evernote just slashed 54 jobs, or 15 percent of its workforce  

It’s no secret that Evernote, the productivity app that lets people take notes and organize other files from their working and non-work life, has been trying to regain its former footing as one of the most popular apps in the U.S., and that doing so has been an ongoing struggle. Just two weeks ago, we […]

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2018-09-18 20:41:41

Google launches new AI initiatives in Japan  

It’s no surprise that Google used its Cloud Next 2018 event in Tokyo today — one of a number of international Cloud Next events that follow its flagship San Francisco conference — to announce a couple of new initiatives that specifically focus on the Japanese market. These announcements include a couple of basic updates like […]

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2018-09-18 20:25:15

Coinbase poaches LinkedIn's head of data Michael Li  

Coinbase continues to beef up its management team with another new hire in Michael Li, who’s joining the cryptocurrency trading platform as its VP of data. Li spent the last seven years at LinkedIn, most recently as its head of analytics and data science. “Data will be essential to empowering Coinbase's mission, and core to company's […]

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2018-09-18 17:09:22

Nintendo is offering an exclusive Fortnite bundle with the Switch  

Fortnite has taken the world by storm. In fact, the game is so popular that Epic has released versions for PC, Xbox, PS4, iOS, Android and the Nintendo Switch, making the game about as accessible as possible. The popularity of the game stems from the general popularity of the Battle Royale genre and popular streamers […]

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2018-09-18 16:37:51

Google's Work Insights helps businesses better understand how they work  

At an event in Tokyo, Google today announced the launch of Work Insights, a new tool that gives businesses more insights into how their employees use the company’s G Suite productivity tools and how teams collaborate using those tools. In addition, Google is also launching its investigation tool for helping business better secure their data […]

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2018-09-18 15:58:46

Kayak's new AR feature will tell you if your carry-on bag fits the overhead bin  

Popular travel app Kayak has put augmented reality to clever use with a new feature that lets you measure the size of your carry-on bag using just your smartphone. Its updated iOS app now takes advantage of Apple’s ARKit technology to introduce a new Bag Measurement tool that will help you calculate your bag’s size […]

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2018-09-18 15:40:15

The Gap Table: Women own just 9% of startup equity  

Even bigger than the salary gap that sees women earn $.82 on the dollar is the equity gap. A new study from Carta and the ex-Twitter female investor group #Angels reveals that women make up 35 percent of startup equity-holding employees, yet own just 20 percent of the equity. That means they own just $0.47 […]

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2018-09-18 13:28:26

Early-bird sale ends this Friday for TC Sessions: AR/VR in Los Angeles  

After Friday, September 21, ticket prices for TC Sessions: AR/VR will jump $100 for the October 18 event hosted at UCLA. Buy your early-bird $99 tickets today before these savings fly the coop!

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2018-09-18 12:55:52

Microsoft is putting HoloLens to work with new Dynamics 365 applications  

Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality glasses have always been interesting technology, but it’s never been clear how the company would move from novelty device to actual viable business use cases. Today, it made a move toward the latter, announcing a couple of applications designed to put the HoloLens to work in Dynamics 365, giving it a […]

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2018-09-18 12:16:42

Maison Me nabs $1M from Google's Assistant fund and more for made-to-order clothes  

Amazon’s focus on using its camera-enabled Echo devices to help you figure out what to wear everyday has highlighted how the tech world sees a big opportunity in building fashion-related tools and services beyond the now-ubiquitous but still quite basic business of e-commerce, where clothes are displayed on websites, and ordered for delivery to your home. […]

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2018-09-18 11:59:38

Postmates raises another $300M, reportedly valued at $1.2B  

On-demand delivery service Postmates announced this morning that it has raised $300 million in additional funding led by Tiger Global Management. While the company’s press release doesn’t mention this, Fortune reports that the deal valued Postmates at $1.2 billion. Tiger’s Scott Schleifer is joining the board of directors. Postmates does say that it’s completing “millions” […]

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2018-09-18 11:25:39

YouTube to shut down standalone Gaming app, as gaming gets a new home on YouTube  

YouTube will no longer maintain a separate app targeting gaming and live game streaming, the company announced today. The YouTube Gaming app, which first arrived in 2015, will be sunset sometime next spring as its host of features make their way over to YouTube’s main site. Over the years, the YouTube Gaming app has been […]

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2018-09-18 11:22:30

Framer X design tool steps in the ring with InVision, Adobe, and Sketch  

Design tools are becoming increasingly important to just about every brand out there. Today, a new entrant joins the race. Framer X, a revamped version of three-year-old Framer, was founded by Koen Bok and Jorn van Dijk after the duo sold design software Sofa to Facebook in 2011. Framer X is a rich, React-based design […]

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2018-09-18 10:42:20

Behold Ubisoft's gloriously ridiculous Assassin's Creed Amazon Echo  

The Assassin's Creed Odyssey Echo Plus is a limited edition, which will no doubt make fans want the thing that much more. It's a standard Amazon device that Ubisoft dressed up in a Spartan helmet, to be given away in small quantities through the company's site. The ridiculous thing is the game maker's way of […]

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2018-09-18 10:42:17

Illumix raises $8.6M to build more dynamic phone-based AR games  

As iOS12 drops, we are again reminded that phone-based AR is on hundreds of millions of phones but we still haven’t seen any big successes built on the new technologies. Illumix is hoping that its approach to building games that understand where the user is while serving up content that responds to that space can […]

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2018-09-18 10:28:07

Call for smart home devices to bake in privacy safeguards for kids  

A new research report has raised concerns about how in-home smart devices such as AI virtual voice assistants, smart appliances, and security and monitoring technologies could be gathering and sharing children’s data. It calls for new privacy measures to safeguard kids and make sure age appropriate design code is included with home automation technologies. The […]

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2018-09-18 10:07:08

Here's what Google's $149 Home Hub smart display will reportedly look like  

Google is reportedly getting ready to launch some new hardware at its October 9 hardware event and we just learned a lot more about a new product that might be launching. It was rumored that Google was working on its own Smart Display, now we’ve got images of the Google Home Hub and details about […]

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2018-09-18 09:51:10

Old media giants turn to VC for their next act  

The Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 eras weren't kind to the world's largest media conglomerates, throwing their business models into question, creating whole new categories of content consumption, and bringing online competition to subscription and ad pricing. Many of the media giants from the 1990s and early 2000s remain market leaders with multi-billion dollar valuations, […]

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2018-09-18 09:30:16

Apple has finished paying $15 billion European fine  

Apple has finished wiring billions of euros to pay back illegal tax benefits to the Irish government according to Reuters. Overall, Apple has paid $15.3 billion (€13.1 billion) for the original fine as well as $1.4 billion (€1.2 billion) in interests. In August 2016 the European Commission ruled that Apple benefited from illegal tax benefits […]

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2018-09-18 08:53:25

Hulu with Live TV tops a million subscribers  

Hulu’s live TV streaming service has hit a milestone number of more than 1 million subscribers. That’s up from the estimated 450,000 CNBC reported at the beginning of the year, and the 800,000 official number Hulu announced in May. But although the live TV audience may be growing, it’s still a small fraction of Hulu’s […]

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2018-09-18 08:48:54

Lyft deploys electric scooters in Santa Monica  

Lyft has launched its electric scooters in Santa Monica, Calif. as part of the city’s pilot program, joining both Bird and Lime, CNET first reported. As part of the pilot program, Lyft can have up to 250 scooters on the streets at any one time. Riders must also be sure to stay within the service […]

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2018-09-18 08:41:50

DOJ launches investigation into Tesla, Elon Musk's tweets  

Tesla’s stock is down 5 percent this morning after news emerged the U.S. Department of Justice had launched a criminal investigation into CEO Elon Musk’s Aug. 7 tweets about taking the company private. The criminal probe is in addition to the previously reported Securities and Exchange Commission investigation into the electric car company. Bloomberg reports that […]

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2018-09-18 08:15:30

Sen. Harris tells federal agencies to get serious about facial recognition risks  

Facial recognition technology presents myriad opportunities as well as risks, but it seems like the government tends to only consider the former when deploying it for law enforcement and clerical purposes. Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) has written the FBI, FTC, and EEOC telling them they need to get with the program and face up to the very real biases and risks attending the controversial tech.

what do you think?

2018-09-18 07:58:57

The Punkt MP02 inches closer to what a minimalist phone ought to be  

There's an empty space in my heart for a minimalist phone with only the most basic functions. Bad for my heart, but good for a handful of companies putting out devices aiming to fill it. Punkt's latest, the MP02, goes a little ways to making the device I desire, but it isn't quite there yet.

what do you think?

2018-09-18 07:05:30

Inside the pay-for-post ICO industry  

In a world where nothing can be trusted and fake news abounds, ICO and crypto teams are further muddying the waters by trying – and often failing – to pay for posts. While bribes for blogs is nothing new, sadly the current crop of ICO creators and crypto projects are particularly interested in scaling fast […]

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2018-09-18 06:40:01

Microsoft launches new AI applications for customer service and sales  

Like virtually every other major tech company, Microsoft is currently on a mission to bring machine learning to all of its applications. It’s no surprise then that it’s also bringing ‘AI’ to its highly profitable Dynamics 365 CRM products. A year ago, the company introduced its first Dynamics 365 AI solutions and today it’s expanding […]

what do you think?

2018-09-18 06:31:49

Meet Yusaku Maezawa, the first private passenger to take SpaceX's BFR around the moon  

Japanese billionaire and entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa will be the first private citizen to take a flight around the moon in SpaceX’s Big Falcon Rocket, a 240,000-mile journey slated for as early as 2023. In an emotional and jubilant speech during a SpaceX event Monday at the company’s headquarters in near Los Angeles, Maezawa exclaimed “I […]

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2018-09-18 05:46:04

Africa's Jumo raises $52M led by Goldman to bring its fintech services to Asia  

Asia’s fintech scene is poised to get a little larger after Jumo, a company that offers loans to the unbanked in Africa, revealed plans to expand into the continent. To get the ball rolling, Jumo has opened an office in Singapore to lead the way and landed a massive $52 million investment led by banking giant […]

what do you think?

2018-09-18 05:40:27

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