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Netflix's Original Programming Viewership Climbs, But 63% Of Streams Still Come From Licensed Content (Study)  

Netflix's original content has been steadily gaining more viewership among the platform's subscribers, new data reveals. 37% of U.S. desktop viewership last month was for original content, up from 24% in November 2017 (and 14% in January 2017). Netflix original Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was the service's second most-watched series after NBC's The Office, per findings from intelligence firm 7Park Data, Variety reports. Other top-viewed properties include the licensed classic Friends...

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2018-12-11 15:34:25

After Reorg, Fullscreen Signs 4 Creators To Fully-Managed Talent Unit (Exclusive)  

Fullscreen has signed four creators to its fully-managed talent roster -- a division of the seminal multi-channel network that works with a handful of creators in all aspects of their careers, including digital and traditional media opportunities. The new signings include model and lifestyle influencer Ariana 'Arii' Trejos, Latino comedy creator Louie Castro, actor/model Trent Culkin, and stand-up comedian Noel Miller. Trejos rose to fame on and has subsequently launched clothing...

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2018-12-11 12:23:06

Gaming Just Had Its Biggest Year On YouTube — Here's What Comes Next  

Gaming just had its biggest year on YouTube. People gathered round to stream more than 50 billion hours of video game-related content in the past 12 months, with 200 million logged-in users watching gaming content every single day — and YouTube is gearing up to snag even more creators and viewers in the coming year. Ryan Wyatt, YouTube's global head of gaming and VR content and partnerships, told VentureBeat that the "rise of Fortnite" was a significant boon to YouTube's gaming traffi...

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2018-12-10 23:28:02

CollegeHumor Launches Native iOS, Android Apps For 'Dropout' Subscription Service  

Dropout, the roughly three-month-old subscription service from noted digital comedy brand CollegeHumor, has arrived as a native app on both iOS and Android. The service, which offers ad-free viewing as well exclusive, uncensored content beginning at $4 per month, was previously only available on the web at In addition to original series like game show Um, Actually and the Dungeons & Dragon-inspired Dimension 20: Fantasy High, Dropout touts other visual storytelling mediums inc...

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2018-12-10 19:11:15

Hulu Becomes First Streaming Service To Accept Venmo Payments  

Hulu now takes Venmo. The company revealed last week that, along with more common options like credit and debit cards, it's allowing subscribers to pay their monthly fees using the mobile transaction service -- making it the first streamer to do so. There is a bit of a catch, however: For now, only new Hulu subscribers will be able to pay their monthly subscription fees using Venmo. New subscribers must go through the Hulu account signup as usual, and at the end can select from several payment

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2018-12-10 18:34:14

VidCon Names Former Nickelodeon Exec Sarah Tortoreti Its First VP Of Marketing  

Viacom has hired from within to appoint the first-ever VP Of marketing for its digital media convention VidCon. Sarah Tortoreti, who formerly served as director of marketing and brand strategy at Nickelodeon -- which is also owned by the media conglomerate -- has been named VidCon's VP of marketing ahead of its 10th birthday this summer. At Nickelodeon, Tortoreti was also involved in experiential initiatives, such as the music and entertainment event Nickelodeon SlimeFest, as well as SpongeBob

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2018-12-10 17:08:13

'YouTube Rewind 2018' Becomes Second Most-Disliked Video In YouTube History  

In an ironic twist, this year's iteration of YouTube Rewind -- a much-ballyhooed annual production in which the platform takes stock of its biggest personalities and memes in a compilation clip -- is on track to clinching the dubious distinction of the most-'disliked' YouTube video of all time. Rewind 2018, which the video giant unveiled last Friday in collaboration with digital studio Portal A, is currently the second most-disliked video in YouTube history. In just four days, the video has r...

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2018-12-10 15:54:11

Netflix Orders First African Original, Spy Dramedy 'Queen Sono'  

Netflix is continuing to broaden its slate of international fare with an order for its first African original series, Queen Sono. Queen Sono is a drama series that will star Quantico's Pearl Thusi -- who is South African -- as a secret agent balancing crimefighting with a fraught personal life, Variety reports. It will premiere on the platform globally in 2019. Thusi tweeted a video about the news today, saying that Queen Sono is "going to change the game for every artist on this continent...

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2018-12-10 15:37:10

Here's Why Netflix's Mobile Apps Pulled In Record Revenues Last Month  

Netflix's mobile apps had their most lucrative month in November, with consumers around the world spending an estimated $86.6 million in subscription fees on the platform's iOS and Android apps combined. That's a whopping 77% more revenue than the $49 million Netflix's apps generated in November 2017, TechCrunch reports. The earnings data comes from intelligence firm Sensor Tower, which also revealed that, prior to last month, Netflix's best month was July 2018, when it pulled in $84....

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2018-12-10 14:38:23

YouTube Gives $760,000 To Combat Gang Violence In London, Which It Has Been Accused Of Fueling  

YouTube is putting its money where its mouth is in a bid to combat gang violence in the U.K. The company has created a £600,000 grant in collaboration with London mayor Sadiq Khan -- or roughly $760,000 -- to tackle a rise in knife crime in recent months that experts believe is partly associated with the glamorization of gang violence on YouTube and other social platforms, according to Metro. Funds will be predominantly allocated to Catch22 and Redthread -- charity organizations that help you...

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2018-12-10 13:33:54

David Dobrik Nabs 10 Million Subscribers In Three Years  

David Dobrik has snagged 10 million subscribers -- a towering figure, the 22-year-old notes, that's nearly twice the population of the country where he was born. Dobrik's native Slovakia counts a reported population of 5.4 million -- though his family immigrated to Chicago when he was just a child, meaning that he is not a U.S. Citizen. This has become a particularly knotty issue in recent months given that President Trump's move to end the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) p...

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2018-12-10 12:15:38

Stream TV and Movies Live and Online | Hulu  

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2018-12-09 02:20:28

Minecraft YouTuber Logdotzip Launches 'Big Block Island' Game, His Own Gaming Studio 'Dotzip Developments'  

Today, with the release of his Minecraft game Big Block Island, Tyler Pappas -- better known by his YouTube handle Logdotzip -- becomes the first YouTuber to build a development team and release a game on Microsoft's Minecraft Marketplace. Pappas, who over eight years of uploading Minecraft videos on YouTube has gathered more than 2.7 million subscribers, developed Big Block Island with Pathway Studios and the team at his newly-formed gaming studio Dotzip Developments. The game is o...

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2018-12-07 21:23:04

YouTube Animators CypherDen And Flashgitz Ink Development Deals With Rooster Teeth (Exclusive)  

Two YouTube animators have signed development deals with creative studio Rooster Teeth as part of the $2.5 million animation fund it launched in August. CypherDen (978,000 subscribers on YouTube), and Flashgitz (1.7 million subscribers) have both inked deals that will see their entire animated libraries available on Rooster Teeth's streaming service, First, early next year. CypherDen, whose real name is Dennise Casurra, and Flashgitz, made up of creator team Tom Hinchliffe and Don Greger, ha...

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2018-12-07 16:48:41

Next 10 Ventures, iflix Launch $5 Million Incubator For Digital Creators In Southeast Asia  

Next 10 Ventures, an investment company launched earlier this year by former YouTube exec Benjamin Grubbs to fund other businesses within the digital creator economy, has partnered with Malaysian SVOD service iflix to launch its second incubator initiative. Dubbed the iFlix Creators Hub, the $5 million venture will focus on bolstering the visibility of 30 emerging filmmakers across Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. Creators will be eligible for investments of

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2018-12-07 13:21:45

Lilly Singh Mounts YouTube Comeback With Ambitious Christmas Collab Series  

Lilly Singh proved that even Superwoman needs a break sometimes, announcing a temporary hiatus from YouTube earlier this year due to exhaustion and creative burnout. But now, the 30-year-old is mounting her comeback with what sounds like one of the most exhaustion-inducing feats imaginable -- 12 back-to-back video collaborations on her flagship YouTube channel, as well as videos documenting the creative process on her second vlog channel. Dubbed the 12 Collabs Of Christmas, it's a series tha...

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2018-12-07 12:11:14

YouTube Millionaires: Comedian Brandon Armstrong Went Viral On YouTube — Now, He Works With The NBA, Nike, And LeBron James  

This week's YouTube Millionaire may be one channel, but it's two people — two kiddos, in fact. We're crowning 5-year-olds Everleigh Soutas and Ava Foley for their combined channel, ForEverAndForAva. The two have nabbed one million subscribers with just 100 uploads — though, to be fair, they built an audience well before they joined YouTube in 2015. The girls' moms, Savannah LaBrant and Michelle Foley, along with Everleigh's grandmother 'GiGi,' first put the girls on the path to ...

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2018-12-06 21:36:55

Insights: Facebook, YouTube Take A Tumbl On Premium Video  

Sometimes, you just have to give it away. And even then, it can be difficult for even the biggest companies to get audiences to pay attention in an era of Endless Stuff to Watch. In recent weeks, both Facebook and Google's YouTube began giving away pricey content that Hollywood likes to charge for, a sign that perhaps their efforts to evolve their video offerings weren't going as well as they wanted. The irony is that both ends of the Duopoly have made endless billions of dollars giving away ot

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2018-12-06 20:08:48

Documents Reveal How Facebook Sought To Undermine Competitor Vine  

Newly-revealed documents show Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave Facebook execs the go-ahead to sever Vine users' ability to see if any of their Facebook friends were also using the microvideo platform. The documents were released yesterday by the U.K. Parliament thanks to data seizures for an ongoing lawsuit between Facebook and former app developer Six4Three, which created an app to search for bikini pictures on Facebook, The Verge reports. Six4Three went out of business after Facebook cha...

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2018-12-06 19:34:53

YouTube Rewind 2018 Puts Storyline In The Hands Of Creators (Watch)  

A whole year on YouTube has seemingly led up to this: the annual Rewind compilation, which is produced by digital studio Portal A, and which sees the video giant taking a look back at the creators, videos, and memes that had the biggest impact in 2018. This year's installment differs from past iterations in that YouTube gave creators and commenters control over the story line, it says. More than 100 top YouTube stars appear in the video, including Marques Brownlee, Liza Koshy, James Charles, ...

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2018-12-06 18:02:37

Transgender Beauty Vlogger Nikita Dragun Drops Her Own Victoria's Secret Ad After Exec's Transphobic Comments  

Nikita Dragun is taking on Victoria's Secret. The transgender beauty vlogger -- who boasts 1.9 million YouTube subscribers, 3.3 million Instagram followers, and 436,000 Twitter followers -- shared her own Victoria's Secret-style ad on social media yesterday. The clip sees the 22-year-old striding through a glitzy set, bedecked in lingerie and wearing wings reminiscent of the brand's signature 'angels.' "Dear Victoria's Secret, you said trans women can't sell the 'fantasy,' so here ...

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2018-12-06 16:57:37

YouTube Is Hard. So Creators Are Starting To Do 'Vlogmas' On Their Instagram Stories.  

Vlogmas, a grueling YouTube tradition in which creators -- typically lifestyle and family vloggers -- commit to posting every day during the month of December until Christmas, is already in full swing. However, this year's iteration has arrived with something of a twist. Rather than sharing daily videos on YouTube -- something of a Herculean feat during the frenetic holiday season -- creators like Shane Dawson and Kandee Johnson have ported their Vlogmas efforts over to Instagram Stories, whe...

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2018-12-06 16:41:13

Naomi Campbell, Jason Momoa Latest Celebs To Launch Vlog Channels With YouTube  

More and more Hollywood stars are trying their hand at being YouTubers -- with supermodel Naomi Campbell and Game Of Thrones actor Jason Momoa being the latest traditional celebrities to launch their own vlogs. Campbell's channel, dubbed Being Naomi, will take fans behind the scenes of her work as both a cultural trendsetter and philanthropist, according to YouTube. Campbell will also bring fans on her travels across the globe and discuss pivotal moments in her career -- with cameos from fell...

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2018-12-06 14:04:58

Kylie Jenner Baby Reveal, Liza Koshy And David Dobrik Breakup Among Top Trending YouTube Videos Of 2018  

It's that time of year again when YouTube is feeling introspective, taking stock of the top 10 "trending" videos of 2018. While this list doesn't necessarily compile the most-viewed videos of the year, it is calculated according to "views, shares, comments, likes, and more," YouTube says. Kylie Jenner was the queen of YouTube in 2018, according to the platform, as her baby announcement video -- which she unceremoniously dropped on Super Bowl Sunday -- came in at No. 1 on this year...

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2018-12-06 12:26:27

Hulu, AT&T Considering Ads That Will Play When Viewers Pause  

The age of "pause-vertising" may be upon us. Hulu and AT&T are considering adding -- Hulu to the ad-lite tier of its streaming service, and AT&T to DirecTV -- ads that will roll when viewers pause movies or shows. Executives from both companies told Variety that they see an advertising opportunity in moments where viewers make the decision to pause content. Jeremy Helfand, vice president and head of advertising platforms at Hulu,  said that when users (particularly users who ...

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2018-12-05 22:38:51

A Logan Paul Vlog Led To The Arrest Of Man Who Mistreated Baby Tiger, Investigators Say  

A Logan Paul vlog played a crucial part in the arrest and charging of a man investigators say illegally possessed and mistreated a young tiger. Paul published his vlog, Kong Meets a Baby Tiger **Showdown**, in September 2017. (It has since garnered more than 8 million views.) In the video, Paul brought the tiger face-to-face with his pet pomeranian, Kong, and played with the animal in the poolside backyard of a Los Angeles house. A notice on the vlog told viewers, "This was filmed in a closed...

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2018-12-05 21:56:47

Creators Going Pro: Sylvia Gani Built Her YouTube Brand — Now, She's Launching Her Biggest Makeup Collaboration Yet  

In 2015, Sylvia Gani was a university student working part-time behind a MAC Cosmetics makeup counter — someone who "never thought" she could make it on YouTube. As it turns out, she was way wrong. Now, Gani's a full-fledged professional YouTuber who took her MAC skills and flourished them into a makeup-focused channel with more than 2.3 million subscribers. And today, Gani is officially launching her collaboration with BH Cosmetics: the 22-color Sylvia Gani palette. It's Gani's large...

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2018-12-05 21:23:11

U.K.-Based YouTube Giants Simon's Cat And Mr. Bean Launch 'Merch Shelves'  

After rolling out its Teespring integration across the European Union last month, two top U.K.-based YouTube channels have launched Merch Shelves in recent days -- a feature that makes the ecommerce process virtually seamless. Merch Shelves, which furnish online stores directly beneath videos on both mobile and desktop devices, have arrived on the YouTube hubs for both Simon's Cat and Mr. Bean. Simon's Cat, a cartoon whose mischievous adventures have clocked 1 billion lifetime views, has l...

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2018-12-05 18:15:18

Casey Neistat Is Hosting A Contest To Design 368's Logo And Branding. Here's How To Enter.  

Heads up, creatives -- Casey Neistat has put out the call. The YouTuber and filmmaker has teamed up with Adobe to seek a graphic designer, a photographer, and an editor to join him from Dec. 9 to 15 at the headquarters of his new venture, 368, to create the core visual components of the 368 brand. Those chosen will each be paid $5,000, and will have their travel expenses fully covered. Visit Tubefilter for more great stories.

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2018-12-05 17:02:59

John And Hank Green Launch 11th Annual 'Project For Awesome' Charity Campaign  

Project For Awesome, an 11-year-old charitable initiative founded by YouTube luminaries John and Hank Green and bowing each holiday season, has officially gone live. P4A, as the venture is often abbreviated, encourages thousands of VlogBrothers fans to post videos advocating for the charities that are meaningful to them via videos submissions, which are currently being accepted through Dec. 9. These clips are then featured on the P4A website and voted on by community members as to which will ul

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2018-12-05 16:24:40

Sofia Vergara, New Form Partner On Daily Docuseries For Facebook Watch  

Actress and entrepreneur Sofia Vergara is going into business with digital content studio New From to produce a Facebook Watch daily documentary series titled 365 Days Of Love. The series will premiere on New Year's Day, and every day throughout 2019 will feature a new story about love and human connection -- with Vergara serving as both executive producer and the subject of several episodes. Other installments will feature celebrities, influencers, emerging filmmakers, and everyday Facebooke...

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2018-12-05 14:44:46

Otter Media Lays Off 140 Staffers Amid Reorganization Of Rooster Teeth, Fullscreen, Machinima, More  

Otter Media -- the parent company of Fullscreen and Rooster Teeth -- which was purchased in full by AT&T last August and subsumed into its WarnerMedia division, is set to undergo a sweeping reorganization that will see the layoff of about 10% of its full-time and contracted staff. Otter, which was founded as a joint venture between AT&T and The Chernin Group in 2014, currently counts 1,400 staffers, according to Deadline, meaning that the cuts will impact roughly 140 employees. This...

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2018-12-05 12:47:21

In Year-End Review, Reddit Touts 1.4 Billion Monthly Native Video Views  

Reddit shared some updated video stats in its annual Year In Review blog post, where the content aggregation hub revealed that it now clocks 1.4 billion video views per month -- a 40% increase over the 1 billion monthly views that it last reported in October. Reddit launched its native video player in Aug. 2017. And while it still allows embeds from other platforms, the company says that native videos are "now the dominant way people are viewing and posting video content." Reddit users are...

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2018-12-04 18:27:46

TopBuzz Creator Spotlight: Johnny Carey's Skits Put A Comedic Spin On U.K. Stereotypes  

Twenty-year-old London-based YouTube star Johnny Carey has amassed a sizable audience of 431,000 subscribers thanks to his comedic sketches and rants that expressly encapsulate U.K. culture -- perhaps most notably Year 7 Vs. Year 11 At Sleepovers (3.7 million views) and How To Be A Roadman (1.4 million views). And Carey, who is now pursuing digital content as a full-time career, has looked beyond his YouTube channel in recent months after learning about news and content aggregation platform T...

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2018-12-04 17:11:27

Ninja's Spent 3,800 Hours Streaming 'Fortnite' This Year. That's The Equivalent Of 95 40-Hour Workweeks.  

Top Twitch streamer Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins has talked about his grueling streaming schedule before, but that was little preparation for the reveal that he spent a whopping 3,800 hours this year streaming Fortnite — and 2018 isn't even over yet. Blevins tweeted the figure, which breaks down into some seriously staggering stats: 3,800 hours total means he streamed the equivalent of 95 40-hour workweeks this year, back to back. And breaking 3,800 hours down into 337 days (subtracting the 28...

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2018-12-04 16:59:09

YouTube's Oldest Star, Indian Chef 'Mastanamma', Has Passed Away At 107  

One of YouTube's oldest stars, Indian cooking host Mastanamma, has passed away at age 107. Mastanamma, who had become something of a national treasure, headlined the Country Foods channel, which was launched by media entrepreneurs Srinath Reddy and Laxman Karre in Aug. 2016. (Mastanamma is Karre's grandmother). Country Foods had stopped featuring Mastanamma in clips over the past six months, reports The News Minute, leading to speculation about her whereabouts. Yesterday, Country Foods c...

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2018-12-04 14:18:40

Casey Neistat Books Part In Netflix Film With Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt  

YouTuber-filmmaker Casey Neistat took a three-week hiatus from his vlog channel to try out his acting chops in a forthcoming Netflix blockbuster. Neistat flew to New Orleans to film the cameo, he recounts in a vlog documenting the experience (below). The as-yet-untitled sci-fi feature is being helmed by directing duo Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. Joost and Schulman's previous features include the documentary Catfish, the 2016 thriller Nerve, and both Paranormal Activity 3 and 4. Their l...

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2018-12-04 12:15:57

PewDiePie Battles Racist Fan Comments By Raising Money For Indian Child Rights Charity  

Top YouTuber PewDiePie, who's currently in a hot and very popular contest with Indian record label T-Series for the most-subscribed channel on the platform, has started a GoFundMe to raise £150,000 ($190,938 U.S.) for Indian charity Child Rights and You (CRY). (Note: As of press time, CRY's website is down, apparently due to the flood of traffic PewDiePie is sending its way.) In a new upload, PewDiePie (real name Felix Kjellberg) says he's seen a growing number of people leaving racist com...

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2018-12-03 23:06:29

YouTube Aims To Boost Video Engagement With Home Feed Autoplay  

YouTube is officially rolling out a feature it first tested more than a year ago. Called 'Autoplay on Home' (tested as 'Play as You Browse'), the feature will autoplay muted, subtitled versions of videos on the YouTube iOS and Android apps' Home screens as users are scrolling. YouTube Premium subscribers who use the Android app have had access to this feature for more than six months. YouTube is choosing to roll it out to all mobile users over the next few weeks because the platform h...

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2018-12-03 20:52:49

YouTube Comedian Drew Lynch Will Return To 'America's Got Talent' For 'Champions' Spinoff  

YouTuber Drew Lynch is heading back to America's Got Talent. After his original run on the show's tenth season, where he came in second after being 'Golden Buzzered' straight to live shows by judge Howie Mandel, Lynch took to YouTube. In the three years since, he's garnered nearly two million subscribers thanks to his frank videos about his disability and his series Dog Vlog, where he chats to viewers alongside his adorable service dog, Stella. Now, fans will get the chance to see him ...

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2018-12-03 19:04:11

Team 10's Justin Roberts Buys 'Subscribe To PewDiePie' Billboard In Times Square  

Yet another YouTube star has thrown his influence -- as well as a boatload of cash -- behind Felix 'PewDiePie' Kjellberg in his bid to fend off Bollywood production firm T-Series from dethroning him as YouTube's most-subscribed channel. Sixteen-year-old Justin Roberts, who is a member of Jake Paul's Team 10 vlogger posse -- and whose comedy videos have amassed 1.2 million subscribers on his own channel -- documented the process of purchasing a billboard in New York's Times Square in order...

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2018-12-03 18:47:35

PewDiePie, Ninja Spread Ugliness (And Cheer) With New Christmas Sweater Lines  

Fans of YouTube powerhouse PewDiePie and Twitch star Ninja have a whole new reason to be cheerful this holiday season. Both creators are releasing merch lines with, a Michigan-based brand that, of course, supplies leagues of ugly Christmas sweaters -- with themes ranging from baby Jesus selfies to Bob's Burgers. PewDiePie's (real name Felix Kjellberg) line is already available on the company's website, and Ninja's (Tyler Blevins) will drop on Dec. 5. PewDiePie...

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2018-12-03 16:23:21

8-Year-Old Ryan ToysReview Reportedly Earned $22 Million On YouTube Last Year  

The explosive success of eight-year-old Ryan ToysReview -- a youngster YouTuber who became one of the platform's most-viewed channels on the strength of his exuberant toy unboxing videos -- is starting to feel like something of a lottery win. Ryan (and his co-vlogger parents) clocked $22 million in earnings last year, according to Forbes, which placed the first-grader at the top of its annual Highest-Paid YouTube Stars list. Forbes says it estimated Ryan's pre-tax earnings from June 2017 to ...

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2018-12-03 16:00:17

Ariana Grande Blasts Past Record For Biggest YouTube Debut In 24 Hours  

On top of being a nostalgia-driven extravaganza with references to beloved films from the early aughts like Mean Girls and Legally Blonde, Ariana Grande also tapped several YouTube stars for cameos in the music video for her breakup anthem "Thank U, Next" -- including longtime friend Colleen Ballinger and lookalike lifestyle vlogger Gabi DeMartino. All of those elements contributed toward a record-breaking event for the 25-year-old songstress. "Thank U, Next" now has the largest 24-hour music v

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2018-12-03 13:56:19

Markiplier Launches Last-Minute Pro-PewDiePie Stream, Supercharging His Subscriber Lead Over T-Series  

For a brief moment yesterday, it looked like it might finally happen. After months of anticipation and a formidable defense mounted by Felix 'PewDiePie' Kjellberg and friends, it seemed like Bollywood production outfit T-Series would finally assume its place as YouTube's most-subscribed channel. In recent days, the subscriber gap between the two channels had tightened  to just tens of thousands of subscribers, and, last night, Kjellberg seemingly tweeted a conciliatory message: "It lo...

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2018-12-03 12:40:46

WarnerMedia Considering Selling Its $930 Million Hulu Stake Ahead Of Launching Its Own Streaming Service  

As WarnerMedia preps to launch its own streaming service in fourth quarter 2019, it's been sloughing off direct-to-consumer streaming assets and media brands, shuttering FilmStruck, DramaFever, and Super Deluxe. And now it looks like WarnerMedia plans to cut Hulu loose, too. WarnerMedia executives Randall Stephenson (AT&T's CEO) and John Stankey (WarnerMedia's CEO) revealed at an investor briefing that the media entity is considering selling its 10% stake in Hulu as part of furthe...

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2018-12-01 00:09:50

Prank Master YouTuber Adam Beales Teams Up With Disney For Its #VloggerTakeover Series  

Comedy vlogger and recent YouTube Millionaire Adam Beales -- aka 'TheNewAdamb99' -- teamed up with Disney this week for its ongoing #VloggerTakeover series. Beales, who now has 1.6 million YouTube subscribers and averages roughly 18 million views a month, is known for his wealth of pranks: pretending his little brother Callum is invisible, siccing Pennywise from It on people, and scaring the daylights out of his best friend by bringing Paranormal Activity to life, to name a few.  And thi...

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2018-11-30 20:56:21

After Two-Year Hiatus, YouTube Staple 'Epic Rap Battles Of History' Plots Return  

Epic Rap Battles Of History, the Emmy-nommed digital series that pits figures from pop culture and history against one another in highly-produced hip hop duals, is readying its comeback after an expansive two-year hiatus. Season six of the series, which is created by Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist -- better known to the channel's 14 million subscribers as Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd -- is set to bow next spring. The guys teased the return of the series in a video on their channel today (below...

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2018-11-30 20:16:36

Hacker Rigs Printers To Spit Out Pro-PewDiePie Propaganda In Fight Against T-Series  

A number of printers in Canada and the U.K. are spitting out notices telling people to aid top YouTuber PewDiePie in his struggle to remain the top-subscribed creator on the platform. Over the past few days, people have posted photos of the notice, many of them saying it popped out of their printers at work. The printout gives readers a brief rundown of the fact that Bollywood record label T-Series is coming ever closer to overtaking PewDiePie's subscriber count. It then asks recipients to ...

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2018-11-30 19:16:25

Facebook Hosts 'Global Creator Day' In Mumbai, Launches Monetization Tools In India  

Facebook hosted its first-ever Creator Day in Los Angeles over the summer to coincide with VidCon, during which the social giant invited 120 top video makers to convene with company executives, attend workshops, and receive introductions to new products -- including new monetization tools. Now, Facebook is taking the initiative global. After hosting its first Creator Day in Sao Paulo last month, the company kicked off a second Global Creator Day event in Mumbai today. Facebook says that the pus

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2018-11-30 17:47:51

WarnerMedia's Forthcoming Streaming Service To Offer 3 Content Tiers  

WarnerMedia, the entity formed by AT&T following its acquisition of Time Warner, has revealed the first details of its upcoming streaming service. While still unnamed and scheduled for launch in the fourth quarter of next year, the service will have three price tiers that offer three different levels of access to content, per The Hollywood Reporter. The first tier is a starter movie package with films from WarnerMedia's library. The second tier offers "blockbuster movies" along with...

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2018-11-30 16:59:58

Emma Chamberlain Drops First Merch Collection  

Emma Chamberlain, this year's Streamy winner for 'Breakout Creator' -- has launched her first merch line. And if the 17-year-old's past ventures in the apparel industry are any indication, she's poised to clock some seriously impressive sales stats. Chamberlain announced the venture yesterday in a video (see below) that doubled as an apartment tour. At launch, only two items are available -- a T-shirt with a drawing of a misshapen face ($25) and a hoodie with drawing of Chamberlain's cryi...

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2018-11-30 14:02:24

Twitch Megastar Ninja Launches Preorder For EDM Compilation Album 'Ninjawerks'  

After making an unparalleled splash in the gaming industry, Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins is about to see if his stardom translates to the music realm. Next month, the 27-year-old will drop his first-ever compilation album, Ninjawerks, in collaboration with Astralwerks -- an EDM (electronic dance music) label subsidiary of Universal Music Group. Blevins has tapped a starry array of EDM producers for the project, reports, including Alesso, 3LAU, and Tycho. The Fortnite star is a noted fan o...

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2018-11-30 12:49:17

YouTuber Hazel Hayes Announces Preorders For Her First Book 'Out Of Love'  

YouTuber Hazel Hayes has joined force with crowdfunding-based publishing platform Unbound to release her first novel, Out of Love. It's now available for preorder on Unbound's site, with preorder money going toward the book's overall funding goal (which Unbound does not disclose). Hayes, who last year wrote and directed the award-winning, Fullscreen-produced thriller series PrankMe, says the book started off as a short story, and now has expanded into a novel that will follow the collapse of a

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2018-11-29 21:45:44

YouTube Millionaires: TerryTV's Content Strategy Gamble Gained Him 520,000 Subscribers In Three Months  

Three months ago, Korean-American YouTuber Terry Song started uploading animated shorts to his channel. Since then, his storytelling skills combined with the eye-catching art style of his main illustrator, Reikenma, have netted him more than 520,000 subscribers, putting his channel firmly in YouTube Millionaire territory. Like many YouTubers, Song got his start in the popular reaction video genre, but soon, other creators' animated videos sparked his creativity. As an experienced writer with a...

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2018-11-29 18:39:56

Nintendo Shuttering Controversial 'Creators Program,' Widening Monetization Prospects For YouTube And Twitch Gamers  

Ahead of the Dec. 7 release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo is shuttering its controversial Nintendo Creators Program (NCP) and widening stringent monetization guidelines to allow all members of YouTube and Twitch's respective partner programs to earn ad revenue from videos containing footage of Nintendo games. Launched in 2015, the NCP offered content creators a way to partner with Nintendo, which has been notoriously aggressive about copyright claiming videos of its games, and take ...

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2018-11-29 17:12:31

YouTube Expands 'Stories' Feature To All Creators With At Least 10,000 Subscribers  

YouTube is making its version of Stories -- a format initially developed by Snapchat and notably pilfered by Instagram -- available to more creators. Now, any creator with at least 10,000 subscribers will be able to create Stories -- a feature that the video giant launched late last year as Reels. Stories serve as a means for creators to interact with viewers between flagship video posts. Previously, Stories were in beta and only available to "a small group" of creators, including lifestyl...

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2018-11-29 17:00:10

Pentatonix Sets 3rd NBC Christmas Special With Kelly Clarkson, Backstreet Boys, More  

YouTube-born a cappella supergroup Pentatonix has recruited some of the biggest names in pop music for its third annual NBC holiday special, which is set to air on Dec. 10 at 10 pm. Pentatonix: A Not So Silent Night, will serve to herald the Grammy-winning quintet's latest holiday album, Christmas Is Here! The special was filmed in Las Vegas and will see the group -- comprised of Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola, and Matt Sallee -- making various stops along the Veg...

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2018-11-29 15:07:47

Netflix Producing Live-Action Adaptation Of Beloved '90s Anime 'Cowboy Bebop'  

Netflix has ordered a 10-episode live-action adaptation of beloved anime Cowboy Bebop, almost exactly 20 years after it first aired in 1998. Shinichiro Watanabe, who directed the original 26-episode anime and the follow-up film Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, will serve as a consultant, Variety reports. Thor: Ragnarok writer Christopher Yost will write the first episode and executive produce the series. Cowboy Bebop is a Western noir sci-fi set in 2071. It follows protagonist Spike Spiegel and his ec

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2018-11-29 14:22:25

The Year's Most Popular Digital Celebrities And Web Series On Tumblr (Exclusive)  

As year-end best-of list season ushers in, microblogging platform Tumblr has unveiled the web celebs and series that were the most popular among its community in 2018, as part of the platform's annual Year In Review. Tumblr compiles that venture by examining thousands of lines of data, it says, scouring popular tags and then ranking them according to search frequency as well as the total number of original posts, reblogs, and likes. The company calls this rating technique 'Fandometrics'. G...

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2018-11-29 14:00:34

AwesomenessTV Thriller 'T@gged' Finds New Home On Hulu After Go90 Shutdown  

Following the shutdown of Verizon-owned go90 in June, tween thriller T@gged has found a new home on Hulu. The third season of the AwesomenessTV-produced series will arrive on Dec. 7, following the launch of its trailer today (below). The latest season will follow two high schoolers as they attempt to track down the identity of an online stalker who goes by the moniker KingCobra. They eventually realize, however, that the threat may have taken on the shape of something even more sinister. In ad

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2018-11-29 13:15:18

Creators Going Pro: Expert Box Fort Maker 'Papa Jake' Drew In His 5.5 Million Subscribers By “Just Being Myself”  

If you're looking for 24-year-old Canadian YouTuber Jake McCormick — aka 'Papa Jake' — chances are you're going to find him in a box fort. It was his love of the video game Halo that first brought him to YouTube, where he started esports group 'Team Epiphany.' Though Team Epiphany is no more, McCormick turned his YouTube experience to a new genre, using his DIY skills to transform his channel into a smorgasbord of family-friendly videos that show him making some of the world's ...

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2018-11-28 21:29:11

Fox News Launches Streaming Service Fox Nation  

Right-wing outlet Fox News today launched Fox Nation, a streaming service that promises its content is "opinion done right." Fox Nation subscribers, who can pay $5.99 per month or $64.99 annually, will get access to a bevy of Fox News content new and old. On the new content side, the service (announced back in February) will produce roughly eight daily short-form programs, New York Daily News reports, with the intention of giving "exclusive content, exclusive experiences, and exclusive ...

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2018-11-28 19:39:32

Ariana Grande To Debut Four-Part YouTube Docuseries Tomorrow  

Ariana Grande is doing more than just casting top YouTube stars in highly-anticipated music videos. The pop songstress unveiled today a teaser for an original YouTube docuseries called the Dangerous Woman Diaries. The four-episode event will follow Grande during the tour cycle for her last album, Dangerous Woman, as well as the creation of her new record, Sweetener. Episodes will see Grande in the studio with Pharell, on set shooting music videos, and rehearsing for her VMA performance. The ser

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2018-11-28 19:18:47

Facebook Unveils Charitable Livestreaming Tools For #GivingTuesday  

Yesterday, Facebook gave folks the first glimpse of its newly-developed suite of charitable livestreaming tools. Twenty-five Facebook Gaming creator partners, including DangerousThing, DiMez, TheMissesMae, and X-Bit Gaming, livestreamed for #GivingTuesday -- a day founded to counteract the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday -- using the new tools. They raised money for organizations like St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, The Humane Society of the United States, and Call of Dut...

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2018-11-28 17:38:03

Liza Koshy Earned Seven Figures On YouTube Last Year, Is Launching Bag Line  

Vine-turned-YouTube star Liza Koshy, who is one of the platform's buzziest personalities, made a killing in ad revenues last year, according to Forbes, who put the 22-year-old on its latest 30 Under 30 list. And despite the fact that Koshy has not uploaded a traditional YouTube video on her flagship channel in nine months, she reportedly earned seven figures -- largely thanks to ad revenues -- in 2017. Forbes notes that Koshy has also landed lucrative sponsorship deals -- including a campaig...

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2018-11-28 16:39:06

SoulPancake Premieres YouTube Doc 'The Price Of Free,' Raises $112,000 To End Child Trafficking  

YouTube Original documentary The Price of Free is now available free to watch in its entirety on content studio SoulPancake's YouTube channel. The release coincides with today's #GivingTuesday, which was founded to offset the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In honor of #GivingTuesday and The Price of Free, SoulPancake is raising $200,000 through YouTube's charity feature, YouTube Giving, to support Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi and his team, whose collective mission...

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2018-11-28 14:57:37

YouTube Will Completely Phase Out Annotations As Of January 15  

YouTube is abolishing a feature that many creators have harnessed as a promotional tool over the years -- despite the fact that viewers have often found the product to be a veritable nuisance. Annotations -- or the colored boxes that overlay videos and contain links and text -- will be completely phased off of YouTube by Jan. 15, the video giant noted in its Help forums. The move hardly comes as a surprise. Early last year, YouTube announced it would begin to phase out Annotations in order to

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2018-11-28 14:10:57

In Seismic Shift, YouTube To Make All Of Its Original Programming Available For Free  

YouTube is planning a massive pivot for its original programming distribution strategy. Come 2020, the video giant will retreat from its push into premium scripted series. At the same time, YouTube is planning to make all future originals free for its 2 billion monthly users, supported by ads -- and thus virtually abandoning the YouTube Premium paywall, which is priced at $12 per month. YouTube first launched its premium service, initially dubbed YouTube Red, back in Oct. 2015. The Hollywood R

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2018-11-28 12:40:23

YouTube To Delete 'Creator Credits,' Says It's Working On New Crediting Features  

YouTube is pulling the plug on its 'Creator Credits' feature. In a note on the YouTube Help page for the feature, YouTube says that as of Nov. 26, users can no longer create or edit video credits. The platform will dissolve Creator Credits entirely on Jan. 31, 2019, deleting all existing video credits. Originally rolled out in 2014, the feature allows creators to tag their collaborators -- like video co-stars, editors, or their intro music composer -- directly in a specialized field below ...

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2018-11-27 22:08:41

YouTube Offers College Students Half Off YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium  

YouTube has sliced prices for YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium in half for full-time university students in the U.S. The platform announced in a blog post today that students at accredited U.S. colleges or universities can now snag its ad-free video streaming service, YouTube Premium, for $6.99 per month (regularly $11.99), and get YouTube Music Premium for $4.99 per month (regularly $9.99). Students who sign up for YouTube Premium by Jan. 1, 2019, will save even more, locking in an e...

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2018-11-27 20:55:23

Insights: Facebook Finally Gives Back, A Bit, To Journalism On Giving Tuesday  

For all the damage that Facebook has done to journalism in recent years - getting rich in part by trafficking billions of dollars in journalistic output for which it paid virtually nothing; that "fake news" kerfuffle and accompanying election manipulation by Russian operatives; even hiring those oppo research jerks who claimed company critics were anti-Semitic while simultaneously saying others were backed by George Soros, anti-Semites' favorite punching bag - the Mess That Mark Zuckerberg ...

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2018-11-27 17:22:44

TopBuzz Creator Spotlight: How The 'Nastyass Honey Badger' Narrator Turned His Viral Moment Into A Brand  

Like many viral videos before it, The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger is as hilarious as it is inexplicable. In the clip, dating back to Jan. 2011 and counting 89 million views to date, a character named Randall narrates Nat Geo Wild footage of a honey badger. In a campy tone with an emphatic New York accent, Randall recounts how the animal mercilessly chomps on snakes, mice, and bees. "Look, it's getting stung like a thousand times. It doesn't give a shit, it just -- it's hungry. It doesn't care ab

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2018-11-27 15:53:02

Young Busco, Who Created The 'What Are Those?' Meme, Has Died At 31  

The 31-year-old man behind one of the most beloved memes in recent memory has passed away at age 31. Brandon 'Young Busco' Moore, who famously exclaimed, "What are those?" at a police officer's chunky boots while his friend, Myesha, was being arrested for public intoxication, died on Sunday, People reports. Busco's mother confirmed the news in a Facebook post yesterday. "I cant believe that the earth is still moving when I feel as though my world has stopped," she wrote, per Pe...

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2018-11-27 15:38:36

Ariana Grande Taps Colleen Ballinger, Gabi DeMartino For 'Mean Girls'-Themed Music Video  

Katy Perry had Christine Sydelko. Taylor Swift had Todrick Hall. And now, in the growing list of popstars who have recruited beloved YouTubers for their their music videos, Ariana Grande has cast Colleen Ballinger and Gabi DeMartino. in her upcoming clip for the single "Thank U, Next." Ballinger, who is best known for her Miranda Sings character, has been a longtime friend of Grande's -- and even shared a vlog in which she attended the singer's 20th birthday party back in 2013. DeMartino -- ...

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2018-11-27 12:21:15

WarnerMedia Puts AT&T Exec Brad Bentley In Charge Of Upcoming Streaming Service  

Now-former AT&T executive Brad Bentley has shuffled positions within the WarnerMedia family. As the newly named general manager and executive vice president of direct-to-consumer development at WarnerMedia (the entity formed by AT&T following its acquisition of Time Warner), he will oversee everything to do with the company's upcoming streaming service, due to launch in fourth quarter 2019. Bentley previously served as head of marketing for AT&T Entertainment Group and DirecTV ...

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2018-11-26 20:48:19

Abrams Artists Agency Signs Viral Musician Poppy  

YouTuber, singer, and songwriter Poppy, who rose to internet fame thanks to wonderfully weird videos like I'm Poppy, has signed with Abrams Artists Agency, and will be represented by its alternative programming, digital media, licensing, and branding division. Poppy, whose real name is Moriah Rose Pereira, has nearly 400 million views on YouTube. She catapulted that success into a music career that has so far seen her release one extended play (Bubblebath with Island Records in 2016) and two ...

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2018-11-26 18:34:56

Hayes Grier Files Suit Against Former Manager For Stealing $45,000 Bracelet  

In what could serve as a cautionary tale for influencers faced with choosing the right representation, social star Hayes Grier has filed suit against his former manager for allegedly stealing a $45,000 Cartier bracelet. Grier claims that he asked Griffin Hadley, who formerly served as his legal guardian, to purchase the item using his credit card while he was on a photoshoot for Taco Bell in Barcelona. (While it is unclear if this is the shoot in question, 18-year-old Grier did appear in Taco B

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2018-11-26 18:29:56

Victoria Beckham To Vlog About Fashion And Beauty On New YouTube Channel  

Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham is the latest traditional celebrity to try her hand at this whole YouTube thing. Beckham appears to have been coaxed onto the platform by Derek Blasberg, a noted fashion industry figure who was tapped by YouTube in June to serve as its director of beauty and fashion partnerships. In this newly-created role, Blasberg has been tasked with recruiting more high-profile professionals from the beauty and fashion worlds to create content for YouTube...

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2018-11-26 17:01:38

Hulu's Cyber Monday Deal Offers Its Steepest Discount Ever  

Hulu is going hard this Cyber Monday. The streaming service is offering new subscribers its steepest discount ever: a full year of its ad-lite plan for $0.99 per month. The plan, which normally costs $7.99 per month and offers users access to Hulu's entire library with limited advertising, will bump back up to full price once users' first 12 months are up. Folks who want in have until midnight Nov. 26 to sign up. This year's deal is a significant drop from last year's, when Hulu offered ...

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2018-11-26 16:31:01

Mr. Beast Launches Last-Ditch Stunt To Keep PewDiePie Ahead Of T-Series, As Gap Temporarily Widens  

YouTube star Jimmy 'Mr. Beast' Donaldson is making another last-ditch effort to bolster PewDiePie's subscribership before his inevitable takedown by Indian production company T-Series. In October, Donaldson -- who has amassed 11 million subscribers on his own channel thanks to outlandish stunts and social experiments -- purchased space on every billboard in his town to promote PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg. And yesterday, Donaldson concocted another attention-grabbing stun...

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2018-11-26 14:48:38

YouTube Is Testing 'Ad Pods', In Which Two Spots Are Served Back-To-Back  

YouTube may be making a major change to the way it serves ads with a new format called Ad Pods. Ad Pods consist of two spots that are served back-to-back either before or during a video. YouTube said that it is testing a format that stacks ads in order to cut down on the number of interruptions that occur during videos. Through its research, the platform said, "we learned that fewer interruptions is correlated with better user metrics, including less abandonment of content and higher rates of...

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2018-11-26 12:57:19

Former YouTube Engineer Says 'Flat Earthers' Indicate Danger Of YouTube's Recommendation Algorithm  

Findings out of a recent Flat Earth conspiracy convention -- which YouTuber Logan Paul inexplicably headlined -- have drawn the attention of former YouTube engineer Guillaume Chaslot. Namely, findings from RawStory's interviews with convention attendees -- many of whom said they first found out about or bought into the theory at least partially thanks to videos YouTube recommended them. One attendee said videos about the conspiracy "came on autoplay. So I didn't actively search for flat ...

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2018-11-21 19:54:59

David Dobrik Nabs Kendall Jenner For Latest Vlog Cameo  

The lines between traditional and digital stardom continue to blur, thanks to one of YouTube's most beloved creators. After bringing Nickelodeon star Josh Peck into the Vlog Squad fold, David Dobrik has recruited several other Hollywood celebrities to make cameos in his highly-viewed videos, including Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, John Stamos, Howie Mandel, Miranda Cosgrove, and more. But in his latest vlog, Dobrik -- who is rounding the curve toward 10 million subscribers -- may have nabbed ...

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2018-11-21 19:23:32

Twitch To Host First-Ever 'TwitchCon Europe' This April In Berlin  

Twitch is bringing its annual community and industry convention across the pond. Like VidCon before it, TwitchCon will make the move to Europe next year -- to be held on April 13 and 14 at the CityCube convention center in Berlin, Germany. While the U.S. iteration of TwitchCon will continue to exist, this marks the first time that the gamer-frequented streaming platform will host an even in Europe. The expansion arrives on the heels of last month's TwitchCon, during which the company says it...

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2018-11-21 17:00:18

YouTube Builds Up To 'Lego Movie' Sequel By Streaming First Film For Free On Black Friday  

YouTube has partnered with Warner Bros. to bring viewers back into the world of Lego. Ahead of the Feb. 2019 release of The Lego Movie 2 — The Second Part, YouTube viewers will be able to watch the entire first film, The Lego Movie, for free on Black Friday (Nov. 23). During the sho-pathon day, folks can access the deal by going to YouTube, clicking on the official trailer for The Lego Movie 2 and then choosing the pop-up option to watch The Lego Movie, Variety reports. And, since in this ca...

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2018-11-21 16:52:20

Top Twitch Star Ninja Faces Backlash After Reporting Fellow 'Fortnite' Player For Stream-Sniping  

Top Twitch streamer Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins drew the wrath of the Fortnite community this month after reporting a fellow player he thought was doing something called "stream-sniping." Stream-sniping occurs when a player watches another gamer's stream to discern their in-game location, hunt them down, and beat them. After a player killed Blevins and their in-game character celebrated, Blevins took that as confirmation that he was stream-sniping, Kotaku reports. "I'm going out of my w...

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2018-11-21 15:18:43

Molly Burke Drops Debut Merch Line With Items Inspired By Her Guide Dog, Gallop  

Lifestyle vlogger Molly Burke has had an explosive year on YouTube -- growing from roughly 300,000 subscribers last April to 1.5 million today, according to internal Tubefilter data, thanks in no small part to massively-viewed collaborations with the likes of Shane Dawson, Gabbie Hanna, and, most recently, the Dolan Twins (see below). Now, for the holidays, the Toronto-based 24-year-old has dropped her first-ever limited edition merch collection, which she personally designed. Hoodies, T-shirt...

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2018-11-21 14:55:26

Logan Paul Dives Into Frank Sex Chat In Debut Episode Of 'Impaulsive' Podcast  

Fresh off his flat-earther media firestorm, Logan Paul has made his long-awaited foray into podcasting. After teasing Impaulsive for months amid a step away from daily vlogging to exercise his creativity in different ways, the podcast premiered yesterday. Impaulsive is filmed from Paul's $6.6 million mansion in a home studio that he says cost $90,000 to construct -- and will also be distributed on a dedicated YouTube channel (in addition to iTunes and Spotify). Paul describes the series as ...

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2018-11-21 12:28:30

YouTube Is Now Running Pop-Ups To Warn EU Viewers About Article 13  

YouTube is continuing its all-out siege against Article 13 -- a soon-to-be-approved copyright regulation across the European Union that would shift the burden of copyright policing directly to content platforms. While numerous execs including Susan Wojcicki, Robert Kyncl, and Lyor Cohen have warned against the dangers of the law in company blog posts and newspaper op-eds, YouTube is now bringing its fight directly to the platform with pop-ups that serve to warn viewers in the EU about the poten

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2018-11-20 17:57:08

Jimmy Fallon's TikTok Partnership Resulted In Record Engagement Spike For The App  

Jimmy Fallon is officially a TikTok fan — and he's not shy about bringing The Tonight Show's viewers along with him. Earlier this month, Fallon issued the "#TumbleweedChallenge" to fans, urging them to use the lip-syncing app, which is owned by Chinese company Bytedance and ingested fellow Bytedance property to turn themselves into human versions of the rolling plants seen in every good ol' Western film. A TikTok representative tells Tubefilter that Fallon's interest in TikTok "...

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2018-11-20 16:44:34

YouTube Premium Drops 'Wayne' Trailer, As Service Arrives In 7 Additional Countries  

YouTube Premium has premiered the trailer for its upcoming dark comedy Wayne, which notably shares a creative team with the Deadpool and Zombieland films, and which arrives on the subscription service Jan. 16. Wayne, whose first season comprises 10 episodes, will follow a sixteen-year-old who sets out on a dirt bike alongside his new crush to take back the 1978 Pontiac Trans Am that was stolen from his father before he died. The series stars Mark McKenna (Sing Street) as the titular character,...

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2018-11-20 16:14:08

Condé Nast Taps Tastemade Vet Oren Katzeff To Serve As Chief Architect Of Video Biz  

Conde Nast has appointed a former Tastemade exec to serve as the chief architect of its video future. Oren Katzeff, who most recently served as global head of programming for Tastemade, has been named president of Conde Nast Entertainment -- the division of the storied publisher that produces content across digital video, social media, virtual reality, OTT channels, and traditional films and television. Katzeff will officially join CNE on Dec. 17, whereupon he will be based in New York and re...

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2018-11-20 13:24:18

The Game Theorists, Safiya Nygaard, Jay Shetty To Spearhead YouTube Charity Week  

In honor of Giving Week, a global charitable movement from Nov. 27 to Dec. 5 that was founded to counteract the consumerist frenzy of the holiday shopping season, top YouTube creators are hosting fundraising campaigns to benefit causes that hit close to home. And creators like Safiya Nygaard and Jay Shetty will be harnessing the platform's new YouTube Giving features, launched in beta last August, in order to facilitate these fundraising efforts. YouTube Giving enables creators and U.S.-regist...

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2018-11-20 11:59:53

Logan Paul Headlines 'Flat Earth' Convention In What Appears To Be Hilarious Troll  

Amid a career comeback following January's suicide controversy, Logan Paul is once again making headlines for a dubious admission: the 23-year-old announced last week that he believes the earth is flat. But further evidence points to the fact that Paul's proclamation was merely an attempt to troll -- and a potentially hilarious one at that. Paul attended the second annual Flat Earth International Conference in Denver, Colorado, where conspiracy theorists apparently gather to discuss "the ...

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2018-11-19 19:58:07

Insights: Nano NoNos—Brands Target Unsophisticated New Influencers Without A Net  

In the latest front of a long-running conflict between reach, cost and tractability, brands are targeting ever younger and less experienced online influencers as their marketing partners. The less experienced an influencer is, the "easier" they are to deal with. Just this week, a New York Times story detailed the increasing use of "nanoinfluencers," those with 1,000 to 5,000 followers, as brands find new ways to reach customers through social media without having to deal with sophisticated cre

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2018-11-19 18:05:15

Instagram To Purge Inauthentic Likes, Follows, And Comments To Ratchet Down Fake Engagement  

Digital creators -- and users across the greater Instagram ecosphere -- may see their engagement wane in coming days. That's because today, the platform announced it will begin to remove inauthentic likes, follow, and comments that have been furnished by by third-party apps. Instagram says that such apps violate its Community Guidelines, and also makes accounts less secure. Accordingly, the platform has built machine learning tools to identify and remove inauthentic engagement activity, it say

what do you think?

2018-11-19 18:00:12

YouTube Teams With BuzzFeed, Sony For Ken Jeong-Starring Holiday Special (Trailer)  

YouTube is getting into the holiday spirit with Ken Jeong, the physician-turned-comedian who has appeared in The Hangover, Community, and, most recently, Crazy Rich Asians. Jeong will headline a holiday special called Ken Jeong Cracks Christmas, created alongside Sony Pictures Television and BuzzFeed, and airing for free on BuzzFeed's YouTube channel on Dec. 12. Over the course of the 30-minute special, Jeong and a handful of celebrity friends -- including Angela Kinsey, Joel McHale, and Har...

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2018-11-19 16:01:42

After Shane Dawson Collab, Jake Paul To Premiere His Own 'Uncut' Docuseries  

Shane Paul's docu-voyage into The Mind Of Jake Paul was such a massively-viewed event and reputation booster for the polarizing star that it appears as though Paul is carrying the content torch onward. This Sunday, Paul will drop his own docuseries called Uncut -- a weekly, long-form series that he says marks "a raw look into my day-to-day life...nothing hidden, truths told, unscripted content you've never seen before." A trailer for the series (below) appears to show Paul's reaction ...

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2018-11-19 13:55:44

Latina Beauty Vlogger Kathleen Lights Signs To Univision Creator Network (Exclusive)  

The Univision Creator Network (UCN) -- a YouTube multi-channel network owned by the Spanish-language television station repping a slew of Hispanic influencers -- has added to its roster with Latina beauty sensation Kathleen Fuentes, who is known to her 4 million subscribers as Kathleen Lights. Fuentes, who is Cuban-American and based in Miami, launched her channel in 2013, and it has grown at a healthy pace ever since, nabbing 600,000 subscribers during her first two years on the platform. Fuen

what do you think?

2018-11-19 12:26:13

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