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A Must-Have For Your Next Netflix Binge-Watching Session — Amazon Deal of the Day  

Planning a Netflix binge-watching session sometime soon? Of course you are — it's January! Before you grab your remote and favorite chunky blanket, check out this collapsible popcorn maker. READ MORE »

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2018-01-23 14:58:54

Recipe: 5-Ingredient Family-Friendly Baked Potato Soup — Quick and Easy Weeknight Soups  

Here's how most weeknight dinners go at my house: I've planned recipes a week in advance, grocery shopped, and meal prepped. Then a long afternoon meeting has me rushing between school pickup and bath time to get dinner on the table. I have a few miracle meals that fit the bill, and I just added this five-ingredient baked potato soup to the roster. Spoiler: No baked potatoes are required for this soup. Nope, just one freezer shortcut will get you from done to devoured in less th

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2018-01-23 14:31:38

You'll Love This Honey-Mustard Broccoli Salad — Delicious Links  

I didn't grow up in a broccoli slaw or broccoli salad household. In fact, I was in my early 20s before I learned of this mystical creation and started making it on my own. I quickly fell into all the pitfalls of proper broccoli salad-making, such as drowning it in mayonnaise and adding more cheese than broccoli. If only I would have had this recipe from Cookie and Kate by my side to help guide me. It's packed full of all sorts of flavor, with its honey-mustard dressing, crunch f...

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2018-01-23 14:19:39

The Best Make-Ahead Baked Goods to Freeze — Tips from The Kitchn  

My Gramma John was a tremendous baker. A farm wife and mother to eight kids, she spent her fair share of time in the kitchen. But she loved every minute of it, baking until the very day she passed away. I have great memories of spending time with her in the kitchen. Nowadays with my own small army of children, I love to bake as well. They love it even more. I love that I can tailor my baking for food allergies as well as dietary preferences. This ensures us a safe, quality baked

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2018-01-23 13:01:21

Watch: Do You Need BuzzFeed's Tasty One Top Induction Cooktop?  

Testing the app-connected gadget with Katie Pickens from Iron Chef I'm willing to bet many, many people have seen the Tasty One Top in action, but that next to no one has used it. You know the device: It's seen in almost all of those BuzzFeed-produced Tasty videos filling your feeds, shot top-down to show you the latest recipe in action. It's the pentagon-shaped thing they cook everything on. Starting to ring a bell? The Tasty One Top is the first attempt by Tasty into ma...

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2018-01-23 11:21:41

Kitchen Documentary 'Knife Skills' Scores an Academy Award Nomination   

Anthony Bourdain is a fan Thomas Lennon's documentary about a Cleveland restaurant that employs formerly incarcerated individuals, Knife Skills, just received an Academy Award nomination in the category of Documentary Short Subject. This 40-minute film chronicles the opening of Edwins, a French fine-dining establishment that's staffed by stipend-earning students who are beginning their careers in the restaurant industry after stints in prison. In the trailer above, several...

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2018-01-23 11:08:03

Bonci Pizza Confirms Second Chicago Location  

The Roman pizza import is expanding its footprint

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2018-01-23 10:58:29

The Worst Cleaning Advice We've All Heard Before — And What To Do Instead — Cleaning Tips from Kitchn  

Fact: A lot of the housekeeping tips you hear could be totally bogus. Just because they're popular doesn't mean that they aren't misinformed morsels of information, likely to cause more harm than good. To spare you the headache of a stained sofa or scratched surface, we've rounded up a few of the worst cleaning tips that are unfortunately widely accepted as indisputable truths. READ MORE »

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2018-01-23 10:32:33

5 Whole Foods Employees Share Their Favorite Budget Grocery Finds — Shopping  

Whole Foods is not exactly known for budget grocery buys. It's known for great prepared foods, a robust cheese selection, and tons of swanky organic, artisanal products that straddle the line between hippie and hipster. Since the company was purchased by Amazon back in August, however, prices started dropping on a lot of items. With the lower prices and more frequent sales, it's possible to find really good deals at Whole Foods these days. We checked in with five Whole Foods emplo

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2018-01-23 10:30:34

Cheesecake Factory's 'Brown Bread' Will Soon Be Available in Grocery Stores  

Plus, Starbucks is now serving everything croissants Cheesecake Factory enthusiasts can break out the Champagne — or whatever pairs best with sweet dinner rolls — for a celebratory toast. The chain's extremely popular "brown bread," a variation of a honey-wheat loaf, will soon be available in grocery stores. That's right: Dinner at home can finally have a touch of Cheesecake Factory flair. The bread will be available as rolls, baguettes, and sandwich loaves, but the...

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2018-01-23 10:17:02

What People Really Think of Chipotle's Burger Spinoff, Tasty Made  

Diners say the food is vastly improved thanks to chef Richard Blais Chipotle is best known for its (occasionally E. coli-stricken) burritos, but the fast-casual pioneer has also made forays into other cuisines: In addition to assembly-line Italian concept Pizzeria Locale and the erstwhile pan-Asian spinoff ShopHouse, there's also Tasty Made, the company's first stab at a fast-food burger joint. The first — and so far, only — Tasty Made location opened in Lancaster, Ohio ...

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2018-01-23 09:26:45

You Guys Have a Lot of Opinions on Open Shelving! Here Are Some of Them. — Strong Opinions  

Last September, we wrote a bunch of articles about open shelving. This airy kitchen storage style ebbs in and out of fashion, but it is currently having a moment, and we've got the #shelfies to prove it. There are plenty of pros and cons to open shelving, but it really comes down to personal preference — and man, do our readers have some strong preferences! We combed through your comments to bring you some highlights. Do you see yours in there? (Note: A few have been lightl...

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2018-01-23 09:06:39

Know Your Citrus: A Field Guide to Oranges, Lemons, Limes, and Beyond  

You may have tasted clementines and tangelos, but how about blood limes, Xinhui mandarins, and the mysteriously un-juice-able Yemenite citron? No? Okay, let's get to know them a little better. Read More

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2018-01-23 07:45:42

8 Bullet Journals with Budget Trackers You Need to See — Organizing Tips from Kitchn  

For many of us, figuring out just how much money we should — and do! — spend on food is especially tricky. It involves stringing together so many moving parts: what to eat (ideally planned days in advance), what ingredients you'll need (versus what you might already have on hand), and a realistic budget that leaves room to eat healthfully without spending too much. Are you spending more on food than you should? Not sure what your total even comes to? One of these journals co...

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2018-01-23 07:22:25

How To Make Soup from Almost Any Vegetable — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn  

Soup: It's the easiest way to warm up your kitchen on a cold day and feed yourself and your family in one delicious and healthy bowl. But you don't need a recipe to make soup — especially if you have a clutch of miscellaneous vegetables hanging out in your crisper. Nearly any vegetable can be turned into soup with a little time and effort. If you are craving soup and you have vegetables and broth in your cupboard, you're all set. Here's a step-by-step guide to trans...

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2018-01-23 05:55:39

25 Quick and Easy Vegetarian Breakfasts — Recipes from The Kitchn  

The long, glorious breakfasts of Sunday mornings are something to look forward to, but on weekdays I'm looking for something super nourishing and satisfying. I want something that doesn't require me to get up 30 minutes earlier (not happening!). Major bonus points if it can be made ahead, just waiting for me when I roll into the kitchen. Guess what? All that is possible — especially when you're looking for vegetarian options. From egg and veggie pitas and meal-worthy smoothies, t...

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2018-01-23 02:53:10

Cod Oreganata  

A crust of bread crumbs, lemon juice and parsley gives the fish a crispy and flavorful crust to go with its flaky inside.

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2018-01-23 02:41:30

What It's Like to Have Drawers Instead of Cabinets, According to People Who Know — Kitchen Design  

A few weeks ago, we made a big stink about why you should replace all of your lower kitchen cabinets with drawers. (See: Why You Should Replace All of Your Kitchen Cabinets with Drawers.) A lot of you agreed, saying you had a similar setup or desperately wanted one. And then we spoke to Sherry and John Petersik, the bloggers behind Young House Love, only to find out that they have drawers instead of lower cabinets and consider it the best decision they made during their most recent home r

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2018-01-23 02:02:48

Recipe: Easy Lemon Drizzle Cake — Easy Dessert Recipes  

Sometimes the simplest cakes are the best cakes. In this case, one lemon has enough bright-tasting zest to flavor a tender white sheet cake. Its juice is combined with powdered sugar and drizzled on top where it hardens into a sweet-tangy, crunchy coating. The familiar and comforting flavors make this easy cake one to cut slivers from all week long. READ MORE »

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2018-01-23 01:46:51

How To Cook Golden, Juicy Chicken Breast on the Stove — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn  

There are as many variations on cooking chicken breast as there are cooks, and I'd say that is a very good thing, as it ensures we never grow tired of this dinner staple. Pan-seared chicken breast, cooked in a little oil with salt and pepper and finished with a generous knob of butter, is the first way I learned to cook chicken and a technique I always go back to. The resulting chicken has a golden-crisp exterior with a still-juicy interior, and is just as welcome served with

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2018-01-22 22:26:13

How To Marie Kondo Your Grocery List for Better Meal Planning — Meal Planning Club  

Marie Kondo is most famous for her revolutionary simplifying tactics in her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. If you're meal planning (or you want to be a better meal planner), you can take a page from her book when it comes to making your own grocery list. Here's how following Kondo's advice can get you ready for the grocery store with fewer forgotten items and faster than ever before. READ MORE »

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2018-01-22 19:22:17

Amazon's New Grocery Store Is an Introvert's Dream Come True — Grocery News  

Amazon is even getting into the convenience store arena with a brand-new store called Amazon Go. The pilot version of Amazon's grocery store looks just like a regular convenience store, but there are no lines, no checkout stations, and the menu is decidedly gourmet. READ MORE »

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2018-01-22 17:46:38

RIP Paul Bocuse, and the State of Food Media  

From the Editor: A major shift is happening in our world right now This post originally appeared on January 20, 2018, in Amanda Kludt's newsletter "From the Editor," a roundup of the most vital news and stories in the food world each week. Read the archives and subscribe now. Before I get into the state of food media, a moment of mourning for Paul Bocuse, the iconic French chef and a father of nouvelle cuisine who just died at the age of 91. RIP Monsieur Paul. This we...

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2018-01-22 17:32:02

Recipe: Chilled Cucumber Noodles with Sesame Dressing — Recipes from The Kitchn  

Sometimes cucumbers bore me to tears. No offense, cucumber, but your chill flavor can be a little underwhelming at times! It wasn't until I began spiralizing cucumber into long, elegant strands that my affection for this vegetable really began to change. READ MORE »

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2018-01-22 17:05:10

Watch: How Injera Brings Together a Traditional Ethiopian Meal  

Cooking in America heads to Jebena Cafe in Seattle South Seattle's Ethiopian community has long thrived in neighborhoods like Rainier Beach, but North Seattle is a somewhat-newer area Ethiopians call home. In Pinehurst, at the north end of Seattle, you will find the hub of this ever-growing community: Jebena Cafe and its neighboring grocery store. In this episode of Cooking in America, host Sheldon Simeon talks to siblings Martha Seyoum and Menge Ayele, who co-own both spaces....

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2018-01-22 17:02:41

Mimi Sheraton on Restaurant Critics and Why They Should Remain Anonymous  

The legendary dining critic's sharp wit is on display in a new podcast called Ask Mimi Mimi Sheraton, food writer, author, and former restaurant critic for the New York Times, takes no prisoners. Her sharp wit is almost as quick as her brilliant smile, and she carries about her the easy confidence of a woman who knows exactly what she's talking about. She holds some strong opinions about restaurant critics, the late Paul Bocuse, and has "never been a fan of Zagat." On Twi...

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2018-01-22 14:56:48

15 IKEA Cabinet Reviews from Real People Who Know — Organize the IKEA Way  

A beautiful, functional, new kitchen is a wonderful thing. The act of renovating a kitchen? Maybe not so much. It's a job that causes even the calmest heads to get a little stressed over the many decisions that need to be made. To help ease the strain for all the brave planners, we gathered some of the best real-life info on an item most every renovator considers at some point: IKEA kitchen cabinets. The availability and price make the option super appealin

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2018-01-22 14:43:50

What People Are Saying About NoMad LA  

The first West Coast restaurant from EMP's Daniel Humm and Will Guidara opened yesterday Daniel Humm and Will Guidara, responsible for "World's Best Restaurant" Eleven Madison Park, opened their first restaurant outside of New York City yesterday. The NoMad Los Angeles takes its cues from the original: Like NoMad in New York, it's a hotel from the Sydell Group with all-day dining options from the acclaimed fine-dining duo. In Downtown LA, these dining options take the...

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2018-01-22 14:36:57

Our 5 Favorite Kitchen Renovations on Fixer Upper — Kitchen Design  

Four seasons into Fixer Upper (with Season Five coming soon!), Chip and Joanna Gaines are a force in the home-renovation industry, responsible for introducing the word "shiplap" to even the least handy among us. The lovable banter between the two is infectious — not to mention the wow-worthy makeovers they pull off every episode. Our favorite part of each show? When the new kitchen gets revealed. It's often the most dramatic change, when dated, well-worn cabinetry and blah tiles get swap...

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2018-01-22 14:32:44

Starbucks Is Testing Cashless Checkouts at One of Its Biggest Stores — Food News  

The first cup of coffee is an essential part of the morning routine for many of us. That's why so many people spend a big part of their daily commutes waiting in lines 40 people deep at their local Starbucks, just waiting to get their coffee, get to work, and get on with their day. Now Starbucks is trying out a new system to see if they can make those lines move faster, by not accepting cash entirely at one of their stores as part of a new cashless pilot program. READ MORE »

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2018-01-22 14:31:47

Former Servers Accuse Canada's Biggest Restaurant of Racism Over Firings  

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2018-01-22 13:35:54

Make These Pork Chops in Creamy Garlic Sauce for Dinner — Delicious Links  

Photos of perfectly cooked porkchops are seriously drool-worthy. With their golden-brown exterior and perfectly seasoned crust, to many they can seem unobtainable. But why is that? Pork is just pork and it shouldn't be that complicated. The problem with cooking the perfect chop is that there are so many bad ones out there that they suddenly seem daunting. Well they're not, and this quick 30-minute meal is here to prove it! READ MORE »

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2018-01-22 12:54:10

The Best Quotes from Esquire's Flame-Fueled Francis Mallmann Profile  

Is the 'Chef's Table' star really the most interesting chef in the world????! Have you considered that maybe open-fire-cooking icon Francis Mallmann lives a better life than you, a straight male consumer of food and its related media? That he sleeps with more women, makes better tasting meat, wears cooler clothes, and ages more rakishly? Of course you have! You watched Chef's Table! But in case you, a man, needed to be reminded of Mallmann's superiority, do check out t...

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2018-01-22 12:39:22

The Best Shoes to Wear in the Kitchen, According to 5 Podiatrists — Shopping  

Whether you work in the food industry or you're a parent making three meals a day from scratch, logging a lot of time standing in the kitchen can take a toll on your whole body — not just your feet but also your knees, hips, and back. If you aren't currently experiencing any pain, there's no problem with cooking barefoot for a short amount of time, says Dr. Grace Torres-Hodges, a podiatrist in Pensacola, Florida. But if you are carrying extra weight, pregnant, or suffer from ar...

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2018-01-22 12:31:09

Chefs Take to Social Media to Mourn Legendary Chef Paul Bocuse  

The celebrated French chef died Saturday Legendary French chef Paul Bocuse died Saturday, January 20 at the age of 91. Bocuse is largely credited with popularizing nouvelle cuisine, the now-ubiquitous style of cooking characterized by careful presentation, light sauces, and fresh produce. Bocuse rose to international prominence in the 1970s, and his influence spans decades; he is also considered one of the first celebrity chefs. Since the French Interior Minister announced the

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2018-01-22 11:29:09

Mar-a-Lago Visitor Aghast at Caviar Served With Plastic Spoon  

The struggle is real Much like Citizen Kane, President Donald Trump has a stately pleasure-dome in Florida where he goes to escape the constant churn of the news cycle. But unlike Xanadu, an estate that houses the "loot of the world," Trump's seaside oasis, Mar-a-Lago, is a place where high-end goods are jumbled together with things you might find in the continental breakfast room of a budget motel. One visitor to the resort's restaurant documented the high-low dichotomy ...

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2018-01-22 10:54:39

5 Ways to Eat Vegetables for Breakfast — Tips from The Kitchn  

Mornings are when I crave carbs: potatoes, toast, and congee, please. But I would love to find a way to incorporate more vegetables. Turns out that breakfast can actually be one of the easiest meals for adding vegetables, since you're probably cooking and eating it at home. And while avocado toast is an obvious and delicious choice, there are way more vegetables out there that should get some attention in the morning. Here are five easy ways to fill up on veggies before you

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2018-01-22 10:52:19

Recipe: Slow Cooker Orange Chicken — Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinners  

Despite its unnaturally bright=orange hue, orange chicken is a takeout dinner favorite. But you won't find any takeout with the fresh citrusy flavor you can produce at home using finely grated orange zest and fresh-squeezed juice. Honey reveals the floral flavor of the orange and provides a sticky texture to the finished sauce, and a bit of fresh garlic and red pepper flakes add a hint of heat. To quench the craving for sweet orange chicken, pull out the slow cooker and take fresh

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2018-01-22 10:41:22

Amazon's First High-Tech Convenience Store Is Now Open  

Plus, David Chang's delivery restaurant, Ando, has shut down Next up on the list of businesses Amazon plans to disrupt: convenience stores. The online shopping giant has opened a high-tech brick-and-mortar store on the ground floor of its headquarters in Seattle. "High-tech," in this scenario, means customers do their shopping and are automatically charged, thus eliminating annoying check-out lines. The store, officially called Amazon Go, carries prepared items, beer, win...

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2018-01-22 10:34:06

Cash Grants Provide a Lifeline for Houston's Restaurant Community  

How one group distributed $500K to business owners and workers in need In the days leading up to August 26, 2017, James Beard Award-winning chef Justin Yu was getting ready to open a restaurant in Houston, Texas. He'd shuttered his iconic restaurant Oxheart earlier that year, and was close to debuting his latest, more casual concept Theodore Rex. But when Hurricane Harvey made landfall, those plans changed immediately. As the storm hit Houston, Yu's building near Downtown was...

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2018-01-22 09:12:02

How To Roast Beets in the Oven — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn  

Roasted beets are a year-round staple in our house; they're fantastic for tossing in salads, quick pickling, or making into fritters. We roast several at once by wrapping them in foil and tucking them into the oven to cook alongside braises, bread, or whatever else we might be cooking. Then the beets are ready for whenever we need them. Here's a step-by-step guide for roasting perfectly tender beets every time. READ MORE »

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2018-01-22 08:57:16

The 3-Step Method for Easier-to-Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs — Tips from The Kitchn  

Every Sunday I make a batch of hard-boiled eggs and stash them in the fridge to turn into quick breakfasts, lunches, and snacks throughout the week. Cooking the eggs is no problem, but peeling them can be a tedious chore. Over the years, I found that three factors make an egg easier to peel: the age of the eggs, the cooking method, and the cooling method. Here are my steps for easier-to-peel hard-boiled eggs. READ MORE »

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2018-01-22 07:36:10

These Grown-Up Magnets Belong in Every Kitchen — Shopping  

You know those magnets that you had as a kid? The rainbow-colored letters that your mom stuck to the lower portion of the fridge door in order to keep you entertained while she made dinner? Practically every household in America had (or still has!) a pack or three. If you're nostalgic for them — and/or are obsessed with the felt letter-board trend that's all over your Instagram feed — then you might be excited to hear that the classic magnets have finally received a long-overdue mak...

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2018-01-22 07:24:39

16 Make-Ahead Recipes From Ina Garten That Will Change the Way You Cook  

If ever there were an award for queen of make-ahead recipes, Ina Garten would win. She's so good at this cooking strategy that she wrote an entire cookbook about it. The beauty of Make It Ahead is that "each recipe includes clear instructions for what you can do ahead of time, and how far in advance, so you can cook with confidence and eliminate last-minute surprises," according to the description from Ina herself. Whether you prep the dough for salty oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies in adva

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2018-01-22 06:34:11

16 Italian Soup Recipes to Get You Through Chilly Nights  

There's no disputing that Italians know their way around a pot of soup - pasta e fagioli, minestrone, and Tuscan white bean soup immediately come to mind. This collection of recipes includes variations on each, plus Italian-American options like slow-cooker chicken parm soup (really!) and lasagna soup. Related16 Satisfying Soup Recipes Anyone Can MakeConsider This Kale and White Bean Soup Your Dreary Day Dinner Prescription

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2018-01-22 06:03:40

Cherry Garcia Pint Slices FINALLY Exist, and We're Gonna Buy 12 Boxes  

Get ready to head to the closest grocery store, because as of today, Ben & Jerry's Pint Slices come in more flavors - including perennial favorite Cherry Garcia. Ben & Jerry's says that the popular pint flavor, chock-full of delicious cherries, has been highly requested in Pint Slice form (no surprise there). In addition to the new Cherry Garcia option, Pint Slices will also be available in Tonight Dough and Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz. Pint Slices, introduced in 2017, were pr

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2018-01-22 05:29:04

20 Things You've Been Doing Wrong in the Kitchen Your Entire Life  

Are you scrambling eggs, making chocolate chip cookies, and measuring pasta the right way? It might not seem obvious, but there are plenty of basic things you could be doing the "wrong" way in the kitchen. These 20 hacks will make you a serious cooking pro if you're not already. Keep reading to learn every cooking shortcut and tip that will save you time, stress, and sanity in the kitchen. Related20+ Food Hacks to Make You a Jedi in the KitchenKeep Bread Fresh (Practically) Forever With T

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2018-01-22 04:43:43

If You Need a Giant, 22-Pound Bag of Chocolate, TJ Maxx Has You Covered — Grocery News  

You know those moments late at night when you suddenly think, "Man, I wish I had a piece of chocolate," but it's too late and you know you'll have to wait until morning? Well, Reddit user Joycieejuice doesn't, because her parents found a 22-pound bag of chocolate at TJ Maxx, and now her family has enough to keep chocolates on their pillows for the next three years. READ MORE »

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2018-01-22 04:40:39

Smoothies That Won't Leave You Hungry Before Lunch  

When you're rushing to make it out the door on time in the morning, you don't have to skip the most important meal of the day if you take a few minutes to blend up a smoothie. These 18 recipes are perfect for on-the-go breakfasts, and the best part is they won't leave your stomach growling before lunchtime rolls around. RelatedA Better Way to Freeze Bananas For Smoothies, Banana Bread, and More

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2018-01-22 04:36:10

Grab a Forkful of Happiness by Making This Garlicky Spaghetti Immediately  

Allow me, a serious pasta addict, to introduce you to my favorite pasta recipe. Olive oil, garlic, red pepper flakes, lemon, white wine, thyme, parmesan cheese, and a pinch of happy tears join forces to create a boldly flavored sauce that comes together in mere minutes. If you've got all the ingredients on hand, you're on your way to a fast and easy Italian dinner that will fill you with pure joy. I like to start by mincing the garlic and zesting and juicing the lemons so that every

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2018-01-22 04:31:45

Perk Up Your Morning Coffee Routine with This French Press — On Sale Now — Amazon Deal of the Day  

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to how they want to get their morning coffee. Some want to down multiple cups from a huge pot before they walk out the door; others don't want to bother with it at all, preferring to pick up a fancy concoction every day at their local coffee shop on the way to the office. If you're somewhere in the middle of those two things, we strongly recommend the French press. READ MORE »

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2018-01-22 04:26:18

The Cheesecake Factory's "Brown Bread" Is Coming to Stores, So Prepare to Stock Up!  

The Cheesecake Factory is mostly known for, well, cheesecake, but its "brown bread" comes in at a pretty close second in popularity. For the first time ever, you can now buy the famous honey-wheat bread in grocery stores, so you don't have to have a dinner reservation in the works to enjoy the addictive appetizer. The Cheesecake Factory is rolling out packaged Brown Bread in select grocery stores nationwide as early as this week, so keep your eyes peeled in the bakery section. The bread wi

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2018-01-22 04:20:52

Burning Question: Why Does Pineapple Irritate Your Mouth?  

Yesterday I cut myself some fresh pineapple, then promptly proceeded to eat a lot of it before remembering that every time I eat a copious amount of pineapple, the roof of my mouth becomes itchy and sore. So why is this condition a common complaint among fresh pineapple aficionados? Pineapples contain a plant protease enzyme called bromelain. Because it readily breaks down protein, bromelain is frequently used as a natural meat tenderizer. In addition, bromelain may also induce a prickly sensat

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2018-01-22 04:16:37

The Internet's Brilliant Trick for Cleaning Plastic Containers in the Dishwasher — Cleaning Tips from Kitchn  

Not to be all "woe is me" or anything, but sometimes dishwashers aren't all that great. (I know ... it must be nice to even have a dishwasher to complain about.) They can break, they can leave dishes dirty or streaky after a cycle, and they almost always insist on flipping our plastic food storage containers upside down, which results in still-dirty containers that are also filled with gross water. Rawr! However, it looks like one Reddit user has a brilliant solution to solve

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2018-01-22 04:11:15

Just Add a Can: 17 Recipes Made Better With Canned Ingredients  

Every cook knows that fresh is always better, but canned ingredients are one of a few food-editor-approved shortcuts in the kitchen. Need to bulk up your pasta? Add chickpeas. Want easy homemade tomato sauce? Start with a can of whole tomatoes. These 17 recipes are all made better by the addition of canned ingredients, and they're just as easy as they are tasty. Related14 Grocery Staples I Always Have as a 20-Something on a Budget

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2018-01-22 03:37:51

A Better Way to Freeze Bananas For Smoothies, Banana Bread, and More  

Don't toss out those overripe bananas! With a couple minutes of prep work, they can be transformed into frozen nuggets of gold, perfect for smoothies. Here's the best way to do it: Start with overripe, spotty bananas (they have much more flavor). Peel all of the bananas. Slice them into 1- to 2-inch chunks. (Smaller pieces are much easier on your blender; even a high-powered blender, like a Vitamix, will have trouble breaking down a whole banana.) Arrange them in a single layer on

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2018-01-22 03:36:38

Minty-Fresh Peppermint Pattie Brownies Are an Ideal Valentine's Day Treat  

Weird, but true: I did not like chocolate for the first decade and a half of my life - except when combined with a generous hit of mint, like with York Peppermint Patties or Junior Mints. I still am rather particular about chocolate desserts, shunning chocolate chip cookies, chocolate ice cream, and cake. My main weaknesses: fudge and intensely chocolaty brownies. This ridiculously decadent recipe combines my two loves, tucking nuggets of minty fondant inside the richest brownies I've ever

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2018-01-22 03:30:17

21 #MealPrep Ideas That Are Anything but Boring  

Do you #MealPrep? Meal prepping, or making your weekly breakfasts, lunches, and sometimes dinners ahead of time, is the craze sweeping the nation. Many self-confessed meal preppers often take to Instagram to show off their ingenuity and handiwork. People on special diets, such as Paleo or those on Weight Watchers, have long enjoyed meal prepping, since it can be hard to pick up dishes that conform to their strict needs on a whim. Now, meal prepping is going mainstream as more and more people tr

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2018-01-22 03:27:12

28 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast Recipes That Won't Bore You to Tears  

Let's face it: boneless, skinless chicken breasts aren't exactly exciting. Prone to drying out, the lean dinner staple can also be pretty bland. And yet they're a staple for good reason: they're convenient, reasonably economical, and can even be delicious (really!) when treated right. Keep reading for plenty of ideas ranging from a Tex-Mex pasta casserole to lemony-bright chicken piccata to a memorable chicken, kale, and avocado salad. Source: Cooking For Keeps, Cooking Class

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2018-01-22 03:07:11

The 7 Best Salads at Trader Joe's  

During a busy week, Trader Joe's extensive selection of premade salads can be a real lunchtime savior. Not only are there a variety of flavorful, filling options, but at around $4 a pop, these salads are much more economical than takeout. We asked our editorial staff to chime in with their favorites; pick up a couple on your next Trader Joe's run, and let us know if we missed your go-to.

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2018-01-22 03:04:07

Here's the Secret to Olive Garden's Addictive Alfredo Sauce  

Olive Garden's signature alfredo sauce is proof that the simplest recipes can be the best ones. The restaurant chain's Chicken Alfredo is the most popular dish at Olive Garden, and the cheesy sauce is what makes it so popular . . . it's a recipe that's been unchanged for decades. POPSUGAR spoke to an Olive Garden representative about the surprising history of Olive Garden's alfredo sauce, and we have a newfound appreciation for the restaurant's "Americanized" versi

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2018-01-22 02:49:30

10 Make-Ahead Meal Prep Hacks That Will Make You Feel Really Good Later  

#MealPrep is all the rage on Instagram and with good reason: who wouldn't love a fridge and freezer full of meals they can simply whip out and reheat on the fly? We've gathered our favorite meal prep ideas from eggy muffins to chicken freezer packs. Suddenly cooking at home doesn't seem like such a laborious chore. RelatedWe've Been Making This Mason Jar Lunch Week After Week and Aren't Sick of It Yet

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2018-01-22 02:46:53

Recipe: Flu-Season Ginger-Honey-Lemon Tonic — Drink Recipes  

Whenever I'm sick, I soothe myself with this simple tonic. Whether I actually feel like I'm coming down with something or whether my voice is just hoarse, this tonic does the trick. I recall having a bout of the flu a few years ago that lasted eleven days, and this drink was the only thing I consumed. I'm not here to give medical advice, but I can say this cocktail kept me alive when it seemed the flu was trying to kill me. READ MORE »

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2018-01-22 02:38:46

16 Fun Food Facts You Didn't Know About Chip and Joanna Gaines  

Chip and Joanna Gaines have a clear passion for interior design and renovations, but they also happen to be huge foodies. Whether Joanna is whipping up a homemade pie in the kitchen or Chip is getting up early to make breakfast for the family, the Gaines household not only looks beautiful but also probably smells delicious. If you're already fans of the Fixer Upper stars and Magnolia Journal authors, read ahead for 16 fun facts you might not know about the HGTV couple. But be warned, they m

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2018-01-22 02:37:35

20 Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes with Eggs — Recipes from The Kitchn  

While fried, poached, and scrambled eggs are best made right before eating, there are plenty of other eggy options that hold up well and can be made ahead. From casseroles to quiches to breakfast sandwiches, here are 20 recipes to get you started so the first meal of the day is an amazing one. READ MORE »

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2018-01-22 02:30:12

Prepare to Get Fizzy: Sparkling Everything Is THE Drink Trend of 2018  

People love to sparkle, and I'm not just talking about swiping on extra highlighter. This year will be the year of sparkling everything in the world of drinks: from a surge of kombucha-like probiotic waters to an increased desire for guilty-pleasure "sodas" that are actually healthy, 2018 is all about getting fizzy. Perhaps the Kirakira craze has made its way to the food sphere - it's the edible version of the shimmer-and-glitter phenomenon, if you will. Or maybe it's just the fac

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2018-01-22 02:29:48

The 2 Biggest Grocery-Saving Myths I'm Choosing to Ignore — The Financial Diet  

Welcome to a column from The Financial Diet, one of our very favorite sites, dedicated to money and everything it touches. One of the best ways to take charge of your financial life is through food and cooking. This column from TFD founders Chelsea Fagan and Lauren Ver Hage will help you be better with money, thanks to the kitchen. A version of this post originally appeared on The Financial Diet. I have a tendency to get a bit obsessed with my budget sometimes. I review expenses to

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2018-01-22 02:27:49

Sip on This: The Truffle Cocktail and Other Top Drink Trends For 2018  

If the last few years in cocktails have been marked by the moscow mule, it seems that things are about to change. New flavor profiles and a resurgence of liquors, including gin and mezcal, are hitting the palate in a big way, and more consumers are looking for richer, more in-depth cocktail concoctions. "People are becoming more aware of what they are ordering and have access to a ton of information," Kyle Tran, beverage director at the New York, NY-based Library of Distilled Spirits, told POPS

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2018-01-22 02:13:29

Peeps Oreos Have Returned, Because Did You Really Think They Wouldn't?  

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2018-01-22 02:02:30

This Is the Stupidest Mistake You Can Make at Trader Joe's  

It's hard to go wrong at Trader Joe's with so many solid and affordable options, but there is one mistake you could be making without even realizing it. If you're not asking to try products before you buy them, you could end up wasting a lot of money on groceries in the long run. Yep, that's right - Trader Joe's has a "try before you buy" policy! In addition to its generous return policy, the store has a policy that allows customers to try just about anything that they&

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2018-01-22 01:46:39

Copycat! 18 Homemade Versions of Classic Canned Soups  

Growing up, canned soup was always my quick and easy go-to meal; I even went through a phase where I would only eat Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup every night for dinner. Now that I'm older and more skilled in the kitchen, canned soup only makes an appearance when I'm feeling under the weather and can barely muster up the energy to actually cook. As colder weather moves in, I find myself craving the comfort of canned soup but with my own personal culinary touch. These recipes embr

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2018-01-22 01:43:30

20 Happy Citrus Recipes for Winter — Recipes from The Kitchn  

In months filled with root vegetables and soups of beans and lentils, it's nice to know you can depend on the seasonal citrus surge. When it's too cold or gray to think about going outside, Meyer lemons, blood oranges, and grapefruit will brighten your winter days. From sweet recipes, like gorgeous lemon sticky rolls and blood orange cake, to savory recipes, like triple lemon fettuccine and an orange chicken stir-fry, here are 20 delicious ways to perk up your meal pla

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2018-01-22 01:40:16

David Chang's New Show "Ugly Delicious" Is Coming to Netflix — Food TV  

Everybody's Netflix nights are about to get a lot more interesting, because the streaming service is coming out with a new food series next month starring renowned chef David Chang, creator of the Momofuku empire and co-founder of the seminal food magazine Lucky Peach (R.I.P.). The show is called Ugly Delicious, and the name implies that the show is not going to be like any food series we've seen before. READ MORE »

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2018-01-22 01:37:59

Krispy Kreme Is Letting You Pick Its Next Doughnut! Here Are the Enticing Options  

Krispy Kreme is all ears. For the first time ever, the classic chain is asking consumers to determine its next Glazed Doughnut flavor. From Jan. 16 through Jan. 22, Krispy Kreme will allow consumers to vote online and choose from among the following four flavors: blueberry, caramel, maple, and lemon. "In 2017, our fans responded with tremendous enthusiasm regarding how we innovated around our Original Glazed Doughnut," Chief Marketing Officer Jackie Woodward said in a press statement. "To begin

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2018-01-22 01:34:35

Um, So, KFC Created Cocktail Recipes Using Gravy - Would You Dare Try Them?  

You probably never thought about adding gravy to your evening cocktail, but that's now a real possibility thanks to a few new KFC recipes. KFC has actually released official recipes for Gravy Cocktails because it claims the brand has "gravy so good, you can drink it." I mean, yes, I'm the kind of person who much prefers buttery mashed potatoes with a heaping spoonful of gravy on top, and I'm not too proud to admit I used to love the taste of KFC's classic, supersavory gravy.

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2018-01-22 01:01:37

Our 10 Healthiest Chicken Dinners — Recipes from The Kitchn  

Not only does chicken's versatility and crowd-pleasing tendencies make it a recurring choice for weeknight dinner, but it's ability to be a wholesome meal also allows for it to constantly be added to the roster. There are so many healthy ways to enjoy the white meat — we rounded up our 10 most favorite, from soups to salads to one-skillet dinners, that always find their way to our table. READ MORE »

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2018-01-21 17:32:23

Ina Garten's New French Oven Is Absolutely Stunning — Kitchen Heroes  

I am an absolute sucker for a fancy-looking oven. I know, I know, ovens are tools and what really matters is how well they perform, not what they look like. But I can't help myself; I just adore a beautiful range. Give me brass knobs, bars on the doors, and a range of colors that include options like "Provence blue." Basically, give me Ina Garten's kitchen, complete with her brand-new French range from Lacanche. READ MORE »

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2018-01-21 09:33:48

Recipe: Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Fettuccine — Recipes from The Kitchn  

Remember those sun-dried tomatoes lurking in the back of your pantry? Isn't there a hunk of goat cheese somewhere in the fridge? Now's the time to grab both of those ingredients because together they make this creamy, dreamy weeknight pasta that's proudly all frills and no fuss. READ MORE »

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2018-01-21 06:57:35

Free Download: A Recipe Cheat Sheet for Meal Planning — Meal Planning Club  

A happiness ritual that has rippled through my own personal meal planning is love lists. It seems silly, but making a list of specific things you love — whether it's a list of books or chocolate bars — boosts happiness and becomes a compass when you're bored, blue, or stuck in a cooking rut. That's how we want you to think of this recipe cheat sheet; it's a recipe love list for when the cooking gets tough. The concept is incredibly simple in its brilliance: Write down reci...

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2018-01-21 05:24:53

Meghan Markle's First Official Royal Gift Was an Apron — Food News  

Meghan Markle secretly dated Prince Harry for over a year, but now that they are engaged and making public appearances together, she can start receiving official gifts like the rest of the royal family. She was recently given her very first official royal gift, and it's an apron. READ MORE »

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2018-01-21 04:41:38

Bubba Gump's Coconut Fried Shrimp  

As Bubba once said,"shrimp is the fruit of the sea." Do him proud with this copycat coconut shrimp from Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. The secret to the recipe is in the batter.

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2018-01-21 04:20:34

Shop Your Soup: A Grocery List for Making the Best Ramen at Home — The Asian Soup Pot  

Many of us are accustomed to throwing a few inexpensive packets of dried ramen soup into our grocery cart to save our weary weeknight cooking in a pinch. But making the best restaurant-quality ramen at home begins at the Asian market. Most of the ingredients are long-lasting pantry ingredients that make keeping a ramen-ready kitchen almost as easy as cooking up a cup of noodles. READ MORE »

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2018-01-21 03:18:54

Here Are the 5 Vegetarian Recipes I Keep in My Meal Plan — Meal Planning Club  

When I first became a vegetarian, I quickly realized that if I wanted to eat well and feel well, I needed to find some smart recipes to keep in my back pocket. Sure, plain pasta with marinara or a simple romaine salad are technically vegetarian, but those meals don't give me energy or keep me feeling full for very long. A good vegetarian recipe, in my opinion, has some form of plant-based protein, a serving of vegetables, some whole grains, and lots of fresh herbs and fun sauc

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2018-01-21 02:40:01

The Best Kitchen Cleaning Supplies, According to Professional House Cleaners — Cult Cleaners  

When it comes to cleaning supplies, it's easy for the average shopper to get sucked in by the latest and greatest promise. Whether it's a multi-purpose spray that will supposedly replace all your other cleaners, or a new kind of bottle that's somehow more efficient and ergonomic, there's always something to get us excited. Professional house cleaners? Well, they know better. READ MORE »

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2018-01-21 01:27:07

A Mom of 4 Shares Her 12 Go-To Recipes for Meal Planning — Meal Planning Club  

When you get a homemade dinner on the table in a timely manner and all your children actually eat it? That's the holy grail of meal planning, right there. If your children are anything like mine, they are constantly changing what they're willing to eat, but these 12 recipes are ones that are (almost) always a hit at our dinner table. READ MORE »

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2018-01-21 01:15:02

How To Make Great Ribs in the Oven — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn  

Who says you need a grill to cook good ribs? The lack of outdoor space for a grill at my apartment led me to pass up a good many recipes for barbecued ribs over the years. Now I'll be making up for lost time. I do believe I've cracked the code to making perfectly tender and mouth-watering barbecued ribs in the oven. READ MORE »

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2018-01-20 13:55:37

Recipe: Slow Cooker Stuffed Cabbage Rolls — Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinners  

While you can certainly make cabbage rolls after you get home on a weeknight, cabbage rolls can also be simmered until deliciously tender in the slow cooker all day long and welcome you home with their enticing aroma. With a no-cook beef-and-rice filling and no-cook tomato sauce, these cabbage rolls are easy to throw together in the morning so that dinner's cooking away while you're at work. READ MORE »

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2018-01-20 12:23:15

4 Cans of Tuna That Get a Thumbs-Up from the Seafood Industry — And 3 That Don't — Shopping  

In the world of nostalgic foods, there are a few standouts: hot chocolate (with mini marshmallows, of course), macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, and the diner classic, the tuna melt. Just the thought of a homemade melt takes us back to sick days, snow days, and pretty much any other day that Mom was responsible for a hot lunch. The times, they are a changin', though, and as we considered the tuna melt recently, we wondered about canned tuna. Knowing what we do now abou

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2018-01-20 11:48:41

The Finest Introduction to New Mexican Cooking  

Lesson one: The right way to order enchiladas is "Christmas" style This post originally appeared in Bill Addison's newsletter "Notes From a Roving Critic," a twice-monthly dispatch from Bill's travels across the country. Subscribe now. In August 1999 I came to Taos, New Mexico, for the first time to attend a workshop led by Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down the Bones and many other books. I'd been following Goldberg's techniques for years — she builds ...

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2018-01-20 11:06:51

Where to Eat During Sundance in Park City, Utah   

The restaurants to know in Utah's fanciest ski town Just 35 minutes from Salt Lake international airport, Park City is an alpine oasis that has something for everyone: a walkable downtown, picture-perfect mountains, and an enviable food scene. And when big events come to town — here's looking at you, Sundance — the parties get even hotter and a bit of Hollywood glamour fills the historic Main Street. Whether the occasion calls for dinner and drinks after indulging in S...

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2018-01-20 10:17:02

Recipe: Breakfast Fried Rice — Healthy Breakfast Recipes  

While fried rice is Asian in its history, at its core it's an easy technique that turns a handful of leftover ingredients into something comforting and fresh-tasting. There are no hard-and-fast rules — all you need is some cooked rice and some imagination. That's where this breakfast-inspired fried rice comes in. Some of our favorite breakfast ingredients — breakfast sausage, eggs, and, yes, cheese — make their way into this rich and hearty fried rice that you can have any time of...

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2018-01-20 09:29:22

'Dinner With the Goldbergs' Is a Masterpiece of Cringe-Comedy  

Two food comedies, one restaurant drama, and more TV recommendations for the weekend  This post originally appeared on January 19, 2018, in "Eat, Drink, Watch" — the weekly newsletter for people who want to order takeout and watch TV . Browse the archives and subscribe now. Welcome to the weekend, a time when the world is your oyster and there are literally dozens of hours to catch up on all the great TV you missed during the week. I've got a few recommendations f...

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2018-01-20 09:26:31

Make Fluffier Scrambled Eggs with This Unexpected Ingredient — Tips from The Kitchn  

I'll skip the thick, flat, dense eggs, thank you very much. Instead my favorite scrambled eggs involve a plate piled high with large, soft yellow curds that spring back with the lightest touch and practically melt in my mouth; the kind of eggs that are fluffy and almost cloud-like. A quick splash of milk or cream certainly makes for tender eggs, and might even give them some fluff, but there's another ingredient that does the job even better. READ MORE »

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2018-01-20 07:50:38

7 of the Most Brilliant Cleaning Tools You Can Buy on Amazon — Shopping  

This whole time I've been using a plain old scrubby sponge and broom to do my housework. Silly me! A quick tour through Amazon has revealed that cleaning my kitchen could be easier, quicker, more efficient, and fun. Check out a few of the most brilliant cleaning tools you can buy on Amazon. READ MORE »

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2018-01-20 05:42:37

5 Strategies for Picking the Right Recipes for a Week of Meal Planning — Meal Planning Club  

Let's be honest — picking out recipes is the most fun part of meal planning. Part of making my meal planning ritual enjoyable and repeatable is making time at the end of each week to flip through magazines, browse Kitchn's recipe page, and select meals for the following week. It doesn't hurt that I like to do this with a cocktail or a soothing cup of tea in hand, either. On the flip side, the biggest mistake I see new meal planners make is in the recipe selection. Either they ar...

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2018-01-20 05:24:53

3 Korean-Inspired Recipes You Can Use for Dinner Every Day — Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinners  

Rachel Yang, the James Beard Award-nominated chef behind Seattle's Joule, Revel, and Trove restaurants, and Portland, Oregon's Revelry, is a force. Her food— undeniably Korean at its roots, unabashedly creative in practice — combines noodles, dumplings, barbecue, and hot pots with flavors from all over the globe. But after cooking with her week after week during the process of writing her cookbook, My Rice Bowl: Korean Cooking Outside the Lines, I've learned her food is always one thin...

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2018-01-20 04:38:21

Jambalaya For 100  

You're gonna have a lot of happy people if you serve this recipe. It has just the right combination of ingredients that makes a simple, but flavorful jambalaya. Adjust the Creole seasoning as needed.

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2018-01-20 03:23:21

How a $40 Target Find Became My Favorite Thing in My Kitchen — Feel Good Kitchen  

When my first child was born, my husband's coworker gave us a wooden step stool as a baby gift. It was a beautiful wooden one, about 12 inches tall, white with lavender treads and our daughter's name carved in it in a sweet font. That's nice, I thought, but why would anyone ever gift an apartment-dweller such a large gift? Well, obviously she was an experienced mom! READ MORE »

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2018-01-20 01:35:42

7 Ways to Make Whatever You Cook a Tiny Bit Healthier — Tips from The Kitchn  

It's obvious I love to cook, given my day job, but I also happen to be a Registered Dietitian, which means even though I bake all the things, occasionally use butter with reckless abandon, and look for excuses to make a fancy steak dinner, I also am constantly thinking about how I can make whatever I happen to be cooking just a bit more wholesome. It's actually a whole lot easier than you might think and it can be done without sacrificing all the indulgent things. Here are seven simple tri

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2018-01-19 21:53:33

Cheap Eats: 10 Ways to Use a Can of Tuna — Recipes from the Kitchn  

Growing up, we always had a few cans of tuna tucked in the back of our pantry. They were leaned on for easy brown-bag lunch sandwiches, yes, but also for simple, affordable dinners, most often seen in the form of classic noodle casserole. These days, I still find myself with a couple cans on hand at all times to lean on when I am in need of a fuss-free meal that won't break the bank. READ MORE »

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2018-01-19 19:59:21

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