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Jonathan Gold on the Art of Food Criticism  

The late Los Angeles Times restaurant critic, in his own words Jonathan Gold, the Los Angeles Times restaurant critic who became the first (and only) journalist to win the Pulitzer Prize for food criticism, died Saturday evening of pancreatic cancer, the LAT reported. He was 57. Gold is credited with being one of the first restaurant critics to laser-focus on what he called "traditional" cuisine — "I hate the word 'ethnic,'" he said in 2009. With his forays into...

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2018-07-21 21:46:15

Joe's Crab Shack's Etouffee  

Etouffee is a Cajun comfort staple. Crawfish or shrimp in a creamy sauce of celery, onion and mushroom soup poured over a scoop of rice pilaf, just like Joe's Crab Shack does it.

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2018-07-21 21:26:18


As classic and simple as the little black dress. This sophisticated cocktail is made with just gin and lime juice.

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2018-07-21 21:05:25

Pork Chops And Rice  

A creamy one-dish crock pot meal made with pork chops, rice, onion soup mix, and cream of mushroom soup.

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2018-07-21 18:08:04

Next Week's Meal Plan: 5 Fresh & Easy Summer Dinners — Next Week's Meal Plan  

Let me be perfectly honest with you: I failed at last week's meal plan. Trying to cook (even no-cook) dinners on vacation while traveling with kids was not my best planning at all. The silver lining is that coming back from vacation to an empty fridge is the best clean slate for meal planning; there are no leftovers to use up and I can put almost anything on the meal plan. This week is packed with five meals that are getting me excited to cook and eat meals at home, but are a

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2018-07-21 16:15:06

Recipe: Sour Cream and Dill Cucumber Salad — Recipes from The Kitchn  

Everyone needs a go-to recipe for summer cookouts and potlucks, and this fresh cucumber salad is absolutely the answer. Crunchy cucumber slices, sharp red onion, and fragrant fresh dill are tossed in a tangy sour cream dressing for a summer side that's impossible not to fall for. It pairs well with whatever's on the grill — burgers, hot dogs, chicken, or steak — and I guarantee your family and friends will ask you for the recipe. READ MORE »

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2018-07-21 13:19:36

Jonathan Gold, LA Times Restaurant Critic and Food Writer, Dead at 57  

The beloved food writer opened up LA's restaurant scene to the world Jonathan Gold, one of the world's most prolific and highly regarded restaurant critics, has died. He was 57. The only food writer to win a Pulitzer Prize for food and restaurant criticism, Gold was for decades a singular voice in LA's multi-cultural restaurant scene. The LA Times was first to break the news of Gold's passing at St. Vincent Medical Center in Los Angeles, a result of pancreatic cancer ...

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2018-07-21 09:12:02

The 7 Best Finds Kitchn Staffers Recently Bought at IKEA — Shopping  

The first time I ever entered an IKEA, I was on a Girl Scout trip to the Swedish megastore to learn how to design a bedroom and earn a highly coveted merit badge. The only things I remember about the experience are that I chose to outfit my hypothetical space with their now-discontinued Sultan Sundane round bed (RIP) and left with a warm cinnamon bun in hand. In adulthood I have a newfound appreciation for IKEA, and I know that more than a few fellow Kitchn staffers feel the

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2018-07-21 05:54:32

17 Sides Perfect for Grilled Chicken — Recipes from The Kitchn  

Tossing some chicken on the grill is an easy dinner solution just about any night of the week throughout the summer months. But once you've got that covered, how do you round things out in order to call it dinner? A simple side or two should do the job and satisfy the crowd. We gathered some of our most favorite recipes to serve alongside grilled chicken, all of which are no sweat to prepare. From flavor-packed salads to crisp and caramelized grilled vegetables, here are our 17 of our b

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2018-07-21 02:38:47

Essential Tex-Mex Recipes to Make in the Slow Cooker — Recipes from The Kitchn  

When you talk to Vianney Rodriguez about cooking Tex-Mex food in the slow cooker, you understand why she was the right person to write the book on it. For her, there's a Tex-Mex recipe that works as a delicious answer to all your eating conundrums — what to make for family gatherings, for dinner when you don't feel like standing over a pot, and for those South Texas days when "it's 100 degrees in the shade" and just too hot to turn on the oven. READ MORE »

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2018-07-21 02:22:35

The One Big Drawback to a Farmhouse Sink — The Farmhouse Kitchen  

Perhaps one of the most coveted looks in kitchen design right now is the modern farmhouse vibe. Championed by the likes of Chip and Joanna Gaines, the look is popular for its timeless charm, rustic finishes, and lived-in appeal. One of the hallmarks of the style? A nice, deep farmhouse sink. READ MORE »

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2018-07-21 01:30:20

FDA Says Plant-Based Milks Aren't Milks. So What Are They? — Food News  

In what has to be the most iconic scene in Meet the Parents, an eager Ben Stiller tells his girlfriend's parents about the time that he milked a cat so that the smallest kitten in a litter could eat. "You can milk anything with nipples," he explained. "I have nipples, Greg," a stone-faced Robert DeNiro responded. "Could you milk me?" READ MORE »

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2018-07-20 16:55:22

Yes, Your Slow Cooker Dinner Can Start with the Freezer — Tips from The Kitchn  

Even though cooking raw meat in your slow cooker straight from the freezer is a no-no, that doesn't mean all ingredients from the freezer are off limits when it comes to this ultra-handy appliance. The slow cooker is always reliable for delivering easy dinners, and when you start with your freezer, you'll see it can be easier still. READ MORE »

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2018-07-20 15:08:36

6 Places for Finding Cheap Kitchen Cabinets — Renovating  

If you've shopped for kitchen cabinets lately, you, like me, may have wondered how to become independently wealthy. So far, I've managed to avoid ever having to buy cabinets, but as I come closer to jumping off the high dive into a full reno of our kitchen, it's gonna have to happen. And I am clearly in the wrong business, because there is some $$$ in cabinets. READ MORE »

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2018-07-20 14:22:57

Recipe: Oven-Roasted Frozen Broccoli — Recipes from The Kitchn  

You can't beat the convenience and affordability of frozen vegetables, so naturally I've been on a mission to make a bag of frozen broccoli taste like a million bucks. And, you guys, I finally nailed it. This easy technique will have you buying frozen broccoli in bulk because yes, these florets really are that good. You'll roast the florets in a very hot oven (450°F), top them with Parmesan cheese, and finish the dish with a generous squeeze of lemon juice. The result of your (very ...

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2018-07-20 13:51:26

The Top 5 Food TV Episodes of 2018 (So Far)  

From 'Ugly Delicious' to 'Parts Unknown,' these are the food shows that defined the first half of 2018  This post originally appeared on July 20, 2018, in "Eat, Drink, Watch" — the weekly newsletter for people who want to order takeout and watch TV. Browse the archives and subscribe now. Welcome to your weekend, a time of unlimited possibilities. We're a little more than halfway through a year that's seen a number of exciting food TV shows hitting the ai...

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2018-07-20 13:03:40

Watch: Does New Haven Serve the Best Pizza in America?  

Some say Frank Pepe slings the best "apizza" in the country We're so obsessed with pizza that the average person eats 6,000 slices of it in their lifetime. Whether that's classic, floppy New York style slices, hefty slices of Chicago deep dish, or thick, rectangular Detroit-style, pizza is as American as American food gets. Not so quietly, New Haven has been making noise with it's own regional style: a thin-crust, coal-fired Neapolitan pizza that sometimes doesn't...

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2018-07-20 11:26:50

Summer Like a Spaniard With Watermelon Gazpacho  

A lightly fruity twist on the traditional chilled soup to see you through the hottest days of summer. Read More

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2018-07-20 10:30:19

Here's What a Costco Food Court Looks Like in Mexico — Grocery News  

What would you add jalapeños to, if you could add jalapeños to anything in the Costco food court? That's not a hypothetical question at this Costco in Mexico, where the toppings bar in the food court has dispensers full of free jalapeños, and you can have as many as you can handle. READ MORE »

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2018-07-20 10:21:37

Cecilia Chiang, in Her Own Words  

At 98, the iconic San Francisco restaurateur is as bold as ever. Now, she shares her life story with her friend, pastry chef Belinda Leong. It's not an understatement to call Cecilia Chiang one of San Francisco's most beloved culinary figures. Her first restaurant in town, the Mandarin, opened in 1961 — a time when the white Americans she needed to support her business were far more familiar with egg foo young and chop suey than they were with the traditional dishes she s...

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2018-07-20 10:09:06

Recipe: Tex-Mex Quinoa Salad — Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinners  

You're going to want to keep this salad firmly planted in your summer meal plan rotation and at the ready for all of your picnics and potlucks. It is what I consider a multi-purpose, do-it-all salad — one that everyone can eat. It gets its bulk from protein-rich pantry staples like quinoa and beans, and picks up freshness, crunch, and color from a medley of veggies before it's tied together with a zippy chile-lime dressing. You can count on it to hold its own as the main course or a side ...

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2018-07-20 09:12:58

How To Make Easy Kimchi at Home — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn  

The first few times I tried kimchi it was not, I must admit, my favorite food. Then I met my Korean-American partner, Gregory, moved in with his mom — a superb cook — and within a few months I was wholly converted. These days my mouth waters at the slightest whiff of pungent, fermented cabbage and I'll eat it with everything from fried rice to dumplings, summer rolls, or, ahem, straight out of the jar. I still have a lot to learn from Mom when it comes to kimchi-making (...

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2018-07-20 09:11:53

I Made a Beyoncé-Themed "Pink Lemonade Cake" and It Kinda Destroyed Me — YouTube Cooking  

"How to Cake It" is my favorite YouTube channel. But actually baking one of her cakes? It kind of destroyed me. I'm an unfussy home baker. I'll make a one-layer cake or a crumble or maybe a blondie, but I stick to simple and not necessarily aesthetically elaborate desserts. My frosting is swoopy and my cookies are unadorned. READ MORE »

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2018-07-20 08:48:18

Special Sauce: Author Rick Bragg on His Mom, the Best Cook in the World  

Ed Levine in conversation with author Rick Bragg, part 1 of 2. Read More

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2018-07-20 07:45:13

Recipe: Slow Cooker Beer-Braised Brisket — Recipes from The Kitchn  

Everyone loves brisket, a Texas staple. Texans — Tejanos — are especially obsessed. My beer-braised brisket is fork-tender, perfect for a crowd, and requires no babysitting. Place it in the slow cooker and go about your day. Your family will love it, and football fans will adore it! READ MORE »

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2018-07-20 06:43:22

This Lettuce Wrap Is a Delicious Keto-Friendly Lunch — Delicious Links  

Kitchn's Delicious Links column highlights recipes we're excited about from the bloggers we love. Follow along every weekday as we post our favorites. Just as we've all begun to get over the "Is a hotdog a sandwich?" debate (it is, according to Merriam Webster!), I now present you with a new kind of conundrum: Is this lettuce wrap a salad or a sandwich? READ MORE »

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2018-07-20 04:21:58

Recipe: Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Burger — Recipes from The Kitchn  

We love classic burger condiments as much as the next person. But what if we told you that you could spread your burger bun with baba ghanoush, top the burger patties with sun-dried tomatoes, and opt for goat cheese instead of cheddar? READ MORE »

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2018-07-20 04:19:44

5 Chicken Recipes We're Excited About This Week — Recipe Roundup  

Chicken is the reliable go-to protein our editors turn to night after night when they want to get dinner on the table. But just because it's an old standby doesn't mean we can't get excited about it! Here are the five recipes we're loving lately — they're all packed with flavorful ingredients and are anything but boring. READ MORE »

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2018-07-20 03:02:45

6 Frozen Fruits That Are Cheaper than Fresh at Trader Joe's — Shopping  

My kids love smoothies, so I've been tossing those bags of frozen fruit into my shopping cart for years. It's a no-brainer in the winter, too — of course a bag of frozen strawberries is going to be less expensive than a carton of out-of-season (and probably terrible-tasting) fruit! Plus, frozen fruit makes the smoothie extra frosty. READ MORE »

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2018-07-20 02:32:23

Ina Garten Shares Her Favorite Summer Salad in Her New Cookbook — Pop Culture  

Ina Garten's next cookbook, Cook Like a Pro, won't come out until fall, but she's already given us a couple ideas about what's to come. First there was the big reveal of the cover, and yesterday she shared her favorite summer salad from the book. It's a simple tomato and avocado number and it's just the kind of thing I want to eat right now. "I've been making it so much this summer I just had to share it with you early!" she wrote on Instagram. "It's tomatoes, avocados, red onio

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2018-07-20 02:17:12

Chipotle Blesses Cardi B With a Lifetime Supply of Chips and Guac  

Plus, Ina Garten shares a recipe from her forthcoming cookbook, and more food news to end the week Congratulations to rapper and new mom Cardi B, who, according to Vibe, is the recipient of a lifetime supply of chips and guacamole from beleaguered burrito chain Chipotle. There's no official word on why Chipotle blessed Ms. B with such a gift, but the chain must be happy with the free advertising she is providing on her Instagram feed. In a potentially sweet merger, doughn...

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2018-07-19 16:10:15

Chef Peter Chang's New DC-Area Restaurant Will Be Devoted to Homestyle Cooking   

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2018-07-19 16:00:01

Watch: This Massive Korean Chain Wraps Pork Ribs in Melty Cheese  

K-Town checks in with the Toronto location of James Cheese Back Ribs There are plenty of Korean chains that jump across to North America to try and break into the market, and James Cheese Back Ribs decided Toronto was the city it wanted to land in first. In this episode of K-Town, I'm joined by Sang Kim who is helping me dive into this simple, but gut-busting meal of pork ribs slathered with Korean sauce and covered tableside with a layer of melty, gooey mozzarella cheese. It...

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2018-07-19 13:30:02

I Tried HelloFresh's New Dinner 2 Lunch Meal Kit — Here's How It Went — Meal Kits  

One of my biggest complaints about meal kits is that they never seem to result in enough food. (I have a hungry, hungry husband!). So when HelloFresh officially launched its Dinner 2 Lunch program — with the idea that you cook once and eat twice, turning the extra dinner ingredients into the lunch for the next day or two — I was dubious. I rarely have leftovers, let alone enough to make two (!) lunches for later. I ordered this sausage pizza dinner (it starts with a flatb...

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2018-07-19 13:25:14

What's the Difference Between Persian & English Cucumbers? — Ingredient Intelligence  

There are whole slew of cucumber varieties out there. Some are best pickled, some are best peeled, and some are best just sliced up and enjoyed simply. Two common cukes you may often hear grouped together are Persian and English. These two varieties are both prized for being thin-skinned — so they don't have to be peeled — and are pretty much seedless. So are they basically the same thing? Not quite. Here are their differences. READ MORE »

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2018-07-19 13:19:46

Watch: Can a Famous Infomercial Pan Replace All Your Cookware?  

Kitchen Gadgets takes on the as-seen-on-TV Copper Chef The reviews for the lineup of products under the Copper Chef name are glowing, more than half of them anyway, and one of the most popular items for the infomercial brand is the original deep, square pan that promises to replace all the other pots and pans filling your kitchen cabinets. It's one of a couple bold claims that Copper Chef makes, made possible by further claims that it's completely non-stick, not-too-heavy, ...

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2018-07-19 13:01:38

Why Plastic Straw Bans Are Finally Gaining Traction  

This week on the Eater Upsell, we learn how the anti-straw movement picked up steam and what it's like to be a paper straw kingpin in 2018 Plastic straws have become the villain we can (mostly!) all cheer against, but how did we get here? This week on the Eater Upsell we try to find out. First, researcher Sam Athey explains why straws are significant in the fight against plastic pollution. Eater editor Brenna Houck tells us how the anti-straw movement went from a niche envir...

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2018-07-19 12:58:53

Instagram Darling Mari Andrews Doesn't Have Time for a Diet — My Superpowered Morning  

Welcome to Kitchn's series My Superpowered Morning, where we show you how interesting people use their morning routine to help them fuel the rest of the day. In a world full of perfect #selfies and over-styled food shots on Instagram, illustrator Mari Andrew's account is remarkably human for someone with almost 900,000 followers. Her drawings are sometimes funny (like with this hilariously accurate depiction of food trends), but more often than not t

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2018-07-19 12:51:31

What Does It Take to Make a Decent Paper Straw?  

The public image of a soggy, disintegrating paper straw is inaccurate, says maker of paper straws From the #StopSucking campaign to the high-profile straw bans, everyone is talking about straws right now. Last week, Starbucks announced it would nix plastic straws by the year 2020. McDonald's locations in the U.K. have vowed to switch from plastic to paper straws by later this fall. And cities like Seattle and New York have either enacted or, in NYC's case, are proposing to ...

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2018-07-19 12:20:33

The 10 Most-Saved Slow Cooker Recipes from June — Recipes from The Kitchn  

All it takes is that first summer heatwave for me to banish the oven and remind me how much I adore my slow cooker. During the week I lean on it for easy, make-ahead suppers that won't heat up the kitchen; come the weekend it's the ticket to cookout and picnic favorites, like pulled pork and baked beans. And it seems like we're all on the same page because those were just the kinds of recipes you were saving last month. READ MORE »

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2018-07-19 11:56:14

Papa John's Founder Accused of Sexual Misconduct and Fostering a 'Bro' Culture  

A new report details allegations against John Schnatter, who stepped down last week following a leaked recording of him using a racial slur Papa John's founder John Schnatter resigned as chairman of his company last week after a recording of him using the N-word was leaked to Forbes — and the pizza chain founder hasn't gone quietly into the night: He's accused the company's board of directors of failing to investigate the incident properly, and says he regrets steppin...

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2018-07-19 11:12:30

Eater Young Guns 2018: Meet the Winners  

Every year, Eater editors search for talented up-and-comers in the restaurant industry to name to our latest class of Young Guns. The rules are simple: The contenders must be under the age of 30 or have fewer than five years experience in the bar and restaurant world. And they're dedicated to their craft and doing so well that we expect they'll soon be household names. We begin by reading through thousands of reader-submitted nominees and consulting with our committee of e...

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2018-07-19 11:12:27

Why Shota Nakajima Turned From Fine-Dining to 'Homestyle' Japanese Cooking  

With Adana, the chef is fostering an environment of community within his staff and for his guests After dropping out of school at 16, chef Shota Nakajima began his career working in kitchens by washing dishes and peeling onions. His parents were pretty disappointed at the time, he says. But whether it's slicing a daikon so thin that it resembles a piece of vellum paper, or it's catching squid on the Seattle waterfront, jigging (as in gently moving the fishing pole up and do...

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2018-07-19 11:12:19

Gabe Barker's Hometown Pizzeria Is Winning Over Locals  

After learning from the best, the chef headed back to the South to open a place of his own When I called Gabe Barker at Pizzeria Mercato, his Carrboro, North Carolina-based restaurant, his dad answered the phone. This wasn't a surprise — after all, twenty-nine-year-old Barker opened the pizza spot in 2016 with his mom and dad, who had twenty-six years of experience under their belts as owners of beloved, now-closed Durham restaurant Magnolia Grill. It was Barker's parents...

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2018-07-19 11:12:19

Nite Yun's Cambodian Restaurant Is the Talk of California  

The chef created a restaurant where Cambodians can reconnect with their culture That I'm eating kuy teav phnom penh, Cambodian rice noodle soup with minced pork, minutes from the BART station in Fruitvale, Oakland, feels akin to magic. It's perfect — savory and slightly sweet and comforting, the perfect food. And Nyum Bai — open since this past February — feels something like magic, too. Its patio shares space with a store selling miscellany — poignant-feeling Hill...

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2018-07-19 11:12:19

The 2 Best Frozen Breakfasts for When You're Trying to Eat Better — Shopping  

I don't know about you, but when I think of breakfast I often think sweet — cereal, pancakes, toast with jam. Sure, I opt for eggs, too, and sausage or bacon on weekends, but the common denominator is that there aren't any vegetables. READ MORE »

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2018-07-19 10:59:46

Daniel Alvarez Wants to Pave the Way for Pastry Chefs  

He fried the first batch of Cronuts — and now he's mentoring a new generation of pastry pros Six years ago, Daniel Alvarez fried the first batch of cronuts. Developed by Dominique Ansel at his small bakery in Soho, where Alvarez had been working as chef de partie for under a year, the cronut and its ensuing sensation became Alvarez's fast-tracked education in the daily demands of bakery life. "Don't get me wrong because I'll get in trouble with Dominique," he jok...

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2018-07-19 10:37:57

Why You Should Keep Instant Dashi in Your Pantry  

Dashi is the foundation of Japanese cuisine, but its potential uses go well beyond that. Got a jar of instant dashi on hand, and wondering how to use it? Here are some ideas. Read More

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2018-07-19 10:30:42

The 6 Most-Viewed Cooking Videos on YouTube — YouTube Cooking  

We are living in the golden age of cooking videos. Whether they're watching for entertainment or food inspiration, or as an aid in meal creation, more people are tuning in to cooking videos than ever before. According to a study conducted by Millward Brown Digital, Firefly, and Google in 2014, nearly half of all adults watch food videos on YouTube, with millennials watching 30 percent more food content than other demographics. Are you wondering which recipes and cooking

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2018-07-19 09:41:14

This Grocery Item Is the Best Thing You're Not Buying at IKEA — IKEA Love  

Here's a scenario you're probably familiar with if you've ever been to IKEA: You topple out of the store, exhausted and vaguely elated, stocked up on affordable furniture. You have a day of assembly ahead of you, complete with minimalist illustrated instructions and the inevitable moment where you nearly burst into tears because how can this seemingly straightforward table be so difficult to assemble? Soon your home will be full, your muscles will be sore, and you'll be in dire nee

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2018-07-19 08:02:06

The Best Seasonal Items at Trader Joe's, According to Reddit — Food News  

Limited-time seasonal items are such a delicious tease. They make you fall in love with them, and just when you think you can't live without them, they vanish and you're left with nothing but memories and pumpkin spice-scented candles. Rude. Trader Joe's is one of the best there is at seasonal items. People stockpile Trader Joe's cranberry sauce and butternut squash macaroni and cheese in their freezers like squirrels storing nuts for the winter, because they know they'll disappea

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2018-07-19 07:32:44

Bread Is Older Than Anyone Thought, So Take That, Paleo Diet — Food News  

The next time your Paleo-eating friend tells the waitstaff that your table doesn't need a bread basket, this is your opportunity to go full-on "WELL, ACTUALLY…" A team of archaeology and archaeobotany researchers just discovered a charred, pita-like flatbread at a research site in northeastern Jordan, and this is one history-changing collection of grains, tubers and gluten. READ MORE »

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2018-07-19 05:14:10

The Surprising Ways You Are and Aren't Ruining Your Knives — Tips from The Kitchn  

Does this scene sound familiar? Your Amazon Prime package comes and somebody at your house grabs a knife to start hacking away at the packaging. These packages come more often than our UPS driver would like, and if I don't beat my husband to it, that's him with our good chef's knife. It's been one of our longest-running debates; every time he saws through the packing tape I cringe and tell him he's ruining our knives. (The knives, by the way, were the first nice things we bought wh

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2018-07-19 04:55:46

8 Ways to Make a Meal Out of Frozen Artichokes — Tips from The Kitchn  

For many of us, artichokes aren't a staple in the way frozen peas and broccoli are, so they can be easy to overlook during your weekly stroll down the freezer aisle. But I hope I can help you change that, because a bag of frozen artichokes (yes, go for the bag over the box!) is unbelievably versatile and can be used to make so many satisfying meals. READ MORE »

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2018-07-19 04:39:28

Recipe: Slow Cooker Charro Beans — Recipes from The Kitchn  

I've always said that I could live off beans for the rest of my life. These charro beans are my ultimate "last meal." In Texas, charro beans, also known as "cowboy beans," can be found in just about every Tex-Mex joint, served in little bowls alongside your meal. There are many, many different versions of this recipe, but this is my own take on charro beans. READ MORE »

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2018-07-19 02:58:32

4 Neat People Reveal the Cleaning Tools They Can't Live Without — Cleaning Tips from The Kitchn  

Folks who enjoy uncluttered rooms and a home not taken over by dust bunnies are often called "neat freaks." In fact, that was originally the title I was going to give this post: "Secrets of Neat Freaks." But these people aren't freaks — they're people to be admired, respected, and mined for their wisdom and secrets to keeping their home so clean. And their suggestions for the cleaning tool they can't live without might leave you floored. READ MORE »

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2018-07-19 02:44:25

17 Ways to Turn Sweet Potatoes into Dinner — Recipes from The Kitchn  

Oh, sweet potatoes — how we love you. You're delicious and comforting and incredibly versatile. Basically, you're the full package and, come this time of the year, we're going to turn you into dinner as often as we can. This collection of recipes shows off the sweet potato's versatile side. Try it shaped into patties, stuffed into a hearty vegetarian sandwich, or cooked into a hash topped with a fried egg. If you've got a few sweet potatoes on hand, a hearty dinner is at ...

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2018-07-19 02:32:25

Recipe: Slow Cooker Migas Casserole — Recipes from The Kitchn  

Migas are a breakfast favorite in every corner of Texas. I've taken the classic skillet migas and transformed them into a low-and-slow, cheesy migas casserole. Put on a pot of coffee, invite a few friends over, and enjoy this migas casserole for brunch. READ MORE »

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2018-07-19 02:13:49

The Best Freezer Finds in a Mexican Grocery Store, According to an Expert — Shopping  

Mely Martinez knows a thing or two about authentic Mexican home-style cooking. The blogger behind Mexico in My Kitchen was born and raised in the city of Tampico, Tamaulipas, and then called more than 27 different places in Mexico home before moving to the United States over a decade ago. She started her blog as a way to help her teenage son recreate the authentic Mexican food that their family has eaten for generations. If there's anyone who knows her

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2018-07-19 02:12:32

How To Make the Best Classic Potato Salad — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn  

I've never met a potato salad that I didn't like. Use mayo or Greek yogurt, season it with dill or throw in some kalamata olives and sundried tomatoes — they're all good. And since no cookout, picnic, or backyard party is complete without a giant bowl of potato salad on the table, there are ample opportunities every summer to try them all. Today, let's pare it down to the basics and talk about how to make an easy, classic, all-American potato salad. You can serve this one j...

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2018-07-19 02:10:32

Make This Grilled Chicken Taco Bowl for Dinner Tonight — Delicious Links  

Kitchn's Delicious Links column highlights recipes we're excited about from the bloggers we love. Follow along every weekday as we post our favorites. Everything tastes better in a bowl. You can get a little messy with the presentation and pile on whatever ingredients you're in the mood for, plus you have permission to eat your dinner with a spoon cross-legged on the couch if you feel like it. That's the the best kind of dinner. (Our Associate Food Editor Kelli Foster agrees. He

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2018-07-19 02:09:19

Southern Recipe: Cholula Chicken-Fried Steak with Gravy — Recipes from The Kitchn  

Any trip to Texas will likely include an experience with chicken-fried steak and Cholula hot sauce. Chicken-fried steak (lovingly called CFS) is a Southern classic, while Cholula hot sauce (introduced to the states here in Austin, TX) is a popular condiment that adds a Texas kick. See what happens when these icons get hitched in this new take on a Lone Star tradition. READ MORE »

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2018-07-19 01:44:30

10 Light & Easy Chicken Breast Dinners — Recipes from The Kitchn  

Seeing as chicken breast is one of the most versatile ingredients you can have on hand for dinner, it's no surprise it's something we all turn to no matter the season. When it's warm, however, we like our chicken breast dinners to be a bit lighter and brighter (keeping them easy doesn't hurt, either!). Here are 10 of our favorites. READ MORE »

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2018-07-18 19:58:08

8 Super-Hyped Decorating Trends That Are Going Out of Style — Decorating  

Whether talking about polka-dot blouses or gold hardware, you know what they say: Trends come and go. You may hate that yellow Formica countertop in your fixer-upper, but we can almost guarantee that the original owners installed it because it was in fashion. READ MORE »

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2018-07-18 18:15:41

The Recipe That Finally Got Me Excited About the Instant Pot — Personal History  

It finally happened — I am obsessed with my Instant Pot. In the past four days I've made six dishes in it, and I can't stop. I'm about to pressure cook everything in the house that isn't nailed down. READ MORE »

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2018-07-18 16:18:15

Recipe: Frijoles de la Olla — The Tex-Mex Slow Cooker  

When I was growing up, my mami made a batch of frijoles de la olla every Monday to use in meals all throughout the week. The smell of beans slowly cooking away on the stove reminds me of my childhood. Now, as a mami myself, I make beans every Monday, just like her, but I like to let my slow cooker do the work. These frijoles are the perfect base for Charro Beans, or they can be used to make refried beans. Have leftovers? Simply freeze them for another meal. Thaw the beans overnight

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2018-07-18 15:46:50

Got Leftover Grilled Meats? These 8 Recipes Will Help You Use 'Em Up  

Eight recipes to put those leftovers from your last cookout to use. Read More

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2018-07-18 13:00:34

Food Stamp Cuts Could Be Disastrous for Alaska  

Staple foods like eggs and cheese are astronomically expensive in rural areas This story was originally published on Civil Eats. Sarah was born in the Alaskan village of Utqiagvik (formerly known as Barrow) and she spent a good portion of her youth there. "We lived in Anchorage until I was about 13," she said. "Then my dad got a job offer in Utqiagvik and we moved back." When they arrived, the job fell through and it took her father more than a year to find work. Th...

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2018-07-18 12:52:01

These Are All the Foods Being Affected by Trump's Trade War  

Countries such as China and Mexico have introduced retaliatory tariffs on scores of American goods including pork, soybeans, cheese, and whiskey Trump's trade war is heating up: In response to the U.S. slapping tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum, not to mention tech goods and other consumer products made abroad, major trade partners including Canada, China, and the European Union have imposed retaliatory tariffs on a wide array of American goods. Among them, not surprising...

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2018-07-18 12:41:21

Watch: How Legendary Pitmaster Rodney Scott Makes Ribs  

The whole hog master has three rules when it comes to smoking meat The emotions at New York City butcher shop the Meat Hook are mixed as owners Ben Turley and Brent Young jump between excitement and nerves. They're working with barbecue legend and South Carolina whole hog master Rodney Scott in this episode of Prime Time, and the group is smoking a trio of ribs. In an electric smoker, racks of picnic (the upper part of the foreleg), belly ribs, and loin ribs are cooking with...

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2018-07-18 11:54:58

How To Make the Best Macaroni and Cheese on the Stove — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn  

This is the macaroni and cheese recipe I grew up on — creamy sauce, chewy pasta, and plenty of cheese. It always felt like a special treat to us kids, although I suspect my mother liked it more because it was an easy stovetop dish that required almost no thought to pull together at the end of a long day. Whatever the reason, whatever the occasion, a bowl of this mac and cheese will always spell comfort. Here's the best, most classic recipe I know, with step-by-step ...

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2018-07-18 11:11:31

The 38 Essential Paris Restaurants   

Where to find perfect steak frites, matcha-filled crepes, roasted chicken and wine, and lamb-laden couscous in the City of Light Over the last 10 years, Paris has boldly reclaimed its title as the best food city in Europe. The French capital is bustling with a brilliant constellation of new restaurants by talented young chefs from all over the world, plus an inventive and diverse array of casual dining options. There's also been a renaissance of its long-established gastronomic

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2018-07-18 11:09:32

The Shrimp Industry Is Dirty. Can New Farming Technology Clean It Up?  

Jean Claude Frajmund claims that his Eco Shrimp Garden uses technology that can produce local farm-raised shrimp at a price point to compete with toxic shrimp-farming operations overseas. If he's successful, he could usher in an aquaculture revolution. Read More

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2018-07-18 10:30:26

What the Critics Are Saying About Una Pizza Napoletana  

Celebrated pizzaiolo Anthony Mangieri is back in NYC, but are his pies as good as before? Una Pizza Napoletana has returned to New York City. Back in the mid-aughts, self-taught pizzaiolo Anthony Mangieri set the bar for pizza in New York when he moved his shop from the Jersey Shore to the East Village. He earned rave reviews and drew long lines of New Yorkers with his fluffy Neapolitan pies. But in 2009, Mangieri left that first incarnation of Una Pizza Napoletana and decamped

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2018-07-18 10:17:44

Shake Shack Is Taking Its ShackBurgers and Concretes to the Philippines Next Year  

Plus, several Starbucks beverages are no longer kosher, and more food news Shake Shack's ceaseless expansion operation is taking Danny Meyer's burger chain to the Philippines. A location is planned for Manila, the company announced Tuesday evening, with an opening date targeted for spring 2019. News of the move into this new market gave Shake Shack stock a boost on Wall Street, reports Bloomberg. Mabuhay, Manila! Pack the Jeepney - we're officially headed to the P...

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2018-07-18 10:13:22

Peter Luger Will Bring Its Dry-Aged Steaks to Tokyo  

The first Peter Luger steakhouse outside of New York will open sometime in 2020 Brooklyn icon Peter Luger Steakhouse is planning to open in Tokyo. But, according to fourth-generation co-owners David Berson and Daniel Turtel, they're taking their time with it. "I like to joke that we're on the 60-year expansion [plan]," says Berson. "Brooklyn opened in 1887. Great Neck [Long Island, NY] opened in 1960. This will be around 2020." The Tokyo news is perhaps out of left...

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2018-07-18 09:42:02

How To Make Zucchini Noodles: 4 Ways — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn  

Our love for "zoodles" — the nickname for noodles made from fresh zucchini — peaks in the summer, when this tender and sweet pasta alternative is just right for no-cook dinners and lighter suppers. If you think zucchini noodles are only for folks with a spiralizer, think again! These noodles can be made with tools you already have on hand in the kitchen or with a smaller investment (space- and dollar-wise) than you might think. Here are four ways to make zucchini noodles. ...

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2018-07-18 09:21:33

10 Moms on the Best Tricks for Packing a Better Lunch — How I Feed My Kids  

How each parent defines a "better lunch" is different. For some, it might mean more healthful food choices (or even just a little weekly variety); for others, it might simply mean something that doesn't come back home at 3 p.m. Whether you're looking to get calories in, expand your kids' palates, or make lunch-making less boring for yourself, there's always room for new ideas. We asked 10 moms to share their best tricks for packing better lunches — however they choose to define ...

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2018-07-18 09:10:49

Vacation Is the Best Time to Get Your Picky Eater to Try Something New — Tips from The Kitchn  

My 6-year-old is transitioning from kindergarten to first grade this summer and suddenly objects to new foods — even some of her old favorites. Generally, this kind of behavior doesn't bother me — kids will have "seasons" where they are more picky than others, and they don't last very long if we as parents keep our cool. Still, I'm glad that this season of pickiness has arrived during her summer break from school, when we have a few road trips, plane trips, and other excursion...

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2018-07-18 09:10:40

I'm Totally Obsessed with All Cheeses — Yet This Is the Only String Cheese I'll Buy — Grocery Obsessions  

I like cheese so much, I'd marry it if I could. In fact, I tried to get as close as possible by inquiring about having my wedding at Murray's Cheese Bar in New York City. (It didn't work out, but I had my shower there instead as a compromise!) I've never met a single cheese that I don't like. Yak cheese? Sure! Stinky, gooey cheese? Bring it on — and make it even stinkier and gooier, if possible! So when we decided to run a string cheese taste test earlier this year, I was crushed ...

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2018-07-18 08:31:47

7 Summer Essentials That Are Almost Always Cheapest at CVS — Shopping  

Because we'll never get sick of backyard cookouts and pools and everything else that goes with summer, we'll also never get sick of stocking up on summer supplies. And though CVS sometimes gets a bad rap as an expensive place to shop, it can actually be good for summer bargains. READ MORE »

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2018-07-18 08:27:35

7 Cookbooks That Will Make You Even More Excited About Summer Cooking — What to Read & Cook Next  

In the deepest part of our hearts, we all believe one thing: You don't really have to cook in warm weather. (You can blow it off entirely, in fact, if you cover your tracks well.) That's because the vegetables are blooming and the ambition is wilting just in time to call in sick and head to the beach with a bag of apricots. But after we've had our fill of unadulterated spring produce, our stomachs might finally start grumbling for cooked food. Luckily, there's a fresh b

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2018-07-18 08:18:39

We Bought the Same Frozen Groceries at 3 Supermarkets — This Store Was the Cheapest — Shopping  

You know how sometimes you hear things that are supposed to be conventional wisdom but you don't necessarily buy it? For example, I knew Walmart was supposed to have super-low prices on groceries, but I thought maybe they're just good at putting out that image. I can't remember the last time I was in one, though, so that was based on no facts at all. READ MORE »

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2018-07-18 06:58:43

Martha Stewart's Best Sandwich Secret Comes from Snoop Dogg — Pop Culture  

Martha Stewart knows how to make a sandwich better than most people. But it was Snoop Dogg who gave her possibly her best sandwich secret ever: bacon mayonnaise. READ MORE »

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2018-07-18 06:39:03

Recipe: Cucumber Caprese Salad — Recipes from The Kitchn  

It's hard to beat the satisfaction of a midsummer caprese salad. Break out the juiciest tomatoes and the freshest mozzarella and basil, and what you have is pretty much perfection. Can it be improved upon? Absolutely — all you need is a humble cucumber. If you're anything like me, you basically eat your weight in juicy summer tomatoes and creamy fresh mozzarella throughout the summer months. Simple caprese salads are really all I want to eat these days, be it for a light lun...

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2018-07-18 05:26:32

The Best Way to Put Cheap Cutting Boards to Good Use — Organizing Tips from The Kitchn  

You readers are so smart! Some of our best tips and ideas come from the questions, suggestions, or comments that you guys leave for us. Here's one that's proof of that. Last year, we worked with the founders of The Financial Diet, an amazing site dedicated to money and everything it touches, to come up with the ultimate list of the best things to buy and the things to skip at IKEA. Because otherwise, let's be honest, we'd end up spending all our money on all the things.

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2018-07-18 04:04:36

The Coolest Cucumber You Can Eat Right Now — Ingredient Intelligence  

I'll be honest with you: I've been a cucumber skeptic for years. It's not that I ever disliked the vegetable — it's just that it never really did that much for me. The crunch is fine, but the flavor is, well, nonexistent. Especially in the summer, when there is so much abundance around, I always felt my time was more well-spent on things like tomatoes and corn. Clearly I wasn't in the know, because there's a cucumber out there that's pretty much as cool as those summer sweetheart...

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2018-07-18 03:05:45

Guess the Secret Ingredient in These Creamy Lemon Zoodles — Delicious Links  

Kitchn's Delicious Links column highlights recipes we're excited about from the bloggers we love. Follow along every weekday as we post our favorites. When our Associate Food Editor (hi, Kelli Foster!) went on vacation a few weeks ago, she asked if someone on the Kitchn team would pick up her CSA veggie haul so it wouldn't go to waste. I volunteered as tribute (not knowing just how many veggies I was really in for). During my subway ride home, equipped with three tot

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2018-07-18 01:39:09

Why YouTube Food Is Shaping the Next Generation of Cooks — YouTube Cooking  

"My perfect breakfast: scrambled egg, sauteed mushrooms, and tomatoes," Gordon Ramsay explains before showing us his technique for scrambled eggs. With 30 million views and over 28,000 comments, the kinetic four-minute tutorial is one the most-viewed videos on YouTube. But here's the thing: The video really isn't anything special. It would be considered too long and somehow too rushed in any other setting on the internet, but it still manag...

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2018-07-18 01:36:01

The High Price of a Michelin Guide  

South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand have spent millions to get their own Red guides In March 2016, the Michelin guide — that world-famous restaurant rating system devised by a European tire company — announced it was heading to Seoul, South Korea, for the first time. The guide's international director Michael Ellis heralded the move as a recognition of Korea's "wonderfully eclectic dining scene" that had "evolved into a world-class culinary destination," and om...

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2018-07-17 20:45:01

Watch: Marcus Samuelsson Dives Into Pho and Fried Chicken in New Orleans  

The chef visits — and eats with — one of the largest Vietnamese populations in America on the second episode of 'No Passport Required' On episode two of No Passport Required, chef Marcus Samuelsson heads to New Orleans to learn more about the city's Vietnamese community. Samuelsson eats pho, rice paper rolls, combination salads, and banh mi. He visits a farming co-op, shares a meal with the first Vietnamese city councilwoman in New Orleans, talks about immigration and...

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2018-07-17 16:54:28

Police Falsely Accuse Black IHOP Customers of Leaving Without Paying  

The incident happened earlier this month in Missouri Police in suburban St. Louis are conducting an internal investigation after 10 black college students were falsely accused of leaving an IHOP restaurant without paying for their meal, the Associated Press reports. The students are incoming freshmen at Washington University in St. Louis. After the manager of an IHOP in Clayton, Missouri, called police to report a group of "young black men" had dined without paying, two C...

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2018-07-17 16:06:19

Target Is Having a One-Day Sale: Get Each of These Goods for Less than $5 — Prime Time  

To compete with Amazon Prime Day, a ton of other online retailers are flexing their virtual muscles with online sales of their own. (See: Beyond Amazon Prime Day: The Best Shopping Deals You Don't Need a Membership For.) Today, Target announced a major one-day sale. And while some of the big deals aren't as good as Amazon's (i.e., on the Instant Pot, Magic Bullet, or Hamilton Beach Crock Pot), we found a whole slew of fun little kitchen finds for less than $5. This is one sale th

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2018-07-17 14:23:04

7 Ways to Make a Meal Out of Frozen Corn — Tips from The Kitchn  

Even during summer when fresh corn is at its prime, I always keep my freezer stocked with a bag or two of the frozen stuff. Not only is it unbelievably convenient and available year-round, but it's also packed with flavor and can be used in all the same ways you'd use the fresh stuff. Simple sides are a given, but a bag of frozen yellow or white kernels can serve as the foundation for an array of meals. READ MORE »

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2018-07-17 14:16:31

After Cooking With Martha and Ina, Jennifer Garner Is One Step Away From a Lifestyle Brand  

The movie star not only hangs out with domestic goddesses, she also raises chickens for eggs and hosts a mini cooking show on Instagram Actress and everywoman Jennifer Garner seems to spend as much time cooking as she does acting. First, over the weekend, she went barefoot with Ina Garten in East Hampton, per a recent Instagram selfie. (Ina shared almost the exact same selfie, noting that there's "nothing more soul satisfying for me than to spend time with a smart, compassi...

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2018-07-17 14:08:35

Watch: Do You Need a $120 Shaved Ice Machine to Make Bingsu?  

Testing three gadgets to find the best one There are so many types of shaved ice but the one most familiar to chef Esther Choi of New York City's Mokbar is bingsu — the popular Korean variety that's usually topped with chopped fruit, condensed milk, and red beans; or for Choi: scoops of ice cream. In this episode of Kitchen Gadgets, Choi is testing out three different tools that yield shaved ice to find the one that reminds her most of her mother's homemade bingsu. Ti...

what do you think?

2018-07-17 11:49:10

The One Thing I'm Definitely Buying This Amazon Prime Day — Prime Time  

This is going to sound dramatic, but while the rest of my life is an absolute torrent of change, my devotion to the Brita pitcher in my fridge remains a constant. This brand of water purifier has followed me from my dorm room mini fridge, all the way to my NYC apartment (and all other living arrangements in between), and is still kicking — thanks to my various roommates who have remembered to swap out the filters from time to time. The conversation usually goes as follows: "When...

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2018-07-17 11:15:59

The Most Important Things to Know About Turning Frozen Vegetables into Mind-Blowing Meals — Tips from The Kitchn  

If you ask me, frozen vegetables are the ultimate convenience food. Not only will they help keep your weekly food budget in check, but they also eliminate prep time. And since they're flash frozen at peak ripeness, they're packing just as much wholesome goodness as their fresh counterparts. These days, grocery stores are stocking way more than frozen peas and carrots — and the selection keeps on growing. Whether you're making a side or turning them into dinner, frozen vegetables...

what do you think?

2018-07-17 11:05:05

The Best Zucchini Recipes — Recipes from The Kitchn  

Every summer there are certain things that are inevitable: a serious increase in Popsicle and ice cream consumption, meal plans filled with no-heat dinners, and, of course, getting inundated with piles and piles of zucchini. Whether it comes from your garden, neighbor, CSA, or farmers market, this summer vegetable is abundant, so it's time to arm yourself with all the best ways to use it up. READ MORE »

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2018-07-17 10:40:14

How to Make Pesto alla Trapanese, Italy's Tomatoey Pesto  

Pesto alla trapanese is Sicily's answer to the more common pesto sauce from Liguria. Both contain basil, garlic, cheese, olive oil, and nuts, but Trapanese pesto uses almonds where Ligurian pesto uses pine nuts, and adds one critical, fresh, and fruity ingredient: tomatoes. Read More

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2018-07-17 10:30:05

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