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How To Clean Your Kitchen Sink — Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn  

I consider myself a pretty clean person, but I have to say that every time I start researching an article, I discover another totally filthy place that I haven't been cleaning. In this case, it's the kitchen sink. It actually harbors even more bacteria than your toilet bowl. And if you, like me, thought that it got clean as you wash the dishes every day? Well, you are sadly mistaken. READ MORE »

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2018-10-03 09:30:00

There's No Way This Slow Cooker Full English Breakfast Is an Improvement — Food News  

During everyone's most-and-least favorite holiday movie, Love, Actually, Prime Minister Hugh Grant lists all of the reasons why he thinks Great Britain deserves that first part of its name: "We may be a small country, but we're a great one, too," he said. "The country of Shakespeare, Churchill, the Beatles, Sean Connery, Harry Potter. David Beckham's right foot. David Beckham's left foot, come to that." That's a good start, but he somehow failed to mention Britain's most

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2018-09-21 21:33:49

It Takes Longer to Audition for The Great British Bake Off than It Does to Film the Season — Food TV  

If you watch U.K. mainstay The Great British Bake Off, the reality competition where 10 amateur bakers duke it out to be crowned best baker in the land, there comes a moment where a tiny part of your brain tells you "maybe I could do this." This usually happens when one of the 10 contestants makes a rookie mistake and confuses a stroopwafel for a caramel cookie during a technical challenge. But then, when you see the remaining bakers all creating a perfect complex dessert like an entrem

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2018-09-21 20:10:59

Did an Anti-Trump Boycott Help Shutter This D.C. Sandwich Chain?  

A 2017 meeting with Donald Trump "contributed" to an undisclosed dip in sales a the soon-to-close Taylor Gourmet sandwich shop Taylor Gourmet, a sandwich chain based in Washington, D.C., is closing dozens of locations across two cities — and a meeting with Donald Trump is partially to blame, according to the Washingtonian. The chain is rumored to be preparing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy just a year after the chain's founder held a controversial meeting with Trump. Taylo...

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2018-09-21 17:48:48

Feast Your Eyes on Angler, the Saison Spinoff Set to Take Over San Francisco  

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2018-09-21 16:38:35

When Two Comedians Go to Frenchette  

On the Upsell this week: Comedians Sydnee Washington and Marie Faustin visit one of New York's hottest restaurants This week on the podcast, Daniel took comedians and podcast hosts Sydnee Washington and Marie Faustin out to dinner at Frenchette, one of New York's hottest restaurants. Then they headed back to the studio to discuss. It's like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee except a podcast and with no cars or it's Dan and not Jerry. Subscribe to the Unofficial Expert p...

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2018-09-21 15:51:27

Alton Brown's Secret Ingredient for Cooking Steak Is Just Weird Enough to Work — Pop Culture  

Don't you just hate it when you're trying to make a recipe, but halfway through you realize you're missing a key ingredient? It's so frustrating. It happens to the best of us, though. Just this week, Alton Brown found himself with a raw steak, but no oil or butter to cook it in. Rather than give up, or drive to the store to get some more, the Good Eats host decided to improvise, and he cooked his steak in mayonnaise instead. Even he seemed surprised. "I didn't have any oil or b

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2018-09-21 13:55:52

How I Meal Prep for a Week of 1500-Calorie Days — Power Hour Meal Prep  

If you're sticking to a calorie budget, you likely understand the importance of planning and prepping your meals. Starting the week with a fridge full of packed Tupperware can help you stick within your calorie range and prevent mealtimes from being stressful. But picking and choosing the best recipes to prep? Now that's where things get tricky. It's also where we come in. This Power Hour plan is packed with lean proteins, fresh vegetables, and whole grains to create an entir

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2018-09-21 13:19:47

A Guide to Buying the Best Potatoes & Store Them Well — Tips from The Kitchn  

Potatoes, in all their many colors, shapes, and textures, are one of the most grabbed-for ingredients in our kitchens. From pancakes and casseroles to soups and side dishes, there are few things these tubers can't do. But before you get scrubbing, peeling, and chopping, you've got to sort through the bin at the store to find the best ones. No matter what kind of potatoes you plan to pick up, there are some universal tips that will help you always pick the best potatoes and sto

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2018-09-21 12:31:58

An Easy Way to Add Natural Fragrance to Your Home — Tips from The Kitchn  

I really dislike artificial fragrances, especially those plug-in types of air fresheners that are full of chemicals. Give me essential oils any day. However, many of the nicer reed diffusers are also pretty pricey. Paying $20 or $30 for a store-bought one seems rather silly when many of us have the raw materials to make our own lying around the house. Here's how to DIY a reed diffuser for a hit of natural aromatherapy at home. READ MORE »

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2018-09-21 11:27:46

Easy One-Pot Ratatouille Spaghetti Is Veggie Heaven — Delicious Links  

Kitchn's Delicious Links column highlights recipes we're excited about from the bloggers we love. Follow along every weekday as we post our favorites. We are here to help you stage a mini rebellion against the fact that tomorrow is officially the very last day of summer. Here's what we're gonna do: Make this dreamy one-pot pasta filled with summery farmers market produce, pair it with a glass of wine, and eat dinner outside. It's the perfect way to bid adieu to summer. READ

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2018-09-21 11:20:18

How To Make Easy Shepherd's Pie — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn  

You likely know Shepherd's pie as a homey, comforting casserole — one that combines a flavorful stew of ground beef, peas, carrots (and sometimes corn) with mountains of creamy mashed potatoes. This skillet version has all those classic components, but takes less than an hour to make and skips the fresh vegetables (and the prep that comes with them) in favor of the frozen kind — letting you focus your efforts on the creamy potatoes. This Shepherd's pie is a complete meal ...

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2018-09-21 10:53:03

The $10 Kitchen Tool I Use Every Time I Cook — Shopping  

If I'm making dinner, you know I'm pulling out my Microplane. I know you clicked on this story expecting to see some sort of pan or chef's knife. (I usually do use those things, but they're not $10!) It's my Microplane that I seriously couldn't cook without. The version I swear by is the original Classic Series Grater. (The one that started out as a woodworking tool and wound up as an indispensable kitchen gadget.) While the company now offers similar graters with all kinds of hand

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2018-09-21 10:44:28

Saganaki: Set Fire to the Cheese, Watch It Burn  

Saganaki is a Greek dish of fried cheese, usually halloumi, kasseri or even flour-dusted feta, served alongside bread as a starter. Read More

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2018-09-21 10:30:00

Watch: Why This Chef Left a Career in Neuroscience to Serve Filipino Food  

Ellie Tiglao uses Tanam, her series of pop-up dinners to reframe how Boston understands Filipino food Since 2014, chef Ellie Tiglao has hosted over 100 pop-up dinners around the greater Boston area. Tiglao landed in Boston to pursue a career in neuroscience, but quickly realized that unlike her hometown in northern California — the Filipino community in her adopted area was nearly nonexistent. The pop-up events gave Tiglao a chance to reconnect with her roots and educate the ...

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2018-09-21 10:20:09

The 5 Best Canned Goods to Stock Up on at Costco — Shopping  

The whole point of Costco is that you're buying in bulk to get the deals, and one of my biggest questions with these big quantities is usually Is this going to keep long enough for me to eat it all? That's why I tend to focus on pantry items at Costco, whether it's dry goods or canned items that will last long enough for me to use them up. And ideally, I want good pantry items. So, in honor of our canned goods focus this month, I rounded up the best canned groceries at Costco. Th

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2018-09-21 09:53:37

Maine Health Department Proves to Be Total Buzzkill for Stoned Lobsters  

Plus, Starbucks is topping new beverages with cold foam, and more food news to end the week An unsurprising followup to the story of a Maine restaurant that is getting its lobsters stoned before killing them: Government officials in the state are not cool with this idea. Maine health inspectors "would treat food served to consumers at licensed eating places and affected by marijuana, as has been described with this establishment, as adulterated and therefore illegal," re...

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2018-09-21 09:33:02

California Bans Restaurants From Automatically Giving Out Plastic Straws  

The new statewide law goes into effect January 1, 2019 Come 2019, California diners who want a plastic straw for their beverage will have to specifically ask for one. On Thursday, a bill banning full-service restaurants from automatically giving customers plastic straws was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. "Plastic has helped advance innovation in our society, but our infatuation with single-use convenience has led to disastrous consequences," Brown wrote in a sign...

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2018-09-21 09:12:02

10 Chefs on the Best $10 They've Ever Spent on Their Kitchens — Shopping  

As you might imagine, professional chefs rely on a lot of fancy-schmancy tools to do their jobs day in and day out. We're talking immersion circulators, high-performance blenders, flash chillers, vacuum sealers, blow torches, and beyond. But not every gadget that professional chefs swear by has to cost you an arm and a leg (or look like it belongs in a laboratory). We reached out to 10 chefs to talk about their favorite cheap kitchen tools that they couldn't live without. Here are

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2018-09-21 08:46:51

Over 100,000 Pounds of Ground Beef May Be Contaminated by E.coli — Recall Notice  

Carnivores should be on high alert: A meat supplier for many grocery stores including Publix has decided to recall over 132,000 pounds of ground beef due to E. coli concerns. The trouble began last month, when Publix stores in Florida announced that it would be pulling beef products made from ground chuck from shelves after 18 people became ill. Cargill Meat Solutions, the supplier in question, is now taking extra precautions to make sure that no one else gets sick. The company

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2018-09-21 08:18:47

Special Sauce: Where's Kenji?!? (Here. He's Here.)  

Ed Levine talks to Kenji López-Alt about fatherhood, opening a restaurant, and writing books. Read More

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2018-09-21 07:45:49

10 Fresh & Healthy Budget Pasta Recipes — Recipes from The Kitchn  

We all know pasta is a great choice if you're trying to stick to a food budget, since boxes of the dried stuff run cheap, but we don't always think of it as being healthy. However, it's totally possible to make it that way. The key is to load it with colorful vegetables, skip heavy and creamy sauces, and eat the portion size that's laid out in the recipe. Here are 10 recipes that follow these guidelines and are easy on your wallet. READ MORE »

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2018-09-21 06:11:39

The Smartest Dishwasher Tips We Learned from Apartment Therapy Readers — Dish Duty  

Earlier this year our sister site, Apartment Therapy, ran a post about common dishwasher mistakes that people make. The post generated a surprisingly lively flurry of chatter in the comments. And while the great debate of whether you should pre-sort your utensils or not may never be resolved, we picked up some more dishwasher tips from those savvy commenters. Here are the smartest dishwasher tips we gathered from Apartment Therapy readers. READ MORE »

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2018-09-21 04:26:29

10 Essential Sauces You'll Want to Double for Meal Prep — Recipes from The Kitchn  

When you're meal prepping this weekend, squeeze a little time in between roasting vegetables and shredding chicken to make a sauce. I only recently discovered the power of homemade sauces, but quickly learned herby concoctions or creamy condiments can totally transform your meals. They jazz up grain bowls, make every single vegetable more exciting to eat, and instantly turn proteins like meat and fish into a dinner you'd probably pay a lot for at a restaurant. Most require nothing

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2018-09-21 02:57:32

The Best Dish-Drying Racks and Mats, According to Kitchn Editors — Shopping  

Even if you're lucky enough to have a dishwasher, you still have to wash the occasional item by hand (at least, you do if you value your knives or cookware in the slightest!). What you do with that item once it's washed is its own issue. Some people prefer to stack stuff up on a standard-issue tea towel. Some people prefer an extra-absorbent mat. And some people want a full setup with compartments for flatware and spokes for cups. Not surprisingly, the preferences span the gamut jus

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2018-09-21 01:46:45

Cheese Tea Could Be the New Bubble Tea — If Americans Get Over the Name  

Tea topped with cheese foam has been stuck on the cusp of trending stateside "Cheese tea? What's that?" Mention it to anyone who's hearing about it for the first time and you'll likely get a scrunched-up nose and a look of confusion. Perhaps even a shake of the head. To many Americans, the combination of tea and cheese sounds downright unappetizing. But, as any cheese tea purveyor will tell you, cheese tea tastes better than it sounds. In fact, the drink isn't that...

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2018-09-20 17:19:04

Costco Is Launching the Most Incredible Meal Kit in Los Angeles — Grocery News  

Meal kits were once the realm of the online shopping market. Don't have time to grab ingredients for a complete meal from the grocery store? Teaching yourself how to cook for the first time? Order from a company liked Plated or Blue Apron, and you'd get everything you need for dinner dropped on your doorstep. Over the summer though, many meal kit services shifted that business model and began appearing in grocery stores. HelloFresh launched a meal-kit service available in Stop

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2018-09-20 17:01:41

Instant Pot's New Blender Can Also Heat Your Food  

But will it actually save you time? Instant Pot, the internet's favorite multi-functional kitchen appliance for preparing soups, meats and rice, is branching out into smoothies, almond milk, and ice cream. That's right, Instant Pot is making a blender — and it can cook your food. True to Instant Pot's multi-purpose gimmick, the Instant Pot Ace Blender will not be limited to traditional blender settings. In addition to standard buttons like "puree" and "pulse,"...

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2018-09-20 13:56:16

How To Make Easy Slow Cooker Potato Soup — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn  

Potato soup is such a fall classic. Tender pieces of creamy russet potatoes mingle with onions, garlic, and salty pancetta for a bowl of soul-soothing solace. The only possible upgrade to this classic is to make it easier with the help from the slow cooker. And let's be real — this soup is one hundred times better when it's made in the slow cooker. To make the absolute easiest potato soup, this recipe relies on pantry staples to create a bowl of creamy, comforting soup that's ...

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2018-09-20 13:44:54

16 Essential Pie-Making Tools  

From mixers to whip the meringue to a zester for citrus and the perfect rolling pin, pie-making definitely involves a few special tools of the trade. Here are our recommendations for all the equipment you need to master every kind of pie. Read More

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2018-09-20 13:00:27

10 Surprising Things to Do with a Can of Ro-tel — Tips from The Kitchn  

Next time you're in the canned tomato aisle at the grocery store, forgo you're usual plain diced tomatoes and opt for a can of Ro-tel. The Southern favorite is a blend of diced tomatoes and fire-roasted green chilies, so it has all the juicy sweetness you'll find in regular canned tomatoes but with the bonus of bold, smoky spice. Basically, it has the potential to jazz up a whole lot of meals. Here are our 10 favorite ways to use a can. READ MORE »

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2018-09-20 12:56:06

Watch: Frying Intricate, Sweet Jalebi at Home  

Cliff takes on a crispy Indian treat doused in a sweet syrup The idea for this episode has been sitting in the back of my head for quite some time. It all started during a shoot in Houston at a place called Raja Sweets, which we visited for an episode of Cooking in America. The warmth this place exuded has stuck with me as much as the sweets they served, but the showstopper is undoubtedly the jalebi. Perhaps looked at as the Indian version of a funnel cake — which surely p...

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2018-09-20 12:42:50

Our 10 Most Popular Easy Slow Cooker Meals — Tips from The Kitchn  

The slow cooker comes with a lot of merits. But where this appliance really shines is with absolutely simple recipes that help us get dinner on the table. Whether you're after something meaty or filled with veggies, or ultra-comforting or on the healthier side, your slow cooker does the heavy lifting so you don't have to stand at the stove. Here are 10 tried-and-true, well-loved slow cooker favorites that are both easy as can be and irresistibly delicious. READ MORE »

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2018-09-20 12:14:23

Whole Foods Sues Animal Rights Group to Stop In-Store Protests  

Activist group Direct Action Everywhere claims the grocer's suppliers are guilty of animal cruelty Whole Foods, which has come under fire from protesters for everything from eggs to rabbit meat, desperately wants animal rights activists to leave it alone. The California arm of the Amazon-owned grocer sued activist group Direct Action Everywhere on Wednesday, alleging members of the group have been illegally trespassing at its stores. According to the court filing, Direct Act...

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2018-09-20 11:49:37

The 10 Best IKEA Kitchen Finds for $5 or Less — Shopping  

I feel safe betting that every single one of you who's ever been to an IKEA has been distracted from those meandering walkways in the Marketplace by pretty glassware or a fun new napkin pattern. There's tons of cute, cheap stuff in the Marketplace — and where IKEA really delivers is in the kitchen section, with a mix of bargain-priced classics and unique accessories that look way more expensive than the price tag says. That said, here are the best finds you get can get there for...

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2018-09-20 10:59:47

5 Reasons Simone in LA Is One of the Most Exciting Openings of the Season  

Acclaimed chef Jessica Largey debuts her first solo project in LA's Arts District Simone, the long-awaited solo project from Manresa alum Jessica Largey, finally opens tonight. The restaurant, named for musician Nina Simone, promises a lively, multifunctional space complete with a bar and chef's counter. And, given Largey's fine dining background, some standout produce-driven food. Along with managing partner Bruno Bagbeni and partner Joe Russo, the Marvel movie directo...

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2018-09-20 10:43:57

Michelin Announces 2019 Stars for Shanghai   

There's one new two-star restaurant in the third guide to the city Today, Michelin announced its third guide to Shanghai. In the 2019 edition, the tire company with a dining guide side hustle, awarded 34 restaurants Michelin stars, up four from last year. The new selections include one new two-star restaurant and five new one-star spots. Xin Rong Ji (on Nanyang Road), a restaurant that specializes in cuisine from Taizhou, is new to the list of two-star restaurants this year...

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2018-09-20 10:39:32

Papa John's Drops the Apostrophe in Hopes That People Will Forget About Its Disgraced Founder  

Plus, Jose Andres's book about relief efforts in Puerto Rico is out today, and more food news Papa John's has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately, ousting its founder and former chief executive officer for a number of racist comments and allegations of sexual misconduct, only to see "Papa" John Schnatter come back and try to regain control. With sales plummeting, Papa John's wants customers to forget about all that, so it has introduced a new marketi...

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2018-09-20 10:00:36

The One Thing to Remember When Dealing with Picky Eaters — Food Media  

Parents will go to extreme lengths to get picky eaters to eat something. When my boyfriend was a kid, for example, he would only eat pizza — nothing else would suffice — so his mom resorted to creating pizza-like dishes. Chicken Parm suddenly became "pizza chicken," and it was finally OK for him to eat. Sound familiar? Trying to feed a picky eater feels like a never-ending, thankless task. You can do everything "right" and still end up with a kid who won't touch any...

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2018-09-20 09:55:25

Recipe: Easy 5-Ingredient Black Bean Veggie Burgers — Recipes from The Kitchn  

I became a vegetarian around the age of 12, so I've made my fair share of veggie burgers throughout the years. The funny thing is, I still don't have a go-to recipe. That's because most homemade veggie burgers call for a laundry list of ingredients (often upwards of 10), or a long refrigeration time to bind the patties together. I set out to make one with easy-to-find ingredients that's ready to devour in less than 30 minutes. And that's exactly where these black bean burgers come into

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2018-09-20 09:13:01

The Bargain Store That Has a Surprisingly Awesome Grocery Section — Shopping  

After moving apartments (yet again) earlier this year, I went to a big-box bargain store for some general supplies. And as an avid lover of grocery shopping, I couldn't not check out its aisles of food. What I found really surprised me. Classy crackers that would automatically raise my social status! Craft sodas with trendy lettering! Sacks of milled flaxseed the size of an ostrich egg! Organic dried figs not in Fig Newton form! Specialty flours that would sit, untouched, in m

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2018-09-20 08:47:06

Launching Today! Hear Kitchn Recipes on Your Alexa Device. — Amazon Alexa & Kitchn  

Have you ever wished you had an extra pair of hands while cooking to flip the pages of your cookbook, set a timer, look up how long the chicken should roast, or read the next step in your recipe? Well, starting today, you can, thanks to a new set of features from Amazon on Amazon Echo devices — and a new Kitchn relationship with Amazon. READ MORE »

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2018-09-20 08:30:25

The One Non-Cooking Oil That Belongs in Every Kitchen  

Most kitchens are well stocked with bottles of oil, but good luck finding a food-grade mineral oil among them. That's a mistake, because your cutting boards, butcher blocks, and knives need it. Read More

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2018-09-20 07:45:40

10 Super Easy (and Healthy!) Lunch Box Ideas for Toddlers & Preschoolers — A Lunch Box for Everyone  

Parents of little toddlers and preschoolers who are dutifully packing lunches for daycare and school, you are awesome. I know how exhausted you are by those little ones right now, but I'm here to remind you that in just a few short years, you'll be sending those same kids off to first grade with lunches they packed themselves. I know this firsthand, because I just sent my oldest off with a lunch she learned to pack watching me throughout these past few years. Toddler and presch

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2018-09-20 06:42:42

You Can Make Honey Sesame Chicken in Your Instant Pot — Delicious Links  

Kitchn's Delicious Links column highlights recipes we're excited about from the bloggers we love. Follow along every weekday as we post our favorites. Well, well, well, what do we have here? Another fast and easy weeknight chicken thigh recipe, that's what! If you have a package of chicken thighs, a few pantry staples, and an Instant Pot, you can have this honey sesame chicken on the table in less than 15 minutes — I kid you not. (For those of you who don't alre...

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2018-09-20 06:01:50

The Bestselling Chef's Knife on Amazon Only Costs $22 and Has More than 1,800 5-Star Reviews — Shopping  

Not only does Amazon make it easy to get all sorts of stuff delivered to your door in a near instant, but it also makes it easy to get all sorts of good stuff delivered to your door. In addition to its often-lengthy and extremely detailed customer reviews, the site also tracks — and shares! — data on its bestselling items, category by category. Armed with this information, you can buy something that's well-received by customers and popular. Fun, right? Let's let's look at t...

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2018-09-20 05:31:29

8 Little Ways You're Leaving Money on the Table When You Shop on Amazon — Shopping  

If you've already traveled down the Amazon wormhole to trade your soul for free shipping, you know how convenient it can be to shop an online mega marketplace that can get you anything you need in two days flat. It's good, then, that Amazon is constantly coming up with new ways to help you save more money on the stuff you're buying. It just takes a little research. To save you some time, we rounded up all of the awesome money-back programs the site has to offer. Read ahead f

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2018-09-20 04:35:31

The $25 Splurge That Makes My Kitchen a Cleaner and Happier Place — Shopping  

Washing dishes is a necessity, but I've learned through both personal experience and feedback from our readers that making a few little tweaks to the chore — pouring a glass of wine, listening to a podcast, using a dish soap that you love — can transform the experience into one that's relaxing and even pleasant. Beyond that, I believe in the often-paraphrased William Morris quote about everything in your home being useful or beautiful. And as a long-time apartment-dweller,...

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2018-09-20 03:55:58

One Pot Salmon with Lentils and Spinach  

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2018-09-20 03:52:05

Recipe: Garlicky Roasted Broccoli — Quick Side Dish Recipes from The Kitchn  

The question, "What are we having for dinner?" is quite often followed closely by, "What are we having with dinner?" Roasted vegetables are one of our favorite answers to the question of the quick weeknight side dish, and my latest pick for roasted goodness is broccoli. This recipe takes just a few minutes to throw into the oven and it emerges toasty around the edges and garlicky and a little spicy, if you like. READ MORE »

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2018-09-20 03:18:01

Rewarding, Indeed. Get 20% Off at Cost Plus World Market When You Enroll in Their Member Rewards Program — Deal of the Day  

Just about every retailer has a branded credit card these days, but it's much less common to find a company with a free rewards program that's actually, you know, rewarding. Cost Plus World Market is one such store, and they're offering 20 percent off regularly priced items through Friday, September 21, as part of their Member Appreciation Month program. Membership gives you perks like shipping discounts and exclusive sales, but this month of deals is reason enough to sign up. For

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2018-09-20 02:46:24

The 10 Best Keto Foods for Meal Prep — Recipes from The Kitchn  

One thing is certain: Following a keto diet requires a lot of cooking. To the uninitiated, it can have the potential to feel a little daunting, but get in the habit of meal prep and you'll see that it's a total game-changer. Getting a leg up on this meat-heavy diet with a meal prep session and some upfront work will make busy weekdays a whole lot easier. Here are 10 recipes to get you started. READ MORE »

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2018-09-20 02:15:53

Check Out Target's Dreamy New Fall Collections — Shopping  

You know how it's almost physically impossible to set foot in a Target and buy just one thing? Well, that phenomenon is going to ring even more true now that the store just announced its brand-new home collections for fall. I plan to shop away the end-of-summer blues by redecorating a little bit around my apartment. There's something about cozy fall weather that makes me want to channel my inner Ina Garten and host a dinner party or casual wine and cheese night with

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2018-09-19 20:28:29

How to Prep a Week of Easy Low-Carb Meals in About 2 Hours — Power Hour Meal Prep  

One of my top priorities right now is eating healthful, tasty food that makes me feel good and gives me energy. It's as simple as that. What that looks like varies from week to week, but right now it means pushing the pasta, rice, beans, and sweets aside to focus on low-carb meals filled with protein, good fats, and green vegetables. This Power Hour will help you prep a week of low-carb breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for two adults in just two hours. All that's left to d

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2018-09-19 17:24:43

Protesters Swarm Salt Bae's Miami Steakhouse After Chef Bragged About Feeding Venezuelan Dictator  

More than 100 people gathered outside Nusr-Et's Miami outpost on Wednesday morning Living meme/Turkish restaurateur Nusret Gökçe, aka Salt Bae, sparked major controversy this week when he hosted Venezuelan's authoritarian leader Nicolas Maduro for dinner at the Istanbul outpost of his steakhouse Nusr-et, leading over 100 protesters to swarm outside the Miami branch on Wednesday. A since-deleted Instagram video of the meal showed Gökçe slicing up a $275 steak tableside...

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2018-09-19 17:10:49

Montana Restaurant Nixes Republican Event Headlined by Trump Jr.  

The manager wants to "stay politically neutral" A restaurant in Bozeman, Montana is taking heat from conservatives on social media for canceling an campaign event headlined by Donald Trump Jr. The president's son and his girlfriend, former Fox News talking head Kimberly Guilfoyle, were scheduled to take part in a rally stumping for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Matt Rosedale on Tuesday, September 25. The event was announced in a release on Tuesday morning, but campai...

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2018-09-19 17:02:43

The Red-Blooded Politics of Red Meat  

Senator Ted Cruz's nonsensical fearmongering over "banning barbecue" in Texas is another shot in an imaginary war on masculinity There is nothing more 2018, and nothing more Texas, than one of the country's most closely watched Senate races swerving into a barbecue smear campaign. At a campaign event on Saturday at Schobels' Restaurant in Columbus, Texas, Senator Ted Cruz referenced a tiny cluster of PETA demonstrators outside and said, according to a report in the ...

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2018-09-19 16:49:53

How NAFTA Destroyed the Mexican Diet  

Behind the trade agreement that changed eating in North America forever This story was originally published on Civil Eats. When Alyshia Galvez's mother was growing up in California in the 1950s, she traveled to Michigan every winter to visit family. When she returned home, she would march into a grocery store, buy a head of lettuce, and eat it while sitting on the curb out front. At that time, in most of the United States, finding fresh greens in the supermarket in the wi...

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2018-09-19 16:28:56

How to Make Homemade Chipwich Ice Cream Sandwiches  

While you certainly can use normal chocolate chip cookies to make ice cream sandwiches, they're less than ideal. These cookies are designed specifically to be tasty and crunchy at freezing temperatures. Read More

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2018-09-19 13:00:30

Recipe: Funeral Potatoes — Recipes from The Kitchn  

I first learned about "funeral potatoes" while I was working on The Southern Sympathy Cookbook and discovered that it really is a perfect sympathy food — rich and comforting, easy to put together on short notice, and feeds a crowd. This version combines everyone's favorite potato accompaniments — butter, cheese, bacon, and chives — for a really hearty, homestyle dish. In times of sadness or need, people like to turn to the familiar and the comforting, and this dish certainly fits the...

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2018-09-19 12:52:37

The Budget Beef Buy You're Missing Out on at Costco — Shopping  

How do you usually shop for meat when you're in Costco? You go to the meat section, pick out a package, and put it in your cart, right? Wrong! Well, that's probably how you do it. But there's a better way — when it comes to ground beef, at least. READ MORE »

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2018-09-19 12:24:23

Watch Four Scenes From the Season Premiere of 'Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown'  

The Kenya episode of CNN's award-winning travel series airs this Sunday The 12th and final season of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown premieres this Sunday, September 23 with an extended episode. Bourdain, the show's late host who died on June 8, and stand-up comedian W. Kamau Bell take viewers to Kenya. The highlights of the episode — which is the only one this season to feature original narration completed before Bourdain's death — include a visit to the city of Na...

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2018-09-19 12:10:28

How To Make Your Own Dish Soap — Cleaning Tips from The Kitchn  

Whether you're trying to save money, cut down on the chemicals in your home, or are trying to hold off on a trip to the grocery store, making your own dish soap can be a solution. It's really not hard — there are just a few key things you need to know (if you want the best results, that is). So recently, I set out to find the best recipe for an easy, effective DIY dish soap. READ MORE »

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2018-09-19 11:49:42

Can Money Create a Neighborhood?  

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2018-09-19 11:22:45

Our Most Popular Chicken Recipes Ever — Recipes from The Kitchn  

One thing our readers (and Kitchn editors!) have in common is that we all love a good chicken dinner. This mild-mannered meat is a versatile staple in meal plans that's quick and easy to cook, and bursting with delicious possibilities. Of all the recipes you've been saving so you can come back to them again and again, chicken really tops the charts. These are our 10 most-saved chicken recipes of all time. Did your favorite make the list? READ MORE »

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2018-09-19 10:33:33

Why You Need an Immersion Blender  

Smaller, better at low-volume tasks, and more portable, an immersion blender has a few unique advantages over a standard countertop blender. Here's why you should consider adding one to your kitchen arsenal. Read More

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2018-09-19 10:30:34

Yelpers Trash Salt Bae's Restaurant After His Meal With Venezuelan Leader  

Plus, a new Somm documentary is coming out, and more food news Following real-life internet meme Salt Bae's meal with Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan president who can afford to eat expensive steaks while the citizens of his country starve, Yelpers are punishing Mr. Bae. Yelp has shut down the page for the Miami branch of his Nusr-Et restaurant after it became inundated with one-star reviews, reports the Miami Herald. Pios chicken-sandwich chain Chick-fil-A is making new p...

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2018-09-19 10:16:20

How Cauliflower Took Over Your Pizza, Your Kitchen, and the World   

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2018-09-19 09:15:02

Ina Garten Just Released a Chicken Recipe from Her New Cookbook — Pop Culture  

There's a little more than a month to go until Ina Garten's new cookbook Cook Like a Pro is released into our hands (and our hearts). In the lead-up to the release, she's been teasing some of her best tips and recipes out on Instagram and in her newsletter (do you subscribe to her newsletter by the way? It's great). Earlier in the summer we got a recipe for a super easy tomato salad, and then just two weeks ago we found out the best way to make croutons at home (get that pan n

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2018-09-19 08:42:25

This Salmon with Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce Is Dinner Goals — Delicious Links  

Kitchn's Delicious Links column highlights recipes we're excited about from the bloggers we love. Follow along every weekday as we post our favorites. Garlic, lemon, and butter are an ingredient trifecta. Basically you can put them on anything and that thing will taste 100 percent better. Chicken with the combo? Oh hell yes. A bunch of roasted veggies tossed in that sauce? Gimme, gimme. That's why this quick and easy salmon recipe from Cooking Classy immediately caught

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2018-09-19 07:47:21

19 Banana Recipes That Are B-A-N-A-N-A-S  

The best banana bread, classic banana pudding, and more banana recipes to prove that this fruit is good for more than snacking. Read More

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2018-09-19 07:45:39

This Crackle Glaze Tile Trend Is Taking Over the Kitchen and Bath — Kitchen Design  

#Ihavethisthingwithtiles, and it's sort of unfortunate because I've never actually picked any of my own. I fell in love with subway tiles nearly a decade ago, and I was crushing hard on those matte patterned cement tiles that popped up a couple years ago. I'm even into faux "wood" larger scale ceramic tiles and teeny tiny, mesh-backed penny tiles. And I'm not mad at a fish scale or arabesque shape either. So right now, I'm thinking it's not such a bad thing that I don't have a tile dec

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2018-09-19 04:40:50

7 DIY Kitchen Countertop Transformations That Will Blow Your Mind — Budget Kitchen Renovations  

There is a huge gap between the costs of marble and stone versus laminate, and even with the less expensive materials, having new countertops cut and installed is an expensive proposition. That's not to say you're stuck with what you've got, either. These homeowners (and some renters!) found clever ways to refresh their existing countertops — without spending a fortune. Get inspired by these DIY kitchen countertop transformations that will blow your mind. READ MORE »

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2018-09-19 03:09:06

This Is Why You Can't Have Ice Cream Every Day, Kid — Explain It Like I'm 6  

In Explain It Like I'm 6, a dietician answers the burning health questions from Associate Food Editor Meghan Splawn's daughter, Ella. When I was a kid I used to beg my parents to take me to Dairy Queen so I could order a brownie sundae. Topped with fudge and a mountain of whipped cream, it was the pinnacle of joy for my pre-teen brain. I didn't understand why I couldn't eat this all the time, or why my parents sometimes suggested eating vegetables when ice cream was a mere five min

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2018-09-19 02:51:05

11 Brilliant Ways to Organize All Your Canned Goods — Organizing Tips from The Kitchn  

My oldest daughter recently discovered canned chicken soup, and it is now her all-time favorite meal. Luckily, it's the easiest thing to make. I mean, sometimes I toss in extra frozen veggies for her health, but other than that it's open the can, add water, and turn on the stove. As I've learned, canned goods can be a dinnertime lifesaver — the random ingredient that beefs up an everyday recipe, or the just-in-case soup that you can break out when you haven't been to the groc...

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2018-09-19 02:50:53

Recipe: Keto Loaf Bread — Keto for Newbies  

Whether you're following a ketogenic diet or are just "keto-curious" like me, bread is probably one of the hardest things to forgo. Bread is just so comforting and convenient. Think about it: Turkey and cheese are spare and elemental on their own, but put them between bread and suddenly they become a meal. Read more: What Is the Ketogenic Diet, and Why Are We Talking About It? Clearly a lot of keto-conscious people feel the same way, because the internet i

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2018-09-19 01:52:18

7 Things I Always Do When Meal Prepping — Tips from The Kitchn  

Now that I've been meal prepping regularly for well over two years, I am convinced it is one of the best things you can do for yourself (and your family) to make weekday mealtimes a whole lot easier. While the ins and outs of meal prep will vary based on your needs, preferences, and schedule, there are some general rules that always apply. Here are the seven things I always do when meal prepping. READ MORE »

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2018-09-19 01:51:05

I Tried Costco's Knockoff LaCroix and Here's How It Went — Grocery Reviews  

When word got out that Costco was unleashing a lineup of LaCroix knockoffs in lime, lemon, and grapefruit flavors, sparkling water fans rejoiced. Finally they could satisfy their unquenchable thirst at a rock-bottom Kirkland Signature price! Read more: Look Out, LaCroix — Costco's New Flavored Seltzer Is Here Packaged in giant flats of 32 cans for just $7.49 (at least at my store in Portland, Oregon), the Kirkland Signature Sparkling Water has finally rolled out in most w...

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2018-09-19 01:05:18

10 Easy Vegan Lunch Box Ideas — A Lunch Box for Everyone  

Need some lunch inspiration? Some fresh ways to pack a healthy, satisfying lunch? We have 10 beautiful ideas for you today, and (shhh!) they're all vegan. Whether you eat vegan or vegetarian, or just want to try it for a Meatless Monday, these lunches show how vibrant and delicious a plant-based diet can be. These creative lunches are overflowing with protein-packed mains, fruit and veggie sides, and a few store-bought surprises to keep it all feeling fun. These colorful lunches won

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2018-09-18 21:26:15

Instant Pot Is Launching a Vitamix Blender Competitor — Shopping  

There are a few kitchen tools that our readers love and crave above all others: the stand mixer, Instant Pot, and powerful blender chief among them. And when it comes to blenders, Vitamix is the one you covet. But there's a new competitor in town! The geniuses over at Instant Pot — that cult tool that finally persuaded millions of cooks to try pressure cooking— are now moving in on the Vitamix with their own, much lower-cost competitor. This week Instant Pot i...

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2018-09-18 19:46:11

Giada De Laurentiis Just Came Out with a Gorgeous Dutch Oven — Shopping News  

Giada De Laurentiis is working to bring back Sunday dinner, and that is a campaign that I can really get behind. Italian families are known for going all-in on Sunday dinners. Every week enormous quantities of food are made, and every family member in the vicinity drops what they're doing and shows up to eat. It's almost like having Thanksgiving every week. Giada says this Sunday tradition was a huge influence for the new Dutch oven she designed with her favorite kitchenware brand,

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2018-09-18 18:55:09

5 Not-So-Basic Baking Tools Recommended by a Pastry Pro  

Delightful items that go beyond measuring cups and mixers, according to Zoe Kanan As the head baker at Studio and Simon & The Whale in the Freehand Hotel in New York City (after stints at Milk Bar and Sadelle's), Eater Young Gun semifinalist Zoe Kanan has developed a reputation for beautiful, inventive breads and pastries with unique flavors and textures (think cardamom-nectarine danishes and sourdough challah). Although baking at home is a rare treat given her schedule...

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2018-09-18 16:37:39

A Maine Restaurant Wants to Kill Lobsters Humanely by Getting Them Stoned  

Marijuana could be the key to tastier shellfish that dies happier Want humanely killed lobster? Order it baked. Well, it's actually steamed, and the thoughtful restaurant serving this crustacean advertises it as stoned. To the point: Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound, in Southwest Harbor, Maine, is exposing its lobsters to marijuana smoke before cooking them, according to the Mount Desert Islander. Owner Charlotte Gill explains that she tested the effects of weed smoke ...

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2018-09-18 16:27:42

Inside Meghan Markle's Cookbook Project, 'Together'  

The Duchess of Sussex is lending her support to a new recipe collection from a Muslim community group in London The only celebrity human you should currently care about, Meghan Markle — also known to the world as the Duchess of Sussex — wrote a cookbook. Actually, she wrote the foreword to a cookbook, but because she is taking it upon her very regal self to promote said cookbook, and using the Queen's funds to sponsor it, we can agree it's almost like it's her first c...

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2018-09-18 15:52:28

Can Papa John's Customers Forget About Papa John?  

The pizza chain's new ad campaign puts a diverse group of franchisees, rather than its scorned founder, front and center Following multiple scandals involving racial slurs and alleged sexual misconduct, Papa John's continues to distance itself from scorned founder John Schnatter. The pizza chain's advertisements were once dominated by Schnatter's likeness, but a new marketing campaign is devoid of the ousted chairman's image, putting its franchisees front and center i...

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2018-09-18 15:13:18

Alton Brown's 'Good Eats: Reloaded' Is Headed to the Cooking Channel Next Month  

The TV host teases the return of the sock puppets, plus new recipes and other surprises Before launching into a brand new version of his hit Food Network show Good Eats, food-science guru Alton Brown has been quietly remixing 13 episodes of the series that made him a star two decades ago. Brown first announced this new project, dubbed Good Eats: Reloaded, back in July. And now, the TV host has finally revealed some details about the series through his preferred method of commu

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2018-09-18 14:13:05

The Easy, Last-Minute Gift You Didn't Realize You Could Get on Amazon — Shopping  

You know those weeks that are just so busy, you can't even stop to tie your shoe? All you can do is hold your breath until the weekend. And luckily you've got a party you've been looking forward to going to. But, oh man, you probably need to get the guest of honor a little something. Ah! Yeah, you know what we're talking about. So do the folks at Amazon, apparently. Which probably explains why the site carries gift cards to many of our favorite stores and restaurants. READ MORE

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2018-09-18 13:57:02

5 Reasons a Holiday About Fasting Is the Best Food Holiday — Yom Kippur  

For many families and congregations, Yom Kippur is a very serious Jewish holiday. Meaning the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur is considered the holiest day of the year and the whole point is to ask G-d and your fellow humans for forgiveness so you can start the year with a clean slate. The holiday includes a 24-hour fast. When I was growing up, my (very) reform family took the holiday seriously in that we went to synagogue, fasted, and broke the fast with our extended family

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2018-09-18 13:40:26

10 No-Lettuce Salads That You Need to Know — Recipes from The KItchn  

While we love a good green salad, sometimes the same old routine can get tiresome. Luckily there are countless other veggies that are perfect salad contenders. These 10 recipes show just how easy it is to make a healthy, fresh salad without a piece of lettuce in sight. READ MORE »

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2018-09-18 13:26:20

Ted Cruz Says Democrats Will Ban Barbecue in Texas  

His opponent, Beto O'Rourke, has not yet responded — and Cruz says it was all a joke In a new low, failed presidential candidate Ted Cruz is waging a barbecue smear campaign to deter voters from siding with his opponent, Democrat Beto O'Rourke, in Texas' heated Senate race. At an event over the weekend at Schobels Restaurant in Columbus (about 90 miles southeast of Austin), Cruz claimed that if the state elected a Democrat, "they're going to ban barbecue across th...

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2018-09-18 13:15:38

Portland's Essential Thai Spot Hat Yai Plans Expansive New Location  

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2018-09-18 13:07:49

Quail With Plum Sauce Is as Easy as It Is Elegant  

This elegant dish seems much more complicated than it is. The reality is that it's as easy as cooking quail in a skillet, then making a quick pan sauce that uses fresh plums to full advantage. Read More

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2018-09-18 13:00:15

Australia Is Trying to Figure Out Who's Sticking Needles in Strawberries   

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2018-09-18 11:40:24

Emmy Viewers Angered Over Balvenie Scotch Ad Featuring Anthony Bourdain  

The biggest surprise of last night: this tone-deaf ad Less than an hour after Anthony Bourdain appeared in the touching Emmys "in memoriam" montage, scotch manufacturer Balvenie ran an add during last night's awards telecast featuring footage of the late author/TV host talking about "following your passion." The new commercial, which is featured above, understandably sparked a number of negative reactions from viewers on social media. The clip begins with Bourdain in...

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2018-09-18 11:24:17

Salt Bae Proudly Feeds Venezuelan Leader $275 Steak While Venezuelans Starve  

The celebrity chef bragged about hosting Nicolas Maduro in a now-deleted Instagram post Nicolas Maduro — allegedly Venezuela's president and the man responsible for the country's economic collapse and food shortages so severe they are causing starvation — feasted on steak with celebrity chef Salt Bae in Istanbul over the weekend. Nusret Gökçe, the chef known for his salt-sprinkling skills, seemed honored to host Maduro at his restaurant Nusr-Et, and even bragged abo...

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2018-09-18 10:33:16

Coca-Cola Is Looking to Get in the Weed Business  

Plus, a Chick-fil-A opened on Sunday during Hurricane Florence, and more food news Despite the current attorney general's harsh attitude toward marijuana, and its use in smear campaigns, soft-drink behemoth Coca-Cola is taking a look at the market for cannabis beverages, reports Bloomberg. The Atlanta-based company is reportedly considering "drinks infused with CBD — the non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that treats pain but doesn't get you high." Coke is eye...

what do you think?

2018-09-18 10:26:28

The Easiest, Least Expensive Way to Make Any Kitchen Look Like a Million Bucks — Shopping  

If you've read just one story about cheap and easy ways to update a kitchen, chances are you've heard the advice to switch out your cabinet hardware. While such a little thing really can make a big difference, it's not always that inexpensive. If the knobs you pick are $11 each (and, really, they can be much more expensive), and you have 20 cabinet doors, you're spending $220. To help you keep costs down (and still get new hardware that you really love), I've rounded up 10 super

what do you think?

2018-09-18 09:32:36

Recipe: Easy Chicken Potstickers — Recipes from The Kitchn  

Steamed and pan-fried Chinese dumplings, often known as potstickers, were always a favorite of mine when I was growing up. The doughy-looking dumplings magically transform into a juicy filling of meat and vegetables wrapped in a tender, crisp wrapper, perfect for dunking in a tangy dipping sauce of vinegar, soy sauce, and chili paste. Making potstickers is definitely a labor of love since you have to make the filling and wrap each dumpling, but there are a few tricks I have up my

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2018-09-18 09:12:55

This Is the Most Overlooked, Yet Most Useful, Aisle in Target — Shopping  

I spend way too much time and money at Target. I don't want to talk about how it feeds my unhealthy obsession with Key Lime LÄRABAR (I swear they go on sale every other week, just to tempt me), or mention all the other non-essentials I wind up buying before I leave. While wandering through the store the other day, I realized there's one section that I always forget about, but it's chock-full of handy, everyday items that are actually useful. This just might make y...

what do you think?

2018-09-18 09:04:04

The Broiling Days of Summer: Greek Roast Potato/Saganaki/Gratin Mashup  

This one-skillet side dish combines the best of several worlds: Greek lemony roasted potatoes and potato gratin, all topped with browned and melty halloumi cheese. Did we mention it all comes together in minutes under the broiler? Read More

what do you think?

2018-09-18 07:45:06

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