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Patreon CEO Jack Conte Encourages Creators To Embrace Failures By “Smoothing Out The Curve”  

To the online video masses, Jack Conte is known as the CEO of the crowdfunding platform Patreon and as one half of the musical duo Pomplamoose. But Conte doesn't just see himself as the man behind those two notable successes. He also sees himself as a products of near-constant "duds," and during a keynote at VidCon, he implored attendees to embrace their own failures by understanding evolutionary psychology, keeping an end goal in sight, and always striving toward their own Pomplamooses and ...

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2018-06-24 04:08:59

Daisy Marquez To Hit The Road With Fullscreen Live As Part Of Revamped 'Girls Night In' Franchise  

Twenty-year-old beauty vlogger Daisy Marquez, a self-taught makeup artist who hails from Dallas, is the second creator to hit the road with Fullscreen Live as part of its revamped Girls Night In touring franchise. Marquez, who has amassed 1 million followers on both YouTube and Instagram, will serve as the solo headliner of a 12-city national tour dubbed Girls Night In Starring Daisy Marquez. The shows will consist of a Q&A, special guests, challenges with audience members, giveaways, and...

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2018-06-23 18:18:38

A Day In The Life Of Agents At VidCon With Abrams Artists' 'Quad Squad'  

Abrams Artists has more female agents in digital media than any of its competitors, it says -- a total of seven across both coasts. And this VidCon, the first time that the massive convention is being hosted under the auspices of new proprietor Viacom, Abrams' self-described 'Quad Squad' was out in full force. Vice president Jade Sherman, founding department member Amanda Marzolf, and agents Melissa DeMarco and Marienor Madrilejo have dubbed themselves the Quad Squad because they are stayi...

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2018-06-23 15:46:40

David Dobrik Discusses Late-Night TV Host Ambitions During VidCon Q&A  

After conquering the vlogosphere, David Dobrik now has its sights set on late-night television. During a Q&A at VidCon, the 21-year-old shared his ambitions of becoming a talk show host. After conceding to a packed crowd that he was "pretty positive I'm bad at acting," Dobrik said he suspected he might have potential as a host. Given his knack for turning the spotlight on the revolving cast of characters that regularly appear in his vlogs, as well a wildly successful podcast called Views,...

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2018-06-23 11:42:48

At First VidCon Summit, LinkedIn Video Creators Celebrate “Special” Community  

It's been only ten months since LinkedIn launched its own native video service, but the professionally-oriented social media platform is starting to develop a passionate creative community of its own. At VidCon, several of those creators came together for the first-ever LinkedIn Video Creator Summit, at which early adopters of the social site's video platform shared their endorsements of it. The panel featured four creators: Goldie Chan, Rachel Chang, Alyssa Mangaoang, and Chantel Soumis...

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2018-06-23 07:13:03

ASMR Creators Rustle Up Some Revenue On YouTube And Beyond  

If you spend a lot of time in the world of YouTube, you've no doubt heard about ASMR videos, in which creators perform actions like whispering, rustling paper, or chewing gum in order trigger pleasant tingling sensations in their viewers. ASMR, which stands for "autonomous sensory meridian response," has been a notable YouTube trend for years, and its practitioners are starting to find that their gentle soundscapes can serve as the basis of an online video career. At a VidCon panel, four nota...

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2018-06-23 06:30:39

Presenting The Winners Of Tubefilter's Best In Show Award At VidCon 2018  

Earlier in June, we announced the launch of the Tubefilter Best In Show Awards, which honor the best booths and lounges at VidCon. Now, we're doing that thing we said we were going to do. On VidCon's exposition floor, I lolloped among merch tables, bubblegum-colored installations, and hordes of passionate online video viewers to discover the very best exhibitioners at the online video industry's top yearly get-together. As a reminder, the results of my exhaustive research are separated into ...

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2018-06-23 02:15:27

Liza Koshy Gets Breakup Advice From Stephen Colbert In First-Ever Late Night Appearance  

Days before beginning her role as the host of the rebooted version of the Nickelodeon game show Double Dare, Liza Koshy made her first-ever appearance on a late-night TV show. The YouTube star, whose comedy videos and vlogs have brought more than 15 million subscribers to her primary YouTube channel, talked about her breakup and promoted her new TV gig during an episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Colbert, who introduced Koshy as a creator whose audience outnumbers the population ...

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2018-06-22 16:31:08

After Thousands Of Unticketed Guests Show Up, Tana Mongeau's TanaCon Forced To Find New Venue  

Running an online video convention is a tricky thing, and Tana Mongeau learned that lesson on June 22. TanaCon, Mongeau's guerrilla-style, creator-focused event, was forced to move out of its original venue after thousands of unticketed guests pushed the Anaheim Marriott Suites past its capacity. TanaCon, which Mongeau launched after having a negative experience at VidCon in 2016 and 2017, was announced earlier this year and organized in a matter of months. With help from management compan...

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2018-06-22 15:29:09

At VidCon Keynote, MatPat Discusses Behavioral Psychology Behind Winning Titles, Thumbnails  

Matthew Patrick, one of YouTube's nerdiest stars and sharpest analysts, discussed the ways in which human behavior impacts viewing habits and clickability at a VidCon keynote titled The Psychology Of The Watch Journey. Patrick, who counts roughly 10.4 million subscribers on his Game Theorists hub -- which mixes science and nerd culture -- said that while the YouTube algorithm has been studied extensively, viewer psychology is a lesser-explored but similarly critical piece of the puzzle. In ter

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2018-06-22 14:13:50

We Talked To YouTube Trends Maven Kevin Allocca About His New Book 'Videocracy' And YouTube's Impact On Culture At Large  

Here at Tubefilter, we love to dissect the powerful, curious, and other notable phenomena that are shaping the online video industry. Whether we're tracking the influence of k-pop, considering the growth of YouTube's platform, or discussing the seasonal popularity of classic 'NSYNC jams, we know we can always get some solid data from the YouTube Trends team, led by Kevin Allocca. Allocca, who has been YouTube's main trends guru since 2010, knows a thing or two about the forces that are shap...

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2018-06-22 12:26:25

UTA Signs Instagram Meme Account 'Daquan' For TV, Music, And Merch Opportunities  

UTA has inked a deal to represent Daquan, an Instagram meme account that has amassed more than 11 million followers on the strength of its pithy memes and comedic reposts from Twitter and elsewhere across the web. Daquan -- whose creator is anonymous, and is not the boy pictured in the account's profile photo (above) -- also counts 550,000 Facebook followers, According to Forbes, the editorial lead for Daquan is a 20-year-old Calgary native. Daquan is owned by IMGN Media, per The Hollywood Re...

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2018-06-22 04:38:33

YouTube Debuts Premieres To Let Creators Launch New Videos Within Live Streams  

A new YouTube feature answers an interesting question: What if any video could be a live stream? The world's top video platform has announced Premieres, which let creators launch their new content within live streams they can share with their fans. When a creator chooses to launch a new video as a capital-P Premiere, his or her fans will be directed to a live stream. There, the video will be broadcast, and viewers can register their responses in real life, creating a theatrical atmosphere. Pr...

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2018-06-22 02:36:59

YouTube's VidCon Keynote Is All About How It Can Help Creators Make (A Lot) More Money  

YouTube is taking steps to give creators more opportunities to monetize their content on the platform by bringing channel memberships to more channels and launching partnerships related to direct merchandise sales. In a keynote address delivered at VidCon, YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan discussed several new features that will help creators reel in more money outside of ad revenue. Memberships, which were first launched as sponsorships last year, allow fans to pay $4.99 per month i...

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2018-06-22 01:53:57

Netflix's Chief Communications Officer Let Go Following “Insensitive” Remarks  

Netflix has let go of its longtime chief communications officer, Jonathan Friedland, after Friedland himself conceded on Twitter that he was "insensitive in speaking to my team about words that offend in comedy." The Hollywood Reporter reports that Friedland used the n-word in a meeting with staffers, who later reported the incident. CEO Reed Hastings notified employees in a company-wide this afternoon. Friedland had been at Netflix for seven years, and wrote on Twitter that "leaders have...

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2018-06-22 01:46:48

YouTube's Susanne Daniels Wants To “Win Some Emmys” For Original Series  

After years spent creating original series for YouTube Red—excuse me, YouTube Premium—the video platform has a new goal: to win an Emmy. On Tuesday during a party for YouTube Originals, YouTube's head of original programming Susanne Daniels told Variety that she wants "unique, unusual stories and great talent behind them" for YouTube going forward—and also "to win some Emmys" for their efforts. This talk came amidst a celebration that emphasized the YouTube original series Cobr...

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2018-06-21 18:34:11

The Try Guys Leave BuzzFeed To Launch Independent Production Company  

The Try Guys, BuzzFeed's longtime foursome of viral video makers, are finally leaving the media company to go out on their own. The group, made up of former BuzzFeed employees Ned Fulmer, Eugene Lee Yang, Keith Habersberger, and Zach Kornfeld, are launching an independent production company called 2nd Try LLC. The company will gain all rights to The Try Guys brand, including its social media presence, though BuzzFeed will remain along for the ride as a branded content and advertising sales re...

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2018-06-21 12:37:15

Instagram Exec Says Monetization Will Arrive On Just-Launched IGTV Platform By Year's End  

One day after launching its highly-anticipated IGTV service, a long-form vertical video hub that brings Instagram squarely into competition with YouTube, top Instagram exec Jackson Williams arrived at VidCon to field questions from creators about the nascent service, as well as to provide general tips about supercharging growth. While Williams -- who heads up strategic partnerships and emerging talent at Instagram -- acknowledged that Instagram sees vertical video as a "macro trend," he do...

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2018-06-21 11:19:58

Digital Media Company Whistle Sports Announces $28 Million Funding Round  

Whistle Sports has lined its pockets thanks to a sizable investment led by an multinational media company. The multi-channel network and content studio, known for working with some of the top creators in the sports category on YouTube and beyond, has announced a $28 Series D funding round led by London-based Aser. With its latest investment, Whistle Sports plans to expand its content library, which is focused around creative partners like The F2 Freestylers (pictured above), Dude Perfect, an...

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2018-06-21 10:39:43

Snapchat To Place Renewed Emphasis On Creator Community, Unveils Second Series With Patrick Starrr  

As compared to other social platforms, Snapchat has not traditionally prioritized the creator community, having launched as a one-to-one communication vehicle for IRL friends before collaborating with premium publishers via its Discover hub. But that's all poised to change, executives as the company is now turning its eye to the creator community. In a session at VidCon today, Snapchat's head of original content, Sean Mills, and newly-tapped head of talent partnerships, Lauren Gallo, discussed

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2018-06-21 10:11:24

Season Three Of Joey Graceffa's 'Escape The Night' Now Available Via YouTube Premium  

Joey Graceffa's campy murder-mystery serial has made its return to YouTube Premium. Graceffa is the creator and star of Escape The Night, which just launched its third season. The new episodes of Graceffa's show place him in a small town during the 1970s, where he and his cohorts must solve a classic whodunit caper. The ensemble cast will be dressed to the nines in period-appropriate garb; featured players will include Graceffa, Matthew Patrick, Rosanna Pansino, JC Caylen, Colleen Ballinge...

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2018-06-21 09:57:30

AT&T Will Launch Skinny OTT TV Bundle, WatchTV, Next Week  

Just over a week after a federal judge approved AT&T's merger with Time Warner, the former announced its new skinny, over-the-top TV bundle for its wireless users. Dubbed WatchTV, the service will include over 30 live channels, including CNN, Discovery, TLC, TNT, Lifetime, and Viceland, as well as an additional 15,000 plus television shows and movies on demand. After it launches next week, the service will also feature BET, Comedy Central, VH1, and Nicktoons. The OTT service will first...

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2018-06-21 08:19:30

Check Out The Scene From Facebook's Inaugural 'Creator Day' In Los Angeles  

On Tuesday, just ahead of VidCon, Facebook celebrated its own flourishing video community with an inaugural event appropriately dubbed Creator Day. At the gathering, video VP Fidji Simo and other Facebook product managers convened with more than 120 top creators from across the globe at Los Angeles' Smashbox Studios to share new product announcements -- including new monetization tools and novel ways to gamify live videos -- as well as to learn best practices. Those in attendance included: E...

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2018-06-21 08:12:45

Streaming Platform Announces $100,000 Broadcaster Development Fund is investing in its community of mobile live streamers. The app has announced its Broadcaster Development Fund, through which it will identify up-and-coming creators and supply them with mentorship, promotion, resources, and other perks. At the Broadcaster Development Fund's onset, $100,000 has been set aside for it, and also plans to supply the program with the human resources it will need to operate. Each creator selected for the Fund will be assigned his or her own talent m...

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2018-06-21 07:14:30

Twitter's Creator Ads Are Working, Study Finds Users' Purchase Intent Rises By 88%  

According to a study Twitter recently conducted with Magna at IPG Media Lab, a media research group, Twitter users' purchase intent goes up 88 percent when it comes to products hawked through branded creator posts, as opposed to posts that come directly from brands. The study surveyed 171 Twitter creators in the US and UK found via Niche, the Twitter-owned platform that works to help creators monetize their content by connecting them with brands. The study also surveyed 3,251 US-based consume...

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2018-06-21 07:03:08

New MTV Studios To Remake 'The Real World, 'Daria', More '90s Shows For SVOD Platforms  

MTV just launched MTV Studios, which will focus on producing spinoffs of old MTV originals and putting them on streaming platforms. MTV Studios is starting with reboots and spinoffs of series that '80s and '90s kids grew up with, like Daria, Aeon Flux, and The Real World. The studio is pitching all three of these shows to streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Apple, reported Deadline. The Daria spinoff, Daria & Jodie, will remain in keeping with the original animated format, fol...

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2018-06-21 03:13:36

UTA Forms 'Ramble' Podcast Network For Digital Stars Like Rhett & Link, Hannah Hart, Josh Peck  

Renowned talent agency UTA has partnered with podcast company Cadence13 to launch an audio network dedicated solely to top YouTube stars.  Ramble, which officially bows in September, will work with the likes of Rhett And Link, Natalie Alzate, Josh Peck, Hannah Hart, and Flula Borg on their respective podcasts. Ramble will comprise a dedicated team of producers to help creators helm top-tier audio content, and the network will also serve as a liaison to prospective advertisers. Additionally, i...

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2018-06-21 01:32:32

More Than 80 Creators, Including Casey Neistat And Miranda Sings, Confirmed For Tana Mongeau's VidCon Alternative  

Tana Mongeau's VidCon alternative is ready to roll. More than 80 creators, including Casey Neistat and Miranda Sings, have been confirmed for Tanacon, which is expected to draw thousands of attendees once it begins in Anaheim on June 22. The story behind Tanacon relates directly to VidCon, which will take place next door to Mongeau's festival. As the YouTube star tells it, she had a miserable experience at the online video industry's top gathering after being given the runaround on whether ...

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2018-06-21 01:15:33

Andrea's Choice Is Launching Her Own Cosmetics Line With Abrams Artists Agency (Exclusive)  

Veteran beauty influencer Andrea Brooks, who launched her channel roughly a decade ago and is now known to 4.3 million subscribers as Andrea's Choice, has pacted with Abrams Artists talent agency to release her very own cosmetics line. Brooks is partnering with a leading global cosmetics manufacturer to manufacture, develop, and distribute the line, which is slated for a late 2018 release. The collection will ultimately comprise more than a dozen products in four different product categories...

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2018-06-20 19:39:23

Instagram Announces IGTV, An Entertainment Hub With Hour-Long Videos And Content From Social Stars  

After weeks of persistent rumors, Instagram has officially announced a long-form video platform. The entertainment hub, titled IGTV, will allow its users to upload videos up to one hour long and will feature content from some of the social media industry's top stars. IGTV will be available both on the main Instagram app (which, according to a blog post from the company, now reaches more than a billion accounts) and on an app of its own. As with Snapchat's Discover hub, IGTV videos will be v...

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2018-06-20 18:35:08

Insights: VidCon Navigates An Industry's Stormy Season With New Owner, Influx Of Brands And Platforms  

From its modest beginnings in a Los Angeles hotel basement to this week's 30,000-strong online-influencer extravaganza swallowing the mammoth Anaheim Convention Center, VidCon has seen a few changes since its low-key 2010 launch. What's A Viacom-Owned VidCon Look Like? But for all VidCon's past transformations, this year's show might see the most changes ever. To begin with, this winter, founders and pioneering YouTube influencers Hank and John Green sold VidCon to cable-TV Viacom. The Gre...

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2018-06-20 17:54:58

YouTube Announces Creative Suite For Brands, Lets Them Live Experiment With Ads  

YouTube just announced its new Creative Suite, which targets brands looking to tell better stories on the platform. Announced at the Cannes Lions Festival and through Google's AdWords blog, the new tools aim to measure the effectiveness of branded content and lets brands create controlled experiments to see how their videos perform under different variables. Video Experiments will offer brands the ability to essentially simulate focus groups for their advertisements while those ads play on ...

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2018-06-20 03:50:44

Users Watch Over 180 Million Hours Of YouTube Content On TV Screens Daily  

YouTube viewers now watch more than 180 million hours of content on the platform on TV screens every day. This is one of the new statistics announced at the 2018 Cannes Lions Festival by Google and YouTube executives. Last year at Cannes, YouTube's chief of original content, Susanne Daniels, said that the streaming video platform was "competing for TV ad dollars that were previously exclusively TV ad dollars." Now, with so much YouTube content consumed on television screens, that competit...

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2018-06-20 03:29:02

Head Of YouTube Music Has 'Largest Marketing Plan In YouTube's History' For The Service  

YouTube's head of music, Lyor Cohen, touted what an "incredible time to be in music" it is at Cannes yesterday. Meanwhile, YouTube may owe musicians whose videos have appeared on the platform billions of dollars. On Monday, YouTube Music, both ad-supported and premium versions, launched in 12 additional countries, including France, Canada, Germany, Russia, Sweden, and the UK. As the video streaming service seeks to take on music streamers like Apple and Spotify, Cohen has made it clear th...

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2018-06-20 03:06:45

Complex's Popular 'Burger Show' Rolls Into Second Season On Food Channel First We Feast  

After a successful first season that saw it average hundreds of thousands of views per episode and inspire a pop-up space in New York, The Burger Show is back. The Complex Networks web series, which lives on the First We Feast channel, has returned for a second season that will continue to celebrate the mystique of America's favorite ground beef dish. In the first season of The Burger Show, host Alvin Cailan attended a stunt burger competition, chowed down at a New Jersey diner with P...

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2018-06-20 01:43:53

YouTube Star Summer Mckeen To Have 'Endless Summer' In Snapchat Original Series  

Summer Mckeen is getting ready for an Endless Summer. Mckeen, a YouTube star whose beauty, fashion, and lifestyle videos have attracted more than 1.4 million subscribers, will star in a Snapchat docuseries that will chronicle her first year living alone in Laguna Beach. On her YouTube channel, Mckeen offers fare typical of beauty influencers -- "get ready with me" videos, makeup hauls, and the like -- to her viewers. Her content often features her boyfriend, Dylan Jordan, who will factor in...

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2018-06-19 18:26:18

Hannah Hart, GLAAD To Raise $50,000 For LGBTQ+ Youth With 'Pride Live' Variety Show  

Hannah Hart is putting together a Pride Month bash that will support a noble cause. Hart, a notable member of YouTube's LGBTQ+ community and a GLAAD board member, will team up with GLAAD, YouTube Space LA, BuzzFeed, and INTO for Pride Live, a star-studded variety show that will aim to raise $50,000 for GLAAD initiatives. Pride Live, which will air on GLAAD's YouTube channel between 3 and 6 PM ET on June 29, will be styled like a live telethon. During the broadcast, viewers will be able to use...

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2018-06-19 11:18:46

'Kickass Drag Queen' Will Be The First Series From Lilly Singh's Unicorn Island Productions  

After launching her own production studio in April dubbed Unicorn Island Productions, multi-faceted YouTube star Lilly 'Superwoman' Singh has announced its very first project: an animated series adaptation of the queer Instagram comic Kickass Drag Queen. Kickass Drag Queen is written by Bob The Drag Queen (ne Christopher Caldwell) -- who won the eighth season of the acclaimed reality competition series RuPaul's Drag Race -- and illustrated by collaborator Matteo Lane. The series' Instagr...

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2018-06-19 11:11:10

'YouTube Onstage' Adds Rosanna Pansino, Swoozie, LaurDIY To Pre-VidCon Showcase Lineup  

YouTube is bolstering its lineup for YouTube Onstage -- the second annual entertainment showcase that serves to kick off VidCon in Anaheim, Calif., on June 21. Joining previously-announced headliners Marshmello, Liza Koshy, Collins Key, Merrick Hanna, and Kyle Hanagami at the event -- which serves to celebrate the biggest trends and artists on YouTube right now -- are: chef Rosanna Pansino, comedy star Swoozie, lifestyle creator LaurDIY, choreographer Matt Steffanina, wildlife educator Coyote ...

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2018-06-19 11:07:52

Facebook Expands Monetization With Branded Content Marketplace, More Ad Breaks  

While YouTube continues to frustrate creators by continuing to demonetize their videos based on the nature of their content, Facebook is looking to attract more videomakers with promises of prosperity. The social giant has announced several new and expanded monetization options for its creators, including the launch of a marketplace that connects brands to like-minded influencers. The marketplace, titled Brand Collabs Manager, had previously been available to a small group of users but will no...

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2018-06-19 06:05:28

Patreon Launches Digital To-Do Lists To Help Creators Track Rewards Owed  

After announcing the acquisition of ecommerce startup Kit earlier this month in its bid to create an automated merch service for creators, Patreon unveiled today a new tool that will help users manage and track the reward deliverables that they owe to patrons. "Before today, it took too much manual work to keep track of fulfilling the special things you give your patrons," the company wrote in a blog post. Given that Patreon creators offer both physical items and digital incentives as rewa...

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2018-06-19 05:11:13

Whistle Sports Signs Deal With NBA Comedian 'Famous Los' For Original Content, Events (Exclusive)  

Carlos 'Famous Los' Sanford, whose sarcastic NBA commentary clips have garnered 1.1 million followers on both Instagram and Facebook, has inked a one-year deal with sports-centric digital network Whistle Sports. Sanford will work with Whistle on premium content creation, branded content, event activations, and social distribution. Sanford has been signed to Whistle since 2016 and most recently collaborated with the network on coverage of the NBA All-Star Game. He also served as host on Whistle'

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2018-06-19 01:52:21

Facebook Adds New Ways To Gamify Video, Will Incorporate Non-Episodic Clips Into 'Watch' Hub  

At its first-ever Creator Day, held today in Los Angeles, where Facebook's product VP Fidji Simo will interface with the video creator community, the social network announced several new features and tools to help users grow their audiences, manage analytics, and build lucrative businesses on Facebook. In a bid to make game shows, reality TV, and scripted content more participatory and community-centric -- which is what Facebook says differentiates it from other platforms -- the company is add...

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2018-06-19 01:52:15

Jon Cozart, Marla Catherine, CJ Perry Sign With Management Firm Expand Entertainment  

Expand Entertainment is, well, expanding its roster. The talent management firm, which works with some of the top stars in the online video community, has announced three signings: YouTube stars Jon "Paint" Cozart and Marla Catherine, as well as WWE standout CJ Perry. The creators who are joining Expand's roster of talent all count millions of followers. Cozart, who hosted the 2017 Streamy Awards, is known for his musical comedy, including his heralded "After Ever After" videos. The third i...

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2018-06-19 01:25:03

Fullscreen Signs 10 Creators, Including Perez Hilton, Bobby Bojangles, And Macy Kate  

Fullscreen has announced 10 diverse, high-profile additions to its digital network, with the latest crop of creators hailing from different sects of the entertainment landscape. All told, the new signings count a collective 45 million monthly viewers across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch. Today, Fullscreen -- which cut roughly 160 creators from its network amid concerns about objectionable content in the wake of the YouTube 'Adpocalypse' -- shared that it has signed: infamous

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2018-06-18 18:31:52

Baby Ariel To Headline Improv Show In Hollywood One Day Before The Start Of VidCon  

On social media platforms like and YouTube, Ariel "Baby Ariel" Martin has displayed her own brand of self-styled humor. However, in a live show she will headline one day before the start of VidCon, Martin will put her comedic instincts to the test. She is one of the influencers who will perform in an improv show that will take place at the Acme Comedy Theater on June 19. Martin, who has for years been one of the most followed creators on the mobile video platform, will...

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2018-06-18 18:28:33

Sisterly YouTube Stars Niki & Gabi Announce Their Debut EP  

As Niki and Gabi DeMartino's shared star continues to rise across the social web, they are making an ambitious foray into the world of music. The sororal duo, known online as Niki and Gabi, has announced a debut EP, titled Individual. Individual, which consists of six songs and retails for $6.99, gives its stars the opportunity to a continue a musical career that has thus far spanned more than a dozen covers and original songs. The first music video for a track from Individual arrived last...

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2018-06-18 17:28:39

YouTube Premium And YouTube Music Roll Out To 12 More Countries Including U.K., Canada  

After launching over two years ago, YouTube's platform for original content is finally commencing its global rollout. Beginning today, the newly-christened YouTube Premium subscription service -- which offers ad-free viewing and access to YouTube's original features and shows -- will be available in 12 more countries, including Austria, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. YouTube's freshly-launched Music platform -- whic...

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2018-06-18 16:58:22

BuzzFeed Celebrates LGBTQ+ Teens With Its Second-Annual Queer Prom  

Last June, BuzzFeed celebrated Pride Month by hosting a Queer Prom event, through which it overturned conventional gender norms that often play out at high school... Visit Tubefilter for more great stories.

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2018-06-18 16:27:49

Fullscreen Has Quietly Offered 360-Degree Talent Management For 2 Years — And Its Client Roster Is Growing Fast  

After seeing Cody Kolodziejzyk's quippy comedy clips on Vine in 2013, Fullscreen senior talent manager Mahzad Babayan -- who was in charge of the network's signings at the time -- became instantly mesmerized. So she contacted the 27-year-old -- who just last month crossed the 1 million subscriber threshold on YouTube, where he is known to fans as Cody Ko -- about working with the digital network in a licensing and asset-claiming capacity. "I was just a software engineer from Canada," Ko...

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2018-06-18 15:44:25

Donut Media Is Giving You Free Racing At Tubefilter's 8th Annual VidCon Pre-Party  

You're probably already well aware Tubefilter is taking over the racetrack again for our 8th annual VidCon kickoff party—fueled by PopChest. Each year, online video creators and industry members get together on the eve of VidCon for a night of epic fun—before all the madness begins. And as always, you can drop in, hang out, and race with some of the biggest names on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and more.  But what makes this year different from other years it that for the first time eve...

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2018-06-18 15:24:41

Sparks Fly At Presser Ahead Of KSI And Logan Paul's Boxing Mega-Match  

As expected, sparks flew on Saturday when YouTube megastars Olajide 'KSI' Olatunji and Logan Paul convened for a presser ahead of their highly-anticipated boxing match in August. The two creators were joined by their younger brothers -- Deji Olatunji and Jake Paul -- who will also be fighting one another as part of the August 25 mega-matchup at the Manchester Arena. All four creators traded barbs at the preview event, which took place at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and was hoste...

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2018-06-18 11:57:51

Ninja Signs Endorsement Deal With Red Bull, Will Host All-Nighter 'Fortnite' Tournament In Chicago  

One of the biggest streamers in all of gaming has inked a sponsorship pact with one of the world's most creator-savvy brands. Fortnite phenom Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins has pacted with Red Bull in a deal that will kick off with a competitive Fortnite tournament this Sunday -- with registration filling up in minutes, according to ESPN. The announcement arrives on the heels of Ninja's buzzy win at the first ever Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am tournament at E3, where he and teammate Marshmello took...

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2018-06-18 08:16:09

Venezuelan YouTubers Maiah Ocando, Gabriel Torrelles Adapt Hit Podcast Into Comedy Special  

With web series like Visto Bueno, Venezuelan creators Maiah Ocando and Gabriel Torrelles have received millions of views, brought more than 660,000 subscribers to Ocando's YouTube channel, and snagged a total of six Streamy Award nominations. Now, Ocando and Torrelles are taking their brand of content to new formats. They have announced A Handbook For Failure, a comedy special based off their podcast No Se, Dime Tú (I Don't Know, You Tell Me). In their podcast, which has spanned 67 ep...

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2018-06-18 04:59:21

UTA Promotes Its Head Of Digital Brent Weinstein To Chief Innovation Officer  

In 2015, Brent Weinstein became an official agency partner at Beverly Hills talent house UTA. Three years later, UTA has promoted Weinstein again; this time, the agent, known for his work in the digital media industry, will become UTA's first-ever Chief Innovation Officer. In his new role, Weinstein will continue to oversee UTA's operations in the digital media sphere while also co-managing the UTA IQ data insights group, which launched late last year. Weinstein will also add a role in UTA's...

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2018-06-15 17:29:50

Apple Reportedly In Talks To Add Its First Film To Original Content Lineup  

Apple, which has reportedly committed a billion-dollar yearly budget to the original content lineup it is presenting to its Apple Music subscribers, seems poised to add some feature films to that mix. According to Bloomberg, Apple is in talks with Irish studio Cartoon Saloon regarding a potential deal for an animated movie. Bloomberg stressed that any film Cartoon Saloon brings to Apple Music would not arrive until 2019 at the earliest, and the negotiations could still crumble. But if App...

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2018-06-15 15:11:39

Oprah Winfrey, Apple Ink Multi-Year Development Deal  

Apple just struck a deal with one of the most powerful people in the media industry. The tech company has inked a multi-year partnership with Oprah Winfrey, through which the TV personality will create programs that will join Apple's original content lineup, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The deal is non-exclusive, which means that Winfrey will be able to retain her role at OWN, the cable channel she founded in 2011. While she will be able to appear on-screen in some of the projects she...

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2018-06-15 08:28:09

Future Boxing Opponents KSI And Logan Paul To Have Press Conference On June 16  

Before their boxing match, which is set to take place on August 25, YouTube stars Olajide "KSI" Olatunji and Logan Paul are setting aside some time for a little trash talk. The boisterous duo will co-host a press conference, which will take place at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on June 16. Their respective brothers, Deji Olatunji and Jake Paul, will be present as well. After months of persistent rumors, KSI and Logan Paul inked a two-fight deal in March. The first of those bouts will ...

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2018-06-15 06:57:56

Fine Brothers Entertainment Is Working With Nick Cannon Again (And Has Two Other Development Deals)  

Fine Brothers Entertainment (FBE), which has brought its brand of reaction videos to TV several times before, has more serial projects in the works. The digital media company led by fraternal duo Benny and Rafi Fine has announced three new development deals, one of which is with Nick Cannon's NCredible Entertainment. FBE and Cannon previously partnered on React To That, a Nickelodeon series that became FBE's first TV series when it premiered in 2014. That show ultimately ran for one 13-episod...

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2018-06-15 04:58:03

Indie Spotlight: Finding A New Home Can Require 'Unpacking,' Both Physical And Mental  

A move into a new home is a chance to get a fresh outlook on life, but in order to achieve that renewal, it can be necessary to look back at the past or in on oneself. That idea is at the heart of UnPacking, an anthology series that shares the experiences of characters who are entering new living spaces. UnPacking, created by Oliver Mason, considers the idea of a move very loosely. One episode, for example, is about a tourist who finds that her vacation rental is not quite what she expected; ...

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2018-06-15 01:43:31

How VidCon Is Taking Care Of Its Fans And Creators  

Serving as General Manager of VidCon is a job that requires many "hats." Overseeing internal operations, ticketing and customer service, working with sponsors, and integrating executives from Silicon Valley and "Silicon Beach" is a waterfall of tasks. None of these compare to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of our Featured Creators - top digital talent from YouTube and numerous platforms -  and our tens of thousands of attendees. As we near another VidCon in Anaheim - poised to...

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2018-06-15 01:43:29

YouTube Stars Rhett & Link Partner With Hasbro To Play Games During 'Good Mythical Morning'  

Rhett & Link are bringing some fun and games to their morning show. The duo, known for hosting Good Mythical Morning on their YouTube channel, has partnered with Hasbro to promote the toy company's games in their videos. As part of the deal, Rhett & Link will create "one-of-a-kind content" to support the release of new Hasbro titles. While the release didn't specify what form this content will take, we can get an idea of what we might expect to see by watching a Good Mythical Mor...

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2018-06-14 19:44:43

'Cobra Kai' Producers Reveal How They Helped YouTube Create Its Very Own 'House Of Cards'  

When Cobra Kai creators Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald pitched their Karate Kid series reboot to YouTube, it became clear that the video giant had a next-level belief in and outsized ambitions for the project. If YouTube Red (which has since been renamed YouTube Premium) had failed to break through the cultural zeitgeist with critically-acclaimed originals in the way that competitors like Netflix and Hulu had managed, YouTube harbored the suspicion that Cobra Kai could be a gam

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2018-06-14 11:44:03

Jerry Seinfeld, Cardi B Guest Star As 'Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis' Returns  

For the first time in nearly nine months, there is a new episode of Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis for comedy fans to feast on. The legendary web series, in which Galifianakis conducts awkward interviews with his celebrity guests, has returned to Funny Or Die with an installment that features TV star Jerry Seinfeld and rapper Cardi B. In the episode, Galifianakis is up to his usual tricks; he refers to Seinfeld's Netflix series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee as "lazy car-ba...

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2018-06-14 07:41:19

YouTube Millionaires: Nazanin Kavari Prioritizes “Quality Over Quantity, Always”  

Nazanin Kavari is finding a large audience on YouTube by presenting her authentic self. Kavari, who is partnered with BroadbandTV, is part of the community of fashion and beauty influencers on YouTube, but she goes beyond such a simple characterization. In her videos, she opens up about everything from prom to plastic surgery to the latest YouTube trends. She also shares her latest recipes from her kitchens, posts vlogs that feature her friends and family, and delivers her latest celeb-inspired

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2018-06-14 07:32:34

Keemstar, ItsAlexClark, Bart Baker Among YouTube Stars Featured In New Mobile Game  

Faithful YouTube viewers who wish to play as their favorite creators in a video game now have that opportunity thanks to BroadbandTV. The digital media company is behind Squad Rivals, a mobile game whose roster of characters includes 15 popular YouTubers. In Squad Rivals, players take control of a party of warriors, each equipped with their own unusual arsenal of attacks. Once a lineup of battlers is assembled, players must head to the town of Molasses to save it from the evil Greedy Corp. T...

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2018-06-14 06:51:48

After Rumors Swirl, Nintendo Says Talks To Bring Video Services To Switch Are “Ongoing”  

After Best Buy maybe-kinda-sorta revealed some future entertainment options for the Nintendo Switch, the company behind that console is clearing the air. In a statement, Nintendo of America... Visit Tubefilter for more great stories.

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2018-06-14 06:37:18

YouTube Premium Series 'Teleports' Character Into Gabbie Hanna, JacksFilms, David Dobrik's Videos (Exclusive)  

A new young adult web series about a teenager who can teleport debuted this week on YouTube. Meanwhile, a character from the show "teleported" into popular YouTube creators' channels. Called Impulse, the series, which premiered on June 6, stars Maddie Hasson (Twisted, The Finder) as Henry, who discovers here supernatural teleportation powers in episode one. The drama series also stars Keon Alexander (Tyrant), whose character can also teleport. To promote the new series, Alexander's char...

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2018-06-14 03:55:51

We'll Be Judging The Best Booths On The VidCon Expo Floor (And You Can Too)  

When VidCon returns to the Anaheim Convention Center on June 20, 2018, dozens of brands will set up shop on the facility's ground level, where they will be part of the event's Expo Floor. In order to attract the attention of curious passersby, VidCon exhibitioners are incentivized to dress up their booths in the most extravagant, eye-catching, and entertaining ways possible. In recent years, the most lavish of these installations have left lasting impressions on us, and we got the idea it'd be...

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2018-06-14 01:03:06

Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart Unveil Merch Inspired By 'This Might Get' Series  

This Might Get is off to a roaring start, amassing 150,000 subscribers since besties and frequent comedy collaborators Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart launched their YouTube variety series three short months ago. And now, in order to fete the venture -- which airs every weekday and has 73 episodes already in the can -- Helbig and Hart have launched a line of This Might Get-branded merch. The five-piece collection ranges in price from $20 to $30, including a crop top, T-shirt, a baseball cap, and p

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2018-06-13 19:26:16

Rooster Teeth Opens First Pop-Up Store In Los Angeles For Its Geoff Ramsey Collection  

Los Angeles residents, take heed: digital giant Rooster Teeth is hosting today its first-ever pop-up store, which will open its doors at noon PT. Located downtown at 1054 South Olive Street, the shop will offer a capsule collection of T-shirts, hoodies, bags, and enamel pins from The Geoff Ramsey Collection. Ramsey is Rooster Teeth's co-founder and also the designer of a popular merch range that launched in March 2016. Ramsey's pieces feature unique designs and are available in highly limit...

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2018-06-13 18:36:16

Inspo, A Video Upstart For Lifestyle Creators, Leaves Stealth Mode With $5.5 Million Seed Round  

Inspo Network, a Seattle-based upstart that helps digital lifestyle creators produce and distribute video content in partnership with leading brands, has emerged from stealth mode with a $5.5 million seed funding round led by PSL Ventures. The round also featured participation from noted entrepreneurs and venture capitalists Rich Barton, Nick Hanauer, Clark Kokich, and Dan Levitan, according to the company. Inspo works with creators in the home, food, fitness, and DIY categories. In its first y

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2018-06-13 11:10:08

Ninja And Marshmello Win $1 Million For Charity At Fortnite's First Celeb Pro-Am Tournament  

After appearing together on YouTube's annual E3 live stream, gaming megastar Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins and noted DJ Marshmello took home top honors at Epic Games' first-ever Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am tournament in Los Angeles yesterday. The tournament paired pro gamers from Twitch and YouTube with amateurs, and the winning team took home $1 million for the charity of their choice. Ninja (who donated his share of the winnings to the Alzheimer's Association) and Marshmello defeated 50 other t...

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2018-06-13 10:37:41

New Episodes Of Popular Cartoon Hangover Series 'Bee And PuppyCat' Are Coming To VRV  

New episodes of Bee And PuppyCat are on the way. Natasha Allegri's series, which follows the fantastical adventures of a women and her cross-species pet, will return with a new series subtitled Lazy In Space, which is set to premiere exclusively on the VRV SVOD service in 2019. Bee And PuppyCat, produced by Frederator Studios, first premiered in 2013 on Frederator's Cartoon Hangover channel. A year later, after smashing records with a lucrative Kickstarter campaign, Frederator rolled out a...

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2018-06-13 04:35:20

BuzzFeed's Newest Web Series Is 'Mythbusters' For The Beauty World  

BuzzFeed is putting the magic of Disney to the test. Some of the most fanciful moments from Mouse House films will be examined in Bogus Beauty, a new series that brings the Mythbusters approach to the world of beauty. In each episode of Bogus Beauty, hosts Chrissy Mahlmeister and Selorm Kploanyi tackle a specific idea propagated by a Disney film. For example, can you actually pull someone up into the air using your hair, as Rapunzel does in the Disney flick Tangled? In the first installm...

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2018-06-13 02:33:36

Machinima's Inside Gaming Crew Reunites, Promotes The Movie 'Tag'  

More than three years after they left Machinima, the original Inside Gaming crew has returned to their own home. On June 8, Adam Kovic and Bruce Greene hosted a special episode of their old show, in which they discussed the upcoming game Fallout 76 and shared a clip from the new movie Tag. As part of the reunion, Kovic and Greene introduced a fake segment called "Tag Watch," in which James Willems riffs about the film's development. The video ends with an exclusive clip from Tag, w...

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2018-06-13 02:01:48

As World Cup Approaches, Freestyling Soccer Channel F2 Launches YouTube Premium Series  

The F2 Freestylers are on a journey to discover the best “tekkers” the world has to offer. The popular YouTube channel hosted by Billy Wingrove and... Visit Tubefilter for more great stories.

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2018-06-13 01:35:51

Young YouTube Viewers Subjected To Graphic Pre-Rolls For 'Insidious' Horror Film  

A handful of young  YouTube viewers received a terrifying scare six months ago when graphic ads for a horror film ran before innocuous-seeming clips. Two ads for Sony Pictures' Insidious: The Last Key -- one of which featured a humanoid creature probing the throat of a distressed young woman with claw-like fingers -- ran before a Frozen music video, an instructional Lego-building clip, a scene from the cartoon PJ Masks, and two Minecraft videos. The issue came to light after three parents c...

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2018-06-13 01:24:50 To Fold Live Streaming Service Into Its Primary App  

A live streaming experiment launched by in 2016 will soon cease to exist -- at least on its own app., which took advantage of a mobile live streaming boom around the time of its debut, will be folded into the app. didn't say when it would merge with, though it is expected to pick up a host of new live streaming features as a result of the decision. "Live-streaming from is moving to — our goal is to make it easy to enjoy...

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2018-06-13 01:21:37

During The Upcoming World Cup, YouTube Will Be Stocked With Highlights And Athlete Vlogs  

We're just days away from the start of the 2018 World Cup, which will take place across Russia during June and July. If you can't catch the action live -- and since some of the matches will start at 6 AM ET, we won't blame you if you can't -- there's no reason to fret. All you need to do is head over to YouTube, where broadcasters like Telemundo and Fox will share highlights in "near-live" fashion. Meanwhile, some of the athletes participating in the Cup, such as Brazilian defender Marcelo...

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2018-06-12 13:08:34

Kids Compete For The 'BirLd Cup' In YouTube Series That Combines 'Angry Birds' With Soccer  

YouTube Kids is celebrating the World Cup with some help from a notable English club and a few recognizable video game characters. The family-friendly platform is the home of BirLd Cup, a series that features players from Everton FC and the aerodynamic avians of Angry Birds. In BirLd Cup, which blends live-action content with animation, children compete against one another across a series of challenges that are judged by Everton footballers (including Wayne Rooney) and only occasionally...

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2018-06-12 12:47:06

Amanda Cerny, DeStorm Power, and King Bach's Video Platform Zeus Inks Deal With SAG-AFTRA  

SAG-AFTRA, which represents screen actors as well as those in the television and radio space, signed a deal with subscription video platform Zeus, co-founded by social stars Amanda Cerny, DeStorm Power, and Andrew 'King Bach' Bachelor. Per the deal, which was announced today during Social Media Week Los Angeles, content creators on Zeus will gain a direct route to SAG-AFTRA membership, according to an exclusive report by Variety. Zeus content will also get union coverage from SAG-AFTRA. SA...

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2018-06-12 11:52:45

Lifestyle Creator Remi Cruz Launches Quick-Selling Skincare Line Called 'HoneyPop'  

While countless YouTube stars have ventured into the beauty biz by collaborating with existing brands or launching their own lines, vlogger Remi Cruz is taking the road less traveled with the debut of her very own skincare range. Last month, Cruz launched HoneyPop -- which now comprises just one product: a DIY Face Mask Kit and Acne Treatment dubbed I'm On Staycation Tonight. Priced at $34.50, the kit comprises four steps -- a mud mask, a de-puffing eye serum, an acne treatment, and an exfoliat

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2018-06-12 11:07:56

Facebook Announces New Feature That Aggregates Old Memories  

Facebook launched a new feature on Monday called Memories, where users can look back at old posts and photos. According Oren Hod, a product manager at the company who announced the new feature on Facebook's blog, over 90 million people a day use the social network's "On This Day" feature, which shows users what they were doing on that same date, say, a year ago. This inspired the company to put further emphasis on aggregating "memories" on the platform. Users' Memories pages incl...

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2018-06-12 09:35:32

Reddit Announces Native Auto-Play Video Ads For Select Brands  

Social news aggregator Reddit announced today that it will begin hosting auto-play native video advertisements with select brand partners. The advertisements will start rolling out on both mobile and desktop, according to TechCrunch, and will likely become available to all advertisers sometime during the summer. Advertising partners associated with the launch have not been announced. As of now, advertisements will not play ahead of videos posted to Reddit, and users will be able to stop them f

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2018-06-12 08:02:02

Paul Feig's Digital Media Company's First Original Series Is About Muslim American Women  

Paul Feig's digital media production company, Powderkeg, announced its first original series. Called East of La Brea, the show will focus on two Muslim American roommates in their twenties living in Los Angeles. The two stars, according to The Hollywood Reporter, will be Aisha Hassan, a black Muslim, and Farha Munshi, who is a Bangladeshi-American. Feig will executive produce the series along with Laura Fischer, also from Powderkeg, and Sameer Gardezi, who created the series. Gardezi has wr...

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2018-06-12 07:31:48

Instagram Rolls Out Ecommerce In Stories, As Snapchat Tests Shoppable Ads  

After rolling out the ability for users to share shoppable links within their Instagram feed posts in 2016, the social platform is adding this feature to its popular 'Stories' product -- which is used by 300 million people every day. "On Instagram Stories, when you see a sticker with a shopping bag icon, tap on it to see more details about that product," the company shared in a blog post," noting that brands like Adidas, Aritzia, and Louis Vuitton are piloting the feature. Instagram added...

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2018-06-12 07:31:37

Chris Pratt Promotes Latest 'Jurassic World' Movie With Appearance On Smosh Game Show  

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the sequel to the 2015 movie Jurassic World, is set to arrive in American theaters on June 22. In order to hype the film's release, its star Chris Pratt made a guest appearance on one of YouTube's most eminently successful channels. Pratt served as a contestant on You Posted That, a game show hosted by Ian Hecox of Smosh. In the episode, which arrived on YouTube on June 11, Pratt answered questions about his social media history alongside fellow contestant...

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2018-06-12 07:20:57

Lifestyle YouTuber Alyssa Forever Signs With Rare Global Talent Management (Exclusive)  

YouTube beauty and fashion creator Alyssa Wallace, known to her 1.3 million subscribers as AlyssaForever, has signed with noted digital talent management firm Rare Global. The 26-year-old Indiana native launched her channel in 2013 and has since amassed 2.2 million followers across all social platforms. She has collaborated with several major brands to date on sponsored content, including Nike, Clinique, and NARS. This year, Wallace worked with L'Oreal Paris and Vanity Fair to create content...

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2018-06-12 06:59:31

Tessa Brooks Tapped As First Solo Headliner For Fullscreen's 'Girls Night In' Tour Series  

For the past three years, Fullscreen Live has annually hosted a tour series dubbed Girls Night In featuring a fleet of top female lifestyle vloggers. But for its latest iteration, kicking off in August, the lineup has been whittled down to just one YouTube megastar. Former Team 10 member and dancer/vlogger Tessa Brooks will serve as the sole headliner of Fullscreen Live's fourth annual Girls Night In show. Comprising dance performances as well as meet-and-greet opportunities, the tour will t...

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2018-06-12 03:23:32

Reggaeton Singer Ozuna Is Most Viewed Artist On YouTube This Year  

Reggaeton artist Ozuna is currently YouTube's top artist of 2018, according to a report from Remezcla. The singer, who joined YouTube in March 2016, had... Visit Tubefilter for more great stories.

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2018-06-12 03:17:02

Insights: It's Game On As Facebook Takes On Twitch And YouTube For Live-Streaming Primacy  

Facebook Wants In On The Game Here on the eve (and doorstep) of E3, the world's biggest video game conference, Facebook has decided it wants to play, too, The social-media giant is launching its own streaming-video site for gamers, to compete with Amazon's Twitch.TV and Google's YouTube Gaming site. It's a ballsy move by Facebook in a lot of ways, not least because it's coming so darned late in the, um, game. The real question, perhaps, is whether this latest attempt to get people, ...

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2018-06-12 02:16:06

YouTube Star Casey Neistat Took One Of The World's First Flying Cars For A Spin  

The first flying cars are coming to market in the near future, and a top YouTube star gave his viewers an idea of what a ride in one of the futuristic contraptions might look light. Casey Neistat, in a vlog associated with his 368 venture, took a prototype of the Kitty Hawk flyer for a spin. As Fast Company notes, Kitty Hawk's product is classified by the FAA as an ultralight flyer, which means that potential customers don't need a special license in order to operate it. After training f...

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2018-06-11 19:51:24

IAB Says U.S. Podcast Ads Generated $314 Million Last Year, Pegs 2020 Tally At $659 Million  

A new study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) found that the explosive U.S. podcasting industry was worth $314 million last year, besting the organization's previous 2017 estimation of $220 million. (For comparison's sake, the IAB says that digital video ads in the U.S. totaled $11.9 billion in 2017 -- meaning that podcasting is still comparatively nascent at just 2.6% of this figure). Nevertheless, the $314 million total means that podcasting has clocked 86% year-over-year ad rev...

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2018-06-11 16:28:55

Logan Paul Throws Big Left Hook In Training Video Ahead Of KSI Boxing Match  

Logan Paul is training furiously for his hotly-anticipated boxing match against fellow YouTube star Olajide 'KSI' Olatunji, which is slated for August 25 at the 21,000-seat Manchester arena in England. And perhaps Paul is also sending an indirect message to his opponent, with a clip (see below) conveniently captured by TMZ of the controversial vlogger wailing on a sparring partner during a recent training session, landing a knockdown with an impressive left hook. Prepared though he may be, ...

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2018-06-11 13:11:55

Complex Networks Announces Podcasts Tied To Popular Web Series Like 'Hot Ones'  

Since launching a slate of digital content across channels like Complex and First We Feast, Complex Networks has sought new formats for its most popular shows. Now, it is taking them to a new medium: podcasting. The media company has announced its plan to launch audio programs based off some of its top series, beginning with a Everyday Struggle companion that launched on Monday and continuing with a Hot Ones. Everyday Struggle, Complex's daily morning show, features debates between DJ Ak...

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2018-06-11 10:25:35

LeBron James-Produced YouTube Premium Series 'Best Shot' Drops July 18 (Trailer)  

On the heels of last week's NBA Finals, YouTube Premium is set to launch a basketball-themed series that will see ESPN analyst and former NCAA champion Jay Williams mentor a high school team in hopes of clenching its first state championship in over a decade. Williams, who hails from Jersey, was in a motorcycle accident in 2003 that prematurely ended his basketball career. On the forthcoming Best Shot, he'll be aided by Shawn 'OG' McCray, the longtime coach of Newark's Central High School...

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2018-06-11 10:15:52

YouTube's Founding Head Of Scripted Originals Timothy Shey Joins Language App Duolingo  

YouTube's founding head of scripted originals, Timothy Shey, has joined language education app Duolingo as head of studios and content, where he will harness storytelling to help users on their journey to fluency. Shey was formerly the president and co-founder of the multi-channel network startup Next New Networks, which YouTube acquired in 2011. After a seven-year tenure at Google -- where he formerly served as director of YouTube Spaces and also helped helm the company's now-defunct YouTub...

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2018-06-11 08:51:03

YouTube Complicit In Copyright Infringement Of News Station's Content, Says Austrian Court  

According to a Vienna, Austria court, YouTube is partially responsible for copyright breaches that take place on the video platform. The judgment came on Tuesday, about four years after Puls 4, a television station in Austria, first accused YouTube of complicity in allowing the station's stolen content to appear on the platform. Legal proceedings began in 2014, as lawyers for Puls 4 sought to show how YouTube's algorithms indicated the company's responsibility in copyright infringement pe...

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2018-06-11 08:34:54

YouTube Star Hannah Hart Cooks Burrito While Hanging Upside Down To Promote Glad Plastic Wrap  

Hannah Hart, who is already on the National Board of Directors of GLAAD (the organization), is now associated with Glad (the household brand) too. In a recent branded video, the YouTube star was strapped into a harness and suspended upside down in order to promote Glad's Press'n Seal cling film brand. The video, which Hart shared on her YouTube channel, is framed around a "cooking challenge" that features Glad products. While hanging upside down, Hart assembles a burrito using ingredients tha...

what do you think?

2018-06-11 02:41:11

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