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Inside the Podcast that Hacks Ring Camera Owners Live on Air  

In the NulledCast podcast hackers livestream the harassment of Ring camera owners after accessing their devices. Hundreds of people can listen. From a report: A blaring siren suddenly rips through the Ring camera, startling the Florida family inside their own home. "It's your boy Chance on Nulled," a voice says from the Ring camera, which a hacker has taken over. "How you doing? How you doing?" "Welcome to the NulledCast," the voice says. The NulledCast is a podcast livestreamed to Discord. It's

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2019-12-12 20:05:00

Google Adds Spam Detection and Verified Business SMS To Messages  

Businesses often send one-time passwords, account alerts and appointment confirmations via text. But if you've ever received one of those, you know they tend to come from a random number, and bad actors can take advantage of that by disguising phishing scams as one of those messages. To protect users, Google will soon verify SMS messages from registered businesses. From a report: When you receive a message from a verified business, you'll see the company name, logo and a verification badge in th

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2019-12-12 19:23:00

Rude Paper Reviews Are Pervasive and Sometimes Harmful, Study Finds  

sciencehabit writes: There's a running joke in academia about Reviewer 2. That's the reviewer that doesn't bother to read the manuscript a journal has sent out for evaluation for possible publication, offers condescending or outright offensive comments, and -- of course -- urges the irrelevant citation of their own work. Such unprofessional conduct is so pervasive there's even a whole Facebook group, more than 25,000 members strong, named "Reviewer 2 Must Be Stopped!" But it is no laughing matte

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2019-12-12 18:44:00

'Link in Bio' is a Slow Knife  

Anil Dash: We don't even notice it anymore -- "link in bio." It's a pithy phrase, usually found on Instagram, which directs an audience to be aware that a pertinent web link can be found on that user's profile. Its presence is so subtle, and so pervasive, that we barely even noticed it was an attempt to kill the web. Links on the web are incredibly powerful. There are decades of theory behind the role of hyperlinks in hypertext -- did you know in most early versions, links were originally design

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2019-12-12 18:05:00

Russian Police Raid NGINX Moscow Office  

Russian police have raided today the Moscow offices of NGINX, Inc., a subsidiary of F5 Networks and the company behind the internet's most popular web server technology. From a report: Equipment was seized and employees were detained for questioning. Moscow police executed the raid after last week the Rambler Group filed a copyright violation against NGINX Inc., claiming full ownership of the NGINX web server code. The Rambler Group is the parent company of, one of Russia's biggest se

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2019-12-12 17:05:00

AI R&D is Booming, But General Intelligence is Still Out of Reach  

The AI world is booming in a range of metrics covering research, education, and technical achievements, according to AI Index report -- an annual rundown of machine learning data points now in its third year. From a news writeup, which outlines some of the more interesting and pertinent points: AI research is rocketing. Between 1998 and 2018, there's been a 300 percent increase in the publication of peer-reviewed papers on AI. Attendance at conferences has also surged; the biggest, NeurIPS, is e

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2019-12-12 16:44:00

Getting Drivers for Old Hardware Is Harder Than Ever  

At least one major provider of hardware-level BIOS drivers is actively deleting old stuff it no longer supports, while old FTP sites where vintage drivers are often found are soon going to be harder to reach. Ernie Smith, writing for Motherboard: You've never lived until you've had to download a driver from an archived forum post on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. You have no idea if it's going to work, but it's your only option. So you bite the bullet. I recently did this with a PCI-bas

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2019-12-12 16:03:00

Google Assistant Can Now Interpret 44 Languages on Smartphones  

Kyle Wiggers, writing for VentureBeat: In January during the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Google debuted interpreter mode, a real-time translation feature for Google Home speakers and third-party smart displays like those from JBL, Sony, LG, and Lenovo. The tech giant said at the time that interpreter mode would eventually come to mobile devices, but it didn't set a date. The date is today, as it turns out. As of this morning, Google Assistant on both Android and iOS smartphones

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2019-12-12 15:25:00

Iran Banks Burned, Then Customer Accounts Were Exposed Online  

The details of millions of Iranian bank cards were published online after antigovernment protests last month. Experts suspect a state-sponsored cyberattack. From a report: After demonstrators in Iran set fire to hundreds of bank branches last month in antigovernment protests, the authorities dealt with another less visible banking threat that is only now coming to fuller light: a security breach that exposed the information of millions of Iranian customer accounts. As of Tuesday, details of 15 m

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2019-12-12 14:46:00

Two of China's Largest Tech Firms Are Uniting To Create a New 'Domestic OS'  

The two biggest OS (operating system) makers in China announced plans last week to unite and jointly build a new "domestic operating system." From a report: The two companies are China Standard Software (CS2C) and Tianjin Kylin Information (TKC), two of China's largest software firms, with known ties to the Beijing government. Both companies are known on the local Chinese OS market. CS2C created "China's Windows XP clone," known as the NeoKylin OS, and TKC is the current steward of Kylin, China'

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2019-12-12 14:07:00

Larry Page Is Quietly Funding Efforts To Develop a Universal Flu Vaccine  

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: Google co-founder Larry Page is funneling money from his charitable foundation to a private flu-fighting initiative run as a for-profit company, TechCrunch reported. The program offers free flu shots to children in Oakland, California-area schools. Page also has a second company funding efforts to create a universal flu vaccine, according to the report. The free flu shots are offered through a group called Shoo The Flu, which started funding fl

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2019-12-12 13:00:00

Verizon Lays Off More Yahoo/AOL Employees  

Verizon is laying off 150 U.S. staffers this week across multiple teams in the organization. CNN reports: Verizon Media employs around 10,500 people [across media brands that include Yahoo, AOL, TechCrunch and HuffPost], so these cuts will amount to 1.4% of its work force. It's unclear which brands will be affected. In January, Verizon Media laid off roughly 800 employees, or about 7% of its staff at the time, as the division's revenues failed to meet expectations. A spokesperson for Verizon

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2019-12-12 10:00:00

'Monster' Black Hole Announced Last Week Is Nothing Special  

The Bad Astronomer writes: Last week, scientists announced the discovery of a stellar-mass black hole with 70 times the Sun's mass, far heftier than theory predicts they can get. Within days, though, four separate papers have come out casting extreme doubt on the claim. They show that the data wasn't processed correctly, and that the black hole is closer to Earth than first assumed, which changes the calculations and makes it a more normal 5 - 20 solar mass object. Read more of th

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2019-12-12 07:00:00

Low-Risk Ultrasound Procedure Destroys 80 Percent of Prostate Cancers In One-Year Study  

An anonymous reader quotes a report from SlashGear: A new treatment shows promise for revolutionizing prostate cancer treatment, offering a minimally-invasive and relatively low-risk alternative to traditional surgeries and radiotherapies. Called TULSA, this method uses sound waves to eliminate the diseased tissue in the prostate, leaving the rest of the healthy tissues behind. According to the researchers, patients treated with this method experience "minimal side effects." The transurethral ul

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2019-12-12 03:30:00

The World's First Village of Affordable 3D-Printed Homes Is Now Complete  

MikeChino shares a report from Dwell: In Tabasco, Mexico, a family living below the poverty line recently visited their future home: a 3D-printed, 500-square foot structure with two bedrooms, one bath, a wraparound cement patio, and an awning over the front porch. It's one of two fully furnished homes -- printed in about 24 hours and finished by local nonprofit ECHALE -- that will soon make up a larger community of 50 dwellings with green spaces, parks, amenities, and basic utilities. Tabasco is

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2019-12-12 02:10:00

Genetic Database That Identified Golden State Killer Acquired By Crime Scene DNA Company  

"The crime scene DNA sequencing company Verogen announced yesterday that they've acquired the genomics database and website GEDmatch," reports The Verge. "GEDmatch was primarily used by genealogists until 2018, when police, the FBI, and a forensic genealogist identified the suspected Golden State Killer by tying crime scene DNA to relatives who had uploaded their genetic information to the site. Since then, the platform has helped identify around 70 people accused of violent crimes." From the re

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2019-12-12 01:50:00

Facebook, Google Drop Out of Top 10 'Best Places To Work' List  

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: Big tech companies like Facebook and Alphabet's Google, long seen as some of the world's most desirable workplaces offering countless perks and employee benefits, are losing some of their shine. The Silicon Valley companies dropped out of the Top 10 "best places to work" in the U.S., according to Glassdoor's annual rankings released Tuesday. HubSpot, a cloud-computing software company, grabbed the No. 1 ranking while tech firms DocuSign and Ult

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2019-12-12 01:30:00

Ask Slashdot: Will We Ever Be Able To Make Our Own Computer Hardware At Home?  

dryriver writes: The sheer extent of the data privacy catastrophe happening -- everything software/hardware potentially spies on us, and we don't get to see what is in the source code or circuit diagrams -- got me thinking about an intriguing possibility. Will it ever be possible to design and manufacture your own CPU, GPU, ASIC or RAM chip right in your own home? 3D printers already allow 3D objects to be printed at home that would previously have required an injection molding machine. Inkjet p

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2019-12-12 00:50:00

Netflix Ordered To Stop Poaching Fox Employees  

A court on Tuesday issued an injunction barring Netflix from poaching employees from Fox and confirming the validity of fixed-term employment agreements. Variety reports: The ruling marks a hard-fought victory for Fox -- now owned by Disney -- which set out three years ago to stop Netflix from raiding its employees. Netflix had sought to invalidate Fox's fixed-term employment contracts, arguing that they locked employees into jobs they no longer wanted. Had Netflix prevailed, it would have upend

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2019-12-12 00:10:00

If Logged Into Facebook, Oculus VR Data Will Now Be Used For Ads  

"Facebook will now use information about your Oculus activity, like which apps you use, to help provide [...] more relevant content, including ads" -- assuming you've connected your Oculus ID to your Facebook account. UploadVR reports: The company is updating its privacy policy and rolling out new social VR features backed by your "Facebook identity" with the intention of "clarifying how Oculus data is shared with Facebook to inform ads when you log into Facebook on Oculus." "These changes won't

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2019-12-11 23:30:00

Maze Ransomware Was Behind Pensacola 'Cyber Event,' Florida Officials Say  

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: An email sent by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to all Florida county commissioners indicated that the ransomware that struck the city of Pensacola on December 7 was the same malware used in an attack against the private security firm Allied Universal, according to a report by the Pensacola News Journal. That malware has been identified elsewhere as Maze, a form of ransomware that has also been distributed via spam email campaigns

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2019-12-11 22:50:00

Microsoft is About To Start Aggressively Advertising Windows 10 To Windows 7 Stragglers  

Mark Wycislik-Wilson, writing for BetaNews: Having already started to notify Windows 7 hangers on that support is due to come to an end, Microsoft is now ready to get a little more aggressive. If you haven't moved on from Windows 7, soon you will see full-screen notifications warning you that "your Windows 7 PC is out of support." The messages are due to be displayed from the day after support ends. So when January 15 rolls around, anyone who has doggedly stuck with Windows 7 will find that they

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2019-12-11 22:10:00

Glassdoor Rankings Find Tech Workplaces Are Less Popular this Year  

Glassdoor, a service that enables current and former employees to anonymously review companies, is out with its annual "best companies to work for" list, and a number of tech names have seen their rankings fall. From a report: One area where the techlash could most harm Big Tech is recruiting and employee retention. Facebook fell to No. 23 from No. 7 among large U.S. firms, making this the first time since 2015 that the company didn't make the top ten. It's worth noting, though, that its 4.4 rat

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2019-12-11 21:31:00

Apple Used the DMCA to Take Down a Tweet Containing an iPhone Encryption Key  

Security researchers are accusing Apple of abusing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to take down a viral tweet and several Reddit posts that discuss techniques and tools to hack iPhones. Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai, reporting for Vice: On Sunday, a security researcher who focuses on iOS and goes by the name Siguza posted a tweet containing what appears to be an encryption key that could be used to reverse engineer the Secure Enclave Processor, the part of the iPhone that handles dat

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2019-12-11 20:36:00

World's First Fully Electric Commercial Aircraft Takes Flight in Canada  

The world's first fully electric commercial aircraft has taken its inaugural test flight, taking off from the Canadian city of Vancouver and flying for 15 minutes. From a report: "This proves that commercial aviation in all-electric form can work," said Roei Ganzarski, chief executive of Australian engineering firm magniX. The company designed the plane's motor and worked in partnership with Harbour Air, which ferries half a million passengers a year between Vancouver, Whistler ski resort and ne

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2019-12-11 20:10:00

YouTube Unveils a Stricter Harassment Policy  

After months of promising to reexamine how it handles harassment on its platform, YouTube has unveiled an update to its policy. From a report: On Wednesday, the Google-owned video platform said it would take a "stronger stance" against threats and personal attacks, among other changes intended to address the safety of its community. YouTube said it would now prohibit "veiled" or "implied" threats, not just explicit ones. This new policy includes content that simulates violence against a person o

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2019-12-11 19:30:00

Internal FAA Review Saw High Risk of 737 MAX Crashes  

U.S. regulators decided to allow Boeing's 737 MAX jet to keep flying after its first fatal crash last fall even after their own analysis indicated it could become one of the most accident-prone airliners in decades without design changes [Editor's link: the link may be paywalled], the Wall Street Journal reports. From the report: The November 2018 internal Federal Aviation Administration analysis, released during a House committee hearing Wednesday, reveals that without agency intervention, the

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2019-12-11 18:50:00

Chronic Pain is an Impossible Problem  

A "safe" alternative to opioid painkillers turns out to be not so safe. From a report: Gabapentin was supposed to be the answer. Chronic pain afflicts about a fifth of American adults, and for years, doctors thought it could be treated with prescription painkillers like Oxycontin. But as the drugs began killing the equivalent of three planeloads of Americans every week, opioid prescriptions fell off precipitously. Many doctors embraced gabapentin, an anticonvulsant drug traditionally used to pre

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2019-12-11 18:10:00

ACLU is Suing ICE For Details on How It Uses Phone Spying Devices  

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit Wednesday demanding that two US Homeland Security agencies -- Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement -- release details on how they've been using powerful phone surveillance tools. From a report: The ACLU is suing after the two agencies declined to provide it with documents related to International Mobile Subscriber Identity, or IMSI, catchers, more commonly known as Stingrays. These devices pretend to be cell towe

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2019-12-11 17:30:00

India Proposes New Rules To Access Its Citizens' Data  

India has proposed groundbreaking rules, akin to Europe's GDPR, that would require technology companies to garner consent from citizens before collecting and processing their personal data. But at the same time, the new rules also state that companies would have to hand over "non-personal" data of their users to the government, and New Delhi would also hold the power to collect any data of its citizens without consent to serve sovereignty and larger public interest. From a report: The new rules,

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2019-12-11 16:50:00

Twitter Is Funding Independent Effort To Develop an Open and Decentralized Standard For Social Media  

Twitter is funding a small team of researchers to build an "open and decentralized standard for social media," with the goal of making Twitter a client for that standard. CEO Jack Dorsey announced the news and laid out his reasoning in a tweet thread this morning, although he acknowledged that the process could take years. The project is called Bluesky. Dorsey said: Twitter was so open early on that many saw its potential to be a decentralized internet standard, like SMTP (email protocol). For a

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2019-12-11 16:10:00

'Learning at Work is Work, and We Must Make Space For It'  

An anonymous reader shares a paper: The event was running over, the car was waiting, but the keynote speaker did not seem to mind. He was enjoying fielding questions from a large auditorium packed to the rafters with executives, aspiring entrepreneurs, and management students. "Get ready for an age in which we are all in tech," he had told them, "whether you work in the tech industry or not." The moderator called for one last question. "What's the best way to get ready?" a woman asked. "Be great

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2019-12-11 15:25:00

Oracle Is Moving Its Massive Conference Out of San Francisco  

An anonymous reader writes: Oracle has a huge commitment to the Bay Area. The software giant is based in Redwood Shores, a short drive south from San Francisco. It remains one of the largest employers in Northern California. And until recently, the Golden State Warriors were playing in Oracle Arena in Oakland. Just as the naming rights to that arena expired -- and the Warriors moved across the Bay to San Francisco -- Oracle bought the naming rights to the San Francisco Giants' stadium. For more

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2019-12-11 14:54:00

Apple's New Mac Pro Can Cost $52,000. That's Without the $400 Wheels  

Apple started selling its new Mac Pro desktop computer on Tuesday, complete with eye-watering pricing options that can push the cost north of $50,000. From a report: The new machine, built in Austin, Texas after Apple got tariff relief from the Trump administration, starts at $5,999 for specifications that some programmers, video editors, and photographers might consider measly. Fully loaded, the computer costs more than $52,000, and that's excluding the optional $400 wheels for easily moving th

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2019-12-11 14:00:00

George Laurer, Co-Inventor of the Barcode, Dies At 94  

An anonymous reader quotes a report from the BBC: George Laurer, the U.S. engineer who helped develop the barcode, has died at the age of 94. Barcodes, which are made up of black stripes of varying thickness and a 12-digit number, help identify products and transformed the world of retail. They are now found on products all over the world. The idea was pioneered by a fellow IBM employee, but it was not until Laurer developed a scanner that could read codes digitally that it took off. Laurer died

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2019-12-11 13:00:00

The Pirate Bay Is Trialing High-Quality Video Streaming Links  

The Pirate Bay may be about to fully launch a brand new feature that will let you stream videos in your browser. TorrentFreak reports: As the image below shows, in addition to the familiar magnet and trusted uploader icons displayed alongside video and TV show releases, the site also features a small orange 'B' graphic. In some cases (but currently not all), pressing these buttons when they appear next to a video release diverts users to a new platform called BayStream. Here, the chosen content

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2019-12-11 10:00:00

Gamma-Ray Laser Moves a Step Closer To Reality  

A physicist at the University of California, Riverside, has performed calculations showing hollow spherical bubbles filled with a gas of positronium atoms are stable in liquid helium. The calculations take scientists a step closer to realizing a gamma-ray laser, which may have applications in medical imaging, spacecraft propulsion, and cancer treatment. Phys.Org reports: Extremely short-lived and only briefly stable, positronium is a hydrogen-like atom and a mixture of matter and antimatter -- s

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2019-12-11 07:00:00

Greenland's Ice Sheet Melting Seven Times Faster Than In 1990s  

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Greenland's ice sheet is melting much faster than previously thought, threatening hundreds of millions of people with inundation and bringing some of the irreversible impacts of the climate emergency much closer. Ice is being lost from Greenland seven times faster than it was in the 1990s, and the scale and speed of ice loss is much higher than was predicted in the comprehensive studies of global climate science by the Intergovernmental Pane

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2019-12-11 03:30:00

Researchers Report Breakthrough In 'Distributed Deep Learning'  

Using a divide-and-conquer approach that leverages the power of compressed sensing, computer scientists from Rice University and Amazon have shown they can slash the amount of time and computational resources it takes to train computers for product search and similar "extreme classification problems" like speech translation and answering general questions. Tech Xplore reports: In tests on an Amazon search dataset that included some 70 million queries and more than 49 million products, Shrivastav

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2019-12-11 02:30:00

Sony Announces Plan To Publish PlayStation Games On Non-PS Consoles  

Sony has announced plans to launch PlayStation games on "additional console platforms beyond PlayStation platforms as early as 2021." The first announced series for the change is Sony's long-running baseball sim series MLB The Show. Ars Technica reports: The gazillion-dollar question, of course, is which other console platforms we might expect the series to launch on. Neither Sony nor MLB had any answers to that question as of press time. Sony also didn't hint to doing the same thing for any oth

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2019-12-11 02:00:00

Nikon Is Killing Its Authorized Repair Program  

According to iFixit, Nikon is ending its authorized repair program next year, "likely leaving more than a dozen repair shops without access to official parts and tools, and cutting the number of places you can get your camera fixed with official parts from more than a dozen independent shops to two facilities at the ends of the U.S." From the report: That means that Nikon's roughly 15 remaining Authorized Repair Station members are about to become non-authorized repair shops. Since Nikon decided

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2019-12-11 01:30:00

Vietnam's Richest Man Bets $2 Billion To Sell Cars To Americans  

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: The billionaire behind six-month-old Vietnamese auto startup VinFast plans a feat even Toyota and Hyundai couldn't pull off during their early days: sell a car in the U.S. Pham Nhat Vuong, the Southeast Asian country's richest man and now in charge of the new automaker, is so intent on exporting electric vehicles to the lucrative American market in 2021 that he's plowing as much as $2 billion of his own fortune to reach that goal. His cash woul

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2019-12-11 00:50:00

Chrome Now Warns You When Your Password Has Been Stolen  

Google is rolling out Chrome 79, and it includes a number of password protection improvements. The Verge reports: The biggest addition is that Chrome will now warn you when your password has been stolen as part of a data breach. Google has been warning about reused passwords in a separate browser extension or in its password checkup tool, but the company is now baking this directly into Chrome to provide warnings as you log in to sites on the web. You can control this new functionality in th

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2019-12-11 00:10:00

Facebook Fired a Contractor Who Was Paid Thousands In Bribes To Reactivate Banned Ad Accounts  

BuzzFeed News has found that a Facebook contractor was paid thousands of dollars in bribes by a shady affiliate marketer to reactivate ad accounts that had been banned due to policy violations. From the report: A company spokesperson confirmed that an unnamed worker was fired after inquiries from BuzzFeed News sparked an internal investigation. The person in question was based in the company's Austin office, according to information obtained by BuzzFeed News. The individual was paid to reactivat

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2019-12-10 23:30:00

New Plundervolt Attack Impacts Intel Desktop, Server, and Mobile CPUs  

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: Academics from three universities across Europe have disclosed today a new attack that impacts the integrity of data stored inside Intel SGX, a highly-secured area of Intel CPUs. The attack, which researchers have named Plundervolt, exploits the interface through which an operating system can control an Intel processor's voltage and frequency -- the same interface that allows gamers to overclock their CPUs. Academics say they discovered that by tin

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2019-12-10 22:50:00

Microsoft Teams is the First Office App For Linux  

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft today launched Microsoft Teams for Linux in public preview. No, that's not a typo -- Microsoft Teams is indeed the first Office app that the company has ported to Linux. You can download Microsoft Teams as a native Linux package in .deb and .rpm formats from here. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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2019-12-10 22:10:00

Architects Are Playing With the Future of Design in Video Games  

Game worlds can be blueprints for the real world, liberating spaces where rules can be reinvented and the invisible made visible. From a report: For architects, the sheer scope of this artificiality means video games can be both playgrounds and testing grounds. "In games, there is the idea that an object has a visual solidity and a material solidity, and it doesn't have to have both," says Luke Pearson, a lecturer at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London. "It takes you right back to the

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2019-12-10 21:31:00

Iran's Internet Freedom is On Life Support  

An anonymous reader shares a report: In November, Iran's government announced a price hike on oil, leading to mass protests in Tehran. To quell the spreading unrest, the Iranian government effectively shut down the internet. After a week of Iranian security forces cracking down on protesters, including an estimated death toll between 140 and 208, internet access was gradually restored around the country. Judging by statements made by President Hassan Rouhani, the internet shutdowns could be a ha

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2019-12-10 20:50:00

Google Releases Chrome 79 With New Features Including an Option To Freeze Tabs and Back-Forward Caching  

Google today released Chrome 79 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS users. This release comes with security and bug fixes, but also with new features such as built-in support for the Password Checkup tool, real-time blacklisting of malicious sites via the Safe Browsing API, general availability of Predictive Phishing protections, a ban on loading HTTPS "mixed content," support for tab freezing, a new UI for the Chrome Sync profile section, and support for a back-forward caching

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2019-12-10 20:10:00

Are You One Of Avast's 400 Million Users? This Is Why It Collects And Sells Your Web Habits.  

Avast, the multibillion-dollar Czech security company, doesn't just make money from protecting its 400 million users' information. It also profits in part because of sales of users' Web browsing habits and has been doing so since at least 2013. From a report: That's led to some labelling its tools "spyware," the very thing Avast is supposed to be protecting users from. Both Mozilla and Opera were concerned enough to remove some Avast tools from their add-on stores earlier this month, though the

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2019-12-10 19:30:00

Greeks Set To Face Heavy Fines If They Don't Spend 30% of Their Income Electronically  

Greeks will be hit with a hefty fine if they do not spend almost a third of their income electronically in an unprecedented bid by the new government to stamp out rampant tax evasion. From a report: The government expects to raise more than $808 million every year from the initiative that will force Greeks to spend 30 per cent of their income electronically, Alex Patelis, the prime minister's chief economic adviser, revealed. Individuals that fail to meet the target will be hit with a 22 per cen

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2019-12-10 18:50:00

The Death of the Paper Ticket For Sporting Events  

Over the last decade, tickets have transitioned out of the physical realm and, like so many other aspects of our lives, gone digital. Most are now purchased on and delivered to a mobile device, then scanned at the stadium. From a report: Tickets were once mementos, collected like photographs and saved in scrapbooks. They are now barcodes on our phones -- convenient as heck and impossible to lose yet, sadly, often forgotten about the moment they're scanned. The percentage of transactions on mobil

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2019-12-10 18:10:00

Google Built Its Own Tiny HDMI 2.1 Box To Jump-Start 'the Next Generation of Android TV'  

Google today announced that Android 10 is arriving on Android TV, and it's about as bland of an update as they come. From a report: Primarily, it's just the performance and security benefits of Android 10, without a single new user-facing feature. But at the bottom of Google's blog post, the company hints at why: Google's busy prepping for the "next-generation of Android TV," starting with the miniature box above. Google says this new ADT-3 dongle is a full-fledged Android TV platform, with a qu

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2019-12-10 17:30:00

Facebook Tells US Attorney General It's Not Prepared To Get Rid Of Encryption On WhatsApp And Messenger  

Facebook said it would not weaken end-to-end encryption across its messaging apps, despite pressure from world governments, in a letter to US Attorney General Bill Barr and UK and Australian leaders. From a report: The letter, sent Monday, came in response to an October open letter from Barr, UK Home Secretary Priti Patel, Australian Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton, and then-acting US homeland security secretary Kevin McAleenan, which raised concerns that Facebook's continued implementati

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2019-12-10 16:50:00

Investigation Reveals It's Possible For Anyone To Find Geographic Coordinates of Ring Devices Using Post from Amazon's Neighbors App  

An investigation by Gizmodo has revealed that it's possible to obtain the locations of Ring doorbell cameras from post on Amazon's Neighbors app. An anonymous reader writes: Amazon has continuously deflected criticism and claimed it is dedicated to user privacy. The company insisted Ring users have a "choice in what information, if any, they share with law enforcement." It turns not only can law enforcement access the exact location of users, but anyone, anywhere can find out where users live. G

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2019-12-10 16:10:00

A Social Media Influencer Will Serve 14 Years in Prison After His Plot To Take Over a Website at Gunpoint Backfired  

A social media influencer was sentenced to 14 years in prison for plotting to hijack a website at gunpoint during a home invasion. From a report: Rossi Lorathio Adams II, 27, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, received the sentence Monday after he was found guilty of one count of conspiracy to interfere with commerce by force, threats and violence, according to a statement from the US Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Iowa. Adams, also known as "Polo," founded a social media company called "Sta

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2019-12-10 15:30:00

Apple Sues iPhone CPU Design Ace After He Quits To Run Data center Chip Upstart Nuvia  

Apple is suing the former chief architect of its iPhone and iPad microprocessors, who in February quit to co-found a data-center chip design biz. From a report: In a complaint filed in the Santa Clara Superior Court, in California, USA, and seen by The Register, the Cupertino goliath claimed Gerard Williams, CEO of semiconductor upstart Nuvia, broke his Apple employment agreement while setting up his new enterprise. Williams -- who oversaw the design of Apple's custom high-performance mobile Arm

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2019-12-10 14:48:00

Away Fires CEO Steph Korey After Months-Long Search for Her Replacement  

Away, an online seller of luggage that investors valued at $1.4 billion earlier this year, said late Monday its chief executive Steph Korey is stepping down. Korey will become executive chairman of the New York City-based startup. Stuart Haselden, who is departing as chief operating officer at Lululemon Athletica, will succeed her as CEO, according to the company. Away co-founder Jen Rubio will remain president and chief brand officer. The news comes after an article in the Verge last week criti

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2019-12-10 14:10:00

Five Cities Account For Vast Majority of Growth In Tech Jobs, Study Finds  

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Wall Street Journal: Just five metropolitan areas -- Boston; San Diego; San Francisco; Seattle; and San Jose, Calif. -- accounted for 90% of all U.S. high-tech job growth between 2005 to 2017 (Warning: source paywalled; alternative source), according to the research (PDF) by think-tank scholars Mark Muro and Jacob Whiton of the Brookings Institution and Rob Atkinson of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. The nation's 377 other metro

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2019-12-10 13:00:00

Apple To Speak At CES Conference For First Time In Decades  

For the first time in nearly three decades, Apple is officially returning to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next year. The company is planning to discuss its stance on consumer privacy, "rather than pitch a new hardware product," reports Bloomberg. From the report: The company's senior director of privacy Jane Horvath will be speaking on a "Chief Privacy Officer Roundtable" on Jan. 7, according to the CES agenda. Horvath, along with executives from Facebook Inc., Procter & Gamble

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2019-12-10 10:00:00

Disney Becomes First Studio To Surpass $10 Billion At Worldwide Box Office  

Disney has become the first studio in history to surpass $10 billion at the worldwide box office in a single calendar year. Variety reports: Through Sunday, the studio has generated $3.28 billion in North America and $6.7 billion overseas for a global haul of $9.997 billion and is expected to officially cross the benchmark within the next day. Disney smashed its own global box office milestone -- set in 2016 with $7.6 billion -- back in July after the success of "Avengers: Endgame" and "The Lion

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2019-12-10 07:00:00

Scientists Find a Weak Spot In Some Superbugs' Defenses  

Researchers have found a new way to attack some of the bacteria behind treatment-resistant infections. An anonymous reader shares a report from Wired: In 2004, a 64-year-old woman in Indiana had a catheter put in to help with dialysis. Soon after the procedure, she came to a local hospital with low blood pressure and what turned out to be a dangerous antibiotic-resistant infection from a bacteria called Enterococcus faecalis. [...] After the patient in Indiana returned to the hospital, doctors s

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2019-12-10 03:30:00

Apple's Ad-Targeting Crackdown Shakes Up Ad Market  

Two years ago, Apple launched an aggressive battle against ads that track users across the web. Today executives in the online publishing and advertising industries say that effort has been stunningly effective -- posing a problem for advertisers looking to reach affluent consumers. The Information reports: Since Apple introduced what it calls its Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature in September 2017, and with subsequent updates last year, advertisers have largely lost the ability to target

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2019-12-10 02:10:00

Cyberattack Hits City of Pensacola After Shooting At Naval Air Station  

The city of Pensacola, Florida, has been dealing with a cyberattack since late Friday when a Saudi Air Force trainee killed three sailors at Pensacola Naval Air Station. Officials for the city are unsure whether the incidents are related. CNN reports: The city of Pensacola, Florida, said it has experienced a cyber "incident" and has disconnected several city services until the issue can be resolved. Mayor Grover Robinson told CNN affiliate WEAR the city has been dealing with a cyberattack since

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2019-12-10 01:30:00

WireGuard VPN Is On Its Way To Linux  

WireGuard has now been committed to the mainline Linux kernel. "While there are still tests to be made and hoops to be jumped through, it should be released in the next major Linux kernel release, 5.6, in the first or second quarter of 2020," reports ZDNet. From the report: WireGuard has been in development for some time. It is a layer 3 secure VPN. Unlike its older rivals, which it's meant to replace, its code is much cleaner and simple. The result is a fast, easy-to-deploy VPN. While it starte

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2019-12-10 00:50:00

College-Educated Workers Are Taking Over the American Factory Floor  

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Wall Street Journal: New manufacturing jobs that require more advanced skills are driving up the education level of factory workers who in past generations could get by without higher education, an analysis of federal data by The Wall Street Journal found. Within the next three years, American manufacturers are, for the first time, on track to employ more college graduates than workers with a high-school education or less, part of a shift toward autom

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2019-12-10 00:10:00

E-Scooter Company 'Unicorn' Goes Bust After Spending Big On Facebook Ads  

Electric scooter start-up Unicorn is shutting down after spending too much money on Facebook ads. The BBC reports: Customers received an email from founder Nick Evans, saying he was "very sorry" and was trying to sell Unicorn's assets to offer partial refunds. The Texas-based company sold just 350 of its $699 commuter scooters, according to The Verge. They have a top speed of 15mph and a range of 15 miles. And start-up tracker Crunchbase said Unicorn had raised just $150,000. "It saddens me

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2019-12-09 23:30:00

Oculus Quest Becomes First VR Set With Native Hand Tracking  

The Oculus Quest VR headset is about to receive an update that adds support for native hand tracking. "VR users will be able to put down their controllers and use their fingers to manipulate VR worlds, as tracked by Quest's array of built-in cameras," reports Ars Technica. From the report: The feature received a tease at October's Oculus Connect 6 conference and got an "early 2020" launch window from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. But someone on the Oculus engineering team clearly ignored Lord Zu

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2019-12-09 22:50:00

Google Under Investigation For 'Thanksgiving Four' Firings, Allegedly Discouraging Unions  

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNBC: The U.S. National Labor Relations Board has started a new investigation into Google's labor practices. An agency spokesperson confirmed to CNBC Monday that the probe, which will include whether Google violated labor laws when it recently fired four employees, has officially commenced. It will also look at whether Google discouraged employees from engaging in union activity. The investigation is expected to take roughly three months and be conducted

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2019-12-09 22:12:00

NHS Gives Amazon Free Use of Health Data Under Alexa Advice Deal  

Amazon has been given free access to healthcare information collected by the NHS as part of a contract with the government. The material, which excludes patient data, could allow the multinational technology company to make, advertise and sell its own products. From a report: In July the health secretary, Matt Hancock, said a partnership with the NHS that allowed Amazon Alexa devices to offer expert health advice to users would reduce pressure on "our hard-working GPs and pharmacists." But respo

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2019-12-09 21:30:00

Scientists Dodge FDA To Offer a $1 Million Anti-Aging Treatment in Colombia  

Would you pay $1 million and fly to South America for a chance to live longer? From a report: Libella Gene Therapeutics, a Kansas-based company that says it is developing a gene therapy that can reverse aging by up to 20 years, is hoping your answer is yes. In an interview with OneZero, the company says it is ready to give an experimental anti-aging therapy to older people at a clinic north of Bogota, Colombia. But that's not all -- it's also charging people $1 million to participate. Scientists

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2019-12-09 20:50:00

The Price of Recycling Old Laptops: Toxic Fumes in Thailand's Lungs  

The e-waste industry is booming in Southeast Asia, frightening residents worried for their health. Despite a ban on imports, Thailand is a center of the business. From a report: Crouched on the ground in a dimly lit factory, the women picked through the discarded innards of the modern world: batteries, circuit boards and bundles of wires. They broke down the scrap -- known as e-waste -- with hammers and raw hands. Men, some with faces wrapped in rags to repel the fumes, shoveled the refuse into

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2019-12-09 20:30:00

When a DNA Test Says You're a Younger Man, Who Lives 5,000 Miles Away  

After a bone marrow transplant, a man with leukemia found that his donor's DNA traveled to unexpected parts of his body. A crime lab is now studying the case. From a report: Three months after his bone marrow transplant, Chris Long of Reno, Nev., learned that the DNA in his blood had changed. It had all been replaced by the DNA of his donor, a German man he had exchanged just a handful of messages with. He'd been encouraged to test his blood by a colleague at the Sheriff's Office, where he worke

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2019-12-09 20:10:00

Microsoft Will Shut Down To-do App Wunderlist on May 6  

Over two and a half years after Microsoft said it'd one day kill to-do service Wunderlist in favor of its own To Do app, it has revealed when it'll drop the ax: May 6th. From a report: After that time, Wunderlist's to-do lists won't sync anymore and you'll have a limited time to export lists from there into To Do. As of today, Microsoft won't accept any more sign-ups for Wunderlist. Microsoft bought Wunderlist creator 6Wunderkinder in 2015 and announced To Do (or To-Do, as it was known then) in

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2019-12-09 19:50:00

African Countries Are Struggling To Build Robust Identity Systems  

The first thing that visitors to the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg see is a wall of identity cards-- the pieces of paper that determined where people could live and work and whom they could love. From the outset, the apartheid regime's ability to discriminate against "nie-blankes" (non-whites) depended on having a robust system of identifying people. The opposite problem confronts most other countries in Africa today. Governments have little idea who their citizens are [Editor's note: the lin

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2019-12-09 18:10:00

Eat For 10 Hours. Fast For 14. This Daily Habit Prompts Weight Loss, Study Finds  

There's a lot of enthusiasm for intermittent fasting -- a term that can encompass everything from skipping a meal each day to fasting a few days a week. Or, how about this approach: Simply limit your daily eating window to 10 hours. This means that if you take your first bite of food at 8 a.m., you'd need to consume your last calorie of the day by 6 p.m. A new study published in Cell Metabolism offers some evidence that the approach can be beneficial. From a report: Researchers tracked a group o

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2019-12-09 17:23:00

World Chess Champion On the Verge of Topping Fantasy Football Table  

Magnus Carlsen, the world's best chess player for the last decade, is on the brink of reaching the top in another game -- fantasy football. From a report: The grandmaster is enjoying his best season ever in the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) game and after Sunday's results he climbed to the sixth position in a table of more than 7 million players worldwide. Carlsen, who is currently competing at the London Chess Classic at Olympia, puts his fantasy football success down to luck. But his FPL team,

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2019-12-09 16:43:00

Intel CEO Blames Company's Obsessive Focus on Capturing 90% CPU Market Share For Missing Out on Other Opportunities  

Intel chief executive Bob Swan says he's willing to let go the company's traditional dominance of the market for CPUs in order to meet the rising demand for newer, more specialized silicon chips for applications such as AI and autonomous cars. From a report: Intel's Bob Swan blames being focused on 90% CPU market share as a reason for missing opportunities and transitions, envisions Intel as having 30% of all-silicon TAM instead of majority CPU TAM. Just a few years ago, Intel owned more than 90

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2019-12-09 16:03:00

Verizon Kills Email Accounts of Archivists Trying To Save Yahoo Groups History  

An anonymous reader shares a report: Verizon, which bought Yahoo in 2017, has suspended email addresses of archivists who are trying to preserve 20 years of content that will be deleted permanently in a few weeks. As Verizon announced in October, the company intends to wipe all content from Yahoo Groups. As of December 14, all previously posted content on the site will be permanently removed. The mass deletion includes files, polls, links, photos, folders, database, calendar, attachments, conver

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2019-12-09 15:23:00

China Tells Government Offices To Remove All Foreign Computer Equipment  

China has ordered that all foreign computer equipment and software be removed from government offices and public institutions within three years, the Financial Times reports. hackingbear writes: The government directive is likely to be a blow to US multinational companies like HP, Dell and Microsoft and mirrors attempts by Washington to limit the use of Chinese technology, as the trade war between the countries turns into a tech cold war. The Trump administration banned US companies from doing b

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2019-12-09 14:44:00

Oceans Losing Oxygen at Unprecedented Rate, Experts Warn  

Oxygen in the oceans is being lost at an unprecedented rate, with "dead zones" proliferating and hundreds more areas showing oxygen dangerously depleted, as a result of the climate emergency and intensive farming, experts have warned. From a report: Sharks, tuna, marlin and other large fish species were at particular risk, scientists said, with many vital ecosystems in danger of collapse. Dead zones -- where oxygen is effectively absent -- have quadrupled in extent in the last half-century, and

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2019-12-09 14:05:00

How Pranksters Tricked Twitter-Scraping Sites Into Copyright Infringement  

An anonymous reader shares a remarkable story from Fortune's Data Sheet newsletter: The story begins on Dec. 3, when an artist going by @Hannahdouken on Twitter posted an image of hand-drawn text reading, "This site sells STOLEN Artwork, do NOT buy from them!" And asked followers to reply that they wanted the image on a shirt. They were testing a theory. For years, artists posting their work online have found the art turned into t-shirts and other merch without permission or compensation.

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2019-12-09 11:34:00

Free Software Foundation Offers Benefits and Merchandise In Its Annual Fundraiser  

An anonymous reader writes: The Free Software Foundation is holding its annual fundraiser, with a goal of attracting 600 new members by the end of December. (New members so far: 112.) "We are still fighting the oppressive nature of proprietary software," explains the campaign's web page. "We have made solid inroads, and the community is as passionate as ever." As a 501(c)(3) charity the group's membership dues are all tax deductible, and associate memberships are just $10 a month ($5 for st

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2019-12-09 08:34:00

Former Oracle Product Manager Claims He Was Forced Out For Refusing to Sell Vaporware  

A former Oracle employee filed a lawsuit against the database giant on Tuesday claiming that he was forced out for refusing to lie about the functionality of the company's software. The civil complaint, filed on behalf of plaintiff Tayo Daramola in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, contends that Oracle violated whistleblower protections under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Dodd-Frank Act, the RICO Act, and the California Labor Code. According to the court filing, Daramola, a resident

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2019-12-09 05:34:00

Disney Warns 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' Effects Could Cause Seizures  

"The Walt Disney Co. is asking exhibitors worldwide to warn moviegoers that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker may pose a seizure risk to audience members with photosensitive epilepsy," reports Deadline: In an unusual move, Disney has sent a letter to theater owners and operators worldwide with a recommendation that special steps should be taken to alert moviegoers about the visual effects and flashing lights in the J.J. Abrams-directed interstellar adventure. "Out of an abundance of caution,"

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2019-12-09 02:34:00

Ohio Neighborhood Temporarily Evacuated Over Misplaced Fears of a Homemade Nuclear Reactor  

"A 911 call Thursday led to a precautionary evacuation of an entire street in a Northwest Side neighborhood in Columbus over concerns about a possible small nuclear reactor and alpha waves reported by a resident who said he sustained burns in his garage on the device," acocrding to the Columbus Dispatch. Slashdot reader k6mfw shared their report: In the end, authorities found no hazard. The man will undergo a mental-health examination and may face charges of inducing a panic. The man, who

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2019-12-09 00:34:00

Astronomers Find the Biggest Black Hole Ever Measured  

"Astronomers have found the biggest black hole ever measured -- it's 40 billion times the sun's mass, or roughly two-thirds the mass of all stars in the Milky Way," writes Iwastheone shares their report: The gargantuan black hole lurks in a galaxy that's supermassive itself and probably formed from the collisions of at least eight smaller galaxies. Holm 15A is a huge elliptical galaxy at the center of a cluster of galaxies called Abell 85... When two spiral galaxies --

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2019-12-08 23:34:00

Chinese Newspaper Touts Videogame Where Players 'Hunt Down Traitors' in Hong Kong  

The Global Times is a daily tabloid newspaper published "under the auspices" of the Chinese Communist Party's People's Daily, according to Wikipedia. And this week Slashdot reader Tulsa_Time noticed that this official state-run newspaper "promoted a video game where users are tasked with hunting down the 'traitors' leading Hong Kong's ongoing pro-democracy demonstrations." Here's an excerpt from the article by China's state-run newspaper: An online game calling on players to hunt down

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2019-12-08 22:34:00

Debian Begins Vote On Supporting Non-Systemd Init Options  

"It's been five years already since the vote to transition to systemd in Debian over Upstart," reports Phoronix, noting that the Debian developer community has now begun a 20-day ranked-choice vote on eight different proposals for "'init system diversity' and just how much Debian developers care (or not) in supporting alternatives to systemd." The eight options they're voting on: Choice 1: F: Focus on systemd Choice 2: B: Systemd but we support exploring alternatives Choice 3: A: Support

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2019-12-08 21:38:00

Linux Users Can Now Use Disney+ After DRM Fix  

"Linux users can now stream shows and movies from the Disney+ streaming service after Disney lowered the level of their DRM requirements," reports Bleeping Computer: When Disney+ was first launched, Linux users who attempted to watch shows and movies were shown an error stating "Something went wrong. Please try again. If the problem persists, visit the Disney+ Help Center (Error Code 83)." As explained by Hans de Goede, this error was being caused by the Disney+ service using the highest

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2019-12-08 20:34:00

20 Low-End VPS Providers Suddenly Shutting Down In a 'Deadpooling' Scam  

"At least 20 web hosting providers have hastily notified customers today, Saturday, December 7, that they plan to shut down on Monday, giving their clients two days to download data from their accounts before servers are shut down and wiped clean," reports ZDNet. And no refunds are being provided: All the services offer cheap low-end virtual private servers [and] all the websites feature a similar page structure, share large chunks of text, use the same CAPTCHA technology, and have notified

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2019-12-08 19:34:00

Open-Source Security Nonprofit Tries Raising Money With 'Hacker-Themed' T-Shirts  

The nonprofit Open Source Technology Improvement Fund connects open-source security projects with funding and logistical support. (Launched in 2015, the Illinois-based group includes on its advisory council representatives from DuckDuckGo and the OpenVPN Project.) To raise more money, they're now planning to offer "hacker-themed swag" and apparel created with a state-of-the art direct-to-garment printer -- and they're using Kickstarter to help pay for that printer: With the equipment full

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2019-12-08 18:34:00

Will Robots Wipe Out Wall Street's Highest-Paying Jobs?  

An anonymous reader quotes Bloomberg: Robots have replaced thousands of routine jobs on Wall Street. Now, they're coming for higher-ups. That's the contention of Marcos Lopez de Prado, a Cornell University professor and the former head of machine learning at AQR Capital Management LLC, who testified in Washington on Friday about the impact of artificial intelligence on capital markets and jobs. The use of algorithms in electronic markets has automated the jobs of tens of thousands of exec

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2019-12-08 17:34:00

81-Year-Old Donald Knuth Releases New TAOCP Book, Ready to Write Hexadecimal Reward Checks  

In 1962, 24-year-old Donald Knuth began writing The Art of Computer Programming -- and 57 years later, he's still working on it. But he's finally released The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 4, Fascicle 5: Mathematical Preliminaries Redux; Introduction to Backtracking; Dancing Links. An anonymous reader writes: On his personal site at Stanford, 81-year-old Donald Knuth promised this newly-released section "will feature more than 650 exercises and their answers, designed for self-st

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2019-12-08 16:34:00

Tesla Wants To Clean Windshields With Laser Beams  

Tesla "may be keen on replacing the humble windshield wiper with lasers," reports CNET. In a patent application filed this past May and published with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on Nov. 21, Tesla describes a "pulsed laser cleaning" for "debris accumulated" on glass, specifically for automotive application. It also mentions this could be used for "photo-voltaic" applications. That's fancy-speak for solar panels... According to the patent, Tesla imagines the system wo

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2019-12-08 15:34:00

Uber Loses $1.4 Billion in Value After Acknowledging Thousands of Sexual Assaults  

"Uber's stock market value fell by $1.4 billion Friday, on the heels of the company's release of a safety report revealing that 3,000 incidents of sexual assaults took place during its U.S. rides in 2018," reports the Bay Area News Group: On Thursday evening, Uber released its long-awaited safety study, which revealed that the company received 3,045 reports of sexual assaults in its rides in 2018, and 2,936 such incidents in 2017. Those figures included 235 reports of rape in 2018, up from 22

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2019-12-08 14:34:00

Can We Kill Fake News With Blockchain?  

"One of the more unique future uses for blockhain may be thwarting fake news," writes Computerworld's senior reporter, citing a recent report from Gartner: By 2023, up to 30% of world news and video content will be authenticated as real by blockchain ledgers, countering "Deep Fake technology," according to Avivah Litan, a Gartner vice president of research and co-author of the "Predicts 2020: Blockchain Technology" report... "Tracking assets and proving provenance are two key successful use c

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2019-12-08 12:34:00

Reddit Bans 61 Accounts, Citing 'Coordinated' Russian Campaign To Interfere In UK Vote  

"The prospect of Russian interference in Britain's election flared anew Saturday after the social media platform Reddit concluded that people from Russia leaked confidential British government documents on Brexit trade talks just days before the general U.K. vote," reports the Associated Press: Reddit said in a statement that it has banned 61 accounts suspected of violating policies against vote manipulation. It said the suspect accounts shared the same pattern of activity as a Russian interf

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2019-12-08 08:34:00

Are You Ready for the End of Python 2?   

"Users of an old version of the popular Python language face a reckoning at the end of the year," reports Wired, calling it a programmer's "own version of update hell." The developers who maintain Python, who work for a variety of organizations or simply volunteer their time, say they will stop supporting Python 2 on January 1, 2020 -- more than a decade after the introduction of Python 3 in December 2008. That means no more security fixes or other updates, at least for the official version o

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2019-12-08 04:34:00

Researchers Call Chronic Inflammation 'A Substantial Public Health Crisis'  

UPI reports: Roughly half of all deaths worldwide are caused by inflammation-related diseases. Now, a team of international researchers is calling on physicians to focus greater attention on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of severe, chronic inflammation so that people can live longer, healthier lives. In a commentary published Friday in the journal Nature Medicine, researchers at 22 institutions describe how persistent and severe inflammation in the body is often a precursor for

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2019-12-08 02:34:00

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