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wikiHow - The How-to Manual That You Can Edit

wikiHow is a wiki based collaboration to build the world’s largest, highest quality how to manual. Our multilingual how to manual has free step-by-step instructions on how to do all types of things. A collaborative writing project to build the world's largest how-to manual.

How to Make a Thank You Card  

Sending a handmade thank you card is a great way to thoughtfully recognize what someone else has done for you. You can make a lot of different types of cards, from ones with calligraphy greetings to painted cards or even collaged ones. After you've crafted your thank you card, write a meaningful, sincere note on the inside before delivering it to the recipient. It may only take 10 minutes to make a card, but your thoughtfulness will mean a lot to the person who receives it.

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2019-04-19 06:27:53

How to Incubate Eggs in an Electric Frying Pan  

Incubating eggs could be a fun activity for yourself and even your children. You can do it at home with just an electric frying pan and following some simple steps. The most important part of incubating eggs in a frying pan is making sure they maintain the right temperature. In as little as three weeks, if done correctly, you will see tiny chicks hatching out of your eggs.

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2019-04-19 02:56:20

How to Ace Your Medical Residency Interview  

For some medical students, the residency interview is the most frightening part of the application. However, interviews are not designed to be scary, especially if you've prepared thoroughly. If you brainstorm thoughtful questions, anticipate the answers you'll be expected to provide, and spend plenty of time practicing, you'll arrive at your interview relaxed and ready. Don't think of your residency interview as a trial by fire - instead, view it as an exciting opportunity to show the faculty...

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2019-04-18 08:48:48

How to Ride a Bicycle  

Do you want to go outside and ride a bike? Are you trying to teach someone else? Many adults never got the chance to learn and many kids want to learn. There's no reason to be embarrassed. Instead, get eager to start one of the healthiest, most environmentally friendly, and most satisfying forms of self-transportation possible. It requires preparation, technique, and a little falling, but anyone can learn how to ride a bicycle.

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2019-04-18 07:17:42

How to Make a Grass Pot for Cats  

Cats chew on grass to help get healthy vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, but an indoor cat doesn't have access to your lawn. Luckily, cat grass is very easy to grow indoors so you can provide your cat the nourishment it needs. Cat grass is usually a mix of wheat, oat, barley, or rye, and can be grown in soil or with a water substrate. Once you have the grass pot set up, your cat can enjoy eating it whenever it wants!

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2019-04-18 01:02:56

How to Write a Haiku Poem  

A haiku (俳句 high-koo) is a short three-line poem that uses sensory language to capture a feeling or image. Haiku poetry was originally developed by Japanese poets. They are often inspired by nature, a moment of beauty, or poignant experience. To write a haiku, start by brainstorming ideas for the poem. Then, write the poem with strong details and detailed imagery. Make sure you polish the haiku and listen to how it sounds out loud so it is at its best.

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2019-04-17 14:03:10

How to Cook Banana  

Bananas are often thought to be a boring fruit that you can only peel and eat raw. There are a variety of ways you can spice up and enhance the flavor of the fruit by cooking it. You can add different ingredients to the banana to enhance its flavor or you can add it to another meal. The best ways to cook your banana are by pan-frying it, baking it in an oven, or microwaving it.

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2019-04-17 07:27:37

How to Dye Eggs with Cool Whip  

Dyeing eggs with Cool Whip is a fun Easter activity the whole family can enjoy! These hard-boiled eggs are safe to eat and have beautiful, marbleized shells. Get started by placing the Cool Whip into a large baking dish and swirling through different food colorings. Then roll the hard-boiled eggs through the Cool Whip, coating each shell with a pretty pattern. Let the dye set, rinse off the Cool Whip, and enjoy the colorful eggs that look almost too good to eat!

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2019-04-17 04:49:33

How to Use a Neti Pot  

A neti pot is used for nasal irrigation, which entails flushing out your nasal cavity with a saline solution. This is a home remedy that is relatively less known in Western countries, but is common in parts of India and South Asia. You can use a neti pot daily to flush mucus, bacteria, and allergens out of your nasal cavity, but it is important to follow the proper cleaning technique for the neti pot and use only water that has been sterilized, distilled, or boiled and cooled.

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2019-04-16 19:01:10

How to Use Ghee  

Ghee, made from butter with the water and milk solids removed, is an ingredient from Indian culture that dates back thousands of years. By removing everything but the fat from the butter and clarifying it, ghee can be stored safely for months, add some delicious buttery flavor to almost any dish, and may even have some health benefits. Whether you want to know how to use ghee in cooking or as a health product, or even want to know how to make it yourself, there are plenty of ways to make use of

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2019-04-16 02:17:36

How to Calibrate Binoculars  

Seeing detail from a far distance is almost impossible without a good set of binoculars. If you're trying to birdwatch or see something from far away, you'll need to make sure your binoculars are correctly calibrated to your eyes. To do this, you'll need to properly set the distance between both eyepieces. Then, you'll adjust the focusing rings, or diopters, to make the image sharp and clear. When done correctly, amazing details will be visible from a far distance.

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2019-04-16 02:01:47

How to Become Invisible on the Waze Map  

By default, Waze shows your profile on the public map, including to your friends. If you want to travel in secret or surprise someone, you may want to turn this feature off. This wikiHow will teach you how to go invisible on the Waze map.

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2019-04-15 15:01:54

How to Gather Audit Evidence  

An auditor investigates a company's finances and operations to determine whether the company's records are accurate. In most cases, a CPA or certified auditor conducts an audit. If you are a business owner facing an audit, understanding how audit evidence is gathered can help you prepare for your upcoming audit. If you go through your records and company operations before the auditor arrives, the audit process may run more smoothly.

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2019-04-15 03:38:26

How to Make Anime Movies  

Making an anime movie is a big undertaking, but there are few better ways to display your creativity. Animes fall under many different genres, all of which have varying art styles and stories. After you draft up your movie's features, you will need to draw scenes, animate characters, and add sounds. Combine all of your work into a seamless movie you can share with the world.

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2019-04-15 01:10:15

How to Do Glitter Roots  

Glitter roots are the latest party and festival style! This fun and fabulous hairstyle is quick and easy to do, and it uses only a few different products. Begin by styling your hair down, in space buns, or in braids before you get to work on the glitter. Then mix together clear hair gel and chunky glitter to create a glitter gel. Apply the glitter gel to your parting and enjoy your new look! To remove the glitter, simply use hairspray and paper towels, or wash it out with olive oil.

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2019-04-14 12:07:50

How to Hang a Hummingbird Feeder  

Hummingbird feeders are a brilliant addition to any yard or garden. Properly locating, hanging, and cleaning your feeder will ensure that plenty of birds stop by for a drink. Hummingbirds are most likely to visit a feeder during their migrations in spring and fall. Hang the feeder as early as 2 weeks before you expect to see any birds, and keep it up several weeks after your last sighting. Having available food won't prevent the hummingbirds from migrating, and keeping a source of nectar out ear

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2019-04-14 09:14:59

How to Become a Dolphin Trainer  

As a dolphin trainer, you will be responsible for keeping captive dolphins healthy, stimulated, and active. You will need to feed the dolphins, keep their tanks clean, and train them to entertain a crowd. Though captive dolphins can be used as a form of public entertainment, they can also be used to encourage the conservation of dolphins and other marine life. To be a successful dolphin trainer, you will need to have an academic background in behavioral and biological sciences, the necessary exp

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2019-04-14 03:26:58

How to Make Breakfast Pizza  

Leftover pizza for breakfast is fine, but freshly baked pizza with breakfast toppings is so much better. Roll out refrigerated pizza dough and top it with cheese sauce or olive oil with garlic. For a supreme breakfast pizza, cover the top with sausage, scrambled eggs, hash browns, vegetables, and cheese. If you'd like a lighter pizza, top the pizza with bacon, fresh mozzarella, and whole eggs.

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2019-04-13 10:21:16

How to Be Efficient  

Being efficient can be a struggle. Fatigue, anxiety, procrastination, and the barrage of daily distractions stifle productivity. Although the obstacles to greater efficiency are imposing, you can take some simple steps to improve your efficiency. Getting enough rest every night, dividing large projects into smaller and more manageable tasks, and setting time limits and deadlines for yourself are simple steps you can take to make yourself more efficient.

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2019-04-13 08:22:56

How to Travel to Europe Cheaply  

Europe is filled with many countries and cultures that you can immerse yourself in while you're there. While it may seem like a daunting and expensive trip, a European vacation doesn't have to break the bank. By planning affordable travel and accommodations, you can easily manage your money while abroad. Once you're there, you'll be able to sight-see, try new foods, and meet new people on a budget!

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2019-04-13 02:22:57

How to Hang a Bird House  

For bird lovers across the world, birdhouses are a great way to give birds a safe place to lay their eggs and rear their young. A well-located birdhouse also lets you keep an eye on the parent birds as they feed the young, and you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the fledglings! When you hang a birdhouse, aim to keep the birds safe from predators and to situate the birdhouse at an angle you can easily observe. Purchase a birdhouse from a local hardware store, or pick up a few supplies a

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2019-04-12 15:30:16

How to Make Butter or Bulletproof® Style Coffee  

You've probably seen butter or bulletproof-style coffee sold in upscale coffee shops. If you can get your hands on high-quality ingredients, it's easy to make this nutritious beverage at home. Brew a cup of black coffee and blend it with MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil and grass-fed butter. This creates a drink that's creamy, filling, and energizing.

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2019-04-12 06:06:10

How to Make Clay  

Making your own clay is a fun craft that you can use to create gifts, keepsakes, and school projects. Fortunately, mixing up a batch of clay is also really easy, and you likely already have the ingredients at home. For a simple option, stir together flour, salt, and water to create a basic clay that will dry out fairly quickly. If you want a nice modeling clay, mix together cornstarch, salt, and water. For a softer, longer lasting clay, mix a little oil into flour, salt, and cream of tartar.

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2019-04-12 03:21:08

How to Stop Laughing at Inappropriate Times  

Although laughing at inappropriate times can be embarrassing, it's actually a natural reaction for some people when they're facing a highly stressful situation. This could be because laughter makes you feel better about what's happening, even if it's a bad situation. It could also be a reaction to help you relieve stress and release your own tension. When inappropriate laughter negatively affects your life, start by curbing your urge to laugh. If this doesn't work, you may need to tre...

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2019-04-11 12:17:43

How to Make a Sushi Roll  

Sushi is almost as fun to make as it is to eat. To roll your own sushi at home, you'll need several sheets of nori (dried seaweed), a batch of sticky sushi rice, and some fresh fish or other fillings of choice. Start by spreading the cooked rice in a thin layer over the nori, leaving room in the center for your main ingredients. After adding everything you want, roll it all up using your makisu (a type of flexible bamboo mat) as a guide and slice it into yummy bite-sized pieces!

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2019-04-11 12:08:45

How to Be a Responsible Pet Parent  

Whether you're getting a family pet or a companion for yourself, caring for a pet is a big responsibility. Pets are family and depend on their owners to raise them and spend time with them. Like any children, pets have a wide range of needs, from physical health and safety to mental stimulation and attention. After you choose the right kind of pet, prepare your home for it and make the adoption official. Care for your pet with food, fun, and plenty of attention to be the best pet parent you ca...

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2019-04-11 01:56:15

How to Make Sunny Side up Eggs  

Sunny side up eggs are fried on only one side, with the yolks intact, golden, and runny. They're a delicious breakfast food that pairs great with a piece of bread for dipping in the yolk! You can easily make sunny side up eggs at home in a frying pan or by cooking them in the oven.

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2019-04-10 19:35:13

How to Be a Supportive Sibling  

Sibling relationships can be very meaningful and intimate, but it is common for people to drift apart as they grow older and build their own families and other relationships. Distance can also make it harder to maintain supportive sibling relationships, but you can still maintain them with some effort. Even if you are not super close to your sibling, they will often end up being lifelong and important. As a person with siblings, you may wonder how you can support and care for your sibling. You c

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2019-04-10 08:39:22

How to Grow an Edible Pond  

What's better than having a water feature in your backyard? Having a water feature that you can eat! There are many varieties of edible plants that you can grow in a simple water garden. With some preparation and the right background knowledge, you can have a pond, and eat it too.

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2019-04-10 03:29:37

How to Wear a Cravat  

Traced back to the military uniforms of 17th-century Croatian soldiers, the modern day cravat is a stylish alternative to the common necktie. Cravats are colorful pieces of fabric worn tied around the neck that can add visual interest to any outfit. With a few quick tips on tying and wearing cravats, you'll be ready to sport this sophisticated neck piece with confidence!

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2019-04-09 17:13:34

How to Escape from a Straitjacket  

Even though straitjackets were designed to restrain someone who's in danger of harming themselves or others, magicians and escape artists often escape from them as part of their acts. If you're trying to become like Harry Houdini, you may want to consider learning how to perform this trick, which was one of his most famous! Fortunately, although it may seem impossible, escaping from a straitjacket is a trick that almost anyone can learn how to do.

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2019-04-09 06:39:48

How to Clean Mussels  

Fresh mussels are delicious when eaten with a tasty sauce or tossed into a decadent pasta dish, and you can easily enjoy them from the comfort of your own home! In order to keep them healthy and tasty while being cooked and prepared, mussels need to have the ocean dirt and sand removed from them, as well as the beards emerging from the shells. Make sure to buy live mussels, and clean them right before you want to eat them.

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2019-04-09 03:25:07

How to Sew an Apron  

Aprons are essential for keeping your clothes clean while working in the kitchen or doing housework, but they can be expensive! Making your own apron is easy as long as you have some basic sewing skills and a sewing machine. Buy, download, or create a pattern, choose the fabric you want to use, and get started!

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2019-04-08 10:26:44

How to Get a Master's Degree  

Earning a master's degree is a huge accomplishment and can open up new opportunities for your career. Most master's degree programs require 1.5 to 2 years of study, but you may take longer if you're also working. Before you can earn a master's degree, you need to choose a program, submit your application, and decide how to pay for it. Then, you can complete your coursework to succeed academically.

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2019-04-08 03:14:32

How to Clean Lampshades  

Lampshades are a great addition to your home's interior, but over time, they can become dirty and dusty. Wash your fabric lampshade in a soapy bath and then rinse and dry it thoroughly. If your lampshade is made from paper, simply use a dry microfiber cloth to remove the dust. Both these methods are quick, easy, and will leave your lampshades looking fresh and clean.

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2019-04-08 02:40:16

How to Brew Kombucha  

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that is widely popular for its probiotic health benefits. While you may have had kombucha at a specialty tea shop or grocery store, it's also perfectly safe to make at home, as long as you take the necessary precautions. All you need is a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), black tea, sugar, a starter liquid, and a little patience!

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2019-04-07 15:31:25

How to Be Healthy  

Many people think that being healthy is a difficult task that involves lots of dieting and time at the gym, but that's not actually true! By making some simple tweaks to your routine and setting small goals for yourself, you can be on the path toward living a healthier, happier life. Start a daily habit of making healthier choices when it comes to eating, relaxing, being active, and sleeping. Soon, you'll start to see your healthy life taking shape!

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2019-04-07 04:58:54

How to Jump in Figure Skating  

Figure skating jumps look incredible and are exhilarating to learn! If you're just starting out, try a basic jump. Once you've mastered the basic jump, try learning the bunny hop. If you're feeling confident, try the waltz jump. This elegant and impressive jump is much easier than it looks and can easily be worked into figure skating routines. Before you know it, you'll be gliding through the air!

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2019-04-07 04:15:31

How to Hang a Hammock Chair  

Hammock chairs are the ultimate invitation to take a breather, and they can be installed nearly anywhere in and around your home. With the right tools, you can create a hanging oasis outside from a tree branch, or in your own bedroom. Once you know how to properly set up your hammock chair, you'll be able to relax at home in style and comfort.

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2019-04-06 13:03:25

How to Make Blackberry Jam  

With its sweet, rich flavor and appealing purple color, blackberry jam is a favorite to make and eat. Use wild, fresh, or thawed blackberries to make a classic jam that you cook on the stove with sugar, spice, and pectin. Or skip the cooking process to make a fresh-tasting jam that sets up in the freezer with the help of a little instant pectin.

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2019-04-06 07:50:25

How to Wear a Kilt  

A kilt is a knee-length pleated garment typically worn by men. Originating in the Highlands area of northern Scotland, kilts resemble wrap-around skirts with overlapping aprons in the front and pleats in the back. They are typically made of wool and feature a tartan pattern. The tartan traditionally represented a family's lineage or clan, but today men choose tartans that appeal to them. The traditional kilt attire includes hosiery and other accessories necessary to achieve a Highlands look. To

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2019-04-06 04:33:59

How to Drink Coffee Without Staining Teeth  

If your teeth are looking a little yellow from coffee stains, you can take steps to have a brighter smile! While slowing down your coffee consumption is always an option, you can also do things to mitigate the effects. Also, make sure you're caring for your teeth properly, as that will keep stains from building up as much. You can also try whitening your teeth at home to deal with the results of drinking too much coffee.

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2019-04-05 09:33:35

How to Style a Military Jacket  

Military jackets are classic wardrobe pieces that just always seem to be in style. But if you're bored of wearing your military jacket in the same old ways, consider spicing it up a bit. You could add some fun accessories - like an oversized scarf, a cute neckerchief, or a fun cross-body bag. Try rolling up your sleeves, popping your collar, or adding a chunky belt. You might even consider wearing it like a shirt and tucking it into your pants!

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2019-04-05 06:22:33

How to Make Caramel Sauce  

Have you ever gone for a tasty bowl of vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce, only to discover that your teenager ate the last of the caramel sauce...on a hamburger? Kids will eat anything, but take heart: making your own caramel sauce from scratch is a lot easier—and a lot tastier than you might think. Even better, it takes practically no time at all. All you need is some sugar, butter, and cream to make your own caramel sauce at home!

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2019-04-05 03:58:56

How to Raft the Grand Canyon  

A rafting trip can offer you the rare opportunity to explore the heart of the Grand Canyon, whether you're a whitewater veteran or a first-time adventurer. Before you book a guided trip with an area rafting company or apply for a solo permit, it's important to consider a few factors, such as the length of your outing and time of year you'll be setting out. You'll also need to pack appropriately to prepare yourself for the unpredictable conditions of the Colorado River and surrounding des...

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2019-04-04 09:58:51

How to Become a Motivational Speaker  

When you think of motivational speakers, you might think about self-help gurus telling you how to channel your inner child or visualize your path to success. However, motivational speakers can deliver presentations and speeches on any topic. What counts is your passion for the subject you are addressing. Become a motivational speaker by developing your message, brushing up on your public speaking skills, and promoting your speaking abilities.

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2019-04-04 09:10:35

How to Apply Lipstick Without Liner  

If you have lost or forgotten your tried-and-true lip liner, fret not! You can still apply your lipstick without your liner. Try using your lipstick as your liner by drawing a careful line with a brush, cotton swab, or the lipstick itself. You could also use your foundation as a substitute for lip liner. You'll be able to easily create beautiful lips no matter what product you use.

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2019-04-04 02:39:28

How to Choose Music for Studying  

Not only can listening to music make studying less boring, but it can also potentially help you retain the information better. However, not all music will help you concentrate when you're studying. The key is to find the right kind of music that will fade into the background and not distract you.

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2019-04-03 19:09:55

How to Build a Healthy Relationship with a Stepchild  

Marrying someone who already has children can be a challenge, but it can also be an immense blessing. As a step-parent, you get to serve as friend and mentor to the child--you don't have to try to step in as a third parent. Focus on building good rapport with your stepchild and fostering mutual respect and trust. Also, keep in mind that this can be a major adjustment for yourself and the child. They may never fully accept you the way you'd like, but just do your best to develop a civil relations

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2019-04-03 03:31:23

How to Apply a No 7 Serum  

No 7 serums are beauty products that aim to give the skin a more youthful, attractive appearance. If you apply your serum twice each day in the morning and evening, you may start noticing positive results as early as 2 weeks into using it.

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2019-04-03 03:06:57

How to Relieve Wrist Pain from Lifting  

A tender, painful wrist can make it difficult to use your hands. Fortunately, most pain will go away once you've rested your wrists and reduced the swelling. Pain relievers and ice packs will make you more comfortable as your wrists heal. Once they've recovered from the lifting injury, strengthen the muscles in your forearms to prevent another injury. Doing simple stretching exercises, using athletic straps, and lifting smaller amounts can protect your wrists.

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2019-04-02 10:07:08

How to Make Wedding Signs  

There is no better way to make a wedding your own than by making your own signs. Try placing a big sign in front of the venue to announce the event and welcome guests. Also design signs to guide guests, such as by pointing out where to sit or leave gifts. Add your own personal touch to the signs to make the wedding a day to remember!

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2019-04-02 07:13:31

How to Fall Asleep if You're Autistic  

Sleeping difficulties often accompany autism. If you're one of these people, don't worry—there are techniques you can use to help you fall asleep. This article is written for autistic people, but it may also be useful to parents of autistic children, people with other disabilities, or non-disabled people.

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2019-04-02 01:01:35

How to Start a Blog  

This wikiHow teaches you how to create and begin using a blog, both in general and by using specific platforms such as WordPress and Blogger.

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2019-04-01 11:52:51

How to Arrange a Courier Pick Up  

Courier services provide fast pickup and delivery services for high-value goods or urgent documents. In order to use a courier, you must schedule a pickup time for a representative from the company to come get your package. To ensure proper delivery, you should prepare ahead of time and make sure you have followed the courier directions for a proper pickup.

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2019-04-01 07:42:36

How to Pull Harmless Pranks  

There is nothing more fun than pulling a harmless prank on a friend, sibling, or roommate. Prank your friends by covering their car in sticky notes or messing with their hand sanitizer. Alternatively, create a culinary nightmare with Oreo cookies and toothpaste and feed it to your victims. If you want to prank a sibling or roommate, tape a bug cutout to the inside of a lamp shade or salt their toothbrush.

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2019-04-01 01:56:25

How to Pick Peaches  

There are few things as delicious as a perfectly ripe peach that you've picked yourself. Go to the orchard and look for fruit that smells sweet and looks ripe. Once you've found juicy peaches, gently pick them. To pick peaches from a grocery store or farm stand, ask to sample the fruit before choosing. If you accidentally bring home peaches that aren't soft enough, place them in a paper bag at home until they're ripe. Then use the peaches in your favorite recipes or enjoy eating them out of hand

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2019-03-31 15:51:03

How to Measure for Jeans  

Finding the right pair of jeans can take a lot of trial and error even if you do know your size. Once you've measured your inseam and waist, however, you'll be able to choose and purchase the right pair much more quickly. Measure yourself or have a friend help take your measurements before shopping for jeans so you know what to look for. All you need to do is match your measurements to the corresponding brand's sizing chart to buy jeans that fit well and flatter your figure.

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2019-03-31 11:25:25

How to Make Braided Bracelets  

Braided bracelets are a great way to take your outfit to the next level. They are chic and trendy, and also fun and easy to make. Once you know the basics of making braided bracelets, you can experiment with using different numbers of cord or adding charms and beads.

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2019-03-31 02:23:26

How to Overcome Doubt in a Relationship  

You and your partner may be blissfully happy before doubt enters the picture. Then, you start to worry if you're really a good match for one another. Is your partner interested in someone else? If you don't resolve relationship doubts, they can ruin everything. Tackle your doubts by first going to the source— your partner— and seeking out the reassurance you long for.

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2019-03-30 12:34:55

How to Dye Candles  

There's only one thing that could make your favorite candle even better—if it were your favorite color, too! Dyeing your candles allows you to customize them to suit any set of sensibilities. Start by melting an old candle or two on the stovetop in a double boiler, or use a block of paraffin wax to make your own candles from scratch. Add a small amount of powdered or liquid candle dye, stirring in more pigment gradually until you achieve the desired shade. Once the wax is just the right colo...

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2019-03-30 12:11:12

How to Make a Vinyl Record Mail Holder  

Records sometimes get damaged to the point where they no longer play. Instead of throwing them away, you can heat them up, then mold them into all sorts of items, such as bowls. A mail holder is another useful item that you can turn an old record into. All you need is a record, a heat source, and a narrow box to use as a mold.

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2019-03-30 04:09:05

How to Test Essential Oils for Purity  

Essential oils are growing in popularity due to their pleasant scents and various household uses. However, the purity of the essential oil is important for making sure it is as effective as possible. To verify that your essential oils are high quality, it is important that you learn the signs of a good essential oil and test the oils out for yourself.

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2019-03-29 18:04:42

How to Wear a Backless Dress  

Backless dresses are an elegant, striking look for anyone looking to make a statement by showing some skin. They can be a great choice for formal and semi-formal events, but many avoid them because they can be intimidating to wear. However, if you pick the right undergarments, take good care of your skin, and accessorize properly, you can feel comfortable and beautiful in a backless dress at your next big occasion.

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2019-03-29 08:03:20

How to Grow a Plum Tree  

Growing your own plum tree in your backyard is a gratifying experience. After planting, watering, pruning, and maintaining your tree, it will bear delicious plums to reward you for your work. With regular care, your plum tree will continue to bloom and produce plums for years to come.

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2019-03-29 02:37:45

How to Carry a Hedgehog  

Hedgehogs are cute and friendly critters if they are bred and raised correctly. They are the perfect pets for dedicated and patient owners—they aren't smelly, they make almost no noise, and most importantly, they're cute! In spite of all of this, some people are still afraid to handle a hedgehog. Luckily, carrying your hedgehog is a great way to bond with it and when you learn to understand and respond to its subtle methods of communicating, you'll have no problem at all!

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2019-03-28 12:45:05

How to Determine the Best Time to Exercise  

Any time of the day you can commit to exercising is a good time for getting active. The best time for exercise is different for each person. Consider your lifestyle and exercise goals to help find the right time for you.

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2019-03-28 08:27:18

How to Get Rid of Ladybugs  

Ladybugs are wonderful garden insects for aphid-control! However, these creatures quickly become less cute and more annoying if an infestation forms. Remove ladybugs from your home with a vacuum cleaner, a vinegar trap, or with an indoor insecticide. You can also prevent ladybugs from getting in with citronella and citrus scents, or by winterizing your home. Eradicate garden ladybugs with diatomaceous earth or by planting mums.

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2019-03-28 03:11:43

How to Fold Long Sleeve Shirts  

Long sleeve shirts can be one of the trickiest clothing items to fold. Use the KonMari method to fold all of your long sleeve clothing items, like long sleeve T-shirts, dress shirts, and sweaters. This technique will save space, reduce wrinkles, and help keep your long-sleeved shirts in good shape!

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2019-03-27 06:16:58

How to Clean a Slate Hearth  

If you have a slate hearth around your fireplace and it's been there for more than 2 months, it's probably a little dirty. Slate hearths need to be cleaned regularly to prevent and remove the grime and stains that build up on them. Luckily, it's pretty easy to clean your slate hearth, as long as you have some ordinary household cleaning supplies and a few specialty items from a home improvement store.

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2019-03-27 03:15:47

How to Grow Pandorea  

Pandorea, also known as the bower vine or Pandorea jasminoides, is a native Australian climber with pretty trumpet-shaped flowers. It has tropical foliage that is beautiful even when it's not in bloom. You can grow pandorea in containers or directly in your garden.

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2019-03-27 01:32:01

How to Become a Criminal Psychologist  

Criminal psychologists study the behaviors, motives, and intentions of criminals from the point of view of mental health. Criminal psychologists often work alongside the police to help them understand why an individual may have committed a certain crime. If you'd like to become a criminal psychologist, you need to earn a doctoral degree in psychology, and then earn a criminal psychology license.

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2019-03-26 06:58:04

How to Keep Fruit Flies Away  

Discovering fruit flies in your kitchen can be annoying, but there are plenty of ways to prevent them in the first place! Making sure your kitchen is clean, especially your trashcan and counters, can help. So can washing and storing fruit properly. If you discover you do have fruit flies, there are a few at-home measures you can take to get rid of them.

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2019-03-26 03:59:09

How to Build a Spaghetti Tower  

Making a spaghetti tower is a great team-building exercise that is popular among schoolchildren, coworkers, friends, and family. You can also build a spaghetti tower alone for an extra challenge! Spaghetti towers are made using dry spaghetti strands and marshmallows. Make squares with the spaghetti and marshmallows first, before forming these into pyramids. Use these existing pyramids to form new ones, and watch as your tower grows higher! To make building spaghetti towers into a fun, competitiv

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2019-03-26 03:40:44

How to Clean Sneakers  

Cleaning your sneakers keeps them smelling fresh, prolongs their life, and doesn't take very long to do. Clean your shoes by hand to give them a little more TLC, or put them into the washing machine for a primarily hands-off approach. You can even tackle cleaning the soles of your shoes to spruce them up without having to clean the entire thing. Whichever method you choose, you'll end up with clean shoes that look (and smell) a lot better!

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2019-03-25 10:35:31

How to Dye Cotton Yarn  

Dyeing yarn is easy, but how you prepare the dye depends on what sort of fiber the yarn is made from: acrylic, animal, or plant. Because cotton yarn is plant-based, you should prepare the dye the same way you would prepare dye for tie dyeing a t-shirt. Once you wrap the yarn and rinse it, you can dye it any color you want.

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2019-03-25 03:51:47

How to Use Voodoo Floss  

Voodoo floss is a compression band that you can use to increase mobility and flexibility in your body. You can also use it to prepare your body for a workout. Wrap the band at your hip to increase hip mobility and stretch your sore hips. You can also use the band on your feet and ankles to increase flexibility and prepare for a run. Using the band on your wrist, forearms, and knees can help relieve pain from working with your hands or running.

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2019-03-25 02:24:01

How to Decide Whether Working at Home Is for You  

Working from home has been said to be "the way of the future," giving employees the freedom to work in an environment that is comfortable to them. There are many advantages to working from home, including the elimination of commuting, increased flexibility with hours, and renewed focus on productivity. However, working from home isn't for everyone and requires serious consideration before you make the move to telecommuting.

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2019-03-24 08:28:36

How to Choose Flowers for the Bridesmaids' Bouquets  

You're getting married, you've already made most of the countless choices that come with planning a wedding, and one of the few things left to decide is which flowers will go into the bridesmaids' bouquets. This process can be an added stress, but if you keep in mind the color and size of your own bouquet and dress as well as the overall theme of your wedding, you can easily pick beautiful bouquets that fit your budget.

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2019-03-24 01:48:54

How to Clean an Eyelash Curler  

You probably already know how important it is to clean your makeup brush and sponges, but it's sometimes easy to overlook the need for cleaning tools like your eyelash curler. Even the metal surfaces on your eyelash curler can harbor bacteria, which could potentially lead to an eye infection, especially if you share your curler with someone else. Luckily, cleaning your eyelash curler is super easy! Disinfect the curler once every 2 weeks or so, and wipe it down after each use to keep it clean.

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2019-03-24 01:45:41

How to Play Flamenco Guitar  

Flamenco is more than a guitar playing style. It is an art form that originated in the Andalusia region of Spain, and incorporates music and dancing. You don't have to be from Spain to learn to play flamenco guitar, although familiarity with the culture may help. Flamenco uses the guitar in ways that may be unfamiliar to you, even if you're a more experienced guitarist. The techniques can be difficult, but with patience and persistence you can master them. If you want to learn to play flamenco g

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2019-03-23 18:02:36

How to Keep Bleached Hair Healthy  

Bleaching your hair dries it out which can lead to dull, damaged locks. Fortunately, with the right products and techniques, you can easily keep your bleached hair healthy and beautiful.

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2019-03-23 12:12:02

How to Use a Manual Typewriter  

Manual typewriters have plenty of vintage charm, but there are practical reasons for using them, too. Typewriters can create neat type on oddly-shaped envelopes or papers, and they can be fun to tinker with. If you've never used a manual typewriter before, there are a few things you need to know before you can begin.

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2019-03-23 02:35:51

How to Help Someone with Anger Issues  

Anger is a common emotion that can easily spiral into rage, so there's a chance you will someday encounter a friend, family member, or partner who has trouble controlling their anger. You can help them first and foremost by reeling in your own emotions, as becoming upset yourself will only worsen the problem. After responding appropriately and de-escalating their anger, try motivating them to get help for their anger. Having a loved one with a fiery temper can be stressful, so be sure to look ...

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2019-03-22 19:50:26

How to Kill Ants in Your House  

Common house ants, which are less than long, are primarily a nuisance that you can squash or spray to kill. However, to get rid of the entire colony, use poisoned bait stations and let the worker ants destroy their own nest. If you have carpenter ants in your home—which are long and nest in damp or rotted wood—it's important that you eliminate the colony right away. Dig into the damaged area, eradicate the nest with insecticide, and make repairs, or hire a pro to do the job.

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2019-03-22 10:35:33

How to Set a Breakfast Table  

You may not be able to set the table for breakfast every morning, but when you do get the chance, it adds a really nice touch to the start of your day! Make your table as fancy or as laid-back as you prefer. For a basic setting, you'll need plates, bowls, silverware, mugs, and juice glasses. For more complex table settings, use cloth napkins, extra utensils for different dishes, and carafes full of delicious beverages. You can even prepare a breakfast buffet for when you're having a lot of g...

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2019-03-22 04:03:42

How to Take Care of Mini Pet Turtles  

Mini turtles are species that stay small, generally reaching an adult shell length of no more than . Small turtles are not only cute and fun to watch, but they are usually easier to house and care for than larger species. Proper care depends on the species of mini turtle you choose. Research the needs of some of the popular small turtle breeds—such as musk turtles, mud turtles, and spotted turtles—before you bring one home.

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2019-03-21 10:59:27

How to Do the Orange Justice Dance  

One of the most popular dance moves on Fortnite is the Orange Justice dance. While it looks like a difficult dance, it is easy enough to learn. With a little practice, you'll be dancing just like the Orange Shirt Kid in no time.

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2019-03-21 10:50:46

How to Eat Sauerkraut  

Sauerkraut literally translates to 'sour cabbage' in German, but don't let the unsavoury translation stop you from adding this fermented nutritional powerhouse into your daily meals. Sauerkraut adds a punchy flavour and good bacteria, antioxidants, fibre, and vitamins to any meal. One serving of unpasteurized and uncooked sauerkraut contains more lactobacillus bacteria than one serving of live yogurt.

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2019-03-21 02:06:38

How to Host an Autistic Friendly Family Gathering  

Holidays, get-togethers, reunions, and other family get-togethers can be a source of great joy (and great stress). They can be especially tough for autistics, who may deal with social confusion, sensory overload, high demands, and other stressors. Here is how to make your get-together more inclusive, relaxed, and fun for your autistic relative(s).

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2019-03-20 03:44:17

How to Dress for Spring  

Spring represents renewal and rebirth. The warming weather revitalizes plant life, adding color to the drab outdoors. Dress yourself for the season by adding color and life back into your wardrobe. Start pulling out breezier materials that can keep you cool as the weather warms up.

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2019-03-20 02:35:40

How to Care for Hummingbirds  

Hummingbirds are fascinating little creatures that may need your help from time to time! Many people enjoy feeding hummingbirds, and you can do the same by offering homemade sugar water in the hummingbird feeder. While this water won't provide the nutrients the hummingbird needs, it does give them the energy to look for other plants, such as the flowers you've planted in your backyard for them. If you find injured or stunned hummingbirds, including, you can also take steps to help, though you sh

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2019-03-20 02:10:25

How to Get Your Dog Used to Wearing Clothes  

Dressing up your dog can be both fun and practical, especially if you live in a climate where your canine friend can use a little extra warmth now and then. Getting a dog used to wearing clothes takes some time and effort, however. Start by picking out clothes that are easy to put on and comfortable for your pet. Once you've picked an outfit to start with, start gradually training your dog to wear it. Be sure to keep the process relaxed and low-pressure for your dog.

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2019-03-19 10:53:01

How to Hang a Frameless Mirror on the Wall  

Although frameless mirrors are usually installed in bathrooms, they can also be incorporated throughout your home for a sleek look that will match any type of decor. While framed mirrors can be hung in the same way as picture frames, you'll use a different set of approaches to hang a frameless mirror. One option is to use mirror clips; another is to glue the mirror to the wall with a special adhesive.

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2019-03-19 03:06:59

How to Clean Keycaps  

If you spend a lot of time at a computer, you may have noticed that your keyboard doesn't look as clean as it did when you first started using it. Dust, food particles, and oils from your fingers may have left the keys looking pretty grimy. If you're using a mechanical keyboard, it might be time to remove the keycaps and give them a good clean. With just some soaking, rinsing, and drying, you can get your keyboard looking fresh again.

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2019-03-19 02:06:21

How to Wear a Black Leather Jacket  

Black leather jackets are a timelessly cool fashion statement. Wearing one can instantly transform your outfit, making any ensemble feel more edgy. It might be intimidating to wear a leather jacket for the first time, but they are surprisingly very versatile and easy to dress up or down. A black leather jacket is a classic statement piece that belongs in every closet!

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2019-03-18 15:02:01

How to Thicken Broth  

Whatever your cooking project, getting your broth to the right consistency is an important step. If your broth is looking a little thin, there are several ways to thicken it, depending on the ingredients you want to use and the amount of time at your disposal. You can always reduce a homemade broth by cooking it down, but this isn't always an option if you've already salted the broth, as reducing it will make it saltier. However, you can also thicken any broth with a thickening agent like co...

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2019-03-18 07:58:08

How to Decrease Aquarium Algae Naturally  

Aquarium algae isn't a pretty sight, but it's something that every aquarium owner is going to face eventually. Luckily, decreasing algae naturally can be accomplished by healthy tank care procedures such as water testing, the addition of plants and sea life, and regular cleaning and water swapping. Once you know how to combat algae growth and keep your tank maintained, you'll have no trouble keeping the many colors of algae at bay.

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2019-03-18 01:05:18

How to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day  

St. Patrick's Day is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on the 17th of March, and named in honor of the patron saint of Ireland. The festival commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, as well as celebrating Irish heritage and culture. St. Patrick's Day is now celebrated by many people throughout the world, Irish and non-Irish alike, with food, drink, and all things green. Here are some guidelines on how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day Irish-style!

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2019-03-17 08:04:12

How to Overcome Barriers to Communication  

Communication barriers can make any kind of relationship more difficult, whether it's one you have at work, a friendship, or one with your spouse. Breaking down those barriers will help you have a happier, healthier relationship overall. Work on your listening skills and approach each discussion with honesty and an open mind. Also, do your best to communicate as clearly as you can with the other person, and you will find you're communicating more effectively.

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2019-03-17 03:13:21

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