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Quilting Tools Keychain  

Shrink plastic is a such a fun activity for kids or adults alike! You can turn anything into a shrink plastic. Make them into an ornament or a keychain. If you like quilting or have a friend who loves quilting, then this shrink plastic keychain is perfect. It would make a great gift or use as an ornament for the holidays. It's easier to make especially if you have a template to use when you make them.

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2020-11-25 17:00:02

3d Wood Tree  

Do you want to learn how to make wood Christmas trees to decorate your home? These 3D Wood Christmas Trees make the cutest outdoor Christmas decorations. You can even make them in various sizes too! If you would like to add some lights to them, you can string lights around them! Versatile DIY Christmas trees that can be used to decorate indoors or outdoors. They look awesome next to a 3D Wood Snowman too! Merry Christmas.

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2020-11-25 14:00:12

Easy Hot Pads With Free Pattern  

If you have a ton of unfinished projects or projects half-done rolling all over your place, you probably don't want to start something new just to leave it in one of those piles (again). I feel you! Why don't you sew something really quick for a change. Make a hotpad in minutes with this hot pad tutorial video! Using our free hot pad pattern, you can make hot pads for cooking quickly and easily. With these hot pad, you can grab hot pots safely and without worrying whether you'll get burned...

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2020-11-25 12:10:02

Learn to Crochet with Marly Bird  

Learn how to crochet with Marly Bird! Watch the recording below from our virtual crochet class and learn everyting you need to know about crochet. Sponsored by our friends at I Like Crochet, this free, one-hour class is a great refresher course on all things crochet. Brush up on your stitches, build your confidence, or try a brand new hobby.

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2020-11-24 08:46:28

Rainy Day Coloring Page  

Enjoy this free printable Rainy Day Coloring Page for kids. This page features an umbrella and rain boots, there are also clouds and raindrops. It is a simple coloring page to keep the kids busy. It is a great boredom buster for bad weather days! Just download the file, print it at home or at your local print shop or library. You can print as many copies as you want. The kids will have lots of fun coloring this page.

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2020-11-24 07:50:02

Magic Hat Coloring Page  

Enjoy this free printable Magic Hat Coloring Page. This simple page features a magic hat with cute bunny ears sticking out. There's also a magic wand, stars, and the word "Magic" on a sunburst background. It is a great indoor activity for kids. Just download the PDF file, and print it at home or your local print shop. Kids will have lots of fun coloring this page. You can also frame and hang the finished page.

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2020-11-24 04:50:02

Seahorse Coloring Page  

Enjoy this free printable Seahorse Coloring Page. This page features an underwater landscape. There is a curious little seahorse, an open seashell with a shiny pearl inside, a starfish, and some seaweed. It is a great indoor activity for kids! Just download the PDF file and print it at home or at your local print shop. The kids will have a lot of fun coloring this page. You can also frame and hang the finished page.

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2020-11-24 04:40:01

Diy Gift Boxes  

No need to buy gift boxes when you can make your own adorable, pretty and personalized recycled DIY gift boxes for a fraction of the cost! Stand out from the crowd with a lovely toilet paper roll gift box! I am so excited about these little DIY gift boxes! Not only that I get to recycle my tp rolls, which I really love (and if you've been following me for a while you know how cheap…I mean savvy I am). but I also get to put my own touch and personalize these little toilet paper roll gift boxe...

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2020-11-23 23:40:07

How To Make A Paper Christmas Honeycomb Ball?  

How to make a paper Christmas honeycomb ball?Making crafts with your own hands develops the creative potential of the child. A simple material for these purposes is paper. Due to the different density, variety of colors, beautiful things can be created from it. In this manual, we will talk about how to make a Christmas honeycomb ball out of colored paper. Such a product is suitable to decorate a house for a holiday. For the child, it will become an important detail during the New Year's celebrat

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2020-11-23 17:01:21

Crochet Christmas Tree Garland  

This crochet Christmas tree garland is another DIY holiday decoration idea. The combination of traditional-shaped Christmas trees and small snowflakes makes this garland very charming! For this garland I've used my previously designed patterns for the crochet Christmas tree applique and crochet small snowflake. Garlands are easy to make and perfect to add handmade decor to your home for the holidays. Besides decorating your Christmas tree, crochet garlands will also look great on the fireplac...

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2020-11-23 14:40:02

Crochet Heart Angel  

This crochet Angel pattern is another of my heart-shaped designs. The body and wings of this Angel are made in the shape of hearts. This crochet heart Angel will make a lovely Christmas ornament or Valentine's Day decoration; it can be used as an applique, and it will look great on handmade cards! You can also crochet a bunch of these Angels to make a beautiful holiday garland for your Christmas tree or for the home!

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2020-11-23 14:30:03

Sublime Stitching  

Jenny Hart founded Sublime Stitching in 2001 as a new model for embroidery design and resources. She first began working in hand embroidery in the summer of 2000, creating non-traditional, embroidered portraits of the famous and infamous in a traditional style of American hand embroidery.

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2020-11-23 10:53:41

Rachel's of Greenfield  

We create quilt kits, ornament kits, and punch-needle embroidery kits

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2020-11-23 10:46:30

Easy Beginner Slippers Pattern  

First pair of slippers I've made, self taught started in March 2020. I used a 4mm crochet hook, and it took me about 1 1/2 hours to complete. Since then, I have tried to make many more things. I have found YouTube one of the best ways to teach yourself as you can pause and take as much time as needed especially as a beginner. Hope you like the result. Can't wait to create many more things and upload them.

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2020-11-23 08:34:35

Birthday Cupcake Toppers And Wrappers  

Having a birthday party? These free printable birthday cupcake toppers and wrappers are a fast and easy way to decorate your desserts. This set features a black and gold glitter chevron pattern, and the words "Happy birthday". This project doesn't require a lot of investment. Just download the PDF file, print at home, or your local print shop, cut out the toppers and wrappers. You'll need some tape or glue, and toothpicks to assemble the decorations.

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2020-11-23 08:09:54

Tropical Coloring Page  

Free printable tropical coloring page for adults. This page features tropical flowers and leaves, such as hibiscus, plumeria, monstera, etc. It will remind you of hot summer days. Adult coloring is not only a great creative outlet, it also helps reduce stress and anxiety. This mindful activity helps unplug and clear your mind. It's a meditative indoor activity.Just download the file, print, take your favorite coloring supplies and color! You can also frame and hang the finished page.

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2020-11-23 08:06:44

2020 Christmas Toilet Paper Ornament  

The 2020 Christmas toilet paper crochet pattern is easy skill level. That being said, you will need basic sewing skills to attach the pieces together. Youll only need to know basic crochet stitches to complete the crochet pattern. To make the decoration I used 3 colours of DK (weight 4) yarn and a 4mm crochet hook. I also finished off with a 15mm button. Overall the 2020 Christmas toilet roll crochet pattern is very quick and easy to make.

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2020-11-23 07:57:32

Salt Dough Houses  

These adorable little clay houses are fun to make and are made from salt dough! Salt dough houses are great for all sorts of holidays, but we are going to show you how to make a Christmas Village Shadowbox with them as well. Have you ever made salt dough? I'd be really surprised if you haven't. I guarantee that you have all the ingredients in your pantry right now. Super easy and so fun! You can use these little houses in many different ways. Change the colors for different holidays, paint t...

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2020-11-22 15:00:17

Christmas Village Shadowbox  

This darling Christmas Village Shadowbox uses our salt dough houses and is a beautiful addition to your fireplace mantel for the holiday season. This DIY shadowbox makes a wonderful Christmas gift too! I have always loved shadowboxes, and I've seen so many cute miniature clay houses, that I knew putting them together would fun! The little houses are made from salt, flour, and water and are super easy to put together. Instead of the salt dough trees, you can use bottle brush trees.

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2020-11-22 14:00:12

Corrugated Cardboard Snowman Ornaments  

I adore snowmen, and every year I try to make at least one new snowman ornament. Several years ago I made these corrugated cardboard snowman ornaments. They have turned out to be one of my most popular snowman ornaments and are among my favorites on the tree every year! Snowmen are timeless. They make adorable decorations whether they're made from snow, or handcrafted into decor pieces. These snowmen ornaments are made from corrugated cardboard from a cardboard mailer, and they hang on my tree...

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2020-11-22 13:10:10

Roll Brim Tunisian Toque  

This is a super simple-to-stitch hat, using the beginner Tunisian crochet techniques of Tunisian Simple Stitch in one- and two-colors, and Tunisian Knit Stitch. It's crocheted flat, then sewn up along one seam, and is a great use of partial skeins of worsted weight yarn you might have in your stash. It also makes great use of the rolled brim. A lot of folks complain that they can't get their Tunisian to lay flat at the beginning, so why not make that roll an integral part of the design!

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2020-11-21 23:50:01

Easy Fringed Garter Stitch Scarf  

I originally designed this scarf as the Bisectional Scarf when I was appearing on Hochanda TV in the UK a few years back. I wanted something that even entry level knitters could make while using the luscious worsted weight yarn from Zen Yarn Garden. The scarf is knit flat from side to side, all in knit stitch which leaves a striped pattern on one side and a more multi-colored pattern on the other. The fringe is created as you knit, making finishing a snap, and there are NO ends to weave in -...

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2020-11-21 23:30:02

Encompass Cowl  

I love the look of bobbles in some knit accessories but find the process of knitting them tedious - back and forth, back and forth, on a teeny number of stitches every time you want one. Of course you could learn to knit backwards (yes that is a thing and yes it can help) but honestly it is so much faster to just put them in with a crochet hook - even if you are not a big crocheter! So I present to you the Encompass Cowl, titled because it encompasses techniques in both knit and crochet. I...

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2020-11-21 23:20:02

Easy Snowflake Coasters To Sew Free Template  

These are really quick and easy to make and make ideal hostess gifts too. Make half a dozen and wrap them with a festive ribbon and they make a nice little 'thank you' to hand over to the hostess if you are invited round for drinks or dinner. You'll have a whole bunch of these made in no time! I bet this would look great as a table runner too. How about make a plain table runner and decorate it down the center with a flurry of snowflakes in all different shapes and sizes. Change your scale ...

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2020-11-21 22:10:05

Cardboard Postage Stamp Ornaments  

I seem to be swimming under a cardboard mountain at the moment. We are getting so many online deliveries it is embarrassing. I do recycle the cardboard boxes but I also keep some back for crafting. I used some to make these wonderful 3D cardboard ornaments. I used my Christmas cookie cutters as templates for the shape (but you can also get them from my site). I also used old postage stamps to give them color and make the ornaments unique. This is a fun craft the kids can enjoy too.

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2020-11-21 16:10:02

Christmas Coloring Card  

You don't have to blow your budget on expensive photo cards for the holidays. These printable Christmas Coloring Cards allow you to create one-of-a-kind handmade cards with your home printer and a few art supplies. I love getting Christmas cards in the mail every year! We even hang them all up on the wall as part of my Christmas decorating. These Christmas coloring cards are a great way to include your kids in your holiday preparations.

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2020-11-21 14:40:04

Swirl Wave Hat  

Hi my fellow crocheters and happy holidays! It's time to start Christmas gifts preparations, and one of the best and simplest handmade gifts to make would be hats in Christmas colors. This hat is so easy to make, once you read the instructions carefully, you will finish it in no time, and you can make as many as you need to fit the heads of all your beloved ones. With this design, I tried to crochet the same number of stitches but with different yarn weights and hook sizes, and came out with thr

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2020-11-21 12:30:03

Mini Santa Amigurumi  

This little Santa Amigurumi is so much fun to make! Add him to your holiday decor by sitting him on a shelf or table, or you can add a loop to his back and hang him from your holiday tree (or sit him on a branch)! Little ones would also love a little Santa stuffie to play with through the holiday season. He makes a great stocking stuffer too! So many ideas! I hope you love working up this Santa!

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2020-11-21 00:30:04

Crochet Diamond Tote  

These Diamond Tote bags are so much fun to work up! The smaller size is perfect for a lunch bag size for work or to hold smaller items, while the larger size makes a nice and roomy size for day trips, shopping, beaches, and anything! This bag is made from the bottom up, starting with a rectangular base. Then the body is made using Tapestry Crochet technique. Finally, you'll add the handles in the last few rounds at the top of the bag. This free pattern includes 3 video tutorials to help you

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2020-11-21 00:20:04

Homemade Heating Pad With Rice  

Ease minor aches and pains with a homemade heating pad. This rice filled pouch is an easy sewing project to make for yourself or gifts. Sore muscles and joints are a part of life - even the simple life. A homemade heating pad is perfect for relieving minor aches and pains, and it's easy to make. The secret to our DIY heating pad is rice. Uncooked rice can be heated and re-heated easily in a microwave. It holds a mild heat that can be placed on the skin for relaxing relief over an extended ...

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2020-11-20 21:10:02

Christmas Kids Craft - Handprint Ideas  

We've got some super fun Christmas Kids Craft Handprint Ideas for you - three different designs to create! These kids handprint characters can be made into cards, used as puppets or even strung together with beautiful ribbon for an adorable Christmas garland! So many Christmas kids decorations made from one easy handprint craft. All you need is construction paper, stickers, scissors, popsicle sticks (for puppets), ribbon (for garland), card stock (for cards and of course, some small hands to ...

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2020-11-20 16:30:02

20 Top DIY Face Masks of 2020  

We've gathered our most popular face mask patterns of 2020 to share with you, along with some great face mask accessories, resources, and health reminders. We hope you enjoy this list and find some inspiration to make face masks a more practical, comfortable, and maybe even stylish part of your day.

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2020-11-20 15:57:35

Free Printable Thanksgiving Word Scramble For Kids  

Add some fun to your family's Thanksgiving Dinner with this free printable Thanksgiving Word Scramble. With lots of fun Thanksgiving themed words, this printable is perfect for the upcoming holiday. Print off this free Thanksgiving Word Scramble for kids that is complete with the answer key if you need it. This is perfect for class parties, pre-Thanksgiving fun or to have on the table for your Thanksgiving meal to keep guests busy until the big meal is done.

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2020-11-20 15:20:03

Easy Folded Fabric Ornament  

Learn how to make DIY fabric ornaments fast and easy with the help of this tutorial video! No need to worry whether you're skilled enough to make a folded Christmas ornament, this project is suitable for complete beginners, as well as experienced sewing enthusiasts. It's fun and takes little time to complete because it's very simple, you don't even need any fabric Christmas ornaments patterns. A folded fabric Christmas ornament like this one is an ideal thoughtful gift for your loved one...

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2020-11-20 10:40:05

2020 Rainbow Christmas Stocking   

The completed stocking will measure 16" x 7", I would describe it as a full sized Christmas stocking, the perfect size to hand over your fireplace ready to be filled with gifts. I used Aran (weight 4) yarn in 5 colours. I used 'stylecraft special aran' A - white 120m B - yellow 15m C - lilac 20m D - turquoise 18m E - pink 22m Supplies you will need - Crochet hook 6mm - Tapestry needle - Aran yarn - Stitch markers (optional) - Scissors This pattern is easy ...

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2020-11-20 08:10:03

Broomstick Lace Fingerless Gloves  

The Broomstick Lace fingerless gloves use beautiful broomstick lace to create eye-catching lace gloves. The post includes a photo tutorial for how to make the broomstick lace stitch and form the gloves. This is one of my earliest designs, and the instructions are for women's size small (though they are easily adjusted for size by adding extra rows of broomstick lace before finishing the glove. They are worked flat and then seamed. You will need a size 35 knitting needle or round tube of similar

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2020-11-20 07:50:06

Two-strand Flower Headband  

The two-strand flower headband has a simple, classic flower inspired by Tunisian crochet. The colorwork really makes the flower, in my opinion, and I love it in a wool yarn with a slightly fuzzy texture (but not too fuzzy). You can make this headband with any yarn that you like! The blog post includes photos and written instructions, and there is also a PDF available for purchase, if you'd like. The headband ties in the back, and so fits a variety of sizes.

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2020-11-20 07:50:01

Easy Tunisian Hat  

The Easy Tunisian Hat uses Tunisian crochet in the round (you will need a double-pointed Tunisian crochet hook). This hat is super simple and easy to make, and there is a video tutorial for those of you new to Tunisian in the round. It also makes a great neckwarmer if you don't close up the top of the hat! - or make both hat and neck warmer for a complete set! This hat has a knit look thanks to the Tunisian knit stitch used. Sized toddler, child, small adult, large adult.

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2020-11-20 07:40:02

Easy Diy Faux Fur Pompom  

Even a total beginner can hand sew a faux fur pompom! These are super soft and fluffy, and totally irresistible! The tutorial gives tips on correctly tracing a circle and cutting it out of the fur fabric. It also explains how to hand sew the fabric without catching the long fur fibers and then how to gather the fabric, with extra tips on how to close it up all the way. Once your fur pom pom is sewn, you can use the attached thread and needle to make it into a keychain or sew it on top of a knit

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2020-11-20 06:00:06

Sew A Faux Fur Santa Hat  

Free sewing pattern and tutorial for sewing a Santa hat with a soft faux fur brim and pompom! This easy project has 3 sizes so it is perfect for the whole family! Kids and adults both will love dressing up in this soft hat on Christmas! Extra tips are given on how to successfully sew faux fur fabric. This specialty fabric makes this Santa Claus hat even more realistic and fun, especially with the fuzzy pompom!

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2020-11-20 04:10:05

Lighted Christmas Pillars  

How you use these pillar lights is strictly up to you. Place them on fireplace mantels, tables around the house, in windows, or print names on them and use them for holiday table settings. My images are printed but you can also use pens, paints or markers to create your own designs. The faux metal base is simply adhesive stainless foil paper. The tutorial includes templates for Silhouette machine users, craft knife users as well SVG files. You'll find three of my own original artwork in the down

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2020-11-19 17:10:06

Tila And Polymer Clay Cuff Bracelet  

Tila beads are so very versatile and these Helio beads open up many design possibilities. With silver on one side and colors on the other, they can be arranged in many interesting ways. This particular bracelet requires no bead weaving.The Helio beads are arranged and inserted into a clay "chanel" bordered by simple chain. The clay is baked onto a silver concave bracelet form providing a foundation as well as a unique shape. How you arrange the colors are up to you.

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2020-11-19 16:50:03

Gnome Christmas Tree Ornament  

Get holiday ready with this adorable and easy Crochet Gnome Christmas Tree Ornament Free Pattern that has two different versions to make. Version 1 uses faux fur yarn for the beard of the gnome and Version 2 uses a faux fur pom pom for the beard/base. Both versions are quick, easy and accessible for beginners. Full warning though: they little guyes are highly addictive to make and you may soon find yourself surrounded by adorable little gnomes!

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2020-11-19 15:50:02

Frozen Lakes Cape  

This hooded cape was designed to be similar to a triangle shawl, but super bulky, cozy, and comfy. I love the ease of wrapping up in a shawl, but also always find my ears cold in the fall and winter months, so I decided to create my ideal garment. The best part of this project is how easily it can be customized to your personal preferences. You can easily make this cape in a single color yarn, or with a main color and an accent color for the edging. Due to the way this piece is made, you can eas

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2020-11-19 14:10:10

Diy Christmas Face Mask  

Be festive this holiday season with this handmade Christmas face mask! Use the free sewing pattern to applique the Christmas tree to the fabric and hand sew beads to decorate it. Three sizes with lots of options so you can make the perfect face covering for every member of your family! This face mask has a removable wire nose bridge to fit the face perfectly. Rather than having sewn-in elastic (like most handmade masks), there is a simple casing so that the elastic can be shortened or changed fo

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2020-11-19 13:10:06

A Peaceful Wild Watercolor  

Peace is the word that comes to mind most often when I think about venturing into the wilderness, which is why I go back again and again. For our final project, lets capture that essence using every element weve practiced a textured sky, mountains, trees, wildflowers, and water. This design isnt the most complicated, nor is it the most difficult in the bookbut for me, it represents why we need the wilderness in the first place.

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2020-11-19 11:16:49

Rustic Diamond Hat  

The Rustic Diamond Hat is a simple and versatile crochet beanie pattern that features a simple repeating diamond cluster stitch design! Make it your new favorite hat with this cozy free pattern on Moogly! In addition to picking your color, you can customize the Rustic Diamond Hat with the amount of slouch! The stitch pattern repeats so you can add (or subtract) rows to get a perfect fit for you. Prefer it without the Diamond relief pattern? Just use hdc sts throughout! For a longer or shorter b

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2020-11-19 10:50:09

Bunny Ears Cactus Painting   

The cactus we are going to paint is commonly known as bunny ears because of its shape. In this project, well paint the leaves of the cactus using wet-on-wet technique for a soft blended look and complete the artwork with round rust flowers. Well also learn how to add a prickly texture to the leaves of the cactus using dots and a little stippling technique using pastel tones of green and red. In this project, we are primarily using shades of red and green with a hint of yellow. Even though these

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2020-11-19 10:40:04

Edible Body Oil  

This homemade edible body oil is great for your skin, and it actually tastes delicious. You'll love the chocolate and vanilla aromas and flavors of this body oil. It's such a luxurious product, and it's the perfect way to treat your dry skin to something special. The fragrance is even perfect for wearing on a daily basis instead of perfume! Who doesn't want to smell like dessert every day?

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2020-11-19 10:20:58

Make A Gratitude Tree For Kids   

Since Thanksgiving is almost around the corner, it's the perfect time to teach kids about the power of gratitude and counting blessings! Making a gratitude tree is a fun craft that will quickly become a family tradition! To make a gratitude tree you will need craft paper, string, twigs or tree branches that you collect in your yard or on. walk, a pen or a marker, and small rocks. This craft is good for kids of almost any age as long as they are supervised. Older kids (or you!) can help write dow

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2020-11-19 10:19:17

Pumpkin Pie Play Dough  

Pumpkin Pie Play Dough smells just like fall! Its squishy and fun play with it in some pie pans to create your own version of the classic fall dessert! This fun fall play dough recipe is the best way to keep your little one busy during a chilly autumn afternoon! We usually make a batch of this during a baking weekend in the fall. Its a great way to keep my kiddo busy while pumpkin pie, pumpkin bars, apple crisp dump cake, or any of our other favorite fall treats bake away in the oven.

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2020-11-19 10:07:05

Diamond Trees C2c Crochet Scarf  

The C2C crochet scarf - Diamond Trees Scarf is the ultimate in sumptuous, cosy layering. Made from three simple corner to corner crochet panels and fringed with sophisticated tassels, this is a real statement piece that you will love to wear! With a bold geometric pattern to both ends, this lovely wide scarf can easily be worn as both a shoulder wrap or neck scarf, depending on how you'd like to style it. The perfect crochet scarf for Fall, Winter and Spring.

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2020-11-19 10:00:02

Turkey Pudding Cups  

These Turkey Puddings are a fun dessert idea to display on a Thanksgiving table. Plus, they are so easy to make, kids can help too!Pudding cups like these make the perfect holiday treat because they are inexpensive to make and best part they are sealed. That means you can make them ahead of time!My kids truly enjoy making these fun crafts and in the end, they are left with a fun treat too. Its a win-win!

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2020-11-19 09:56:32

Christmas Tree Waffles   

Christmas morning is the most anticipated day of the year. In our house, we have a tradition of making breakfast (and coffee) before we open presents. One thing we started making last year was Christmas Tree Waffles.Once your kids see these on Christmas morning, it will become their new favorite way to enjoy waffles.My kids have so much fun "decorating" their Christmas tree waffles with MMs, and you can use any candy that you want to decorate!

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2020-11-19 09:48:20

Crochet Bobble Stitch Pillow Or Cushion  

Crochet a Bobble Stitch Pillow or Cushion. After you learn how easy it is to crochet the bobble stitch, you can also use this pattern to make a bag or purse by simply adding handles! The bobble stitch is easy to work, and it adds a voluptuous detail to crochet items for the home. Great for making pot holders as well! Or even wash cloths. Follow the easy steps in this video demo to learn how to work the bobble stitch.

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2020-11-19 09:40:02

Cafe de Provence Embroidery Project  

This design embodies relaxation a morning coffee on the terrace with some newly picked lavender on the table, all while the endless flowers and greenery are enclosing you in the calmness of the French countryside. Its a fun design to stitch, with a combination of techniques and colors that keeps you comfortably shifting your mind in the process. With a multicolored thread for the upper flowers, you will also be able to disconnect from the color placement, as the thread will create a natural vari

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2020-11-19 09:31:30

Fresh Faced Bookend  

This bookend will keep your books neatly collected together, and it also has an added bonus. Its the ideal place to store writing materials, paintbrushes or even your clay tools whatever makes you happy! While it might look complicated, dont be fooled by this project! It uses the same technique to build the pot as our planters. Were just changing the shape slightly and adding in this chic, line- drawn detail. The drawing is a simple abstract face, which anyone can re-create you dont have to be a

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2020-11-19 08:30:48

Surprise Origami Pouches  

Simple Origami Paper Pouch A paper pouch is a simple craft kids can make that are both eye catching and practical. Paper pouches can be used to gift surprise tokens, sweets, jewellery or small items. To make your origami pouches, you will need Plain or patterned paper. (Print some from the resource library) Scissors Glue The dimensions for the paper is 18cm by 28cm. This yields 3 pouches Cut a plain paper measuring 18cm by 24cm. You could also print any of the free templates

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2020-11-19 04:40:02

Crochet Men's Scarf Cool Ombre  

The Cool Ombre Men's scarf would make a perfect Christmas gift for the special person in your life. The pattern and the stitch are super easy which makes it beginner friendly. It works up very fast and makes an attractive crochet men's scarf. If you know how to crochet the Single Crochet stitch then you will find this stitch super easy. And if you're an absolute beginner and you've never tried to crochet before this would be a great way to start!

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2020-11-18 20:50:02

How To Make A Paper Christmas Tree?  

Watch the video How to make a paper Christmas tree?A Christmas tree is a mandatory attribute of the holiday. And it is not necessary that the tree be alive. After all, you can make an unusual Christmas tree out of paper with your own hands. Among the festive decorations, a handmade Christmas tree made of paper occupies a special place. First, it creates the atmosphere of a fabulous winter forest, where adults can easily believe in magic. And secondly, it helps to decorate the apartment beautifu

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2020-11-18 16:54:20

Christmas Wax Air Fresheners  

How to make Christmas scented wax tablets. These wax air fresheners are made with soy wax and beeswax, so they hold a scent well and are firm enough so that they won't break. I used a fun Christmas scented essential oil blend to scent mine. You can hang them on the tree or use as an air freshener for small spaces. I added some fresh holly to mine. The holly will last about a month if you preserve it.

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2020-11-18 16:00:13

Polar Pup Scarf  

Pattern from Guest Designer Noorain (Noor's Knits) on Joy of Motion Blog. This pattern is for a fun beginner-friendly Tunisian crochet kids scarf. It's the perfect scarf for your little one to cozy up for this winter! This Tunisian crochet children's scarf pattern is beginner-friendly and although it's written for a child size, it can easily be customized in length by completing more or less rows. It can even be made for adults by leaving out the polar pop face on the pockets (unless yo...

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2020-11-18 15:00:10

Easy Warm Winter Mittens  

You're going to love these Easy Warm Winter Mittens! They're such a great pair of mittens to keep your hands warm, as well as a fun crochet make. One thing that is important for me when it comes to crocheting mittens is that the stitches are quite tight. I feel like I achieved that with these, which means they'll keep you warm & toasty! The Easy Warm Winter Mittens is a beautiful crochet pattern for a pair of crocheted winter mittens. The stitch combination makes a beautiful resu...

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2020-11-18 14:50:03

Forest Rug  

Pattern from Guest Designer Pukapuka on Joy of Motion Blog. This tapestry crochet rug, made with cotton cord, may be the perfect addition to your rustic bedroom, cabin-style living room or any other space that needs some nature-inspired warming floor decoration. This pattern comes in one size, about 185 x 185 cm / 73" x 73". Decorate your floor, but first you will have to crochet for several dozen hours (it took me nearly 30)- depending on your experience and skills. But the final result ...

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2020-11-18 14:40:06

Lunt Twisted Headband  

From the Joy of Motion Crochet blog. The Lunt Twisted Headband is a beautiful crochet headband for fall and winter. Dress it up or down, and use it in almost any occasion during those cold days. This crochet pattern uses a easy to memorize stitch pattern, featuring stitches such as the slip stitch, double crochet stitches and chains. Get stitching & make this headband in just 1 day, as a crocheted gift or keep it yourself.

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2020-11-18 14:30:08

Sand To Sea Shawl  

Guest Design from Creations by Courtney on the Joy of Motion Blog. The Sand to Sea Shawl is the perfect layering accessory for chilly days or a night out to dinner. You can add beads to the wave stitches for a touch of bling, or you can choose a sparkly yarn for your bling. Be prepared to be stopped and asked, "Where did you get that fabulous shawl?" With a large grin, you can reply, "I made it!" You'll learn how to do short rows, attach two pieces of crochet while you work, and add...

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2020-11-18 14:20:12

Crochet Heart Santa Ornament  

This crochet Santa Ornament is made from crocheted hearts. I've designed a collection of heart-shaped appliques and this Santa is one of my latest heart-shaped creations. This crochet ornament is made from hearts of different sizes: a large heart for the head, a medium heart for the hat and three small hearts for the beard. The hearts are made separately and then sewn together. Sizes/Finished Measurements This Santa crochet ornament is about 3-1/2" (9 cm) tall.

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2020-11-18 13:50:08

Crochet Christmas Tree  

This Christmas Tree applique crochet pattern is very easy. Using this pattern you can make beautiful appliques or ornaments, you can use these appliques as Christmas table decorations or embellish your Christmas presents packages with them. You can make tree with or without a trunk. Abbreviations: Ch(s) - chain(s) DC - double crochet Sl St(s) - slip stitch(s) St (s) - stitch (es) Materials: - Crochet cotton thread size #10 - Crochet hook size 1.8 mm Finished size: Christmas Tree is about...

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2020-11-18 13:50:03

Autumn Pom Wreath  

The Autumn Pom Wreath is a fun and easy craft for kids and adults alike! To make this project you'll need small amounts of yarn, an embroidery hoop, any other bits of decor you like, glue, and a pom pom maker. Make as many poms as you like in whatever colors you like, and attach them to the hoop. Then add your own special decorations! You can add a hanging ribbon, or you can hang it right with the hoop - this versatile craft can be made for any season and any occasion!

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2020-11-18 12:30:05

Cables And Lace Headband  

This cables and lace headband is a beautiful accessory, that will keep you warm. It's great for winter outdoor activities, especially if you don't like wearing hats. The headband is knit flat (back and forth) and the edges are seamed in the back. The pattern features cables and simple lace stripes. The pattern is designed for a women's medium size, but you can easily adjust the circumference. There are written instructions and a video tutorial.

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2020-11-18 10:30:01

Sunset Safari Socks  

The Sunset Safari socks feature a simple yet lace pattern on the top of the foot, and contrasting cuff, heels, and toes. The socks are knitted in the round from cuff to toe using double-pointed needles (you can also use circular needles and the magic loop technique). The pattern features a 2x2 rib, a square (Dutch) heel that is worked in a slip stitch pattern, and a wedge toe. Written, photo and chart instructions are provided

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2020-11-18 09:30:02

Grain Headband  

The Grain headband is a beautiful accessory, that will keep you warm on the colder days. The headband features a textured slip-stitch pattern, that is really easy to work. The headband is knitted flat with super chunky yarn, making it a quick-to-knit project. The edges of the finished headband are seamed together forming a twist. It is designed to fit a women's medium, but it's easily adjustable. I hope you will enjoy this headband knitting pattern.

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2020-11-18 09:20:02

Helen from HelloSewing  

Helen is an admirer of coffee, nature, and sewing. She spends her life loving (and writing about) all three over at hear sewing blog HelloSewing. She hopes to inspire others to find beauty in everything - including themselves - and to make the most of what they have. She hopes to inspire others to find a little time for crafting in their busy lives and create beautiful handmade things from scratch.

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2020-11-18 08:33:09

Headband With A Twiist  

Headband with a twist is an elegant accessory, that will keep you warm. It's worked flat in English rib, which is stretchy, textured and thick - it keeps the warmth very well, so your ears will be protected from the cold. The headband has a very elegant and chic twist in the middle (nice way to hide the seam!). The pattern is worked back and forth and is very easy to memorize, which makes it a quick project. There is also a video tutorial included.

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2020-11-18 08:10:02

How-to 'write' With Fabric- Without Foundation Paper Piecing  

I love the look and the idea of Foundation Paper Piecing but I am not keen on the process. However, I want some of the finished articles and the effects. What to do? Make it up as I go along seemed to be the answer so that is what I did. I wanted to write a word (to see if it all worked out) and because it did, I have made it up into a pouch. If you would like to have a look at the process too and add words to things, head over and check out the free tute!

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2020-11-18 05:00:02

Diy Clothespin Bag  

Make your own DIY clothespin bag fast and easy with our free clothespin bag pattern! This clothespin bag tutorial will provide you with simple, step by step instructions on how to make a clothespin bag that will make your clothes drying experience better and less time-consuming. You can make our DIY clothespin holder in a short amount of time, regardless of your sewing skills. That's because this project is entirely beginner-friendly! Even so, it is also fun and practical, which makes it perfe...

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2020-11-18 03:00:02

Diamond Waffle Hot Pad   

These Diamond Waffle Hot Pads are the perfect gift to someone who loves handmade items. Pair them with wooden utensils and homemade spices to create a beautiful gift set. I used the diamond waffle pattern to create these hot pads. Use these hot pads in the kitchen to lift hot pots and pans or you can use them on the table to put those hot pans on and not damage your surfaces. Enjoy your newly-made diamond waffle hot pads.

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2020-11-17 21:40:01

Abc Worksheets: Free Printables  

Here we go. At home practice. A lot of it. If you're on the hunt for some simple ABC Worksheets that your children can complete on their own……then these are for you. These sheets come in three different sets to help you add some variety to your learning routine at home. There are also lots of tips to keep learning fun while still getting in lots of practice writing letters.

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2020-11-17 19:30:09

Let It Snow Blanket  

This Let is Snow Polar Bear blanket is worked corner to corner. I use the traditional method of making three double crochets for each square. This pattern was the first corner to corner project where I followed the written instructions instead of the graph. I had printed the graph on one page and it was too small. I was able to figure out how to split the graph over 4 pages for you guys so you'll have both options. Happy crocheting!

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2020-11-17 18:50:12

Classic Crochet Slouchy Unisex Hat  

Easy crochet pattern for a Unisex Slouchy Hat. Make any size from 5 yrs to adult sizes. This hat works bottom up, in the round, and uses worsted weight yarn, and a 6 mm crochet hook. Makes a lovely Christmas gift to keep heads warm and cozy. In my Ravelry store, you can also find a pattern for matching legwarmers, and texting gloves, and the link is below the video. A classic slouchy unisex crochet hat.

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2020-11-17 12:10:02

Buffalo Check Hoop Ornaments  

The holidays are here. It's time to break out your craft supplies and make some of these Buffalo Plaid Embroidery Hoop Ornaments. Hoop ornaments are so very simple to make. As you know, I love the farmhouse style. So I jump on anything farmhouse-styel every chance I get. Homemade Christmas ornaments add a special touch to your tree. Add a farmhouse flair and make some Buffalo Plaid Hoop Ornaments. It's an easy Cricut Christmas craft.

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2020-11-16 22:30:02

Beaded Pom Neck Warmer  

The crochet pom neck warmer is such a beautiful statement piece! It is easy to work up yet shows a lot of detail, looks great paired with a solid top! Makes a great gift as well! The neck warmer slips over your head then you roll the collar down. Materials: Medium worsted weight yarn (4), 280 yards, I used Hobby Lobby's I love This Yarn. Size I, 5.5 mm crochet hook Tapestry needle Abbreviations: st(s)- stitch(es) ch- chain sc- single crochet hdc- half double crochet dc- double crochet s...

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2020-11-16 21:10:07

Crochet Gingerbread Heart Ornaments  

Make these beautiful crochet Gingerbread Heart ornaments to decorate your home and Christmas tree or give them to friends and family! If you like to decorate your home during the Holidays, you can use these crochet Gingerbread hearts to make beautiful Christmas garland! Gingerbread Hearts, or Lebkuchenherzen, are popular in German celebrations, especially during Christmas time. They are typically decorated with intricate icing designs or have some saying in the center. To make my crochet Gingerb

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2020-11-16 20:00:05

Crochet Dog Stocking  

This crochet Stocking for your dog or cat ensures that Santa does not overlook them during his holiday visit! If he does miss them, you can fill their Stocking with their favorite treats and toys and then enjoy watching their excitement when they receive their gifts! If you have friends who have other 4-legged family members, this beautiful Stocking will be a welcomed handmade gift for them. This crochet Dog Stocking is made in two pieces that are then sewn together.

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2020-11-16 19:50:06

Dinosaur Dollar Tree Christmas Ornament  

This adorable dinosaur Christmas ornament is made from Dollar Tree materials. It's perfect for any little fan of dinosaurs! If your kids don't like dinosaurs, you can easily swap it for another animal. It uses a fillable mason jar style ornament from Dollar Tree. It also uses pipe cleaners, pom poms, and fake snow from the dollar store. This is really cute, but it only takes about 15 minutes to make. You can add a name for a cute personalized ornament.

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2020-11-16 17:30:09

Furls Fiberarts  

Furls Fiberarts is the world's premier provider of luxury crochet hooks and other fiberarts tools.

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2020-11-16 14:09:34

Wagner Group  

Minneapolis-based Wagner SprayTech Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wagner Holding, Inc., is a market leader in advanced paint applicators.

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2020-11-16 14:05:21

Clothespin And Twine Nativity Scene  

Don't you just love quick and easy crafts that don't cost a lot? Especially this time of the year, when we're all in a mad rush to get ready for the festive season. This clothespin nativity scene is just that. Not only is it super simple and made with everyday items, it tells a very special tale. It reminds me of what Christmas is really all about - love, forgiveness, and making do with what we have. The step-by-step tutorial includes a free printable to make the angel wings.

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2020-11-16 11:50:05

Beautiful Skandi Reindeer  

If you enjoy recycling and you are looking to add something a little special to your home decor, then you are going to love this adorable Skandi reindeer family made from pallet scraps and rusty nails. They can be made in under an hour and they make lovely gifts too. You can keep them plain or add a stencil to customize the little family to suit your decor. The tutorial includes free printables of the watercolor wildflowers we used to decorate ours

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2020-11-16 11:50:03

Cross Bookmark  

Need a quick little gift for a teacher, mother, aunt, child, or father? These quick and easy Cross Bookmarks will come in handy to keep track in any book: bible, textbooks, or journals! They are worked with a 5 mm crochet hook, and some worsted weight yarn, but after making one, you will easily see that any size hook and any size yarn or even crochet thread can be used to make these easy gift ideas.

what do you think?

2020-11-16 10:20:02

Mini Hulk Amigurumi  

I made this Mini hulk amigurumi using sport yarn and crochet hook 2.5mm size, with 3 colours, green, black and purple. It a quick crochet project and can be done in under an hour. I used some techniques like bobble stitches to make the limbs and whip stitch to seal the bottom magic ring to the main body. Other techniques include just change in colour and single crochet stitch. The final little guy is about 6cm tall, so create for hanging as a christmas ornament or as a keychain on your bag.

what do you think?

2020-11-16 09:19:25

Button Decorated Christmas Trees  

When I see buttons for cheap at garage sales or thrift stores I purchase them because button crafts are so fun! I covered cone trees with different colors of glitter and had fun using my hot glue gun securing the buttons. It is fun to cover the tree completely with buttons, but I mixed it up using up my scraps of fabric trims and an old beaded Christmas garland and some loose pearls from garage sale necklaces.

what do you think?

2020-11-16 09:09:04

Cute And Fun Turkey Craft Idea For Kids  

This cute turkey kids craft is fun to make! Theyre made by using wooden rounds, a leaf, and some paint. A quick trip to the local dollar store and you are set. These turkeys are easy for preschoolers and fun for older kids and students, a perfect Thanksgiving craft. Each child is going to love creating their own turkey character by using different painting techniques and creating a unique and colourful turkey craft project for Thanksgiving!

what do you think?

2020-11-16 09:02:26

Cabin Christmas Quilted Ornaments  

Homespun is a yarn dyed fabric meaning that the design comes from the colors of the thread. It is not a printed fabric so it has no front or back side. Both sides are the same. The threads are often somewhat coarser than traditional cottons and the weave is sometimes looser. These are the characteristics that make homespun so perfect for rag style projects.Although most homespuns are manufactured internationally now, this type of fabric is called homespun because the technique is very simila

what do you think?

2020-11-16 03:21:05

How to Make Glass Christmas Ornaments  

Create unique, festive, colorful holiday ornaments with the FURNO Heat Guns. They are easy to make and perfect for celebrating the season.

what do you think?

2020-11-16 02:19:57

Foiled Dots and Buttons Tree Holiday Card  

This is a very quick easy card that brings adhesives out from behind layers to become the embellishments. This technique, Wear Your Adhesive on the Outside, extends your adhesive use to make something wonderful!

what do you think?

2020-11-16 02:01:23

Yarn-filled Christmas Ornaments  

These cute DIY yarn-filled clear Christmas ornaments make great holiday craft projects for those who love to knit or crochet and have yarn available at home! These ball-shaped ornaments make beautiful decorations for your Christmas tree. You can also give them as a little present to kids, teachers, family and friends. These ball Christmas ornaments are easy and fun to make. Just fill them with yarn, then add a few things to the outside such as eyes, a nose, a belt, a scarf, etc., and your orname

what do you think?

2020-11-16 01:30:02

Bobble Blanket Decked In Blue  

This bobble blanket decked in blue has so much beautiful texture achieved by using the alpine stitch and the bobble stitch. Light blue, royal blue, sparkly silver, and white yarn colors are blended throughout and when combined with the crochet stitches, it creates just a lovely effect for this throw. If you are looking for a crochet pattern that is fun to work, this one is perfect. Sometimes, when crocheting a blanket with the same stitch pattern throughout, the project can become boring. Not

what do you think?

2020-11-15 22:20:02

Diy Dog Bone Christmas Ornament  

Don't forget your dog this Christmas! Make them their own dog bone keepsake ornament to hang on the tree with this free template and tutorial. This easy sewing project is easy to customize with your pet's name and the date. They can be made in any color or pattern to match your tree since you choose the fabric too.\ It only takes a few supplies, our free template, and less than 30 minutes to make your own dog bone Christmas ornament. It's even faster with a sewing machine, but hand stitc...

what do you think?

2020-11-15 22:10:02

Let It Snow Ornaments  

I love using scrabble tiles for craft projects, they are just too cute and have a personality all their own! You can actually buy scrabble tiles from craft stores, or watch for them at garage sales and thrift stores. Here's a Christmas ornament I made several years ago using Scrabble tiles. This scrabble tile Let It Snow ornament makes a great group project to do with family or friends, or even a classroom! A few years ago I hosted a Christmas craft party where we all made our own scrabble til...

what do you think?

2020-11-15 20:00:03

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